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The speakers discuss the potential for roaches to create and share information, and the importance of finding oneself in a realm where animals are not held accountable for their desire. They also emphasize the negative impact of roaches on humans, including their use of dirt and waste, and the role of roaches in creating and sharing information. The speakers emphasize the importance of taking care of animals and being aware of one's environment, as well as the use of animals in a way that is considered "oniity." They also mention the negative impact of roaches on people's personalities and encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel.

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So the question always comes, especially for people that believe in creation and things of that sort. What about the dinosaurs that were here? Before human beings? Do we even believe in dinosaurs? What about the disgusting little creatures and critters? Why did the last Pontiac create them? And what are what do we have to say about them? First of all, the most beneficial aspect when you're speaking about the creation of the animals is that which relates to us. And what that means is they'll call you mocking Allah tada said, Allah created us as human beings, between the angels and the animals. And so you have angels that have absolutely no desire, no will, their sole purpose is

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to worship Allah subhana wa, it's out of their sole existence is just to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And so they're free from those desires. And then you have on the other side, the animals on the on the far end of the other spectrum, the animals who don't have those, you know, who don't have reasoning and don't worship Allah subhanho wa Taala the way that the angels do, and they're just full of desires, unrestricted desires, and then pay him akima Lhasa we find ourselves in between. And what that means is if we inclined towards our desires, more our unrestricted desires more than we become like animals, and if we inclined towards worship and reason, then we become like the

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angels. And in fact, as human beings, we have the potential to be better than the angels as we'll talk about, when we choose to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when we choose to use our reason, our intellect in a way that pleases the loss of Hannah Montana, and we have the potential to be worse than animals, because the animals are not held accountable because of the missing reasoning and things of that sort. And so it's important for us to find ourselves in that spectrum, where do we fall do we fall towards the soul that is at peace, the knifes that is at peace of mind or enough's. Mahima the animal like self, which is just territorial desires, intimacy and food and

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drink and so on, so forth. Now, when we talk about the, you know, the chronological order of creation, Islam actually does clearly say that animals were created before human beings. This is established an authentic hadith that the prophet SAW Selim said that Adam alayhis salaam was the last of a loss of hypnotize creation and we'll talk about that inshallah Tada. Going forward, and in that is a sign that Allah Subhana Allah has provided everything has placed everything at our service that when we come into existence as human beings, Allah Subhana hoods Allah has already created the scene it's already there. alliances it also says in an insert look man or last Pattaya says holla

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Casa Mata Ahmed in Tirana, wel l coffin de la sia and to me the WebEx fee hum in Cali de las pantallas said that he created the skies the heavens without pillars that you see. And these casts into this earth firmly sets mountains so that it keeps it stable. And he spread throughout this earth all types of creatures. Okay, so almost turns out actually makes that clear in the portal and as well, that the means beasts means any type of creature that you can imagine. And so we know that before we got to this earth, there were, you know, all kinds of dinosaurs beasts, and that's one of the crimes of the jinn is that they didn't treat them well, as we spoke about previously. And you

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had roaches as well, and some of those disgusting little critters that existed actually, even before the dinosaurs. You know, scientifically, they think that roaches existed millions of years before the dinosaurs. And so you ask yourself why, alright, so if we establish that allows parents to put them there before us, and that there's benefit to them? Why? You know, why do we have roaches? Why do we have rats? Why do we have all these disgusting little creatures and you know, so how low when it comes to roaches, I grew up with roaches, I had roaches all over the place growing up, I remember there were times that I wouldn't actually go to the kitchen because I knew that there were going to

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be roaches there after 10 o'clock. That was their time when they took over. So especially with roaches, I guess this was a theological crisis for me, you know, why are there roaches in the world? Now the simple answer to that is that Allah made all of these animals as a form of Liske for you as a form of sustenance for you. And he made them a form of sustenance for each other. And he made the insects sustenance for them. Okay, so you find that when a bird is alive, and somehow things change, circumstances change, when a bird is alive, it feasts on ants at each ends, when the bird dies, the ants eat the bird, right? So these, these animals and these creatures are our sustenance for one

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another, their risk for one another. And Allah Subhana Allah has it in perfect balance. And there are things that are even beyond our understanding. So when it comes to the roaches, you know, their most powerful role in the ecosystem, of course, is decomposing, and we don't really see that but they pick up dirt there would be a lot more dirt in the world without them, they eat rotten foods and they eat decaying material and through their waste that's put back into the soil and it's made beneficial and bacteria is cleared and so on so forth. meanings of how to load that even those things that to us are simple, you know, are nuisances, there is a purpose, they play a greater role

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in this balance that Allah subhanaw taala

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As created enemies on, you know, the way that he's made everything just unbalanced in his creation, there is a role for everything last Planetside didn't create a single insect, a single animal without purpose. And somehow we find that the animals actually see things that we are incapable of seeing. And we spoke about this when we talked about the limitations of human beings and things of that sort. But you'll find, you know, the color spectrum even that there's some animals that some had a lot, it's not even the distance of sight. When they look at something our color spectrum is far more limited than that meaning they're able to see light and they're able to see different

