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This year was the most special of anything I've ever seen that autofill. For those of you that haven't seen the clips, it's the year that it rings in autofill and Subhanallah, I've had the opportunity to go for hedge for over a decade, and I've never actually seen rain and odda. And to actually create the scene for you, before I even get into the subject of the book.

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If any of you have been to hedge in the last few years, you know how it goes on the day of auto, everyone prepares themselves for that. They get themselves ready for that day. They say I'm going to go find a mountain and I'm going to stand on a mountain First they get to often there's a shock that it's not a mountain, it's actually a nice open space, a plane, and there's mountain There are mountains and hills, but it is not a mountain, the entire area of autofills. Everyone gets ready to make those drives to make those prayers. And if you've been in the last few months, you know that the heat quickly humbles you. You start making for about an hour, and then you have people passing

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out out of heat exhaustion because they underestimated the sun. And they ended up instead in the tents and a lot of people end up spending the entire time in the making, just because it gets so tough. So this year, as of began, the exact same thing happened as last year in the year before it was hot. Everyone was excited in the beginning. And then the heat humbled people into their tents. And then somehow something happens. about two hours in these clouds formed actually, I'd say about an hour and a half in these clouds formed over alpha. And it was very distinct that these clouds were only over the area of alpha.

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These millions of people with their hands raised to the sky, pleading to Allah for their personal and for the collective for their dunya and for their, for their worldly life and for the hereafter for acceptance and for forgiveness. And then you had these clouds that forms and clouds at that time in the days of Hajj can be very scary as well, because people are very vulnerable. If the weather gets bad, then people have no buildings to retreat to. So it doesn't rain there. Usually it's very unlikely for a tub of rain there and that desert. It truly is why then Heidi, these are a place where fruits and vegetables don't typically grow grow where it doesn't really rain. And so you know,

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people if it really rains bad, then it can get very dangerous for people. And so in the clouds form, they can be quite intimidating. But these clouds form over the area of alpha. and a light drizzle starts to come.

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And then so Pamela, that's where the rain starts.

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And the rain that came down on the day of out of on the people that were there and had was so extraordinary, so refreshing. It brought everyone out of their tents. And if you took a moment to just peek around you all you saw was everybody outside standing up with their hands up like this. No one was sitting, no one was in attendance, the rain hits you from this way. And then the rain hits you from behind you. And it was heavy enough to cool off the entire day of autofocus. And at the same time, it wasn't too heavy to where it became dangerous for the people that were outside.

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There was lightning and the lightning actually struck, there's the light that the main light source, the lightning bolt actually struck it directly and lit up all the lights at one time. saw it happen in front of my own two eyes. And you have the scene out of the movie. And you just have suddenly the exact opposite. If someone were to tell you this would be the scene 30 minutes before that you wouldn't believe it.

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That's how a lot as that day was special and asked a lot again to accept it not just from the people there. But for the entire oma for everybody that was made on behalf of on that day. And for everyone who fasted that day and reaping the rewards of alpha as that's going as that's taking place. I can't help but wonder who is here this year?

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Who is this guest of alar Who are these guests of a lot that this incredible scene was created for the benefit of everybody. And that's actually what I want to focus on for a moment.

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There are people

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that attain this status with a lot to where they are the friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there are different levels of friendship. And there are different things that can happen for people when they actually attained becoming friends of a loss of hundreds on that status. There's an exclusive status. There's an exclusive tier which is a Helene

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which is a bohem it has Salaam first Brahim it has alayhis salaam this special exclusive friend of Allah subhana wa tada where Allah chose Ibrahim it Islam and someone says, you know you you go through the story of the boy Hey, Marty is Salaam and you here

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All of these things that he was put through and I know that the days of the heads are over and you guys like we've been hearing hopeless about money so for the last few months or for the last month but pay attention to this for a moment you see the stages of involving money some ego didn't really have to be that harsh. Did he really have to go through this and this and this and this and this and that.

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But here's the thing.

