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This is the

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Milan de la Welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host we have an exciting show for you today 911

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when we talk about Floyd Money Mayweather into my 50 cents and Hernan our special guests here on the DEA shows so much to talk to you about don't go nowhere for this exciting episode of the D show. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the

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back on the D show welcome welcome. comas, dos amigos. Yeah, peace be with you. I said armonico. A little bit of Spanish Arabic English. Absolutely bilingual. How are you doing Hernan? Yes, open the show and I'm talking about Hernan. I'm talking about 911 we're talking about Floyd Mayweather in the mix undefeated boxing champ 50 cents. How do you fit in with 50 cents and Floyd Money Mayweather and this is an exciting show. But before we give the audience, the bigger picture. We're gonna have you introduce yourself. Hernan

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jujitsu superstar

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where we got boxing Jiu Jitsu we were thinking like, what are you going to be? Fighting challenging Floyd Mayweather?

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Maybe one day for fun? Hello, my name is Hernan. Guadalupe

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is pronounced Adnan. In Spanish, bla bla spaniel, Allah spaniel, keto movie, movie movie.

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My, my parents, they they traveled over here from Ecuador in the late 70s do the searching that better life they left you know, their futures their careers behind in in search to provide for myself or for my brothers.

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something better 100 Yeah. So tell us now you have a very exciting story on 911 which we know that this was a sad event. Only an idiot would be sitting there celebrating that women died, children died. You know, whites died, blacks died non Muslims died, Muslims died. So we know that Islam has nothing to do with this. Right? So we're not revisiting this. We know that Islam and Islamic scholars have condemned this. But you know, and just one more thing to know I mean, FBI statistics, you know, because many people islamophobes and people who are trying to make Islam are like the boogeyman. Just look at the facts. You know, Islam is unluckily showing a chart right now and is

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showing Islam, even though that anyone who's doing terrorist acts has nothing to do, they're doing it according to their own desires and whims. But look at Islam is at the lowest totem pole, according to FBI statistics, look at these charts. So we're not going to go in that's not the topic but other people can look at the other topics that we've covered condemning this, but now you accepted Islam. That's submission to the one who created you. The one got on 911 correct. Okay, so before we get into 50 cents money, Mayweather and all this and how does connect your jujitsu? You're also a jujitsu player, you Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, talk to us. What happened? Why did this happen?

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My parents, when they came over here, they, they wanted a better lifestyle for us. And one of the ways that they felt would be

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a catalyst to having a good lifestyle is to enroll us in a Catholic school. So from first grade all the way to eighth grade, I was in Catholic school. And during that time,

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we learned about the Bible, catechism took all my sacraments. And at and also, I was an altar boy, during that during that time, from fourth grade to eighth grade, and I was in the church I was I was learning I was studying, I was assisting, and you're behind the scenes seeing pretty much everything.

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For that for a long time. It was just following what was instructed. But it came to a point where everybody youth comes into into their lives and start asking themselves what's their purpose in life? What is my goal? What am I doing? And then and at the same time, because I was in a religious environment, I started asking religious questions. I started asking about the the Trinity and the concept of God and Catholicism and its theology and its practices.

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And certain things never lined up. My heart never really accepted these things, even though I followed it for so long. But it came to a point where I started asking these questions. And it just, it didn't click, like one plus one plus one is still one. And I was always into math. And it doesn't make sense. Until what the Holy Ghost God and Jesus God and right father to God, but not three Gods one guy doesn't make sense. It didn't make sense. And you're taught, you're taught in math, that one plus one plus one is three. But then in theology, you're taught that three is one or one is three. And it's just, it just didn't make sense. And on top of the fact that there were certain things that

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that you saw that you just didn't feel that were right. And one of the big one of the things was the the amount of wealth that was collected, the amount of gold that was stored, and then you'd go outside and you see many people living in poverty. And it just it just something inside of me never really felt that this was the correct way. So I started a journey of searching the truth. I had friends that were different denominations of Christianity, I started asking them questions about their faiths. I read about Judaism, Hinduism, I was into kung fu when I was a kid. So I started learning I started, you get a black belt in Kung Fu.

