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And Islam religion with Allah since time began

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Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. Thank you for coming back for another episode every week we're here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And we're trying to clear out some of the misconceptions. So you can better understand the way of life of all the prophets, which is submission and surrender to the One God worshipping Him alone, not his creation. And we are going to be talking about the Merciful One, the loving one, the one who created you, the one who's taking care of you, day and night. And one misconception is, is that Allah who is the creator of the universe, creator of this whole Nebula, everything in the

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universe, the earth, the planets, the stars, he created Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and the last and final message is the Prophet Muhammad. Some people say that he's a, he's a vengeful God that he's a God of who's not loving, who's not merciful. Some people have this wrong motion notion. And we want to clear this misconception and give you the evidences and proves that He is the Most Merciful, the most loving, so we're going to be

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bringing you our guest shake sedan who's going to be helping us cover this topic. So you don't go No, we'll be right back here on the deen show. D

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is His Messenger

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Jesus was his messenger

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Why did that maybe maybe it's just a break the ice as salaam aleikum, Shiraz.

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Thank you for being with us.

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You are, and you've been with us before, we're always excited when you got you on this show.

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You know, the verbatim Word of God, which is the Quran, you've memorized it, you know, the books of the Hadith. This is the authentic source of literature from the last and final question of Prophet Mohammed. No. So there are some people who unintentionally and intentionally might try to have some people believe that the Creator, not just the creator of the Muslim, he's the creator of all of us all mankind. When we say a law, some people might say that you know what, a law is not a God of love, that he's a vengeful God, etc, etc. This can be far from the truth. So we wanted to have you give us some examples to help clear up these misconceptions and talk to us just how merciful Allah

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is smaller hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. This what you said is such a sad thing. And the reason it said is that the human being and how deficient is the human being and how the human being is always in need of the Creator of the heavens and the earth would not claim such a thing to oneself.

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A person would see this as a deficiency, if he claims that he is such a harsh, or a person that has no mercy, we can we know that this is such a deficiency in a human being. How about the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one that is all perfect with his names and attributes. The problem is people do not know Allah subhanaw taala they do not know the Creator of the heavens and the earth, with his names and attributes. They don't witness his mercy that is all over there is encompasses the whole life, and the whole creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And because of that ignorance, then they tend to misunderstand many things in their lives, and one of which is the attributes of the

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Creator of the heavens in the earth. And last panel to Allah is the Most Merciful. And we read this in the Quran and the first chapter of the Quran more than one time, every time we start reciting a surah, we say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. And we say hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Amen. Again, we repeat it over and over again. And a Muslim when he recites this, he witnessed the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and that's why we seek this mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. A Lost Planet. Allah says in the Quran, Allah met us at school, they say that my mercy is spacious, and it encompasses everything, everything meaning,

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everything other than the Creator of the heavens and the earth is everything. Everything has a show and it shows the mercy of the Creator of the heavens in the earth. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said said that Allah subhanaw taala created 100 parts of mercy. And this is different than the attribute of Allah that he's the most merciful. He created 100 parts of mercy. And he revealed to this earth only one part of it and by

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This one part of mercy. This is what it's present in the nature of every human being, that he has this mercy towards other, even the mercy towards human beings or to you towards even animals or birds or whatever there is. This is part of that one mercy and the prophet SAW Selim said, even when there is an animal or the camera when it lifts its foot so that it doesn't hurt its offspring. This is from the one part of mercy that last panel Tyler revealed to this earth. And he said, are you sir to seller, and he kept 99 parts of this mercy for the believers in the left. And one time also the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was sitting with the companions, and there was a woman, and she lost

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her child. And she was panicking as a result of that. Then when she found the child, she carried him and she started circling him. And the prophet SAW Selim said to the companions of their lower abdomen, do you think this woman would throw her child into the fire? They said, Of course not. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that Allah subhanaw taala has more mercy towards you, than this woman towards her own child, because He is the Most Merciful soprano. But people misunderstand it, why they think, well, if this is the case, why would Allah subhanaw taala punish the disbelievers in the day of judgment or the sinners? If this is the case, to answer this, is that the

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mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to for those who subject themselves to the mercy of Allah, and he is the most just, and justice has to be served because he's the most just to pan out. And one of the early scholars Chi Rahim, Allah, He gave an example. And he said, one of the early generations of Islam, he was walking in the street. And he saw a door opened, and a mother yelling at her child, and she kicked him out of the house. And she slammed the door behind them. Yeah. And this child, young boy, looked left and right, walked for a little bit, he doesn't have any place else to go. So he returned back and he knocked on the door, his mother is angry, like any other mother will get