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And Hola. Or to attain that status of Khalid, Allah empties out everything and fills that only with Allah subhana wa tada that heart has to be elevated to a place where it is only Allah subhana wa tada and everything is cast within that love of Allah subhana wa Tada. So what he went through with his father, of course, there was compensation for that what he went through with his son with this married it his Salaam, the story doesn't end with the the sacrifice of this married it has allowed. Allah subhanaw taala gives him of course many children after that right many sons after that, so not only did he not lose this married, it is Allah. Allah blessed him with many children after that. So

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Allah replaces what he loses in the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the first person to be dressed on the Day of Judgment would be about Imani Salaam, because of how he was stripped and thrown into the fire and Allah Subhana Allah would honor him first on the Day of Judgment with the garments as he proceeds to the place of assembly. So everything gets replaced and there is a good ending to all of this, right? But all of that why Allah cleared out everything for Ibrahim arneis salaam, when you are chosen to be a Helene of Allah subhanho wa Taala there have to be extraordinary steps things that no other person will be put through. Things that no other person will be put

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through. Even if you see a dream of you sacrificing your son, you're not supposed to sacrifice your son. You know, no one else goes through this stuff. It's a lot elevating he chose about humanism and elevated him to a particular spot. And the tests were unique because his station was so unique. And it's exclusive, or it has a degree of exclusivity because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If I was to take the lead from my own friends from my own, it would have been a while back to the study about the long term angle, but Allah has already taken me as a Helene so even Abubakar on the alongside angle cannot ascend to that spot with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he's the

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Sidious is the best friend of the Prophet slice alum amongst the people but the prophets license that Allah has chosen me as a Helene

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and once you're Alas, honey, no one else is in that relationship. And we have people like that in our lives and if you look at the Hadith because it's often just translated as friend the Prophet slicin um says that a person is on the the on the Dean of who you are on the religion of your Helene fell younger, I have to commend you, Harlan. So look to who you take as that special friend, not someone you just hang out with every once in a while. But you really when you take time, when you start to spend a lot of time with someone, your love your priorities and your likeness

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starts to become in you know, starts to become the same they start to synchronize. So Halina is a very special thing that Allah gives to Brahim it is Salaam to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then there is this level of wilaya that a person becomes a 1d of Allah. That doesn't mean that suddenly you see a dream and then you wear a turban. And then everyone calls you a lily and usually and you get to put it in front of your name like a credential, the whole idea of Allah, these close friends of Allah are very much so scattered amongst the people and you don't know who they are. And that's what makes this so interesting. You don't know who overly of a lot is, in fact, some of the earlier

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of a lot of themselves don't know that they're Olia of Allah. They don't quite understand how much Allah loves them, and how they could have ascended in those ranks. And there are three ways that their element mentioned that a person attains that status of wilaya of that special friendship with the loss of Hannah hoods, and the one that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam narrated and had the footsy that Allah has said, Menagerie Walia for them to be held, that whoever takes a wedding of mine, someone that is not beloved to me of mine, that special friend of mine as an enemy, I will wage war on him. May Allah let us be the one and not the one being, having war waged upon them by Allah

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subhana wa tada loving I mean, that's both very beautiful and very scary at the same time, because again, because the only our fear their hidden and evil, the allowance hide and reset, Allah has hidden two things amongst the people. He's hidden His pleasure in his good deeds. So you don't know which of the good deeds is the one that unlocks His pleasure and Allah has hidden his earlier as special friends amongst the people. You don't know who you're dealing with. Literally, you don't know who you're dealing with when you're dealing with that person. That also doesn't mean a person goes out and commits major sins and says, Well, I might just be that lady of Allah. No, no.

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There's a person that's striving to reach that person.

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And then there is the person that has that unlocked for them. And Allah says, Whoever reaches that position, I will wage war on the one who harms that person and they'll pay him or him or her loss at how many nations, how many nations have been protected or destroyed because of a Willie within them or against them.