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I studied for 10 years, 10 years, but I never really in Kung Fu, there is a black belt, but they go by like sashes rather than colors like seafood, right seafood. So I I studied it. And I competed against the black belt level, but it was so it was such a challenge that I stayed right in them kind of in the middle. But um, but yes. Why? Because I was into that type of culture. I'd also looked into the Chinese religion. And but nothing ever clicked. Nothing ever really stood out and said, You know what, this is what I want to choose. And, and it didn't happen until I actually got to college. And actually, before that, I remember when I was about 16, about 17 or 18 years old.

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I made two I made I made supplication to God, to guide me because I felt lost. I know when you say God, what are you talking about what many Christians believe holy goes God. Jesus God's Who? Which god are you talking about? Allah? The the one the one true God, though you never said law at that? No, I didn't know when you would define for people who have never heard this term. Who are you praying to? The Creator of the heavens in the earth? The one who we all seek from the one who doesn't need anything or anyone? He's the provider? The the the protector, the creator? The one who doesn't have any children or doesn't or wasn't born? Would it be safe to say where this was be

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Christians considered like the father the ultimate? Yes. Okay. The Supreme Supreme Being so you're praying to the Supreme Being the creator? Not not the created not not Jesus wearing the Holy Spirit? I was. I had a, I bought all the saints that come into the mix and Catholicism. What about Shall I go duty this saint that say? Were you praying through any of them? No, absolutely not. I mean, for me, at that age, I already understood that these people, they were just people like us. And the only reason that they were raised to that status was because people raised them to that status.

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God didn't give them that status, per se. So for me, I was going straight to the source. So now you pray to the Creator, because you want to know your purpose in life. Exactly. So I found myself one night, crying, just waterfalls of tears, and asking God to guide me asking Allah to guide me and give me the truth, show me what the truth is. And really, I thought the truth was gonna come the next day. I mean, it was such a sincere. So this is your supplication that I really believe that the truth was going to be just fall into my lap The next day, but didn't happen that way. So I continued my life and because I was so caught up in in the mix of the youth, doing things that you do partying

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and going out and other vices that, you know, we don't want to mention, but you kind of get the idea.

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You sort of got deviated from, you know, from the from believing or you just kind of started in, you know, delving into things that are not permissible or you know, you're not you're away from So you went from being into religious religious to now not making sense, not me being able to comprehend things. How about asking questions to the higher ups? I mean, it stopped after a while because the only response to that they came down to was son, you just have to believe. And I used to ask myself, how can I believe in something that I don't understand? How How is it that God has made this religion the religion for all of mankind, yet there are so many ambiguity so many holes that we just

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can't comprehend. So I just got disenchanted and just stepped away and I ended up saying, I

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I never disbelieved that there was God I always believed that God existed or the Supreme Being existed. And you would say I kind of fell into being agnostic you would say so you believe in God but not necessarily a specific faith, you're not following a specific way.

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And that was like that for a long time, you know, through high school, even my early years of college. And then when I got to college, I finally met a gentleman who was Muslim. He was another student with with me.

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And we got together through through other means not necessarily religious means and we started hanging out playing basketball, we would get together in the dorm rooms to hang out and we started talking about different topics.

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Government, religion, sports, current events and all these boxing, boxing music, martial arts martial art he was big into martial arts he was big into martial art now did you get from going to religious to going towards the 50 cent lifestyle but you know, the celebrity lifestyle and that's what we're going to kind of lead into also with that Floyd Money Mayweather and 50 says, where you idolize menudo, and Ricky Martin and our young Okay, so those are the people now did you at one point your license I want to be on stage like that I want to be you know, a star I mean, everybody, everybody I mean for the most part, kids youth that are that are in college they're there to make

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money. I mean, they're there to you know, to get the education but the goal is to become successful so status and money's on so let's hold it right there. We're gonna take a break. We got so much more to talk about, and I'm not going to let you down. We mentioned at the beginning all these big names 50 cent Floyd money, Mayweather. hernon boxing Jiu Jitsu, put them up against each other, so much more. Don't go anywhere.