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angry with her child, but the heart still have that mercy towards that child. And then when he when she did not open the door, he put his cheeks on the ground, and the doormat and he slept. After a while. The love in the hearts of the mother comes in place again. She opens the door trying to look for her child, and she see the child in such a place. So she carried him and she went down to him and she kept telling him Why do you make me punish you? Why do you make me do this and do that, when I love you when they care about you and have so mercy, so much mercy to you. This one man of the originations of Islam, he said, when I saw this, I remembered the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam. So it is the human being themselves, they are the ones that commit injustice to themselves. Allah Subhana Allah is the most merciful, called them to His mercy, called them to worship Him alone, and made everything easy for them to see that everything speaks for itself, that it's a sign of the mercy of Allah, that it's all creation, that it's all shows the power of a las panatela for them to turn to Him alone. But instead they choose to obey Him and to worship other than him. Now, is there a certain amount of sins that a person can can commit, and then he is out of the mercy of the Creator, like if he's done sins that are so high up and, you know, it can fill this

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room filled this building with sins, and he's like, you know, what, I'm out of that mercy should of human being ever feel like this, that he's done that much bad that he's out of the mercy, actually, this point, would show and I hope the viewers would ponder over this, which showed that perfectness in the last revelation from our last panel to Allah, the revelation from Allah, the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophets are sort of because it's the most perfect way of life

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in Islam, no matter how much a person did evil, and this is how the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is, if he or she turns sincerely to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, repenting asking for forgiveness, the matter is over, they are forgiven. And not just that, that the love of Allah subhanaw taala for them, that was present before they get it all back because He is Allah dude, he is the loving one Subhana Allah and this is the mercy of Allah not holding a grudge or anything, nothing. Compare this to the human being. If you are in a country or a place or whatever there is, you committed such an evil act, you killed somebody you did whatever you did. And then thereafter

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you if you go to the court and you tell the judge, please forgive me. I won't do that again. Yeah, or he's gonna do to you. He said, Justice has to be served. And if the judge would forgive him, people will get on to the judge and he will be fired. And the normal human beings would hate that so much, because that was gonna spread corruption. And this is to the human being those who would claim that they know what the meaning of mercy is. But the Creator of the heavens and the earth, no matter

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How much a person if he falls into mistakes if he turns to him sincerely, the sins are forgiven. And the prophets of Salaam gave us the example, a man killed 99 human beings, and he wanted to repent to Allah subhanaw taala he went to worship but doesn't have knowledge. And he told them, would God forgive me? He said, No, you're not forgiven. And this is what the previous alteration to the books of Allah, that people have this sense, you know, once that person make mistakes, he's doomed. He's done. In Islam, there is no such thing. So the men that killer, serial killer, he killed them, too. He said, If it's not not gonna be forgiven, so make him 100. So he killed them too, when he went to

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ask a scholar, a knowledgeable person, and the knowledge of a person, he said, who would deprive you from repentance, God is the most merciful, but go to so and so town. Because this people there they are good people, live with them for you repentance to be accepted. So we start traveling and in the way he right, and the angels of death came to him and they had a dispute, whether the angels of mercy will take his soul whether the angels of punishment will take his soul. And Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel and he's the most knowledgeable soprano to Allah, but to show the human being this concert, and he told them measure the distance between the two towns, if it's closer to the

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good town, then the angels have mercy tickets sold, if the opposite, then the angels of the punishment will take his suit. And Allah made the earth in such a way that he made it closer to the to the land of the people that are good. And as a result, the angels of mercy took his soul. So the point is, and it's also mentioned called those who would do the the worst sin ever committed and that is associating partners with Allah, those who kill those who commit Zina, those who do whatever they want, if they repent to Allah, subhanaw taala. Sincerely, Allah subhanaw taala would even replace their sins with the with good deeds. So anybody right now, let's say they're worshiping the

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creation, like, instead of worshiping the Creator, they're worshiping Jesus who was a mighty messenger, or they're worshiping some saints, etc, etc. If these people stopped right now they repent. The matters finished. Mendez finished, not just finished, but it's replaced by the perfect love of the Creator of the heavens and you never called them in the quarter, FLIR tupuna in a line was still futile, after stating the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is not Jesus, the son of Mary, that will ever believe that Jesus, the son of Mary is the Creator of the heavens and earth, he had this believed. And then after that, he called them to repent, shouldn't they repent to Allah zpanel

