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The Pen and the Tablet

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In the athlete of the amendment to Howie Rahim Allah to Allah we recite what not me know below he will call up Bobby Jimmy Murphy called rockin that we believe in the tablet and the pen and everything that's been settled within there. Now also lustleigh salaam, the messengers lysosome tells us that first there was a lot and there was nothing but Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah created his throne. Then Allah Subhana Allah created the pen. And when the prophets license has Haleakala column that Allah created the pen, he says, What can I do for Allah that his throne was settled upon water that there was a layer of water under the throne of a

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loss of monetize? So the scholars they take from that, that a lot obviously had created water before the pen, but we don't have much details yet because the heavens and the earth had not been created, but it makes sense because water is the source of everything as we see later on in the discussion, but it comes down to the to the pen the prophets why Selim said that Allah subhanaw taala created I'll call him he created the pen. What are the dimensions of the pen? How does it look? We have absolutely no idea I mean, in this world, every pen looks so different. You know, you can imagine what this pen would be and is it a pen like the pens that we write with? Allah knows best what it

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looks like and how it is. But Allah subhanaw taala created the pen and the prophets why Selim says, For call Allah who octobe Allah subhanaw taala said to the pen, right. Carla Robbie, one other actor and the pen said, oh my lord, and what should I write? Carla octobe maka de la quinta de se had to commissar last panel data set to the pen. Write the details, the decree of everything that will happen, and that is that is decreed until the establishment of the hour until the hour begins and commences and the prophets lie Selim he said minmatar Allah lady had that Felisa mini whoever dies believing in anything other than this than he is not from me. So the prophets lysozyme said this

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took place 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth, Allah subhanho wa Taala already had a column this pen write down everything. And what did what you know, what did the pen write in? There's a very beautiful narration and extensive narration from the law has been slain. Rahim Allah Tada. He said, I met a ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, the Allahu taala and who the great Mufti of Mecca, from a Sudan and he was one of the greatest tambourine. So he said, I met him and this was around the time that this group of people that denied the Divine Decree, known as Kataria, this is the the time that they're fitna that their deviants started to become prominent. So I told alpha, I

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said to him, you know, yeah, he man, people are denying the Divine Decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he said to me, oh, my son, do you know how to recite or I said, Yes. So he said, recite to me, sort of. So I recited to him sort of the zakharov until I reached the ayah We're in houfy on milky tabula Dana Lara Leon Hakeem that Verily, it is within omal Kitab. It is within the mother of books, let Dana which is with us, Exalted and full of wisdom. So I thought it stopped me and he said, Do you know what omal Kitab is? Do you know what the mother of books is? I said, No, he said, it is a book that Allah subhanho wa Taala wrote 50,000 years before creating the heavens and the

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earth in it is that for their own is amongst the inhabitants of Hellfire and Tibet, the other Abdullah have been what up the Paris the two hands of Abu lahab and everything else until the day of judgment, this book has everything for their own even as moose is not a lost parent. It tells us and it's ironic because for their own is being mentioned here particularly by a thought of in the middle bar for their own as Mousavi Islam and this is documented in the Quran, Quran and Allah, you know what of the previous generations? What do we know about the previous generations and what happened to them? And more Sally Hassan answered, Paula Elmo hair and the ROB de Kitab liable, Laura B. Well,

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I answered that the knowledge of it is with my lord in a book, my Lord does not make any mistakes, nor does my lord forgets. So the column the pan, which was created 50,000 years before the heavens and the earth, wrote in what's known as a low hanging fruit, the preserved and protected tablet a lot calls a low health food, because it's protected from any changes, and it's also protected from access, no one can access this preserved tablets, not from the human beings nor from the jinn, not even from the angels, not even from the melodica only Allah Subhana hota Allah has access to a low helmet food, and so it's protected, it's preserved. Only Allah knows what's within it. And the last

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time he calls it many things in the Quran, Allah calls it Kitab and moonbeam. immelmann will be a clear book. So there are no there's nothing ambiguous in that book. It documents everything. Precisely. A law calls it Kitab and mustard and unrolled untouched tablets

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Right, so it's never been touched, it's never been, the papers are not wrinkled in any way. And of course, the papers don't look like the papers that we have, as well. It's a very special type of book. And Allah Subhana Allah says math or whatnot will kitabi mention that there is not that there is no knowledge that is missing from that book. Everything is within that book, even as a law tells us even a leaf falling from a tree. Now think about how extraordinary that is. a leaf falling from a tree at what speed it will fall, what type of leaf it will be, what land it will fall upon? What will happen to it, you know, who will pick it up? You know, when will it dissolve, all of that has

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already happened that that's happening right now, you know, you might run over something as you're driving with your car a lot, some kind of outside decreed that while you're opening a door, you might struggle with the knob, or you might turn it the wrong way. It's already written in the last 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. And you know, we could look at that with a sense of optimism, as well, an amount of sharp you're talking a whole lot to Allah. He was one sweet talking his wife. And he said, Isn't it amazing? That 50,000 years before Allah introduced the skies to the seas, he already wrote down your name next to me. So it was 50,000 years before the

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creation of the heavens and the earth. Our names were already written down next to each other so everything is within a lotion, muffled everything is within that preserved tablet, everything that would have happened that has happened that will happen. And you know, we don't have much about the description of it. Except for a pretty lengthy narration from Abdullah and our bustle the Allahu taala and they've been above the Allahu taala and who he says that a low helmet forth is preserved in Albanian Memorial, which we'll probably talk about later in Charlotte's Island, the frequently visited home where the melodica the angels do toe off, and it's preserved directly under the outer

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shell of a loss pads are directly under the throne of Allah subhanaw taala in the seventh heaven, and he said it's made of red rubies. And of course not the red rubies that we see it's it's made of a special type of red rubies. Its upper end is tied to the throne of a loss of Hannah Montana and it's lower and reaches towards the angels. Its script is liked and its pen is liked. He said Allah glances at it many times hundreds of times a day. And with each glance he does what He wills, He exalts one who is humble, he humiliates one who is honorable, he enriches one who is poor. He impoverished is one who is rich, he gives life to one person, he gives death to another person, and

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he does whatever else He wills La Ilaha Illa who there is no god but He

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