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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of control and control in achieving Islam's goal of achieving peace is emphasized, along with the need for people to be put at ease by their actions. The Sh imim is also discussed, with the importance of finding the meaning and purpose of life in the spiritual experience. The journey of life is a combination of finding the meaning and purpose of life, finding the meaning of life, and finding the meaning of life. The Sh imim is emphasized as the most important part of the spiritual experience.
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So every time I go to a city, I have someone come up to me, and usually multiple people come up to me and say, you know, I need to talk to you about something privately. I have these thoughts sometimes. And I don't know if I really believe in the last panel, and then I have these issues with faith. And is Allah going to punish me because I'm having these thoughts and because I'm having these whispers, and because I'm having these doubts, and the prophets lie, Selim, he puts it puts us at ease by saying to us two things, he says, one that you could be having a conversation, people could be sitting around talking, and they'd be pondering upon the greatness of our last panel to

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Allah and saying, you know, Allah created this a lot created that. And then one of them would say, femen Haleakala so then who created the last panel to add and that's a hadith in Sahih Muslim and the Prophet sly so and he also said in another Hadith in Sahih, Muslim, that a person might be actually contemplating doing to the Buddha into faculty actually reflecting and contemplating on the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, and feeling this high point in saying, who created this and you would say a loss of Hanover to Ireland, you're admiring the creation of a loss panatela but then shavon comes to you the devil comes to you and says, someone Haleakala so then who created a loss of

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handling to Allah, the prophet Sly Stone, he says in both of these ahaadeeth that when you start to have that thought, when you start to have those whispers of men Haleakala who created a lost parent, and he said quickly, say, and then to Billa, I believe in Allah subhanaw taala. By doing that, you do away with the thoughts of Satan by the whispers of shavon and you reaffirm your faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, will Allah subhanaw taala punish you for the thoughts that you had and those words that were going through your head and things of that sort? Absolutely not. In fact, there's a very beautiful conversation that took place between the love and bustle the Allahu anhu, and of the

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love and also the line and the love and Ahmed he asked him in a bus he said, What is the ayah in the Quran? Essentially, what's your favorite iron? And the iron that is our Raja is the ayah that gives the most hope to this oma. And even our boss said, well, what's yours? And even Ahmed, he said clear about the alladhina esler for Allah and forcing him la takelma toman Rahmatullah say, oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgives all sins. So even Ahmed is someone you know when you look through his life as someone that was prone to despair and things of that sort and so this is something that gives him hope. And it

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gives many people hope, knowing that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive all sins, if not bustle the Allahu taala and he responds and he says, As for me what I see as the ayah which gives the most hope, is when Ibrahim alayhis salaam said to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah rhombi Allah de we meet, oh my lord who gives life and who gives the areni kafer terhune Motor Show me how you give life to the debt now realize Ibrahim Ali Salaam you know the ayah before tells us that Ibrahim Islam was just arguing with nim rude saying Robbie Allah de you're hearing me that it's my lord who gives life and who gives death. And then Ruth responds and says no, he will omit I'm the one who gives life and

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who gives us and Ibrahim alayhis salam says for in the law he aktiva shamcey membership effectively having a market of well then Allah subhanho wa Taala you know brings the sun from the master he brings the sun from the east so bring it from the west for buoy tala de Kapha. And so Nimrod was left in absolute You know, he was absolutely stunned why because Nimrods idea of giving life and giving death he brought someone that he was that he had sentenced to death already. And he said you're free to go and then he brought a completely innocent man and he killed him. So he said I give life and I give death as well. Now he won't Islam just put forth a logical argument that clearly a

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loss of Hannah hunter either gives life and gives death in a way that we cannot give life and give death and he gives this example of how a lot brings the sun from the east so bring it from the west in essence, you know control the sunrise and the and control the sunset if you really feel like you're in control, but Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam still asked the loss of Hannah hota Allah areni Tifa to heal Mota Show me how you give life to the dead. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala said LLM took me Will you not believe Pilate Bella, we're lacking the ultimate in Nepali. He said I fully believe. But this would put my heart to rest. And Allah subhanaw taala actually honored the request of Ibrahim on

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Islam by telling him to take birds and to put them into pieces and put them on different mountains and Allah subhanho wa Taala would bring them back together. Now I'm an ambassador, the law on Hawaii. Does he say that? That I is the ayah that gives the most hope that that is really his favorite because of the sudden loss of a lot while he was selling them. He commented on that idea by saying no, no, I have to be Shakyamuni Ibrahim, we have more right to doubt than Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now is this Hadith of the messengers license suggesting that Ibrahim and Islam had a doubt in the last panel interview that he doubted a lot anyway, no, because Ibrahim said that I believe, but

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the ultimate in Nickleby. This would increase my EMA and this would increase my faith. If you showed me how

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You do it Oh ALLAH and so the prophets lie Selim is telling us as Ibrahim it Islam asked Allah subhana wa tada for that. And Ibrahim A Islam wanted his heart to be put at ease. We also as human beings, at times want to be put at ease. And you know we have these whispers and we have these doubts and a loss of manhood to Allah will not punish us for those whispers Allah Subhana. Allah will not punish us for internal conversations or internal dialogues. The prophets why Selim? He said that Allah has forgiven my own my head this has to be enforced. Madam Taku will be as long as that person has only spoken to himself meaning you're having these internal whispers, but you haven't

