Murtaza Khan – Vices Series – Ep. 19 – Arrogance

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of jealousy, hesitation, disclaimers, and pride. They stress the importance of one's gender and the use of dressing as a symbol of pride and arrogance. The transcript uses examples of parables and negative language to illustrate how individuals try to convince others to stay in a state of secrecy. The segment also touches on the image of the beast Yama and its impact on individuals, including those who are arrogant and fall in frustration.
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our theme of remaining with jealousy and hazard. We find this feeling inside the heart of the individual or before the individual

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in the mind or in the heart of beliefs. That jealousy then began to lead

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to fulfill what existed inside the heart of the individual to become arrogant about stockbroker nominal Catherine. He refused to prostrate and he became amongst those individuals a haughty and proud and when Allah Subhana Allah asked him, Monica understood Allah Mahalo to be a day. What prohibited you? What prevented you from frustrating from that which I created my own two hands.

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Step a step but I'm contaminated in an arrogant individual, or believe that you're some lofty supreme individual. And then he gave his mom take his logic, his response, color and a higher woman who had Dr. Nieman Noreen work on octoman pain. I'm better than him. You created me from fire, and you created him from clay from mud. So he presented his logic. This is the reason why I'm better than him. But the essence of that logic was within his heart was jealousy. That How can Allah Subhana Allah create something superior to me? something better than me? one who's going to serve Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that arrogance, as early Meb described, is the way of shape one

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of our beliefs. Any form of arrogance a person delivers or disseminates or speaks about us Lumina shape I mean a beliefs the essence of it is from shape and form a belief that's relevant mentioned el kebir. Hakuna arrogance is fuel of the hellfire. That's what it is. And as we find in today's Hadith, whereby the Prophet Alayhi Salaam he warned and told us to stay away from law yet Hello Jana Montana Falvey, Miss kalu the rotten, middle kibber now your total agenda. That person will not enter into paradise. Whoever has an atom's Wait

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a seeds Wait a grain, an atom of timber inside the heart. Now your gender that individual would have entered the paradise Colorado in a radula you have blue in your corner thermo Hasson and when Andrew has an attend, a man asked a question. Indeed a person likes to dress with good clothing. Wear good shoes to dress well.

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The prophet Elijah Assam said al kibou Botterill Huck, welcome to ness. arrogance is to reject the truth

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and to look down upon people. That's the real meaning of arrogance. Even though you're going to touch upon the arrogance can be involved in a type of clothing that person can wear or they can present themselves in Overland layer total gender, that person will not enter into paradise.

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It lockean totally at no moment in time will that person enter into paradise? Oh, you have here an agenda or that person will be delayed from Jenna some moment later on inside their life to be entity agenda or there will be some form of punishment for a Jihad whatever view that a person may take. It shows you something severe that a person could be delayed from gender person would be prevented from gender. And as a side point whenever we find such prophetic traditions now yet Hello, Jenna, Allah human person doesn't believe or doesn't enter into gender. Now to talk because I

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don't implement it upon any individual laser meaning Our aim is not for the masses of people to read a hadith and to go around and say to an individual, because you did this and tell us that mean Allah Jenna, you're not amongst the people of gender. That's not the intent of these Hadith that are warm the masses of the average people begin to have a reading of Hadith and they begin to apply it upon Muslim subjects around them. person should be wary about that. No matter how harsh the wording is. Now your min. Now your true gender or lesser be meaning that person is not a believer or that person is a first order persons rebellious individual now to talk because he had never implemented upon any

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individual. There is only the house certain nurse specific

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To look at certain scenarios, look at certain environment to judge and to come to a conclusion. As this becomes folder this becomes what we find anarchy inside our society that people go around labeling individuals, accusing individuals or saying this person doesn't enter into paradise or this person isn't amongst the people of Paradise lay silica you shun them and yet

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you have no right to choose and to select who goes into paradise. And who goes into the Hellfire had a shot Nola, he Subhana Allah wa sallahu this is only for Allah Subhana Allah. All that we extract from these are yet inside the Quran speaking about believers. Speaking about in these a hadith is a person should be fearful, should be worried, should be upset that if I have these traits inside my life, or inside my practice, then I could prevent myself from getting into paradise, or could be delayed for going into paradise, or may even be punished. But Allah subhanho wa Taala man, can we call me Miss Carlota rotten caver? Whoever has an atom's weight of arrogance inside their heart.

