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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of creating the universal will of Allah Subhana wa taala, which is the will of Allah to Allah. The process involves writing the universal will of Allah to be the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his the will of his
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So now how do we make the transition between the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah and the writing of the knowledge of the laws and then the creation of Allah subhanaw taala the scholars they divide this entire process into four levels. First you have an L which is the all encompassing knowledge of Allah subhana wa tada and we already established this before we even talked about creation, that last Python knows everything and it is knowledge is not limited by dimensions is not his knowledge is not limited by places knowledge is not limited by time, right? It's established in ayatul kursi, which we've already spoken about. And in so many other places that will law will be monitoring

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maluna Aleem will LaHood be Felicia in Harlem, Allah knows everything that you're doing. Allah knows everything that takes place, Nothing escapes his knowledge upon which Allah then Allah subhanho wa Taala has caused it to be written down. So we go from an lm to L keytab. The writing of Allah subhanho to Allah. And that writing takes place in a low fodmap foods. And it's already been written so a local food is not a book where there's perpetual writing, rather, it's already been written. And the last panel tells us in certain Hadid, which is the same sort of wear last pants, it talks about his knowledge, encompassing everything to what goes into the earth and what comes out of the

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earth. Allah says masaba men mostly butts in fill out of the way lathi and fusi come in Laffy, Kitab in public and Nebraska, in Nevada at a law he has said that no evil befalls you on this earth or within your own cells, except it is in the writing that we have already written before we even brought it into existence. So before it was even brought into existence, it was already written down. Then you have the third principle or the third level which is Allah mushiya, the will of Allah subhanho to Allah because as we said, you know, there this, this creator that exists beyond the confines of creation, has to have willed the creation to start in the first place. And Alas,

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pantiles will is of two types is divided within two levels, you have what's known as an Iranian konia which is the universal will of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So it includes everything you know, that is good, everything that is evil, and I use evil within quotation marks obviously, because evil is relative. So everything that is good, everything that's bad, everything is included within this universal will of Allah subhana wa tada in essence, you know, it will konia the universal will of Allah is everything Allah allows to happen. Okay, then you have the second level, which is a smaller circle. So if you drew a circle, saying the universal will have a loss in either

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konia you draw another circle within that circle, and that's called an era the shadow area, which is the legislative will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In essence, it's what Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us to do. So it includes prayer, it includes fasting Hajj, Zakah. It includes, you know, obedience to the parents, that includes goodness to your neighbors, everything that Allah subhanaw taala commands, everything that Allah Subhana Allah tells us to do, everything that's deemed good and praiseworthy falls within this category of Allah erode the Sharia. And this is very interesting because a lot tells us in the Quran, what Allahu Allah you have one facade, for example, a lot

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doesn't love corruption, a lot doesn't love disobedience, a lot doesn't love. disbelief a lot doesn't love evil, but Allah subhanho to Allah still allow some things to persist outside of his legislation, for the greater good for something that we cannot understand and we cannot comprehend. So everything that happens within this, this, the circle of inaudible konia, of the universe will of Allah subhanaw taala has meaning to it has benefit to it, has reason to it, and often right we tend to make a judgment on the picture or judge the picture by the pixel, you know, we see very limited things and we say, Well, why does the law let this happen? Why does Allah let that happen? Today,

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Allah subhanho to add his decision, that his will and Allah knows why he allowed it to happen and everything that would have happened had he not allowed it to happen and so on so forth. So his will is all encompassing. However, there's a difference between what Allah tells you to do and what Allah allows to happen for the greater good and what falls into the greater picture. And then finally, you have a Hulk the creation so you have an alien will keytab knowledge writing machine, the will of Allah subhanaw taala and then that manifests itself in the creation and a lot tells us in the Quran, that everything to Allah subhanho wa Taala is Hadean is is is effortless. When a law creates, it's

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effortless. You know the word Hadean is different from the word set, which means easy because to Allah there is no easy or easier it's not easier for Allah subhana wa tada to create you learn to create the entire heavens in the earth and the entire earth because to Allah subhanho wa Taala all of it requires absolutely no efforts Allah says either called wa Amman that in them a quote hula hoop

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can play a chord. When a lot decides something when he decreased something, he simply says to it be and it is. So I'm gonna have a little coffee well known as the scholar say, his command, his creation is between the letter calf and noon. And ironically calf and noon are two letters and B, B and E are also two letters. But what's amazing about that, as well as that they're not say the scholars say that notice that Allah says to it's B and it is meaning it already was, it already exists. But Allah subhanaw taala when he says Be, it comes into manifestation. So it just becomes manifest, but it's already there, simply by Allah subhanho wa Taala decreeing gets, and so we go

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through these pillars again and again, while keytab will mushiya will Hulk the all encompassing knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah, the writing of that knowledge, the will of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, which includes his universal and his legislative will, and then finally the creation when it comes into manifest.

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