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One or two people that Allah holds in such high regard and such high standard. Now, there's something instructive about this, the takeaway from this is not just that I'm just going to sit back and hope make their own lot make me money, there are three things that allow a person to attain that state. The first one is that you do, you fulfill the obligations, and you do good, until you taste the sweetness of that good, which is the pleasure of a lot. And that becomes your unique driving force in life. The pleasure of a law, the law of a law becomes your exclusive driving force in life, it becomes your drive, it becomes your momentum attaining His pleasure. And that's how the Hadeeth

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goes, Well, that's a form of a TV show.

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You don't come close to a law with anything more Beloved, than fulfilling the doing your obligations, right, praying on time fasting, doing the things that a lot tells you to do, fulfilling the obligations, and then you get closer to him within no often you taste the sweetness of the obligations. And now you start to do the voluntary deeds, Hatta until Allah loves you.

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until Allah loves you with that exclusive, special love and when a lot loves you that way, going to Summer of Love, the smell of love becomes the hearing with what you see with what you hear the sight with which you see the hand with which you strike, the way that you walk everything Allah becomes you become entrenched in that pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and seeking that pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it becomes your exclusive driving force. There is no second it's just the pleasure of Allah. That's one way of reaching that status with Allah, where the lives of a lot of the pleasure of Allah is what drives you to all of your good deeds through all of your good deeds so

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that you keep on doing more and more and more and more and you can't get enough of it. Because you tasted the sweetness of prayer now five times is not enough anymore. tasted the sweetness of fasting now Ramadan is not enough anymore. tasted the sweetness of hedge hedges not enough anymore. I need to go to Omaha. As soon as I get my foot on that plane, in Jeddah, Medina, yellow, when am I coming back? When do I get to come back for Omar? Are you making plans already for the winter thinking about when's your next chance, if a lot locks up for you, some people never go, but their hearts are there and Allah is accepting it for them. They never get a chance to go there. But their hearts are

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there and connected to it. So Allah unlocks these things for you. And you taste the pleasure of those good deeds and that becomes the driving force. The second one

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is that the sincerity of your repentance, it's actually a more sudden one, a person makes a sincere repentance to Allah subhanho wa Taala for a loss of Hannah Montana because of a loss of Hannah Montana. And the pleasure of Allah in that repentance completely removes the effect of the pleasure of that disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So that's where you find those ahadeeth about a person who is in major sin and then suddenly switches the pleasure of Allah overwhelms any type of pleasure they used to get from that disobedience, and now they are calibrated in that way.

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And so they immediately rise in status for the loss of Hannah Montana. The third one is when a lot tests you with a major tragedy,

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a lot takes away something from you.

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And through that tragedy you do at sub, which is to seek the reward and the reward is a loss pleasure.

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And you try to seek that pleasure from a loss of data. And that's what sees you through that tragedy. And that again, becomes the way that you contextualize all of your tragedies and all of your tribulations

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that a person would reach that status of relying

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upon Allah you find these stories of the son of in the past, you've got examples of all of these.

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You've got that there's a man that I'm loving I busted the alongside and was said that one day or that the people were out making stock, they were asking a lot for rain and they were in drought for a very long time.

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And as they were asking Allah subhana wa tada for rain, that all of the these these righteous people were making they were praying. And it was a long time that rain did not come and then if not bustle the low tide it was that I saw this man and enslaved man who had no status in society, in the corner of the marketplace. And he had his hands raised in the corner and he said Allahumma in the humbucker in a year in

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our law, I asked you by your love for me, the to allow rain to come upon all of us.

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What audacity that person has to ask along with that type of video.

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He knows that worldly status is not what conveys confer status on a person but he had a special status with the loss of Hannah Montana. So he said llama needs to be home because in a in a well I asked you by your love for me

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that you would allow rain to come upon all of us above the law and was that I was the only one close enough to that man where I could hear his daughter and as soon as he finished making that there I started to rain upon all of us.