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data and seek His forgiveness. So he called them to repent, actually, even more than that loss penalty elements in at the end of surah. Two headed for the people of the book, the Christians and the Jews, those who if they believe in the last panel to Allah worship Him alone, turned to him alone, none manners, and they believe in the last message for the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah, they would get double of the rewards. Why? Because they believed in Moses, they believed in Jesus peace be upon him. And then they believe the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, they corrected their belief, they will get double of the rewards because of the greatness of our last panel. What do you think about

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this idea? Some would try to have people think that God Almighty, Allah, the creator, he's so merciful, that he sent or he had a son, and then He sent His Son to die for the sins of mankind. What do you think about this? To answer this in two points? The first one, what is the evidence of that? Right? And Allah says in the Quran, Quran Cana, the manual, little fan, I will have with you say Mohammed sauce Allah, if Allah the Most Merciful Hara son, I would be the first to wish. But this is not true. And there is no evidence that this is true. The second thing is, why would the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the one that is capable of all things, have to do that to

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forgive the human beings? It is as simple as they turned to him alone. He forgives them. He's capable of all things. Why does has to be some form of a show for people to have their sins forgiven? God is the Most Merciful. And then each person is responsible for their own actions. What happens to the people before Jesus peace be upon Abraham? Allah, he said, What was his religion? Who did he wish it was he in a state of sin he was born in state of sin, when he is someone that a lot chose to be one of the best messengers. So this notion, and this story is never been in this the messengers before Adam, and I certainly didn't mention any man, he never none, none of them. And the

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same thing after Jesus peace be upon them, even Jesus Himself, peace be upon him. So the method is as clear as for all the messengers to our mankind, then if you worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth, turned to him alone, if you commit a sin, don't go and confess to a human being, being his deficiencies. Turn to the Creator of the heavens and earth alone, and he's the most merciful, he hears you, and he's seeing you knows what's in your heart. And Allah says in the call anyway, that said, like, I read the enemy for inequality, if my slaves ask you about me, tell them I am calling

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To them, even the verse, that verse in the Quran, you know, in the Quran, there's so much coal, coal, coal, which means say, oh Mohammed satellizer, in that particular verse, When the talks about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, when a person turns to him, this word coal is not there. So not even the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim is an intermediary between us and the last kind of person turned to the Creator of the heavens and earth, alone, no barriers whatsoever. And this is, of course, because of the vast mercy of the creator of everything. Now, before we go on to another point, we're almost at a time tell us now if they say those who say that God had his son, and then He sent His

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Son to die. And you had mentioned that God is the most merciful, he can forgive. But then they say, look, this is like a judge who just forgive but where's the justice? Now? What do we got to say? The Justice when a person commits a sin? Yes, right. This is, if a person and God is the most merciful, he gives people time for them to return to Him. That's why we have a certain amount of time that we spend on the face of earth. And if a person dies, when he's young, before the age of puberty, there is no sin on him, even if he committed some evils, because so he's born up until puberty, he doesn't have any kind of right, because he's, he's not responsible fully for his action. I make sense. If a

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person become insane, he's not responsible for his actions. Yeah. So once a person is responsible for his actions, and it's the mercy of Allah that people are given time for them to see with their own selves, the power of the Creator of the heavens and earth to turn into him alone. If the message is been presented to them in a clear way, and they refused it, then and they die in that state, then they should not blame no one but their own selves. They this believed in the one that is the most merciful, they did not subject themselves to the best mercy of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. They choose to be the opposite. They choose to be disobedient they choose to be sinners and

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died in that state. So as a result of that, if, in the Day of Judgment, they are punished in the Hellfire, they won't be punished out of injustice out of the justice, if there are dealt with it. They will be punished in the Hellfire because they did not worship the Creator of the heavens and earth. They choose that that's why God says in the Quran, lahmacun mo avianna Hatton that we are not going to punish, till we send the messenger without the messengers. If the message did not reach the people, then they won't be punished unless the method has been made clear to them. That makes sense. I'm sure that anybody who's sincere and honest can dig that. Tell us now Shake sedan with us on the

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deen show. We're talking about the mercy of the Most Merciful, the most loving Allah

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tell us for those who might be calling on other than the Creator of the heavens and earth, they might say in such and such names some people I was talking to one gentleman today, I said you prayed a guy to to do you pray to he said to God. I said, Well, what about Jesus? He said, we just say in Jesus's name. So is this setting up a partner next to God? And can you bring it home by giving an analogy, the seriousness of this of putting a intermediary between you and the creator? last panel that I mentioned in the Quran that many of the disbelievers they had this argument that when they worship idols, or images, or whatever there is they said men are Budo ilario, curry buena. Illa, is

