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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah warbird. So today brothers and sisters, we are at verse number 76 verse 76 of sword at cost us and we're going to go all the way to verse number 83. But we're going to spend most of our time in two verses 76 and 77. inshallah, and basically what's going to happen here in the sutra is Allah subhanaw taala is going to introduce us to a type of individual, not a specific person but a type of individual. And Ally's going to give us some incredible advice particularly for the wealthy all those individuals who have been blessed with wealth in whatever way shape or form lots of money Power Authority

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status, you name it, this is poor ends advice to the wealthy. So let's begin in the car owner can Emil told me more cell called Ron was from amongst the people of masa. We already know this. And the reason why is this individual Harun, immediately when a les says it's from ko Mimosa, we know that this is an Israelite, that's one. The second thing is, is a lead doesn't say who this individual is. But Allah gives them a title, the power one. So what is called on Part one is, is the sellout of a nation. It's the kind of person that creates problems for people. So this is kind of this is the individual and, you know, civilizations have always done this, where you go, and you try to gather

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as much internal intelligence as you can. But you do it through somebody that you offer, you know, some money and you sit down, you know, you'll have like these agents that will come to your house and be like, Look, we know you're a Muslim, we know you're pretty famous, you're respected amongst the community, we need information. So we're gonna pay you some cash. Give us some information, you know, watch the documentary on Malcolm X. And this used to happen to him quite often, the CIA used to come to his house and offer him jobs, so that he could give information about the Nation of Islam and all these things internally, what was going on? And you'd also panela he always refused. And as

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a matter of fact, he even recorded them. They said in case that later on, we never did that. We never went to his house. Why would we do anything like that? So this is something that happens till this day, where powerful organizations will try to get even Muslims Hey, can you tell us what's happening in that Masjid? You know, you'll have CSUs coming up knocking at door offering you a job. So, this is what's happened and this individual was offered status, money, women, luxury, everything by Fishtown and pheromones kingdom. And Allah subhanaw taala says, This man was from amongst the people of Moosa. So this guy was a sellout and he the fact that he's name is called or or he's given

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the title called on, it means that not only was he a sellout, but he was giving information back to fit around and his administration, about the movements of most of what masayoshi son was talking about what his people were up to everything. And all like I said, All civilizations have done this. All regime regimes all groups and places and people of power and authority have always done this since the beginning of time until this day, and then unless is full Buhari lay him then he also rebelled against him. he rebelled against the people of musala his m r t now hoomin algunos. Allah says, We gave him canoes kernels from the word kenzan vaults, massive, massive vaults, min couldn't

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mean l coluzzii. mat, massive vaults of wealth. This guy, whoever he is, had all the luxuries, all the luxuries. Now you got to remember something guys.

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The Israelites are the poorest of the poor after all, they're slaves. So they have no money, they have no wealth, they have nothing.

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And all of a sudden one of their people is living in the highest highest of riches. And Allah says that we gave him vaults, so he had an area in Egypt somewhere where he stored all of his wealth, his gold, his jewelry, you name it. So there were these massive, massive places. canoes also means that there was an area that was fenced off with just his treasures, and it doesn't end there. In them refer to who let her know or be loose, but he will call where

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he even just for the keys to access his treasures and his wealth. Just the key alone.

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He had to it was hard to lift, let her know, it was difficult to lift just the keys, you know, let her know is like when you're trying to lift something, even if no matter how small or tiny it is, you know, if you ever like go to the gym, you see those tiny little weights, but you try and lift one of them up and you're like, oh, you're lifting and you're lifting that's called leptin. So what does he do? will be loose, but you look over, he ends up getting a Aerosmith, we've seen this word before in sudut use of the brother said to the Father, when narosa You know, we're strong are spies, like, you know, you're flexing your muscles, like we're powerful, strong protectors, like nothing's

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gonna happen to you surf and hear Allah subhanho wa Taala says that this guy have called when he had a special group and their only job a special group of men, and their only job was to lift the key to access his treasure. Now, keep in mind keys back then, there weren't the traditional keys that you and I have now where we, you know, go into our homes and open doors. No, this was a key, it was like a massive log that would sit and drop in front of these huge gates. Nobody could lift this leg up. So if any of the Israelites wanted to break into his vaults, they couldn't do it because you needed a special group of trained men that could somehow access and lift this key, open and then access the