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Outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars, you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like no paradise right here or

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anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change your heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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from hunger, I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid to stand.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here with Hernan. And we have a very exciting show for you. 911 we mentioned 911 that you accepted the purpose of life on 911 the purpose of life that the creator sent down, not man made the manmade way of life, it wasn't making sense. And no man made way of life at you try to fit it on the whole globe of humanity is not going to make sense from the Creator. It's got to make sense. One plus one is two one is one is not the three and all this other mathematical gymnastics that don't make sense. So now you're in college, right? And now that's like for some People's Party City. I mean, for me, it was prime time because this was the first time was actually actually out of my home

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time. Yeah, I was actually out of my house. My family again, you know, they were very protective of us. So this was the first time I was living on my own. Oh, boy. That's a big, you know, and I really pretty much came out of my shell during that time, because now supervision at home people, parents, you kind of a little shy to do certain things correct. But now you're outside of the house. Okay, so you kind of got into the I got into the mix, you know, meeting a lot of people socializing, attending parties. I joined the Latino fraternity that was very social. Oh, boy. Now you're in a fraternity. Yeah. Okay. And this is all about parties, and they might do some good things. But at

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the end of the day, it's like, do some good things. So we can party harder. I mean, that was for some people was like, yeah, and

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so so I was I was into this stuff. And at the same time, I still was in that search. And

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I met my friend, he he he introduced me to Islam during these little these small little gatherings. And he would talk about it and he would talk about all these topics, politics, government's current events, sports and all that stuff from an Islamic angle. So this is the first time I heard the word Allah, the word Mohammed, you know these the name Mohammed Islam, and this was brand new to me. I didn't I never heard this before. And, and it's funny because when I think about it, Allah or God, he, in my in my life, I was introduced to all these religions and I thought I knew it all. But I never learned about Islam until this specific point and

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my heart was

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onto it, because it made sense to me. When I asked and I started asking him the questions I would ask the priests. So when I asked him, okay, what do you believe? How do you how do you define the Trinity? What Who is God? Who is Jesus?

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He would tell me from the Islamic point of view, and it entered my heart and it filled my heart with happiness. It was for the first time there was that click that I was looking for. One is one, no complications. Jesus was a messenger and a prophet. He was just a man who was sent with a message delivered to deliver mankind with glad tidings of worshiping Allah alone and entering paradise. That makes sense, who's married Mary is the mother of Jesus, not the Mother of God, because then there's like, a circle that you just can't understand. Because if she's the mother of God, and the mother of Jesus, then how is it that God gave her life but she gave her life to God? It's just too confusing.

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But when she when he explained that Mary was just a woman, a righteous pious woman who gave birth to Jesus, the messenger, it made sense all the questions were lucid, clear, the answers were lucid and clear, clear, no ambiguity or ambiguous purpose of life was it answered now? Yes, and satisfaction of your soul? Yes. And when I asked him what is what is our purpose in this life? He would ask, Well, my holla to Gina will insert allele a burden, that we're not here that God didn't create a lot didn't create any, the man and the and the jinn kind except to worship Him. And that made sense and when he said everything is worship, you come into school as worship you you waking up in the morning

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is worship you eating is everything. And I was like, that makes sense. As long as you're God conscious, you're doing it with the right intentions to please God, to serve God. That's an act of worship. And one of my biggest things growing up was like, Why do I have to pray in the church for God to answer my prayers? What if he knows everything and sees everything? Why can I pray at home in the privacy of my own home? And that was one of the biggest challenges for me growing up and when he told me your relationship is with God alone, there's no intermediary you're not praying to Jesus, you're not praying to saints. you're praying wherever you want.

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Except certain areas of course, wherever you want, but directly to God and for me that was that's what I was looking no secretary in the middle. No, so just direct dialogue. Now you talked about procrastination, you figure it out within your very self your innate nature was like pulling us drawing you to while the other belief It was just something that just didn't make sense in your insides. It didn't connect with your insides are connecting with this. Absolutely. But now you talked to me before a little bit, I heard that you were procrastinating a lot right now. 911 comes into mix. Tell us about this. So like I mentioned, you're caught up in this lifestyle, you know, the

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Floyd Money Mayweather lifestyle, decent lifestyle, minuto lifestyle, you know, maybe not to that extreme, but definitely you want it to be successful. You know, I wanted a BMW, I wanted my own house, I want I want this and these things are good in a sense. But you know, you're this is this is what most guys are college, that's what they want become presidents of company CEOs and stuff. And, and that's my direction as well. You know, I'm wanting to be a successful engineer.