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But the real matter is, most of us may Allah forbid, have beyond an atom's weight of arrogance. The Hadeeth mentioned even a person has an atom's weight of arrogance. We're not going to paradise, but most of us have we study us in great detail his study environment have far beyond that. Then Edita continues. Colorado in Colorado. Hey boo and akuna sobu has an in person likes to dress well. When Lou has Sen likes to wear good shoes, but that's not what arrogance is, is to reject the truth and to despise a look down upon other individuals. In general dressing well is praised in Allah. Jamil on your Hippo Jamal, as I mentioned, Sir, this Hadith, Allah is beautiful and likes beauty likes

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people to show their beauty, the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah. However, once again, we find it ahaadeeth ordinary as a severe warning, anything that goes beyond the bounds goes beyond the limitations to stay the who becomes the opposite. Whenever you go to extremes anything which is even hollered, you go beyond the extremity go beyond the limit, it becomes haram for a person. So clothing that we find.

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For some people, it becomes a symbol of arrogance.

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And as you find the Prophet Alayhi Salam he wound, he mentioned la yongala Yama, Yama elimine Jarrah, so boo hoo Yella Oberon had eaten such a Buhari. Allah will not look at the individual who drags his government out of arrogance. And he had great discussion begins to take place amongst folk of Allah.

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What does it mean? Whoever drags the government out of arrogance. We can see how certain individuals even inside the Koran, he used to make a pump and a charade about their wealth and their property. That's really the end of sort of us as the 28th Chapter The Quran about Corona in Corona, Corona amongst the family of Mustafa Ali him and he began to be transgressed against him. We did the series or MMC duties do Ruhlman for about he begins to depict how qarun was in his entourage, in his wealth, in his clothing, in his garments. Allah dimensioned for herself, maybe he will be dirty he'll earn for herself snappy, we caused him to drown to sink into the earth. In a hadith he find a

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person came out strutting in their pride, with a government trailing behind them as a as a show of arrogance of pride. Just like today you find mulu even today that you find the queen and people in authority to have a long government. It's a sign of power, a sign of pride. In a hadith mentioned this individual will begin to sink down into the earth. Some people say this is referring to the lower government of the Muslim

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and they say this is only if a person does it out of arrogance, but folk have discussed

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it in a normal practice if it goes beyond below the ankle a person can be punished for that. Man As for kabini for whorfin. Whatever is below the law, the law of government whichever is below the ankles. forefinger is inside the Hellfire woman for Allah Who, who Allah and obey bufferin whoever does the other arrogance for other boo Arshad. His punishment is going to be even more severe. Well, I can we don't want to enter it but Anakin acculturative

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Who should not be a salatu salam. This is the Sunnah and the practice of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, it may become arrogant when a person rejects it, and makes comments about people who can keep the government above the ankles. That becomes arrogance. When a person says, Look at this dress, why they dress like this? Why do they keep their garments like this? Yeah, yeah.