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spoken of them or acted upon them. Don't worry, a loss panda is not going to punish you. These are whispers clearly from the shape on to take you away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now going back to the request of Ibrahim Isilon, does that mean that there is logic provided for every ruling in the Shetty offer every story for every incident? Can we find a logical explanation? No, absolutely not. You use your aka in Islam, you use your intellect to arrive at the integrity of the knuckles to arrive at the integrity of the text. So I know anything that comes from a lot in his messenger sallallahu wasallam is absolute truth even if my logic doesn't agree with it. However, if I find the

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proof of it, and that's that's the beauty of studying and the beauty of seeking knowledge in an actual law, about the literal amount those who have a greater or have a loss of Hannah to Allah, or those who are learned why because by studying the proofs, and by studying the evidences and by studying context, your faith increases because almost everything does have a logical explanation to it. But even when it doesn't, I know I've used my intellect I've used my octal to arrive at the conclusion that there is no way that the Quran and the Sunnah are not divine. And so by doing so, that puts me at ease with everything that comes after that. And so you find a regular study of the

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Allahu anhu when the prophet SAW the lights on him, he took his night and journey, the journey of Islam with mirage. And obviously the prophets lie Selim when he wakes up and he tells the people that he was taken from Mecca to Jerusalem through the heavens, Abuja, mark the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he called the people and he said, Can you repeat what you just said in front of the people? And even some of the Muslims were shaken by that? How can the prophets lie Selim? How can a man be taken from Mecca, to Jerusalem, to the heavens and back all in one night? So a man comes to record all the Allahu taala? And when he says, Do you hear what Mohammed salatu salam said, and now

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we're back here on the Allahu taala. And who he responds by saying, if he said it, faqad sadhak then he's telling the truth. If he said it, then he's telling the truth. And I will back it up, says, Look, I believe him when he says that something happens to him that's far greater than that. You know, what's greater than him going from Mecca to Jerusalem into the heavens and one night is that revelation comes to him from the Lord of the heavens, Revelation descends upon him from above the heavens all the way to his heart. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So I believe him with something far greater than that, why wouldn't I believe him when he tells me that he that Allah subhana wa, took

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him from Mecca to Jerusalem, to the heavens and back in one night, and I will record on the line what he's what he's showing us here, Rebecca did not say, Well, I'm going to need to see proof of what the profits license saw on the way, you know, if the prophets lie, some can describe some things between Mecca and Jerusalem, then maybe I'll be convinced, no, I'll be back. It'll be a lot. And he said, Look, I know that this man is a prophet of Allah. I know that this man receives revelation salicylate, so I believe him with whatever he says. Now does that mean when the prophets lie, Selim accurately describes the things that he seen between Mecca and Jerusalem to the extent

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that he will tell you so a lot he was alone, about a people and where their water was, that were, you know, on the way from Mecca to Jerusalem that no one would have known unless they were there, because they didn't have text messages back then. Does that not increase the faith of a person? When the Prophet slicin? Um, does that when the prophets lie Selim accurately explains these things? Of course it does. Of course it does. But I don't need that to believe in it in the first place, but it will increase my email. And that's what Ibrahim and Islam was asking. So it takes us to the next step. Alonzo just says in the Quran, senri him a Latina, Phil FLP and forcing him had tired of being

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alone, and that we will show them our signs in the universe, and even within themselves, right in the farthest horizons all the way to themselves, had a TV and a home and a whole heck until it shows to them until it's made clear to them, that it is the truth that this is the truth from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is telling us look, I'm giving you all of these signs, all of these proofs in the deep horizons and even within the creation of yourself that there's no way that a being like you could exist without a last panel mitad until it is made clear to you that this is the truth.

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Once you once you have found that truth, there's the pursuit of truth. And then there's the pursuit of meaning. And most people spend their lives trying to find the truth. And so they never even get to the, the meaning and the purpose of life. And what are we supposed to be doing here and so on so forth. As believers as Muslims, we've already arrived at the truth, we already know that this is the truth. So now the entire journey of life becomes finding the meaning and even atheists, you know, I always say this, that, that when you're debating with an atheist, or you're speaking to an atheist, by the end of the conversation, there'll be an agnostic, right? They'll start off by saying, there

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is no God. But then when you put forth all the proofs, they'll say, well, there might be a God, or I can see how there would be some divine energy or some God. But you know, I, I don't think that there is any religion or any, any guidance, or, you know, we're just left to be and we're not sure and so on, so forth. So could all of this, you know, the answer to that could could would simply be, could all of this simply be without meaning? Do you really think Allah subhanaw taala that if there is a God, if you're convinced that there's some kind of divine energy and something that brought us here? Because it clearly is? Would you really say that all of this is for nothing, that there is no

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meaning to it, that there's no purpose to it whatsoever? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the poor and that we did not create anything without purpose, a lot didn't create anything in abbath everything was created for meaning and purpose. And so for the believer, the journey now becomes a journey of purpose and meaning.

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