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I didn't I when I when I was learning about Islam, my heart accepted it completely. I said, I told myself, this is the religion that I'm going to be. This is the religion that I want to be part of. But right now, I'm having too much fun. This is the first time out of my house. I'm meeting all these people I'm having, I'm going to all these parties socializing. And I just don't want to let this go yet. So I told myself, I'm gonna wait until I get older to accept Islam. Once you know you're serious, and you're more established and stuff you procrastination, I procrastinate is one of the devil's biggest tricks. All right, you got time. Right, exactly. And then. And then when one day

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happened, September 11, came

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up to this point, I accepted Islam in my heart, but in action, I said, You know what, I gotta wait because I'm just I'm enjoying my life right now. I ended up going to class in the morning. And the university that I attended, Stevens tech is actually it's in Hoboken, New Jersey. So Hoboken is actually on the bank of the Hudson River. So the faces Manhattan, lower Manhattan, it's directly across the river.

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So I went to I went to class, I came back to class and my friend gave me a call on the phone. So I answered the call. And she said that the buildings are on fire. I mean, the Twin Towers were on fire. And I was like, that's impossible, because I just saw them coming back from class. And they were fine. She said, No, turn it on, turn it on and check it out. So I turned on the news and lo and behold, they're on fire. And I started freaked out and then what's going on? You know, this, I mean, this is a monument that is historic monument. You know, you're really in awe. I ran up to my friend, my friend's room. The one who was giving me down with Muslim brother was getting me down and we both

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ran outside to see what was going on. And it was chaotic. I mean, the screen

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was full of students scared, worried, concerned. And by this time, everybody knew there was two planes that hit me. And people saw it. And there was reports already that a plane struck the the the towers, and we were all in shock.

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And actually, at that point, I was really, really freaked out because the school where I went also has a huge tower as well. So I kept on thinking, Well, what about if another plane hits here, and something happens to us, and we're right here. And during that whole time, we're, we're I'm concerned.

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And it wasn't until the buildings actually collapsed. You know, after a couple hours, the buildings actually collapsed, that reality hit reality hit me. And I thought to myself at that time,

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all these people, they woke up in the morning, thinking that it was going to be another normal day, thinking that they would have another tomorrow, they were going to wake up, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, hang out with their friends, family members, play sports, whatever they did during the day they thought they were going to do, but a lot had a different plan for them. A lot decreed that this was their final day. And for me visual or seeing that from across the river and also knowing that Islam is the truth that there's a reward for those people who believe in Allah and worship Him alone paradise. And there's also a destination for those who disobey, who want to follow

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their desires who want to disobey Allah. There is a specific place for them as well, knowing this, and knowing at that same time that I was being arrogant, procrastinating, putting it off, being a servant of Allah obeying Him alone, worshiping Him alone, because I wanted to have fun. It scared me. And realizing that what about tomorrow, I don't live what about if tomorrow? I don't have an opportunity to become Muslim. What about when I went on 80 it did never comes for me it was it was a real shock.

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I used to I remember even looking at my watch, and just seen that the seconds passed by and worrying what's going to happen next. At that moment, my friend, he taps me on my shoulder. And the same friend he tapped on my shoulder. He says, Look, this is too much for me, I need to go back to my room, I want to go pray. And without any hesitation without even thinking, Well, you know what, if I go with him, and I, you know, and I follow Him and pray with him that might not you know, it's gonna be a life change, and then

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all the parties and all that stuff is gonna be gone. I didn't even think about that, at that point. I all I thought about was, I need to do the right thing. I went back with him to his room. He showed me how to make evolution do he he taught me how to say Shahada, the declaration of faith and I prayed with him for the first time and from that point on I became Muslim and so from that point on you submitted to the will of God that's what a Muslim is one who submits themselves not to a man a monkey a woman to Jesus a messenger to Muhammad but you submit to the one who created all of them. Yes, yeah, you did that I did that at that point. And hamdulillah was the the best decision that I

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ever made. I mean, every and you know, all the all the the thoughts that I needed to wait to in order to and let me just enjoy my life. It wasn't the case once I accepted Islam I was completely happy.