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We keep our garments like this. The enter the LA salatu salam, because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, throughout his life, he kept his garment above his ankles. And that's sufficient for a believer nakina leconfield rasulillah he was certain hacer una de mantener la jolla when Yamanaka was the Corolla kathira it's also to the hazard for you to emulate, to copy the Prophet Allah is not to submit the best thing, basically individuals do inside their life. Right. As we mentioned, this becomes arrogance. When people begin to give a rebuttal, begin to pose questions, begin to use their own month dig down logic about the student of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And likewise, you

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find that many of the Shabaab young individuals or even people who wealth you find that clothing becomes the identity. For some of us that may sound strange. How can governments and labels become a deity for the individual? The Prophet Allah Islam he prophesized or he mentioned, or he forewarned that he set up to dinner, what I set up to date him. wretched is the one who worships that dinner who worships that did him. Most of us can relate to that one who worships the pound or the dollar. who worship wealth and property. Richard is that individual, but ahaadeeth isn't stopped in Teresa camisa what Teresa Abdulhamid was commissioned no Amina Tomasz.

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camisa is a type of clothing while Camilla is a type of clothes that velvet fine clothing.

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The Prophet Sam is saying wretched are those individuals put it in the 21st century. People need to dress in certain garments.

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People need to wear certain labels, certain labels you should be willing to show society that look at me that I have wealth of property. There's so many Shabaab they look at these individuals. They look at these icons they want to dress like them. Well,

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sometimes it doesn't make sense. A person said that I'm saving up money to buy a new pair of shoes

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and up of shoes. In today's day you have a pair of craps or whatever it may be. How much you saving up

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600 pounds

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600 pounds, saving up for a pair of shoes. Who for what purpose? To show the world to show people that look at the way I dress. Look at my garments. Look at my gold. Look at my diamonds. Look at my dress sense. Look at look at me. Why? To show off for pride, arrogance. And then whoever doesn't match that standard, whoever doesn't dress in that banner, then that must be something wrong with that individual. And as we mentioned dressing good is it haram but when it leads to this mentality of excessiveness, of being arrogant or being proud, looking down upon individuals, it can become something which is forbidden as remain mobile. I'll kibber bottle rock bottom tunez arrogance is to

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reject the truth and to despise and to look down upon people. Pride is a reflection of excessive admiration. That's what arrogance is self praise, self admiration.

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As we mentioned many times there are many abroad many sicknesses of the heart that some of us we don't focus upon, we just focus on external sicknesses. But as many as mentioned a book came out to say that some of these sicknesses when they enter into the heart,

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they corrupt the individual

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more so than external sins that a person could carry out, ever inside their life. We find contempt of others, looking down upon other individuals a feeling of superiority and a Hiraman Who am better than this individual. All this severe warning that we find reasons for this.

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Our will and worldly status and success are called no acceptable and when we're done, we're national, be more at the been

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there make the statement we have more wealth, we have more power, so we're not going to be punished. Allah mentioned Saudis Sudanese ayah says not your wealth and your power that will evade you. Because this is a psyche of some people. They think the more wealth I possess, the more tribal lineage. The more my followers the more the people I have the more authentic

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Triphala become the most arrogant I become, the more the subjects around me. I can persecute them, I can oppress them, I could command them, I can control them. And if anybody raised a question against me, then I turn away from them. I should I show my superiority, my mic my power upon these individuals, we find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, sitting with his companions in a hadith narrated by someone who mentioned a person walk past fine clothing, good dress sense. He said Mother Taku. He has a Roger. The Prophet said what do you say about this individual said that he's the best amongst us. This person if he was to ask a woman hand in in marriage, it will be granted to him. If

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he used to intercede for someone intercession will be accepted. If you wish to speak to people turn and look at him.

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Then he remains silent. Another man walked past not dressed to we're not looking too well. For amongst the for Cora. He said Mother Taku thiagarajan. He said what do you say about this individual? Is that this individual? If he was to ask for a woman's hand in hand in marriage, he will not be given it. If he's to intercede, no one will intercede for him. If he used to speak no one will listen to him. And how do you feel Buhari for a quarter of Sudan a selector salon, that this individual is better than that first individual. Even the individual happened to be full of the earth of such individuals. It f was full of such individuals. This one individual Fortier is far

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more superior and better individually that everyone looks towards or begins to praise the individual. This the Quran is full of