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words, that we do not worship them, except that they would draw us closer to the Creator of the heavens and you're not worshipping them, in the sense that they're not the Creator of the heavens and the earth. But we make them a step to get them to closer to the Creator of the heavens in you. And this was condemned in the Quran. Why? Because God, Allah Subhana, Allah Allah, He is the one that is perfect in his names and attributes. And as a result of that, you don't need no intermediaries between you and him, because he created you. He knows what's in your heart. He's the one that has the mercy on you. You don't need another creation, you need the Creator. If you need

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something, you turn to the Creator, the creation can never benefit you. So he ordered us in the Quran and all the messages before to call people to the worship of the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone. There's a long Hadith that the prophet SAW Selim said, when you hear john the baptist, and I saw him when he called the children of Israel to worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And he was a little bit late and conveying this message, Prophet, Isa Jesus peace be upon him, he went to him, and he told them, either you conveyed the message, or I would convey the message. And when the message was conveyed by john, he told them the first thing that God ordered me

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that you worship Him alone, and they do not associate foreigners with him, and he gave him an example. I think we mentioned that before, in which a person would would would have that he told them have some slave or so. And instead of working for him, he worked for someone else. He said, Who among you would like that to happen to him? God created you he provided for you, then you turn to Him alone. So even in Islam, some sects among deviant sects among the Muslims that

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fell into the same trap. They believed in the saints, they had people in the graves, messages, mosques, you will find them built and there is a grave in there. And people go to this pious men in the grave. And they will tell him either Oh, so and so, you know, do this for us. This is sheer, associating partners with a lot takes the person outside the photo will slip. Or they would say, Oh, so and so make Allah forgive us. When Allah clearly in the Quran says, if they ask you about me, tell them I am close to them, then they should turn to Me alone. Ask me alone. So there is no such thing known no manipulation in the religion of Islam. So we don't need to go through anybody we go

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direct dialogue to the Creator, right? We don't need to put nobody in the middle. Some people think that the Imam of the masjid for example, he's like someone that you have to confess to Yeah, this is just somebody that is leading the troops. It is the responsibility of every single individual to turn to the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone. So now we mentioned few more points. Before we cut out so much to cover it is such a important topic. so little time, we want to hit a couple more points. Someone says because we know that a law, the Creator of the heavens and earth is the Most Merciful, the most loving. So the person says, You know, I love the law in my heart, Allah

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loves me. I just don't have time for the prayer. I don't have time to do a lot of these things that he told me to do. What do we got to say she, if a person is truthful in saying that he loves Allah, and he loves the most merciful, then he would obey.

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And this is the sign of the love. And a Lost Planet. Allah says that in the Quran, contento. Allah,

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Allah say that if you love Allah, which everybody claims that then follow me, meaning follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah would love you. So anybody can claim anything. If I come to you, and I tell you, you know,

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I love you for the sake of Allah. And I want to do that. And so when I do that, but then I go behind your back and do exactly the opposite of what you want I played against you, is that a true words that comes from my mouth? No, of course, nobody can play against the Las panatela meaning can hurt a las panatela. The same thing if a person says I love Allah, that means prove it, prove it with your own actions that God gave you hands and eyes and, and body for what reason, so that you prove with this body that you really truly love the Creator of the heavens and earth, by doing what he did not order us to kill ourselves, to give up all of our wealth, to suffer, he just ordered us that

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returned to Him alone, in all of our needs, that he prescribed certain times for us to have this for us, not for him for our own benefit. He doesn't he doesn't need any he does not benefit from our prayers. If the whole humanity they're all together and they pray all day and all night, they would never increase anything of the of the treasures of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It is the human beings, the one that benefits himself benefits himself in his worldly life, that people will have a better conscious that God would help them in this life. And which is the reason why we worship our last panel data and we make the selection for the hereafter for to fulfill the purpose

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of our creation, and that is to worship the Creator of the heavens on Earth. So this is the sign. And it's the mercy of Allah that it's not 50 prayers a day, in which this was the original order one. Last panatela meet the prophet SAW Selim ascends to the heavens, so only five, yeah, five and actions. And this is signs of mercy. It says in a different way, five, inaction and 50 and rewards, you do the five prayers, as if you prayed 50 prayers during the day and imagine that we have 50 prayers that we have to do. You go to solitude, after you finished, you know, you're about to leave home, or that's the next prayer is coming here. So I do the next day and so on, that means people

