The Beginning And The End – EP 02

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You know, the very first way that a lost parent I actually describes us in the end is Elif, Lamine Valley Kalki tavolara, Buffy hood and lil McLean. alladhina Yamuna live. Las pantallas describes the believers as people that believe in the unseen. So right away, I lost contact does away with this notion that if you don't see it, then you can't believe it's a loss of Hannah hautala is basically telling us as human beings that we come to a place in our faith, where we recognize that we are simply incapable we're utterly incapable of understanding everything around us. And so once we've come to this conclusion that a loss of hope to the creator and the one who sees all things in the

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one who's created all things is the one who's informing us about the reality of things, then we come to a satisfaction. And you know, this is really the essence of kibito the essence of pride, as the Prophet slicin them, you know, in the very famous Hadith when he says that, no, one of you would enter Paradise even with an atom's worth of pride in his heart. The companions were concerned with that with that statement, because they thought to themselves well, pride could mean many things. So they said O Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does that mean? You know, if a person likes to dress nicely, or a person likes to have nice shoes, does that mean that they have Kibera

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that they have pride? And the prophets license said no, he said el kebir. Pride is home to NASS Baba total hack is to degrade people to judge people, or to deny legislation. And in essence, what Kabbalah comes from what COVID comes from is this idea of making ourselves bigger. So when we say Allahu Akbar, we say Allah is greater than absolutely anything else. When we have Kibet, we think that we're greater than we actually are. And so we overestimate ourselves. And when we overestimate ourselves, we naturally underestimate a loss of Hannah Montana, and that's the crime on the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Mercado de la Hakata re that they did not give a law, his do

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estimation and the amount of volume or you know, like comments on that Hadith from the messenger slice on him. And he says that the reason why those two things would guarantee a person Hellfire is because those are two rights that solely belong to a loss of 100 Allah being legislation and judgment. So when you place yourself in a position of denying legislation, you are making yourself a god. And when you place yourself in a position of judging someone else based on the law based on what's apparent of them, you're also placing yourself in a position of God. And so, at that point, you have developed a sense of pride where you have made yourself greater than you actually are. And

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we'll record a study called the Allahu taala and who he when he wrote his letter to, to kiss Allah, the emperor of Persia. He said to him something you know that's that's pretty interesting. He said, when you look at it's a capital Allah He said, you know, Woe to you. Are you expressing pride with Allah Wakata rostami Maharaja belly but what Mandala thing when you came out of Mahajan abode when you came out of the place of urine twice in essence, who do you think you are? What were you created from? Allah subhana wa tada tells us tells us this and the poor and Allah subhana wa tada says, gluteal insulinoma Allah May men be destroyed what was he created from in the first place? How

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ungrateful is he? mean ha and Hanukkah what was he created from Min naupaka he was created from a dirty drop a fluid hot alcohol for Pandora. Allah created him when he wilt and Allah subhana wa tada proportion Tim the way that he will write so you had no say in your creation, you had no say in the way that you were created, and a loss of Hannah hoods out of the mess. abelia Sala, he made the path easy for you. And even Ambassador the law I know he says that this can be understood in both the physical and the spiritual sense physically, he made it easy for you he facilitated your entrance into this world so he facilitated your way into this world through the labor and and spiritually he

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guided you to the straight path once he brought you into this world from a matter hufa Kabbalah when Allah wills a loss apparently takes him away. And a lot puts him back into darkness again. So he goes from the darkness of his mother's womb, to the darkness of this earth. In essence, you have no power over yourself, who do you think you are? A law even takes us earlier than that. Allah says hello to Alan in sunny shaylen Marina Del are held in sunny hainault Marina Del has men not come across a time let me echo and shaylen with Cora when he was nothing to even be recognized. Before you even that drop of fluid. Where were you? Who were you? And so this idea that we can understand

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everything around us. And if we can't see it, and we can't grasp it with our own human capabilities, then it clearly doesn't exist. And it doesn't make sense. And I remember once being at the at the San Diego Zoo with my family. And I'm that type of person that will actually stop and listen to what the zoo keepers are saying about the animals because I find it quite fascinating. And so how do I remember the last time that I was at the zoo? I was I was listening to the zookeeper saying that the eagle the bald eagle actually has four times the vision of a human being right a human being not any human being a human being with perfect eyesight. And she said that if you were to hang a newspaper

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on a field goalpost three football fields away the East

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could actually read the fine print on that paper, a great white shark can can detect a drop of blood in 25 gallons of water. Right? They can smell it from three miles away, an elephant can smell water from three miles away. a hummingbird could beat their wings up to 80 times per second that to us is humanly impossible. How could a hummingbird do such a thing, a fleet could jump 200 times its height, which is equivalent to a man jumping over the Empire State Building. a cheetah could go from zero to 60 miles per hour and three seconds, a giraffe can stand within half an hour of its birth. So all of these things essentially show us that we are not as superior of a creation as we think we

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are. And the mountains of Anatolia, Rahim Allah had a beautiful reflection on that. So if you're under 30, he said, the only thing that we actually Surpass everything around us in is our ability to properly prostrate our ability to do salute to Allah subhanaw taala to put every part of our body in such the to last Pattaya and prostration. Because that's why Allah created us. That's the purpose he gave to us. And that's what we are superior to the creation around us in doing. So we are limited in our own creation. And obviously, you know, the things around us are far more vast than than we can possibly grasp. You know, you'll hear scientists constantly saying, you know, that there are now

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this many billion stars that we are sure exists and this many billion stars. And so, at this point, now scientists have come to the conclusion that there are over 300 billion stars in our galaxy, and perhaps over a trillion planets in our galaxy alone. Right. And then you talk about the the galaxies that exist outside of our galaxies, and the planets and the things that that are flying around outside of outer space where we can even see. And scientists say that the that the, the chance of two galaxies colliding, that's outside of what we can see the chance of two galaxies colliding where there are over 100 billion of them, is the same possibility as a fly from Paris and a fly from DC

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colliding. So what you should ask next is what how vast is that space that contains those 100 billion galaxies that we think exists and we can't even see. And somehow when you look at the Big Bang Theory, and how this all came together, scientists will happily admit that if things were even 1,000,000,000,000th of a second off, none of this happens. None of this around us happens, in fact, not a single star forms. And so when you look at the creation around us how vast it is, you know, who could be doing all of this except for a creator, except for a loss of Hannah Montana? And how could we exist when scientifically There are over 200 known parameters that are necessary necessary

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for a planet to support life, and every single one of them has to be perfectly met? So how could we possibly exist, had it not been for a creator, that put us here. And so I saw this article, you know, floating around recently that that science is increasingly actually making the case for a designer for God. And dr. john Lennox, from Oxford, he said that the more we get to know about our universe, the more the hypothesis that there is, a creator gains credibility as the best explanation of why we are here. And so it has to be something the Creator has to be something that is outside of our concept of time, because obviously, time is created in time, you know, there has to be a cause

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and effect and creation has to be created and so on so forth. It has to go back to something that is completely free of our notions of time that is completely free of our notions of cause and effect. That is completely self existence. And that has a will in order to will the creation to begin in the first place. And that's a loss of Hannah Horton.