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Quran is full of parables. Similar to that we should study the similar tude inside the Quran. The Quran how widely accepted axemen cemani unselfish karanka monocular Erica Mojo Xia inside these works is more than approximately 80 and found inside the foreign Rockies who focus upon the parables inside the Quran to see the message of the Quran. To see the example that the Koran is trying to lay out first to extract the benefit benefits. What grip loom massage Delaney janelia had imagine a tiny minute

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give them the example of two individuals, one of these individuals with given a garden or two gardens. in that garden there is

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there is grapes and wine yards been given this individual will have no Homer b nutlin. We surrounded it with date palm trees, lush trees, this God will give it to us individually when you're under the nomads era. And we placed between these two gardens, vegetation and produce till eventually come to the verse for colony sahibi and through Minka Mellon, where as una Farah, he said to his companion, his friend, he said, Look at me, look at what I have began to boast. Look at my wealth, look at my property. Whereas you know, for my family members, my tribe, my clan, my power, my might look at me look as strong and powerful I am. Then he went further.

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He said that what does that agenda to? Molina see when he entered into his garden

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and he was oppressing himself. He said call him and Tabitha had he.

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He said I don't think ever this will ever be destroyed. Look at his pride. He entered into his guns that I'm never miss will never destroy, read this is inside sootel calf, the 18 suit of the Quran 110 verses, see her the surah are bad to fit and inside the surah they have forfeited for trials and temptations. Study the sutra in great detail. You see, the old man said that a wealth fitness position you find inside the study the suit in great detail and it shows the end of this individual. He thinks it will not be destroyed. Nothing will take it away from him. And thus you find that Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah protect all of us. In the beginning of the day a person is a rich

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individual. At the end of the night a person becomes a pauper becomes a poor individual has lost everything. And a person that night has nothing to their name, but in the morning they become full of riches sooner or soon have Allah subhanaw taala he can do whatever he wants. And a lot of time just taken away riches from people because of the arrogance they pump and they parading and the arrogance, the second type of arrogance that we find because maybe some of us don't have that wealth, or have that property. It's quite sad to mention this, but religious arrogance. This is what many of us are suffering from at the moment. that some of us we find the deen of Allah Subhana

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Allah, but the him but the Yama lay some time

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Day and night. Yeah as he can lead us astray. Continued Reman. contao Seon use a disbelieving individual, use a criminal, use a disobedient individual, you can make it all type of things, and a day and a night.

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As you look down at other people, you blame other people. You squander other people, you really cut other people, all in a disguise of what religious identity only discard the religious identity, Rockies who are in focus upon really what really is in America Rama to lay him down Hydra

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a member of delta hegira wonderful imams of the school of thoughts. We find that his mother

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is Oh, before that we find for that story find that he a young boy came to him because Mr. Maliki took the view that you don't have to pay to recur of prayer when you enter into the masjid. You know many of us we're just we're just brain brainwashed. When it comes to fit, we just think that one view is the truth. Woman you will have the right for one loan. Whoever goes against that view He must be misguided. He must be a stray. This what many of us have been brainwashed tuned to do. How do you build up to this a lack of knowledge? A lack of understanding of the shery of Allah Subhana Allah mmm hmm Darrell Hydra konnyaku Cole and Elisa big. He took the view it's not word you have to

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pray to record a prayer when you enter into the machine, even though he's mentioned that Angeles don't sit down until you offered two units of prayer. It was the Hadith states but he never took that view. There is obligatory for the * of it mustard. masala wirkkala Rajan, aka O'Connor, who Tiffany Cheb a young boy said to him,

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was Sally rotten, said a young boy said him stand up and pray two units of prayer in my Malik makalah, who don't you know who I am? Don't you know who I am? I'm Mr. Malik. I'm a member of why don't you speak to me now in that manner that tone or told me to read two units of prayer. When some of these students asked him the view that you don't believe in issue. Why did you do that? He said because this verse came into my mind why the appeal Mr. Carew. Tyrone, what came into my mind is when they're told to prostrate, they don't prostrate. That's what came to my mind. It didn't come to my mind that this is a young individual, a young individual who's who's maybe rebuking me or who's

