Tafseer Bites 2022 An Ayah that would change your life Sabaa, Fater, Yaseen, Assaffaat

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but only to

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some allow him the loss of the sentiments for best to them. I didn't manipulate I don't want to Catherine

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Can I ask how are you doing today?

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I was fasting with you.

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So Amazon is gonna come as of tomorrow it will be the 20th. And then we're going to start No, we're going to enter these beautiful nights, the final nights of Ramadan. Today is Allah here the chef has completed solid Sabha. So therefore swans today, saw that server and saw that far Bell, he's now reciting saltwater. And then yes, he which you all know. And then after the SEL software, these are four songs that we'll be covering today about one data. All these songs are Mickey solos. And the three first ones are from the matinee, Sabbath and fall. And yeah, see they're from the metallic which means they're 100 less than 100 iron, except some of the sulfur is more than 100 so it's from

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and me who sent me in

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what happened to my chocolate

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What do you guys do?

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The same exact

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shot. So so that's a suburb. All these sorts my brothers and sisters, the theme is submission to Allah. I can summarize it for you the theme for all the swells is to surrender to Allah subhana wa Tada. So that seven it's Allah azza wa jal talks about his Nam, Allah azza wa jal talks about His bounties. Allah azza wa jal mentions the story of seven

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locket Canary Saba in fee leopard Ganga Lee said. Canary Muskan him. The people of Sabah in Yemen. What happened was, they were so powerful Allah subhanaw taala has blessed them with so much blessings. Jana Tanium and Yemeni CheMin gardens filled with fruits it's been rated or reported that a woman would have a basket and then she would cross you would not even have to go and pick up anything from the trees. She was just crossed the garden from the beginning until the and the basket will be filled with fruits.

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So much theorem that Allah has given us so much for our horrible they chose to deviate not to follow the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala for answer now, let him say that Adam, Allah subhanho wa Taala destroyed them through a flood

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and they used to have this dam called set

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and that dam got destroyed, a lot of them left and some got destroyed and those who left eventually will come into the Zillertal Allah azza wa jal talks about his name again, this is from solid Sabha brothers and sisters, the theme of the soldiers particularly is the example of nations any nation any civilization who chooses to deviate from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala that nation shaft collapse, that nation has collapsed and this has been the history from the very beginning. So that Father talks again about the surrendering to Allah Xhosa, it talks about the name of Allah Xhosa, it talks about the results or the exact dignity, honor is derived from the name of Allah.

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Who knows is that is the right from the name of Allah? Who said that? Yes, sir, is the right from the name of Allah and as he is, you can derive an attribute from a name of Allah, but you cannot derive a name from an attribute you cannot say as is the right from is that you can say that but you can say there is that honor, dignity is an attribute of Allah is derived from the name of Allah and as he's, yeah, Johan nurse. Chef has mentioned that just before

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Yeah, Johan nurse was good on Yeah. And all you people remind yourselves in the game of Allah, Allah has blessed you with the blessings of Allah has blessed us we cannot enumerate the base of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah goes yeah Yohannes animal for para Allah, wa mahogany

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all you people you are for you are the one who are in need of Allah xuejun Allah high degree of need Subhana we have known what the * am Allah is running as a commodity the hunting Jedi. Allah Hebei as he is, if he wishes he can exchange he can change you if he wishes. He can change you with a different generation. So we have no other choice than to submit to Allah subhana wa Tada. I'm going to come back to get sawed off later on at the very end when I mentioned when I share with you an idea that would change your life forever.

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For three years seen, I'm going quite fast because of time, as you may know, so what he has seen you all know the solar you all love the solar but unfortunately there's lots of Hadith which are not even with with regard to Satya seen fabricated a hadith modo a hadith with regard to salt as a man came to the Prophet Muhammad Ali has a son and his name is obeying.

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He came to us with some bones he crushed the bones and treated until they turned into dust. And so the other so Allah, he didn't say

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he was not a believer. He says, Yeah, Muhammad

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hasn't yet started a book can you Lord?

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resurrect this bones after they turn into dust?

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Have you started our book? And yet has it?

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Can you Lord resurrect this phones after they have become thus?

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Then the Prophet replied, Allah now and you're stuck here Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala your best now Allah can resurrect this bones through my Yomi took some of your sheep somewhere you look Allah, the Prophet told him

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that yes, Allah can He will resurrect his bones and then he will you will die and he shall revive you and He shall inshallah admit you or throw you into hellfire because he's the man who wanted to ridicule not only the Prophet Muhammad as a threat, but he wanted to ridicule and Mark Allah as the ocean. So the Prophet Muhammad is the Son he he lives with the name of Allah and as this

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you cannot let somebody mock you or ridicule you, let alone okay Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah you have to take some stance and also luck Allah He didn't want me to follow him, he is kind he is merciful, Salama, but when he takes some stance with somebody who wants to, to recruit you again, that you take some positive steps. This is so that he has seen Allah as the mission then start talking about insomnia seeing the example of this area, this town well by Allah azza wa jal sent to three prophets, about three prophets. Sometimes Allah was one prophet to town or to the nation sometimes Allah was sent to Prophet sometimes Allah was sent three prophets so this particular time

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Allah has sent three prophets to give them on top of that came a man I believe in men who came to them to help out to assist Yeah, yeah, oh me oh, you people follow them, oh, serene. All these prophets. Then Allah azza wa jal talks about the Creator. And then Allah says talks about the creations with his creations, the alternation of the day and night and when Allah says let's jump to the camera, what is the use of you're gonna have called on FIFA Kenya special in the sense that what's shrimps in Arab in English?

