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The Throne Shook

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You know, there are multiple narrations and statements that mentioned the shaking of the throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we've, we've spoken about, you know, how great the throne of Allah is and how it's the roof of all of creation and it encompasses all of the creation of a las panatela So how is it that the throne of Allah would shake and why? There's a fabricated Hadees that I that I often hear that divorce shakes the throne of Allah subhanaw taala and that has deep there's mold or it's fabricated anyway. However, there is an authentic narration, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Does Thou shalt not eat the melty started in the mouth, that the throne of Allah

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subhanho to Allah the throne of the Most Merciful shook from the death of sides been more ethical the law of Thailand now side even more, it is one of the greatest of the companions of the prophets lie Selim. He is one of the unsought of El Medina. He's one of the chiefs of unsired the helpers in Medina, he's someone that stood by the prophets lie Selim, he's someone that when you know, when people had hesitation, he was the one that would get them back to their state of confidence that would remind them of their service of the Lord of you know, the Lord of the Throne of the Most Merciful that would remind them of the pledge that they took to the prophets, I saw them. I mean, he

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has an incredible life. I mean, you've had a lot just to think that this man only lived as a Muslim for five years and the prophets lie Selim said that the throne of the Most Merciful, shook because of his death, he died in his 30s he only lived as a Muslim for a few years. But this man was a great man was an unbelievable man. And in fact, the prophets I seldom said that, or rather the Sahaba they said that the the janaza have said that when we were carrying the body of sight, it was extremely light. And some of the hypocrites they made fun of sad all the time and they said, Look, you know, he's not worth anything. So they they took that as a sign of disgrace, but the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam he said that the angels were carrying the body of Sattar little the Allahu taala I know. So what is it that that actually means that the throne of the Most Merciful shook the prophets lie Selim he explains to us that the throne of Allah subhanaw taala did not shake you know because Allah subhana wa tada or the throne could not handle the death of south of the law tada No, or because of fear or anything of that sort. But the throne shook Minh Pharaoh had robbed from the joy of the Lord of the returning of the soul of saddle of the law of tide. I know can you imagine the Prophet slicin upset it shook out of joy. And enough hacer vasila him Allah he, you know, he

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comments on that and he says that it didn't shake out of fear or trauma but rather out of joy, of sad or for sad returning to his Lord, the same way that a man shook when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with a bucket of armor, and earth man on it and Rasulullah saw its untold mount referred to that be firm, because you have upon you a prophet, as a deep amount of truth and to martyrs. And the prophets licenses that are there's a mountain that loves us and we love it so it shook recognizing the greatness of the one that was upon its or the tree that cried when the prophets why Selim left it because also last bison used to give Holt leaning on this tree that tree

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shook, and it cried when the Prophet slicin left it recognizing the greatness of the one that departed. So the scholars they say that sad little the allow Tyler angle. He eventually died from a wound that he suffered in the Battle of duck and so he was considered a Shaheed he was considered a martyr. And the martyrs the prophets lysozyme tells us that the souls of the Shahada, the souls of the martyrs, live in the bodies of green birds, and their nests are in chandelier is hanging from the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Can you imagine that the nests are in the in lamps and chandeliers hanging from the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the prophets lie Some said they

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leave when they please and they eat from the fruits of Paradise, and they go where they like, and then they come back and they stay in the chandelier is under the throne of the Most Merciful. And so the joy of sad all the Allahu taala and her coming to occupy one of those chandelier caused the throne of the Most Merciful to shake

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