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There was ways for us to have fun as Muslims healthy fun. And on top of that my relationship with my parents got better with my brother got better. I felt that I knew what my I had a direction and purpose now I had the roadmap on how to lead my life all the things that the vices that were really hurting me, you know, they were finally washed away and I had a clear path and it was the best thing that I that I did for myself you know the tranquility and peace into your heart. Absolutely have purpose now you had a plan absolutely God's plan your desire is dictating your way right it was clear it was clear happiness happiness complete happiness something that money can't buy Money can't

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buy that. Yeah, we're gonna take a break. We'll continue on and now for all the fans who are tuning in just to hear what we have to say about the defeated heavyweight no was the Junior Heavyweight or what is it is a lightweight, like Light Heavyweight Champion. Sorry if we're saying that wrong and 50 cents one of the most popular rap artists out in the world. We're going to be bringing this into the mix when we come back. So don't go anywhere. exciting show with Hernan here on the deen show. We'll be right back.

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Why have you become a Muslim nun? I give a very frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angels.

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of God. He's the number one rap artists in the world. He's sold over 60 million records worldwide, the millions the millions. He was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about he had everything you could imagine.

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I am not afraid.

00:25:04--> 00:25:05

I am not afraid.

00:25:08--> 00:25:09

I'm not afraid.

00:25:16--> 00:25:18

I'm not afraid.

00:25:20--> 00:25:22

I am not afraid.

00:25:25--> 00:25:26

I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show with Hernan accepted a slam submission to the will of the one God's way of life of all the messengers Jesus was a Muslim who submitted to God, Moses, Abraham and last the final minister of Prophet Muhammad, who is till the end of time, a messenger just like all of them who call people to submit to the Creator. don't submit to the creation, do good deeds, obey God you get to paradise disobey God follow your desires, consequences Hellfire, we care, that's what we're sharing. So now your story inshallah God Willing can affect so many people's lives, you are procrastinating, like many people, they tune in and they say, Man that makes sense. Only worship the

00:26:14--> 00:26:56

one who created creation. don't worship the creatures of God, worship the creator alone. Don't set up a partner with God as soon as you put divinity to a Holy Ghost to a saint, you've cancelled out pure monotheism. And this is what it's about pure monotheism. So Floyd Money Mayweather now he's involved at a higher level into the sport game and his sidekick, his best friend, who we want to invite to the purpose of life, you know, the purpose of life now and you're happy, something that money cannot buy you have. And you know, a little bit about Floyd, and all that. What do you know about him? I remember watching him when I was younger, you know, undefeated boxer, probably one of

00:26:56--> 00:27:10

the most popular boxing figures there is now. So real good boxer. undefeated. Right. undefeated. Yeah. And I've known Have you noticed after some of his bouts, usually from the ones that I've seen, he thinks God

00:27:12--> 00:27:12

is victory.

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

But exactly what is that power that allows you to overcome those obstacles?

00:27:22--> 00:27:24

God What else can I say God?

00:27:26--> 00:28:01

He says, You know, I like to thank God. Yeah, he doesn't throw Jesus in the mix. Almost say I like to which that doesn't take. I mean, Jesus was a mighty messenger of God. Nowhere Did he ever call people to worship Him. Never did he claim he was God. But now a Floyd Mayweather he does thank God at the end. So there's hope for everybody to change. So anybody who's admiring 50 cent and Floyd money, Mayweather if they continue to follow them, is that the right way or wrong way? swearing, cursing, partying, you know, all these other things that go against what the creator wants us to do. That's definitely not the right way. It's not the right way. So tell us now you're involved in Jiu

00:28:01--> 00:28:42

Jitsu? Yes. Okay. Did you ever box I did. I did some boxing kickboxing Yeah, with all the other martial arts. So now it's very important. Now we as Muslims, once who has submitted to the will of God, we know the purpose of if you actually you don't care you don't share, right? So we as Muslim, every Muslims duty is to deliver the message to share the purpose of life with the world. And what better person to share it with than some of these high up celebrities that men if they come to the realization that this is the truth provide, provided that if I it provides proof it provides evidence is not blind faith, like you experienced many of their followers, they will also

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investigate and that's what we want people to do to ask those tough questions to their higher ups to investigate. And they'll come to the same realization, if they're sincere that Islam is from the crater, it provides all the proof evidences that is a true, so we know that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that he made a dua, you know this dua, when the the person of that time Omar ibn Khattab, Dion, he was like a person of prestige people admired him and tell us a little about this. I remember reading about this.

