Why Do We Muslims Believe Islam Is The Final Religion

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Why do we believe as Muslims that Islam is the final religion? What are the laws of Muslims that have been perfected by the Prophet ﷺ? What is the Shariah of Allah say?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi attempts to explain.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the historical backlash of the previous laws and the importance of belief in prophets and their supposed supposed final religion. They also mention the use of multiple laws, including those from the time before Jesus, to balance laws and encourage people to believe in their supposedley-inspired beliefs.
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Why do we Muslims believe that Islam is the final religion or the best religion of Abraham.

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We believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us in the Quran, today I have perfected your religion for you, and completed my favorites upon you and chosen Islam as your way of life. Indeed, all the prophets came with Islam Prophet Moses came with this lamp Prophet Jesus came with this nonprofit, Ibrahim came with Islam, and the general message of all of these prophets was the same, and the general law was the same. But we believe that the law as found, according in our *ty out that the Prophet sallallahu, I said abroad, it is the most merciful law, it is the most compassionate, and the most all encompassing for all cultures and generations, the previous laws

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were not as perfect, they were not imperfect, because nothing from Allah is imperfect, but they were not as perfect. And the Quran explicitly mentioned that, for example, the laws of the Jews was very strict compared to our laws. And if you look at their laws, you will find that it's actually much more stricter than ours, and ours are essentially similar. But still, there's a little bit of mercy here that some leeway is given. So it's not as if those laws when they were revealed were wrong, it's that they were harsher or more strict or whatnot. And our laws kind of loosened it up a little bit made things a little bit easier. So we say that the laws that came with the profits of the law,

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when you sell them have perfected the sharing of a law, even though the previous videos were also good, and they were good for their peoples, but our laws are abrogating the previous laws, our laws cancel the previous laws. And of course, we believe as well, that one of the fundamentals of faith is to believe in all of the profits, and that includes Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David, Jesus, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa send them you're not a Muslim, unless you believe in all the prophets and belief in our Prophet necessitates following his shediac and Allah subhana wa tada knows