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reminding me why Malik omo color who MC in our ob are ready. Go to the beat I mean, oh, Allah money Mr. Malik, Rama de la la. What are the men who may either be a blood in me he, his mother said to him go to the beat and learn from his adverb. Learn from his etiquettes before you learn from his knowledge. That's what his mother said to him. Go to Robbie, Robbie and learn from each other. What can you tell me the Imam Malik Sahaba who is actually in Santa, one of the students that Malik he remained with him for 20 years. He in Santa Ana alum to me No. Santa Coloma ima Malik. tandem to Hillel Sana. He said whatever Mr. Malik knew of his knowledge I learned in one year.

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I learned in one year so they said Why did you remain for 20 years with Mr. Malik? He said the rest of the 19 years I have too many in me with a dog Minho?

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That's what I took from him the rest of the 19 years.

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Rocky Zoo 19 years that's what many of us boast about I've got knowledge. Understand this. What am I don't understand people don't understand he doesn't understand that he doesn't know he doesn't know he's a stray he doesn't understand. That's what most of us boast about.

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He's going in one year he didn't boast he spent 19 years learning at a learning etiquette learning find character find behavior, how Mr. Malik would deal with people how would speak with people mm Shafi Khan and Mr. Malik are no najem mean no Doom has it all made amongst the stars of this oma while I'm sharing the mechanic you know, you should nurse him I'm sure if you need to argue with people or debate with people. What was his logic? What was your mindset? He said, I'd enter into debate thinking the other person was right. I never entered the debate to look down another person to belittle the person to make that person look silly. That wasn't my intent. Many times I'd walk

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away thinking that person in the walk that person has the truth or toward a toward an enemy. You find humility inside knowledge that is indicated today we find it trivial. We find it something light and something easy for us to go around. And doing this because many of us are so distant from the language of the Quran, one or two cerca de Cali

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while attempting to fill out the marhaba in Nala kilometer in for her while at the site in her de Cali ness surah Luke Amanda 31st Chapter The Quran read these I had read the Surah Surah read the holy surah

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what caused it and that is speak about look man advising his son

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when it comes to what to say leanness Don't raise your cheek

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to people when you go past them was sad katene No, no diseases and a sickness that enters into how certain are able that enters into the neck of the camel. So that's the camel is not able to turn its neck has it ishara the cable is a sign of arrogance.

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So the Quran is saying one or two sided. Don't turn it don't give arrogance.

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You know, some people love them and you sell them Alec when people give you sullen ly angry, like, they'll look at you. This is arrogance. This is arrogance that gives an anti pattern and keyboard warrior as soon as you can you suddenly munez you had the bonus you can get to be watching and i watch. When you speak to people enter the face, meet them face to face, greet them never turned away from them. never looked away from them, whoever the individual was. But we find our own mindset, our own world, our own bubble world that we exist in that this is some form of authenticity. This is nothing but pride by arrogance that we find amongst some of us unfortunate individuals. And we find

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a third type of arrogance.

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arrogance of tyrants

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you know some people they think oh, you know, we shouldn't speak about the world that would exist inside the world. You know, we're living in in a strange world.

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In a world that we're living at, we find that tyrannical rule is all around us. So who

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I've mentioned, you mentioned the essence of it is altivar is arrogance. It's arrogance. So some people find arrogance is something trivial look where it needs to look at a plan that the loot the hardship, your Sharon, Buta, kabiru, Yama, Yama, and salad. A very few Super Regional young woman could be McKenna honey mustard, Mr. Mohammed, the day Jasmine, these arrogant individual to come back small ants with a body of human beings. And everyone would trample over these individuals.