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The Prophet peace be upon him, he actually made the offer to people in his in his tribe. The first one was even he Sham or Abuja has his best known history and almost in a hotel.

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And he said, Oh Allah, strengthen Islam through one of the two for one of the two. Because during that time, these two gentlemen were, were affluent they were they had, you know, prestige and power and influence on the people. So the Prophet peace be upon him. He made to add that a lobby, excuse me, the Islam be uplifted and strengthened through one of these two gentlemen and hamdulillah. It was Omar without hottub that Allah guided and accepted Islam and we know that he was

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Prophet peace be upon him said if there was any other prophets would be after me it would have been on top so you can see the status that Islam was raised that just through this gentleman and his reminds me and when we talk about these celebrities are in discussions you know, these people have influenced the people follow them you know, whether it be Mayweather or 50 cent or or any other individual in entertainment or sports business they have followings people flocked to them, millions and millions Now, some people worship that's like an actor what people worship them, some of them do, they do. Because they know everything about their lives, if they say turn left, they'll turn

00:30:43--> 00:31:23

left where there's the word that jumped like this, they'll jump like that they dictate they dictate how society pretty much lives, their life, and especially the youth. And in the Hadith, or this reminds me of that because so imagine if if you you make the art for these people or invite them to Islam, the effects that they can have on their immediate following, you know, and we've seen it before we've seen it with other other singers and rappers Muhammad Ali cat Steven Stevens even like current times and look Napoleon and loon and all these people and I know you've had them on your show. So these people, they have an influence so inshallah it'll be a great thing that you know,

00:31:23--> 00:32:01

this person also comes into Islam and have that impact on him. And that's what we want to do right now because now with all the money the millions he gets paid like for Floyd money, Mayweather, they call him used to be pretty boy Floyd, and he pull out the like the stack of 100 counting millions in front of he's in jail now and his money can't get him out right now. He's in jail for domestic violence. And usually when people are closed behind for doors, now they reflect and think and his money can't save him. Now, he'll be out I think in in a few weeks, in a little bit over a month, something like that. But he has, now we have a way to get ahold of him. Before people like man, how

00:32:01--> 00:32:37

can we invite them, but we're putting up on a screen now. His address, so we're asking people as a call to action, send Floyd money. Mayweather a letter on why he should be a Muslim? Definitely. And Allah will facilitate the way Let's plant the seed. Because if maybe I send a letter you that's one out of how many does he get. But imagine if all the 1000s of Muslim millions of Muslim now start writing him a letter one letter and inviting him and giving him the reasons why he should be a Muslim. Maybe tomorrow when he reads it, he might accept and then all his followers, all of them start looking into it. And maybe they'll accept this way of life that's from the creator Islam to or

00:32:37--> 00:33:15

you know, what, maybe in 20 years, hey, those those letters that he got all the 1000s you know, the impact, it can have an impact on him, and then he's going to share with the sidekick 50 cents, maybe it's 50 cents dropping it, and it's true. everything they've done in the past, okay, let's say they turn to Islam, they turned to the Creator, all of them sins are forgiven if they turn to God Almighty, sincerely, all of the evil that they might have done. Slate is clean. The slate is clean. It's amazing, right? So any closing comments and suggestions Now you also have some some books, your your website now you've you've doing some great, you're actively involved in the Dawa. So So tell us

00:33:15--> 00:33:16

where people get ahold of you. We

00:33:18--> 00:33:58

want to we can't you know, after became Muslim, you know, and being involved in the Latino community. There's not that many resources for Spanish speaking Muslims and even non Muslims. So we took the initiative to translate a lot of articles into Spanish that people can benefit from. And one of the and and the sister company, a sister project is actually making books for Spanish speaking children. So we noticed there's a lot of Latinos just like myself, are having children becoming Muslim, they're Muslim from birth, there are no resources for them to learn. So we've actually made books My wife has, she's the main director on this project. She actually writes and