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Okay, son. Yes, sir. I can just give you credit for everything you said the son of a son, your son.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla they say, Let's Shamsi. unbury allah how to become Palma, de Wallen lado Sadie upon the HA, the shrimps was not to supersede and nor the earth and the night the alternation between the day and night night was not to supersede the day that they was not to supersede the night what couldn't be further Kenya spectrum, everything flows in its own orbit. One you know, this is submission, the submission the surrendering even the shows even the karma, even the moon everything surrenders to Allah Subhana Allah without even everything that you see and don't see I'm making to June and this letter must still have to suffer at the very end. I'm doing good. It's only

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eight minutes how was two more minutes for Salah to other owners. So that's a sulfat According to the New Cathy Murray reporting from if it was rude even at best or Tada, Assad bad angels was saw Sati Safa was there Gilardi says yoga by the way, the surah this surah is one of the most powerful softengine those who perform their sloppier, diligent SubhanAllah. And you don't ask me about that, right? We may but the surah when you recite on someone who's been hit with evil, with black magic and whatnot, they tend to research a lot of stuff that is a very powerful surah was software to software the, the the angels who are doing Sofia and even the Prophet Muhammad Islam says of

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Pakistan as

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the Son of Man, the heavens have become so overcrowded with angels, you will not find a place or a spot of forefingers other than you will find an angel either making social or cultural imagine the whole heaven, the whole sky filled with angels, some are making Sousou so I'm making a report. From the day Allah created them as at the end of time, and brothers and sisters, the day in the Day of Judgment. When these Angel this angel was making Sue or this engine was Lika Volker, he will stand from his locker or he will start from his vision and you will look at the face of Allah He shall say Subhana can not to have a vanity. He will say pray speak to you, Allah will have not worshipped you

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as opposed to all his life, be making social another court yet he would say I have not worshipped you as I'm supposed to have brothers and sisters some

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thing that drew my attention in the sort of suffer the beautiful dialogue that happened between Ibrahim and his son

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when you brought him Saudis dream Boonie in the other film and me and the fans of MATA Farah Oh my Yeah, boy Oh my beloved son. I saw in my dream that I'm slathering you that I'm sacrificing you? What do you think a father is consulting with his son. Not any dream I saw in my dream and getting them smothering you. I'm sacrificing you. You know, it's married and he certainly did not run away to his mom. Mom, mom, dad wants to kill me. You know, it's Mary. What did he tell his father? Father? Yeah, Betty. The father said yeah. When the son says yeah, that is

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Oh my father do as you as you were told, Do as you wish I shall be from those who are patient is beautiful in one year, raise your kids you know in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala eventually if kids not only will listen to you will say yeah, yeah, but I trust Allah Subhana Allah to Allah do as your Toll Brothers and sisters and I that will change your life. So um, so let's father, verse number nine.

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Men can God that is actually law he journey has mentioned this before Suzhou today, whoever wants to reserve is from Allah. Whoever wants our honor is from Allah. That is not is that if Allah does not give you an answer, there is no honor. There is no dignity except in Allah subhanho wa Taala be proud of who you are. This is what the message says. Be proud of your deen Be proud of your name. Be proud of your identity. Be proud that you were Muslim that you're Muslim, be proud of your path be proud of who you are, and be live with the name of Allah Allah as he's when the Prophet Muhammad Ali is awesome says it is reported by Barbara Lee and the rest of the group by jabber they have had a

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team that will have a lien on the hub when they took a little bit longer than when I was in

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the game here is he as he's a widow literally. When the Prophet says that this religion of Islam will push the four corner of the world

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they will not be one single house with Allah who has not heard of something called La Ilaha whether they like it or not, it's spring it's time to move in the charity that Garmin is moving now your your choice is you whether you want to join the caravan

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and say that either home Allah

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or you're going to do us be proud of who you are be part of your name. Don't change your name from automatic No. Yeah, more on 100 to Mike what Abdullah to update all of them.

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I need these names and I don't understand or, or I've heard something even Ibrahim ed.

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I don't know I don't know

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Zhi Shan Shan Zhi,

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habibi. Be proud of who you are, be proud of your identity prior to the Muslim I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to help us to practice to convey exactly what