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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The seven creation laws in the Bible are not logically impossible, but rather lack of understanding and the need for physical evidence. Different speakers use examples such as the arrival of the Rambo, the success of a chef, and the importance of having a clear understanding of the creator's actions and actions. The need for logically sounding explanation and evidence is emphasized.
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wait one more time out of the Aloha Nui says that I was one of the greatest enemies of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said I hated him more than any other human being on the face of this earth. But he said one time I walked into the masjid, and I heard the Prophet slicin I'm reciting the ayah from sort of the Torah and holy comb enviroshake m homegirl, Holly Kwan m holla Kasama. To Bella Yo, Keenan, where they created from absolutely nothing? Or are they themselves suggesting that they are the creators? Um, holla put some article or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they have absolutely no idea they are in utter confusion. So drobeta says that at

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that moment when the Prophet slicin said that even though debate wouldn't officially accept Islam until later on in his life, he says what called a man of equality, he said, faith entered my heart. I knew at that point that there's absolutely no way that there isn't a God that there isn't a loss of Hannah Montana. And you know, if you really just sit with yourself and you go through the process of elimination of the scientific possibilities of how we're here, and how everything else around us is here, then we'd find that there is no other way to explain it except by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah tells us this in the quarter and Allah subhanaw taala he says, and swithun Ackoff, he

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says, Our Ito method, Unum and dunlea, he says, say to those people that worship others besides Allah subhana wa tada Oh, Ronnie, mother, holla pulmonol out, show me what they created from this earth Amma whom shall confess them out or do they have any partners in the in the heavens and the creations of the heavens, he tuned Eb Kitab in in probably had a thought ultimately led me in quantum law. They've been bringing forth any form of narration, any form of book, anything that would suggest that what they're saying makes any sense whether it's textual logic, or whether it's textual, whether it's just intellectual, bring forth any form of evidence that would suggest that

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those that you worship besides Allah Subhana Allah have anything to do with the creations of the heavens and earth. now realize that the Quran and the Sunnah, they're addressing a people that worship partners besides Allah subhanho wa Taala, because atheism really didn't exist in the time of the Prophet slice lm or at least he didn't encounter that because that's even far more absurd to suggest that there's absolutely no creator is far more absurd than saying that, well, there are multiple creators and this is taking place and that's taking place because, you know, at least those people that believe in something, you know, have some form of explanation, you know, for how we got

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here. So Allah says, tell me what they created from this earth. And Allaah started off with a Rooney, mother, Holloman, and Otto, tell me what they created from this earth instead of smls instead of the heavens, because a lot of Moscow does the scholars say, the Earth is that which is witnessed, you can see this stuff around you, you know, let's not even talk about the heavens yet. Let's talk about your house. Let's talk about the earth. Let's talk about the mountains. Let's talk about the raw materials, the seeds, and even if you even if you would say that well, we made our houses and we put together cars and we manufacture these things. How could you do that? without the

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permission of Allah subhanaw taala without the things that are provided to you from the sky? So what if Allah withheld the rain? So Allah says our only mother Holloman

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Tell me what they created from this earth? I'm not home should confess or not. And if you can't explain that, which is around you, then do you have a partner in regards to that which you can't see? You know, and the idea here is that there's no way that we could witness this that we can see what's really above us and beyond us. So do you have anyone that's giving you revelation as to what's happening over there? Are you in communication with with anyone that's explaining to you the creation of the heavens? So Allah subhanaw taala starts off as the scholar say, with the Leela Actually, this is logical proof that there's clearly you know, you clearly have no explanation for

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the things around you not that which you can see, and especially not that which you can't see. Then Allah moves on to delille nakliye Allah subhanaw taala moves on to the text, he toony Viki tabin probably had the altimeter in quantum science. If you can explain it logically then do you have a textual proof for your own beliefs and things of that sort? So last pantalla says you don't have a logical explanation, nor do you have an intellectual explanation for this. And you know, there's there are a lot of videos that have been produced recently, I saw them with atheist logic. And what they'll do is they'll show people putting things together or things that would come together out of

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nowhere and it would say atheist logic, and it reminds me of a debate that Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah had with a group of people called a daddy, a dariya. The literal translation of a daddy are the timers. In essence, these were people that said, Now you licona in the hope that nothing you know does away with us except for time.

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There is no creator there is no creator of time. There's nothing that takes place after we pass away there is no afterlife, so on so forth. So this group challenge the Mambo hunting for Rahim Allah because he was a thorn in their side. I mean, he was doing he was really just doing away with their movement altogether. So they said let's have a debate. So they show up to the debate and he Rambo hunting for him.

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Mullah doesn't show up. And he's taking this time and people are starting to say you know, maybe he's scared maybe he you know maybe he's maybe he really knows that he can't debate with these people he knows he's gonna lose the debate. Say mama honey for him Allah he shows up like an hour late. And you know the debater on the side of it that he or the atheist, he says, you know, this is clearly a sign of you not knowing what you're going to say today, you clearly don't know how to argue with us on these points. So a mama honey for him Allah He said, Well, let me explain to you what happened. He said, I had to come across the river bank. And in order to come across the river

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bank, I needed a boat or I needed a raft, he said, so when I got there, I realized I don't have one. So I sat there and I watched and I waited for nature to create me a raft. So I waited for, you know, a few, a few pieces of wood, a few chunks of wood to show up. And then lo and behold, the wind brought them together, and the nails came from the bottom of the surface of the ocean. And they started to nail them together. And he said, you know, by the end of it, and obviously I'm paraphrasing the story. So by the end of it, you know, I was able to sail and get across the river bank and debate you here, but that's why I'm late. So the guy on the other side starts to laugh. He

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says, you really expect us to believe that. He said you people suggest that all of this came from nothing that all of this is a matter of chance and not designed. And you're amazed by the creation of a boat being from nature, Mother Nature. So this is atheist logic, right? And that comes from remember hanifa Rahim Allah. It's one thing to say that, you know, there is no creator. It's another thing to say there's no designer after the creation, but things are so complex, it makes absolutely no sense. So remember, Hanif is addressing the simple fact the simple logic that in order for you to be here, there must have been something before you it's like belief in your ancestors. You've never

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seen them, but you know that they were there? Because it's by the process of cause and effect. You wouldn't be here without them. Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah Tada, he, he came up with a far more deeper answer. And in regards to the design part of it, the design piece, you know, an atheist asked him, How do you know that there's a God? He said, because of the leaf of shujaa to the port, which is the mulberry tree. He said, What do you mean? He said, Well, the leaves of these trees have the same taste the same color, the same smell, and the same form, but when the silkworm eats it, it gives silk and when the B eats it, it gives honey and when the sheep eats it, it becomes milk. And when

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the gazelle eats it, it becomes musk. So he said, Who could have made this so diverse in regards to his production, if it wasn't a last panel into other than a creator, and then he recited about a colossal jalapeno versus with me known that Blessed be Allah, the best of all creators. So it's, it's beautiful. When you think about it, that amount of chef, he was able to derive that from a simple leaf that there is no way that this that this miracle could have come from anything but a designer, so it's causing effect to know that there was a creator, you don't need physical evidence, you don't need to see it. And then after that, coming to the conclusion that this design is perfect,

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it's beautiful. So it only makes it clear. And without the Creator, there would be no creation, there would be no explanation for our existence. What then, of the beautiful signs, the differences in colors and the difference in the diversity of all of the things around us. What then do you make of that?


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