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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The interviewer discusses the confusion surrounding the presence of Allah Subhana, the resulting confusion surrounding Congressman Subhana's initiative to create a new generation of people, and the responsibility of individuals to create a new generation of people. The "will" and "whims" behind the halifa and the "will" behind the jinn are discussed in a hypothetical scenario where the angels are being subdued and the world is in danger of collapse. The "weird creation" that would surpass the existing world is also discussed.
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So now we move back to the Marley's Salaam before Allah subhanaw taala actually mentioned to us the conversation that took place between him and the angels. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Who are the Hala pelaku nothing oddly Jamia that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that created for you everything in this earth, He created it for you. So Musto, smfs, awareness of smls, then Allah subhanaw taala rose above the heavens, and he made them seven skies. Well, who would be cliche in earline, and Allah subhanho wa Taala, has full knowledge of all things. Allah Subhana which Allah is telling us before he even mentions the conversation where he tells the angels that he's going to

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place us upon this earth, that everything was already placed here at our service. Now the conversation that I'm about to mention, in our model, the Allahu taala, and who there's a narration from him that says that it's 2000 years after the war between the angels and the Djinn. When the jinn were, were fought on this earth, and they were pushed to the oceans to the seas, and the angels rose and they rose with they came with at least they brought, at least amongst them, and it seems like you know, the Earth's purpose has already been dealt with meaning the jinn have already been destroyed because of what they've done. Then a loss of Hannah what's Allah says to the angels in

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Nigeria, you don't feel out of the halifa that I'm going to place a caretaker a successor, there are many translations and I'll describe it on this earth. Now the angels when they heard that they responded, attention Hello, fi ham and you've seen the fee how SV could deema they said to a loss of handling to add an O Allah, are you going to place upon it, those who will cause corruption, spread corruption and bloodshed and so on so forth? Meaning, you know, they're not saying this out of arity at all, they're not staying this out of rejection or out of objection, even to a loss of Hannah Montana, but just to understand, oh, Allah, you know, we've seen what happens when, when when a

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creation is given her retd if the odd when they're given free will and choice, what they do on this earth are you going to put another creation that's going to do the same thing and on top of that, Allah Subhana Allah says halifa now halifa by its nature, it means a caretaker it means a successor it means someone who has free choice to do what they want to with that which they've been placed in charge of. So the halifa you know, succeeds he takes control. And he's to continue to work if you will, as an imbecile the Allahu anhu says we are similar to one another on this earth. we succeed one another on this earth and taking care of this earth with the responsibility that last pantile

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gave to us, which is why a lot calls the people of ad holla F. Okay. And last pantai says, insulted Madame for half an embarrassing him helfen a lot of Sala that after the profits, there came helfen that lost the prayer that you know, starting to become neglectful and careless, and helfen Health is the opposite of halifa. According to some of the scholars, Khalifa is someone who continues to work. helfen is someone who comes and does the opposite, okay, which the people that the generations that came after the prophets, they did the opposite of what the prophets were sent to do. And a loss of parents Allah goes further last palletizers was datamodel confy had that he established you in this

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earth, He established you within it. And it's their model means you are here to build a lot established unit and you are here to construct, and to build and to do what Allah subhana wa tada told you and to fulfill the trust that Allah Subhana Allah has given to you over this earth. So the jinn will continue to exist here, the animals will continue to exist, the insects will continue to exist, but you Oh, children of Adam will be placed in charge. And this is before Adam alayhis salam was even created to show you that Adam, it is Ceylon from the very beginning was meant to come to this earth, he was meant to be in charge of this world. So when the angels say, yeah, Allah, are you

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going to put onto this earth, you know, people that are going to have the choice and they're going to, you know, spread corruption once again, and they're going to spread bloodshed. And they said one afternoon was 70, who we handicap when we cut the sulak Yeah, Allah, we worship you, we glorify you, you know, and and, you know, we don't fall short and that we would hope that we don't fall short in that. And the angels here, they weren't praising themselves, you know, you might hear this you might think to yourself that the angels have a sense of pride, they have a sense of Kibet. They're saying to Allah, Oh Allah, why don't you put us in charge the angels are free from those diseases that we

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have as human beings and jinn. So they're not saying this as a form of pride. In fact, they're declaring a loss perfection and purity no god the select that they're declaring his purity, in saying that, oh, Allah, you know, we're not questioning what you're saying. And in fact, some of the scholars the way that they interpreted this and this is very beautiful that they're asking a loss of Hannah hoods either are we not doing a good enough job in our tests be in our glorifying you that you'll bring that you have to bring about another creation to do so. Oh Allah. Are we not

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meaning they're worried a lot. Are we not worshipping you enough? Because we said that's the characteristics of the angels. It's from the characteristics that they would say to a loss of Hannah Montana, I bet the NACA hakkari by the tick that we did not worship you as much as you deserve to be worshipped. So there's a sense of concern on their part that are we not doing a good enough job. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala responds to them and says in the Alamo, Allah tala mon I know that which you don't know. Allah could have given them the reasoning a lot could have given them the wisdom. Allah certainly knows it's Allah Subhana Allah to Allah doesn't create without purpose. But Allah subhana

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wa tada instead tells the angels because this is the way that the angels have been raised, that I know that which you don't know. And it's very beautiful that the scholars say that when Allah subhana wa tada said, I know that what you don't know what Allah subhanaw taala meant by that is that from this creation, you will have the MBR the prophets, you will have Mohammed salallahu alayhi wasallam, you will have the Shahada, the martyrs, you will have the Koran people of truth, you will have people of righteousness that the jinn could not produce at that level. There is no equivalent from the jinn of Rasul Allah sly Solomon In fact, from any creation. So when Allah subhanaw taala

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says to the angels, I know that what you don't know Allah subhana wa tada is saying to them that yes, despite the fact that these people will come and they will spread corruption, and they will murder and so on so forth, there will be elements of hide in this creation, elements of goodness in this creation that would surpass even the angels that would surpass even the melodica. I remember one of the first lectures I listened to was from Dr. Jeffrey link. And he was saying that, you know, I used to ask this question as well. Why did God create us? Why did God put us here? Why did God allow this to happen? And then I read in the end that Allah says, I know that what you don't know

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and answers the question, it satisfies everything. You know that Allah Subhana Hood's Allah basically tells you, look, I know what I'm doing, if you've come to the conclusion that Allah is Allium that Allah subhanaw taala is the all knowing, and the all wise, then you submit your you submit yourself intellectually as well to say, oh, Allah, I know that there are certain things that you know that I don't know. And I'm satisfied with that. And that's part of our creation. That's part of our submission. And that's part of our servitude in Nevada, in the first place to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this gives us some more context as to what's brewing inside, at least now, at

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least was raised by the angels he's been given the shape of the angels he worships amongst the angels. And now he's hearing a loss of Hanna hoods Allah telling the angels, that there's a creation that is superior to the jinn that is going to come and that they are going to be given control of the earth and that they are going to that they're going to be people amongst them that will be greater than the jinn and this ate away at least because the thought process of at least at this point is why didn't a lot just leave me there? So there's a jealousy and envy that's already brewing inside of at least before the mighty Salaam is even created.

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