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And I looked at him and I thought Who is this man? Subhana Allah, simple servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala he wasn't Adam, he wasn't a scholar. He wasn't giving hopeless. He wasn't someone that was known he didn't have any prominence but he had a status with Allah. And that was to the benefit of everybody else that was over there. Mohammed bin makanda Rahim Allah to Allah He said that one in Medina, we went six months without rain. And he said, Well, I the people. Were asking Allah subhana wa time that I went next to the cabinet and I saw this person, unknown person grabbing to the cloth of the Kaaba. And he said, Yeah, Rob an urn.

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Like, like now and complete sincerity drenched and then it started to rain on the people in Medina. There's one of the son of who was on a ship and the, the, you know, I mentioned this in the prayers of the pious series, when I when I got the sun up, and as the clouds started to form and all of these, these winds started to blow the ship around and people were worried and he was in complete calm. He said, Yeah, Allah, you have showed us your you've showed us your power. So show us your pardon. Show us your mercy and your pardon.

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And then suddenly everything calms.

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If a person reaches that position, especial and sometimes again, you don't know. That's level one.

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level two, which was that a person has a sincere repentance is what's narrating to tell who have been by Madame Rahim Allah tala, the story of Musa alayhis salaam and the disobedient one from Benny suai. Where Musa alayhis salam, a prophet of Allah

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was amongst the people and they suffered from a drought.

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And he asked the loss of hundreds Allah for rain and it didn't come. So he called upon a loss of habitat. And he said, Yeah,

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what is it? Why is the rain being withheld from us? So Allah subhanaw taala says there's a there's a there's a servant of Allah subhana wa tada amongst you, who has been challenging me with his maaseiah challenging me with his disobedience. And the rain has been withheld because of him.

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So Musan, Islam gathered the people.

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And he said, he called out to the people and Benny slowly they said, Who is it? whoever that person is, it's been challenging Allah Subhana Allah, stand up. Seek seek forgiveness, repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. We're all suffering because of you.

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And that man in those moments, feeling as humbled as he was calls upon a loss of habitat, and he says, Yeah,

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you've kept me protected. You've covered me and sheltered me in my disobedience for all of these years.

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So yeah, Allah accept my repentance I'm turning back to he was so humbled that Allah cared enough about him.

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You see, when a lot calls you back to Toba cared enough about him to send that message to him. He knew it was him. said yeah, have

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you covered me all of this time I seek your forgiveness to blue lake started to cry to a loss of hundreds and he started to repent to Allah and he sought his forgiveness. And as he did that, the rain started to fall

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and musante his Salaam he

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asked Allah subhanaw taala He said, No one came forward. Yeah, love, no one came forward. So how come the rain came? What happens? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says yeah Moosa.

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I covered that man for all of these years in Masia and disobedience, you think I'm going to expose him in LA when he's in obedience.

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And the same person for whom the rain was forbidden for you?

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It now came down for you. So kind of love that one moment that person upgraded their status with Allah subhana wa Tada. By turning back to Allah and prioritizing the pleasure of Allah, over all of whatever disobedience he was committing enough to forbid that entire oma is the disobedience even mentioned. No, because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what the nature of the disobedience is, doesn't matter how bad you've been or what you've done. Because Allah has mercy is greater than all of that, as long as you're now going to recalibrate and seek a loss

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Pleasure over all of that,

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then that's what counts.

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And that last one, a lot tests you with something so severe, so harsh.

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And you turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And you seek His pleasure through that. A lot takes something away from you that you thought you could not live without. A lot takes away what an absolute honor can be shaken mental, healthy, well, jewelry will not cost a minute and while he will enforce he was not one that should have saw between Allah says you'll be tested with your safety will be tested with your health, you'll be tested with your family, you'll be tested with your sustenance, you'll all of this uncertainty, things are going to be things are going to be all over the place. What best * is sobbing, give glad tidings to the patients.

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When you walk around and head you see people without legs, you see people without arms, you see people in poverty, you see people, some of them their pain is apparent on them. People being carried on the backs of others.