00:33:58--> 00:34:05

publishes her own books. What's the website that people can get this at? Their Alamos is lambda menials. So people can get these books here. Yes,

00:34:06--> 00:34:43

sir, again, a black Muslim Nino's. So we have about five books that we publish the date, that they can come with coloring books, you know, great printing abroad, right, that they can benefit and show and it teaches them, you know, a number of Islamic values, like how to go to Juma and the importance of the veil and how to you know how to prepare for Ramadan. Yeah, stuff like that. Tell us now we're out of time. We got like 30 seconds. Now, I want you to do it in Spanish. And I want you to do it in English in a few seconds, encouraging people not to procrastinate, maybe some Muslims got some non Muslims, brothers and brothers and humanity is like, Man, this makes sense. Man, the guy was there.

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

And he went from a way of life. That didn't make sense. Then he went to party agnostic, and through all of that confusion, he prayed directly to God, Allah facilitated away and now he's got peace. He knows his purpose. But some people they procrastinate, and you know what? They get nowhere. So what what

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

For the print, let's say Floyd money, Mayweather, he gets these letters. And he's like, Man, you know what? They're right. And he's not distracted by all the money. But now for him not to procrastinate what you got to say to Floyd.

00:35:11--> 00:35:49

Allah says in the Quran, that, that this life is just a mere enjoyment, a temporary enjoyment, but the life in the Hereafter is much better. And this is something that I tell a lot of people that this is temporary, this is not going to last, the money is not gonna last, when you pass away, that money is going to be spread to somewhere else, you're gonna be there alone. And you don't want to be that person who's wretched. You want to be that one who's given who is shown mercy and eventually enter paradise where all those riches that you had in this world are going to be multiplied by billions, gazillions, whatever it is. So don't waste time. Don't waste time being caught up in this

00:35:49--> 00:36:28

mere enjoyment, and focus on what your purpose in life is. Focus on what your God intended for you to do in this life and to be successful, but in a way of by pleasing Him and worshipping him along, allow the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one who created this whole universe and everything and the one who Jesus prayed to me he reward you. Thank you very much for being with me. Thank you. We've come to the end of another exciting show here in a deep show. We're here every week, you don't catch us internationally, we're viewed all over the globe on many satellite channels. And if you're catching us on a TV, continue to tune in Same time, same channel, or you can visit us at the deen

00:36:28--> 00:37:09 to catch many of our programs. And procrastination is something that is a tool that Shakedown the devil uses don't procrastinate. Know that you got one shot to get it right, one life to live and get it right now. Because at the end, you'll be in the grave, the dirt will be in your mouth and it's over, it's finished. And all the wealth that you have compiled will not save you at all from what comes next. It's your actions, developing yourself to live a righteous life a pious life, a life that brings peace and happiness. And it's according to God's gameplan not your desires. And Floyd Money Mayweather, the invitation is to him and 250 and to all the celebrities out there,

00:37:09--> 00:37:47

and the layman and the white collar black collar worker, yellow Chinese, everyone has the potential to submit a loan to the creator that has an earth and not his creation and to live a good wholesome, organic, righteous life. Right to Floyd. We have the opportunity he's in jail right now send them a letter on why he should accept Islam the benefits of it, and why he should be a Muslim one who submitted himself to the One God at all the beautiful rewards that come with that. write him a letter. And don't forget every week we're here pick up the new dunya to Dino so share it with your friends and your family. And if you want operator standing by right now, if you want to except

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you're like how can I do it? One 800 662 Islam we don't need your money. Don't worry, we're not trying to sell you some fairy dust or any other another Hocus Pocus, mumbo jumbo call us right now. If you want to accept the way of life and the Creator of the heavens and earth is simple. It's only one God worship Him, not his creation, and Mohammed is the last and final messenger. And then you accept Jesus Moses, Abraham, they were all messages of God. None of them call people to submit to themselves or to saints or to idols or icons only to God call us one 800 662 Islam. We'll see you next time. Peace be with you.