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That's what we find arrogance that we're surrounded by. You know, we don't need to delve deep into politics. But what do we find? A person just sends out a tweet is sent to the gallows. A person right? Something is in prison. A person says something he's done this done to this individual. A person makes this statement and this is not an individual. We shouldn't shy away from it. It's a fact. We have some crazy lunatics amongst us who full of arrogance, and be led to some people say or don't show what's going on in the country, this individual. May Allah give this the Jew right to this individual? Couple after Allah dunya on this dunya this individual who wants people to

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prostrate in front of him. And then he poses question to them under a bukem Where's your Lord? Where is the deity that you worship? This is the type of interviews that we face that gibberd has entered to the heart and their mind want people to prostrate to them shot boom, oma to whom they own people their own nation, the model Beloved, destroyed the land of some look at Sham today. Look at his land a blessed land who destroyed that learn on what basis what foundation arrogance. That's what it is father upon father arrogance is anyone who speaks about us, asks about us, new dumber whom we will destroy them in totality. rakija has in Quran remedies inside the Quran for the Hulu abueva Johanna

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Holly Deena fear for a bit semafo Mota. kabiri is a pseudo name that we find enter into the doors of Johanna Johanna means for those individuals who are arrogant individuals for Yama to dishonor other but hooni bml Quantum desktop version of RDB hiral Hawk This is your evil punishment because you walk out on the face of the earth in a state of arrogance upon this earth. In no lie you hit bull moose duck berrien I'm not this enough arrogant individuals. And that is unlike most duck very arrogant individuals. young widow of Yama, Yama, Allah with grace on the day Jasmine, only the heavens and the earth. Anil Malik aina moluccas earth and the king were the things of this earth

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Wolfie to whiten okra, Al mata jabiru dynamotor kabiru were the arrogant individuals today. We are these proud individuals today. Lemon in McComb

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kahar we only reason we mentioned is to awaken us

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To recognize the plight, because we find the Muslim isn't a toxic individual. Is it a soft individual? Is it a weak destitute individual? Whoever sees even speaks about the other culture he speaks about it highlights it to people this is evil. This is monka. On Soraka in Canada limit omas lumen aid your brother, whether he's the oppressor of the oppressed one, we know when he's the oppressed one what to do, and the volume what bad oppressor? Should we What does it say? Should we stay silent? remain quiet, don't delve into this. It says stop the oppressor from his oppression. Stop the oppressive oppression remind him warn him let him know that this is nothing but oppression

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what this individual is doing. We could see that we find as narrated by the prophet alayhi salatu salam for the loss of Hannah to Allah Al Kibriya. reader he will our motto is, you find that indeed pride is my outer cloak and arrogance or might and power superiority is the other government of Allah subhanaw taala. For men are there any way that men whom are condemned to fitna whoever tries to contend with Allah Subhana Allah tries to become a proud, arrogant, individual and majestic, magnificent individual tries to challenge Allah subhanaw taala to finner I will throw the individual into the Hellfire in other Hadees and most other even him that you find a sum to who I will destroy

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smash that individual, annihilate that individual who tries to argue or tries to be compete with Allah subhanaw taala and as we find that we need to learn as believers learn humility humbleness, we find inside so if that means such that we find what humility is stuck to be ruined, that believing individuals or those individuals who are not arrogant, we study the full context of these these individuals in number UBI Tina Latina ido Kuru Caruso Giada masa Barbie Hamdi Robin rune, these are individually I have a loss and a reminder to these individuals. They fall down in state of frustration and arrogant. Then as I mentioned, these are individuals that are jefford you know boom

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addin mobogenie yet Runa rom com former former Murdoch no yakun these are individuals sign of humility. This is a path they sacrifice their beds at night, praying to Allah Subhana Allah assir hoonah A secrecy a way of humbling oneself is to obey Allah Subhana Allah in secrecy, in a state of secrecy leads the individual to humble themselves. In a in a in a gathering all of us can remember Allah subhanaw taala but if we advise ourselves and wise, all of us, what history when you're all alone? What is your fear of loss of panda? What is your devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala what a time she fell out of the morahan for hurun farahan don't walk upon this earth in a state of pride,

