Mohammed Hijab – Imagine your IDF Son was Dead – Zionist Gets Triggered

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a TV show where Speaker 1 talks about his son's death and how he believes he is a Jew. Speaker 1 also talks about his son's actions and past political views, including his anti Semist views.
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Now you've shown us some pictures right such as this by the way how would you like it

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my son that you get

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if you're not a real man

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girls can have *

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yes you did

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my Instagram which

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you best and should have

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talking about my son because you're not a real man whatever a binary fight and if you really believe I really believed

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you would not be in the safety

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of a zoo in London, you can find my son and do not bring Shapiro's measures.

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Obviously you as you want to, you will imagine it's a simple debate, but

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your son is dead. Listen.

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It might you know, do you have no

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Stan is here I could spend my * life he's here to say my son's gonna die. He is a Jew hater. He's an anti Semite. He's an Islamist and the fact that

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long this way allow every question from European extraction, fabricate my father's would be wrong, my friend.

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Okay, my father's from Iran.

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I didn't meet Muslims. The

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fact that he's been allowed to offer fabrications of Jews killing the fact that he's allowed to offer fabrication that had no source 1000 to one the fact that he's gonna have to tell his life is a travesty of the show. It's a travesty. The fact that he is

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unacceptable one of the every question was allowed to talk about my * life. He's obsessed with people *. This was this was a travesty and the fact that you're not ashamed.

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You are not ashamed if you finish you finish Millie as

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