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People that are that do not have the ability to see that have to have someone it's already difficult enough for a young healthy person to walk those days of hedge. You see people that have all sorts of ailments, and someone has to walk them around, you see people tripped and fall, you see people collapse, because they can't walk that many miles a day in that heat, you see obvious pain in health, you see poverty around you.

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And for how many people that are walking around and out often heads this year,

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their pain was completely silent.

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No one knows what that person's been through,

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can run into someone in front of the message of the Prophet sites that were praying next to someone and how long then you don't know what that person has been through. And you don't know why Allah chose them to be there, why Allah chose you to be there, or what they're calling upon a lot with what their status with a loss of Hannah Montana is. We have such an arrogance, by the way, as Western Muslims that we project on them. Look at these people, they can't even form a line. Look at you, you can't even pray.

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And they pray all night in the huddle. They have faults and we have faults, but you don't know that person's status. You don't know their circumstances. And they call upon Allah and invoke Allah subhanaw taala. And no one knows who's around them. If you start talking to people, you hear their pain in this message right now. We don't know each other's pain. We don't know what everybody's going through. We don't know the struggles that we're having with family and health and wealth and all that we don't know what struggles we're having with career unless you know someone very intimately and they're talking to you, right? You don't know

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how like, you know, who was there this year and had

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the families of the martyrs of Christchurch, New Zealand,

00:22:44--> 00:22:45

and some of the survivors,

00:22:47--> 00:22:48

the families of the Shahada

00:22:49--> 00:22:57

if you walked past them, I ran into Aziz the hero of mizanur insanity

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and talk to him there and if you saw him, you just think he's just another Advani man, walking between suffering model like everybody else. And this guy, one knows what his status is in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala, walking and doing wicked with his slippers in his hand just like anybody else.

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A blah, blah, blah.

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These special people who lost their families in July, sitting here just like you and their families were taken from them. And they're there and hedge. Almost all of them were there and hedge this year. And if you saw them will lie, you would not recognize them. You wouldn't know them. You see these people and you think it's just under Hetchy

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and these are people that put their loved ones in the ground for Allah and a lot call them to Hajj this year. The brother was seeing who

00:23:49--> 00:23:58

was in a coma when we went to Christ Church because he shielded his daughter what seems shielded his four year old daughter and when the massacre happened

00:23:59--> 00:24:01

and he was shot nine times

00:24:03--> 00:24:04

holding his daughter.

00:24:05--> 00:24:18

And the last memory he had before he went into a coma was getting to the hospital and his daughter was in blood and he was in blood and he said take my daughter Don't worry about me and when and then he collapsed and he went into a coma. When we went to Christ Church

00:24:19--> 00:24:26

was seen wasn't awake. He was in a coma when he woke up three weeks later, he started shouting for his daughter.

00:24:28--> 00:24:33

And when they told him that your daughter's okay because of hamdulillah she survived he didn't believe them. He had to see her.

00:24:34--> 00:24:39

And she turned five in the hospital right there in a hospital bed next to him and they were at Hajj this year.

00:24:42--> 00:24:43

They were here.

00:24:45--> 00:24:46

If Allah is shy

00:24:48--> 00:24:54

from the hands of a servant, who could have disobeyed him and turned to him for those few moments,

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

then what about that person who gave it all for Allah?

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

There are people the profits, like I mentioned, shahidan monitor that can be walking and those people were there saying Allahumma and they could have been right next to you and you didn't even know.

00:25:10--> 00:25:38

ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our dance, to accept the draws of all of those for whom he was made on behalf of the art was made on behalf of to accept all of the good deeds of the first 10 of the heads that were done and to forgive us for our shortcomings. As colosse pans out to comfort the Shahada to elevate the Shahada, and the families of the show had gotten me as colossal Hannah Montana, to accept all of our good deeds and forgive our shortcomings along I mean, Apollo pubblicato. Stuff like that can result in faster