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won't be able to eat or drink. Yeah, it's the mercy of Allah that it's only five prayers a day. And this is something that throughout the day, I mean, there's so much wisdom behind this, we do it because the creator told us to do it. But if you think about it, it just being connected with your Creator five times minimum a day, and this is just bringing you closer to him, isn't it? Once you drift away, it's time for you to come back. Yeah, because this is the whole purpose of your life. Everything that you do between the prayers, it's only a mean, it's not the goal. The goal of our existence on the face of Earth is to worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth when people

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make the acts of worship one day a week. And then the whole week, they're just following their desires. They don't remember the Creator of the heavens and earth, when he's the one that provides for them. The health and the heart is beating by his power and the food and the drink, and they don't remember him. But when a person is doing the five daily prayers, establish them in the most perfect way. Once you start drifting away, it's time to put all of this aside and turn to the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone that she makes for Jude, then you prostrate to Him alone, and you make dua and supplications, and praising them and praising him and so on and so forth. And

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then you take this with you to the next frame, as the help for you to be able to face the world was such a heart that turned and submitted to the Creator of the heavens and earth. There's someone out there who's probably because we will get some emails from some people and they feel guilty. They might have done some things they

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We're not supposed to do and now they really feel the effects of the sin. And we're talking about how Allah the Almighty is so merciful. Give that person some advice on how they can be a part of that mercy and away from the center. The advice is know for sure that there are enemies to you, and one of which is trades on the devil. And he's the one that wants you to stay in the state of sin. Allah, the Most Merciful, he calls you to repent to him alone. And there's a beautiful verse in the Quran that says, Kalia Eva da Latina, as Raphael and force him let Mattila in the loyal fields in Virginia, that say, all my slaves, slaves of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah is calling them, those who

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transgressed upon themselves committed sins, do not give up on the mercy of Allah. This is a sin in the religion of Islam. If you give up on the mercy of Allah, if you say that God would never have mercy on me, I am a sinner, I'm a distant death, he would never have mercy on me, this is a sin in itself. And he said, turn to Him alone and ask him for forgiveness. He forgives all sins, see how easy there is, the life of the human being is past, present future. And for those who had so much evil in the past, no matter how long that past is, the matter how close the death is, once you return to the Creator of the heavens and the earth sincerely, you regret your sin, you have the

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strong intention that you won't do it again, and he quit the sin, all of that past, even if its whole life. It's already fixed. Simple as that immediately. And then the present and the future, the future we do not have control over our present is that we submit ourselves to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, we fear Him, we're obedient to Him. And that will take us to the future also, till the moment of death comes when the person is in that state. That's why the main job of the human being on the face of earth to be always instead of return to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and that is repentance, sincere repentance to him. So we're going to be making mistakes.

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Just keep if you make a mistake, keep going back follow it up with a good deed. Right? Okay. Never leave the repentance no matter what the person do. Thank you very much shake. We're out of time. Thank you for being with us discipline, how to milk the almighty rewards you would do for Tito Amin. Thank you. And thank you for sitting tight to another episode of the D show. You heard it here. That a law the Creator of the heavens and earth is the most loving, the Most Merciful. He loves you. But do you love him? That's the question. If you love him, you're going to do what he wants you to do. You're not going to follow your lusts and desires. If you made a mistake, turn to the Most Merciful

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and ask for forgiveness. And then strive to be the best human being that you can be. How by obeying Him and His last and final messenger. Just like Jesus was a messenger just like Moses was messenger. Just like Abraham was a messenger. They were all teachers teaching us how to get close to our create tour is you can't just make it up on your own. Make up your own organized religion. No, follow the way of life that the Creator is ordained for you. And that's submission and surrender to Him, worshipping Him alone on his terms. And we hope to see you again next time here on the deen show. Until then, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. The DVDs for Dawa as Allah has said in the Quran in

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surah now 16 125 Voodoo Illa severely applicable hypnotic invite all the way of your Lord with wisdom beautiful preaching and reason with them in ways that are best and this is a great opportunity for you to take up the obligation take up the call as Allah has told you to do and share this beautiful message with the world Islam submission to the One God see what everyone's talking about. You find one contradiction it can't be from God

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but the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God I will never give up spending this hope that you take the necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow

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you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of this line you cannot be a Muslim is attended our faith to

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eights cone eights lay everybody sleep

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arise and ask a lot of thinking me Oh lol You see. Oh no. All the sins I do a turn to you to begin cinema.

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Yo mama

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runs away. Ola guide me