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colors that we wouldn't even know existed even though they'd be looking at the same surface. And the reason why I bring that up is that the prophets lie Selim mentioned that they are able to see things of a labor of the unseen, that as human beings were not able to see. And the Prophet slicin gives us something beneficial in that regard. He says something very seldom that when you hear the crowing of the rooster festival, la hum in public in

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America, when you see the crowing of a rooster, ask Allah Subhana Allah for his blessings, because that rooster has seen an angel and the prophet SAW Some said when you hear the brain of a donkey, then ask Allah Subhana Allah for refuge because that donkey in the hora shape on that donkey has seen a devil. So Subhanallah these animals even from their noises, there's a blessing for us. There's one of the times of accepted there is the time when a rooster crows because the prophets lysozyme says that it's seen an angel seeing a light source that Allah subhanaw taala created, that we are incapable of seeing. Now something else that we find that Allah Subhana hoods Allah has given

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us through these animals, is that taking care of these animals, you know, can either be our ticket to paradise or it can be our ticket to hellfire. And this is something very powerful because the prophets license I mentioned to us, the woman that was actually a prostitute, a zania. And she came across a dog that was thirsty, and she felt compassion for that dog. And so she took her shoe and she filled it with water. And she gave water to that dog. And somehow I often ask myself, you know, if the prophets license said that Jenna was given to that woman for the sake of that, that she was forgiven for her sins, and Jenna was given to her on the basis of that what would most religious

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people do, they'd say, you know, if a doll came by this is not just and that you know, this is impure. They tried to kick it out the way and so on, so forth. But a loss of Hannah Montana gave this woman Jenna, forgiving water to a dog and a loss of Hannah hoods, Allah gave another woman Hellfire because she imprisoned a cat as the prophets license him said, not allowing the cat to fetch its own food or drink and not giving it any food or drink. And so these are sources of Rama, for us their sources of mercy, they could be our ticket to paradise. And as a believer, I should look at it in an optimistic sense. And I shouldn't think to myself at any moment, that there are

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many human beings that are dying today, why should I even be worried about the animals because the prophets lie, Selim was concerned about the birds even on the way back from a battle, or solo slice, and I'm heard the complaints of a bird whose egg was taken from its nest. So the prophets lie, Selim actually stops the companions and shows compassion to those birds. So there's no point in life where we should stop caring about the animals where it becomes an either or thing. Islam teaches us that, you know, the earth will testify for us or against us, what about the animals. And of course, what that means is, we should be even more kind and considerate towards human beings and things of that

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sort. Now, there are certain interesting facts that the messengers license I mentioned to us as well about taking care of certain animals and the effect that it has on our personalities, you know, scientifically, taking care of certain breeds, you know, brings a sense of compassion. It nurtures compassion, in a human being. cat owners tend to be more sensitive and compassionate. And that's why you find about a lot on the allowance side and who, you know, the sweet personality, maybe that had something to do with it the way that he was with cats. And the profits license them told us about the different types of animal breeders and the personality traits that they might develop. So he

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said, so I sell him that there will come a time when the best property of a man will actually be his sheep. And what he's talking about sly Salaam isn't the time of Fitton of Great Tribulation, that the safest person is the one who can take his sheep, just take some sheep with him, and go to a place where he's free from all of that corruption and all of that tribulation. So it's actually a form of risk. For him particularly, it's a form of sustenance, where I'm particularly in a time of fitna and he said, so I tell them that, that you tend to find pride and arrogance amongst amongst the owners of horses and camels. So he said those Bedouins that are busy with the camels and the

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horses, they don't have time for their Deen. They don't have time for their religion. Well, he said that humility and gentleness are the characteristics of

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the people that own sheep, the shepherds of sheep, and the prophets lie. Some, of course told us that all of the prophets at one point in time were

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shepherds. Well, so last night I saw him his first career was as a shepherd. Now, the last thing that we take here and I get asked this question all the time about animals is Can I have my pet in Geneva? Can I have animals in Geneva? Or is it that we just go to gentlemen, there are no more animals because some people develop a great sense of attachment to animals. Now, obviously, they are free from, you know, from accountability, you know, eternal accountability, so they don't have gender and not paradise and hellfire. In that sense. However, our human unsaddled or the Allahu anhu he narrates that a bedwin came to the messenger slice lm and he said, you know, sort of law O

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Messenger of Allah, I love horses. Well, I get to have horses in general. I love horses do I get horses in general? And the prophets I send them said if you are admitted into gender ottb fellows in maniapoto, you'll be given a horse of rubies, and that horse would be brought to you with two wings and it will carry you wherever you want it to carry you. So yes, you can have animals in general as well if you love them that much. And we ask Allah to enter us into gender to be able to have those animals allama me.

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