Ramadan 2022 – Boost #15 – Mend family ties before Ramadan Ends

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The end of the world and the importance of resolving matters of worship during "verbal" months are emphasized. It is crucial to give charity and pray together, unite brothers and sisters, and trust people without compromising. There is a need to make agreements and leave things in the hands of others to avoid repeat issues and to find ways to solve problems to ease the lives of people without problems.

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As salam o alaikum, brothers and sisters, half of Ramadan is over. Do you realize that Ramadan is coming to an end? SubhanAllah? What have you done during this beautiful month? Have you mended relations with those whom it is broken with, especially the closest circle of yours in terms of family? Do you know that Allah Almighty instructs us to make an effort to resolve matters and to try and mend broken relations, especially those who are close to us your blood relatives, if you are not speaking to your brothers, your sisters, your uncle's, your aunts, your parents, your children, your whoever else, it may be from your close circle of relatives. Do you know it is your duty to try and

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resolve the matter? The act of worship is so huge, Allah Almighty speaks about it. In many places in the Quran. We're letting in I also Ilona Amara, Allah will be he also Allah praises those whom, who connect the relations that are supposed to be connected. Allah subhanahu wa taala also says, a soul being a nurse, meaning mending relations between people is a great act of worship. Allah says, There is no goodness in private meetings unless you are doing one of a few things. And one of them is to resolve matters between people. Today we make an effort to break relations we make an effort to destroy that which is good, but we don't make an effort to make things work to resolve a matter what

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was the problem? Was it money? If it is money, no problem. Allah will bless us with more. What was the problem? Was it something that happened? You can resolve it, it's not the end of the world. When you resolve matters for the sake of Allah, Allah will resolve your matters on the Day of Judgment. So to be able to mend relationships in the month of Ramadan is a multiplied reward because during the month of Ramadan, all good deeds are multiplied by Allah subhanho wa Taala we use this month to give charity we use this month to pray extra we use this month to fast we use this month to improve our character our conduct we use this month to praise Allah we use this month to recite the Quran we

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must use this month to resolve the matters between our brothers and sisters. May Allah help us unite May Allah help us come to a good understanding. Remember, it's a matter of give and take. It's a matter of compromise when it comes to your relationship with your brothers and your sisters, blood brothers your uncle's your aunts, your children, your maybe your in laws, it might be it is time to resolve matters between husband and wife. May Allah Almighty grant us the acceptance to resolve matters during this beautiful month of Ramadan. When we say have a big heart, when we say compromise, we're not talking of the principles of Allah Almighty, you're not going to compromise

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your faith in order to solve a problem. But you will compromise as best as you can. Worldly items that the problems are generally caused regarding so my brothers, my sisters, today's boost is connected to encouraging us to go out and make amends, solve problems, try to greet people and resolve the matter. Talk about it. It's okay to one another. Try to bring the parties together. If you're a third party, try to ensure that brothers are talking to one another again, have a good heart don't allow Chapin to

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take advantage of us. This is the time when we should be doing this. Allah Almighty really, really would reward us and this is why the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him speaks about the relationships when Allah instructed that we should fulfill the ties of kinship. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says Lacell wa Sulu, Bill McAfee enamel wa Sulu levy man either poopy Allah Hey, Mohamed Salah ha. A person who is a good maintainer of family ties is not the one who has a tit for tat relation. They were good, I was good. They gave so I gave they did so I did know. But a true maintainer of family ties is he whom when relations have been broken from one side he makes or he

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makes the effort to try and resolve that matter. He goes out of his way. He has the bigger heart, He makes sure that he has tried, he leaves no stone unturned, then, if still the matter remains and the people are not forthcoming. You've actually thrown the ball into their court. May Allah Almighty make us from among those who have a big heart. Yes, one of the crises we do face is you cannot just solve a matter without actually solving the matter. What that means is there is an outstanding dispute regarding an amount of money for

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Example A large amount, you may want to forgive no problem. But sometimes it's your due, it's your right a matter of inheritance a matter of something great. If you're not going to resolve that particular issue, you may not be able to resolve the broader matter of us getting along. So what you need to do, what I need to do is, we must make sure we resolve that matter, it should be resolved in accordance with what pleases Allah. Sometimes if it is a little bit here and there, it's better to have a big heart and give, but you will never be able to resolve the broader matters of the families or the brothers or whoever else. It may be the uncles and aunts, their nephews, and nieces. If

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you're not going to be just and fair in your solution for the core matter that exists because people come to us and say, Well, I'm trying my best, this person is not really forthcoming, then you've done your duty. But if you haven't really resolved the matter, what's the point of a cosmetic patch up? That's not good enough, my brothers, my sisters, make an effort genuinely to resolve the matters life is very, very short. Before we know it will have gone back to Allah have a big heart, leave things in the hands of Allah Almighty, meaning trust people, Allah says, What Jana holy sell me for genetic Allah, what our can and Allah, when they meaning the enemy is inclining towards making peace

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with you, then you should inclined towards the same peace? Well, what if they're going to cheat me, Allah says trust in Allah, do your best when you sign the treaty or a code or you make a result, do your best leave the rest in the hands of Allah. Then Allah says in the very next verse, we're AUD do the O Kapha. In Hasakah, Allah, if they then want to cheat you and deceive you, Allah is sufficient for you, Allah is sufficient for you. So resolve a matter make your agreements, let it be amicable. This is even with the enemy. Imagine with your family members come on, it cannot be over a major matter. It should be over something material of this world. In most cases. If that is the case, then

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to give up things. It's fine. It's just worldly life. It's okay today you've taken you're my brother at the end of the day, you're my sister or my uncle, or my aunt, or my nephew or niece or whoever else it may be even between spouses. If you're struggling, and your relationship is not working, make an effort to mend it. Make an effort to get along, make an effort to resolve and patch up today during Ramadan. These are the last nights of Ramadan, we have a little bit left no one knows if we're going to make it to the end. No one knows if we're going to see another Ramadan. So it's important for us to make sure that we spent some time resolving matters. Learn to solve problems,

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have a big heart, and then make life easy for people not difficult because if you're going to repeat the same thing, perhaps the problem will not be resolved long term. May Allah Almighty use us to resolve matters and solve problems and may Allah Almighty bless every one of us could only have one SallAllahu wasallam albaraka Allah and Amina Muhammad