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arrogance, it's that sort of a straw that we find once again, it's sort of other you cannot reach the height of the mountains or penetrate the earth. All these evil Sins of pride and arrogance walking the earth in this manner. Way Bergdorf Mandela, Dena Yamuna and Abdi honer wider katabami je Luna kalu Salah read the end of SoTL for con. They're a bad rap man that that 12 or 10 or so she thought of a bad rap man. I will see for the home. Young sooner the honan they walk on the earth in a state of humility, peace, serenity, calmness. That's how they woke up on this earth. These individuals were accidental coda. The best example this a bad man is the Prophet Mohammed Salah

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Salem. That's what we find, always encouraging ourselves. Read the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam whenever we major affairs, or minor affairs, when he entered into Makkah, conquering Mecca, powerful identity, powerful individual. He never lowered himself for the people. He never lowered himself to show them humility. He lowered himself that he's blessed said Nick was touching the neck of the riding beast, Taiwan, Malaysia. So paliotta Allah, he lowered his neck. He's blessing Nick, as a sign of humility and sign sign of subservience. acceptance, victory today for an opening of NACA isn't that we should boast about it. That we should show arrogance and pride. He lowered it, to

00:34:32 --> 00:34:37

show humility that this is the ultimate blessing from Allah Subhana Allah in

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

Medina, were given his manifest victories were given to you either generous, reliable fat when a victory volunteer help of a lost power comes minor things. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala tena, jellison bainer is happy. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if you sitting with his companions, someone entered a strange individual

00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

matter if men who are sued, no one could recognize. No one could recognize who was the perfect la slot to set up. Jealous Benitez hobby. No one could recognize his clothing, his dress his way of reclining, no one could tell. Who is the Prophet Allah amongst his companions for sallu aner soon there was ways the Prophet Where's your messenger? Where is he there he is sitting right amongst his companions. I'd even hurt him. Let medalla Rasul Allah to serum who's from the from the Christian. He entered into Islam. He when he entered amongst the prophet Elijah, some for condominio Masada he pushed his question to him. He pushed it again and said recline on this forum in Delhi RF to

00:35:47 --> 00:36:07

anomalisa Malik. I knew that this individual isn't a king. This King does not power. He doesn't want authority. He lives a simple life. He lives a simple life that no one can make a distinction. Who this individual is by he was the ultimate individual Fabi naramata Meanwhile in

00:36:09 --> 00:36:53

Hollywood, unforgiving Holic by the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah He was lenient, you were soft. You was kind he was good to people around you. You've never oppressive towards them. You know harsh towards the people around you. Like was the camera Suliman and forsake Him as he's an animatronic them Harrison La Nina, Rafa Rahim, then the SU Toba. There's coming messages amongst your own self at home you don't come to Titus. That's how Muslim should be a Muslim should be upset that Muslims are not responding to the code, Muslim the answer to the code, Muslims are not obeying Allah Subhana Allah is there a moment of pride of arrogance is a moment of worry. When ma sanaka indorama de Lille

00:36:53 --> 00:37:31

al Ameen. I never sent you except for mercy to mankind. That's what the prophet Allah is not to slumbers. That's the coulda. That's the example. That's what we need to instill inside our lives, to go back and read the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to hold him in high esteem. Hold him in high esteem, follow his life, follow his etiquette, that once again we can drag this Muslim woman once again, from the realms of darkness is to the nor num Allah Subhana Allah take away any elements of arrogance from our heart, rip it out from our hearts, take it away from my heart, make us not be resurrected people in any element of arrogance inside their hearts take away from us, protect us

00:37:31 --> 00:37:47

from any form of arrogance inside this dunya upon this dunya towards the people that we love people around us subjects around us, people who everyday people that we meet, that every day becomes a lesson of awakening ourselves of humbling ourselves. This is nothing but a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala

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