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gate. So he had a special group hired just to lift the key of his door. soprano hula, okay, is cornella who como hula Tafara. And we had said to him, we had said to him, don't show off, and those who follow him. So whoever was with this call rune guy, that tougher, tougher here, show off, stop flaunting your wealth, stop showing off. Because remember, this guy couldn't go in front of fit around and his administration and show up. You know why? Because they're the ones who gave him the wealth to begin with. So you might have all of the servants all of the Golden luxury, but you're no comparison to the people who gave it to your nothing. So he couldn't go and show off in front of fit

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around and his people. So who do you think he was doing this in front of, you know, all the slaves are sitting there in the mud pits and they're doing their thing? And he would kind of walk by with his servant or his chariot or something? And you're like, Yeah, what are you guys doing? Look at you guys. Haha, that's tough for when you're flaunting your wealth in front of people and you're showing this stuff off. You know, the lesson for us is very simple.

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There are Muslims who do this. There are Muslims who do this. You know, they'll they will flaunt their wealth. Yeah, I've heard it with my own ears. I heard it from with my own ears of brother who sponsored a Syrian family. And they came over here to Toronto. And one day he pointed out the Syrian family just imagine how this family felt right? He's like, yeah, I brought them to Canada. See, see that family over there? Come here. Come here. Poor guy doesn't even understand English. Come here. Come here. Yeah. He's here. I saved them from war because of you know, I've sponsored him and his whole family. Look, all his seven children, brought them all here. Subhana Allah. What does Allah

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say about people who do that?

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In the law, Allah, you will ferry him? Indeed, Verily, Allah does not love the people who show off. And you don't something. Neither do we. How do we is showing off an attractive quality in somebody when you see somebody? You know, I just got this jacket. I mean, the other jacket had a pen mark. So I just I throw it away. I went and I just I bought another leather jacket, who cares? saying so how's your sweater?

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Do we appreciate people with this quality? Do we like being around them? No, immediately, we're like, Dude, this guy's got such a show off. I hate being around. He's so arrogant. And then on top of that, he's loud and clear about this attitude. Like he shows up and he does it in front of people. It's embarrassing. I don't want to be around them. You know, I used to know a brother, right? who owned a boat. And

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every like, every so often, he'd go in his driveway. And he wasn't going to go to you know the lake and launch his boat or anything. He just go in his driveway, and he'll uncover his boat. It's sitting in the driveway, okay, it's sitting on a trailer, and he'll uncover the boat and you know what he's do? I wonder I asked him I was like, why don't you do that? Well, because you're not going to the lake. So why are you Why are you uncovering it? He's like, you never know people would walk by and see it.

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I remembered I was listening

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To this and I'm like, this is got to be like the highest level of all shame. You're you're actually flaunting this stuff. And you want people to walk by and notice it as well. That's tough for him. And Allah saying, don't do this, because he hates he does not love the people who have this this attitude Latifah. Now, what they tell the female tech Allahu del Adel hero? What does Allah say instead? Take what they tell the female attack Allah, take from what Aled gave you and invested in the earth or you know what we're learning here. You know, what we're learning here is that the wealthy here's the here's the first piece of advice, okay, guys, that Allah is giving it to the

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wealthy. So all of you who have been blessed with wealth, this advice, not from me, this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The first is that he says, Don't show off. Because he does not appreciate or love the people who show off. So don't do it. Don't flaunt your wealth. Number two, would be totally female attack Allahu del earthhero. And take from what Allah gave you and invested in your real home, the hero. You see, when people have been given homes and wealth in this world, you're already taking care of in the worldly life. Now, take care of your asset or life. You've already gotten everything in this world that's done with your mindset should be now how do I use this wealth

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to take care of myself. And as many follow up and edger and reward as I can get as I build my home and my life in the effort on? That's what Allah is telling us. And that's Allah subhanho wa Taala. his advice, that's the core ends advice to the wealthy, you're done with this world. You're done with this world? now concentrate here, what are you doing to build your time there, you know, what we also get, the people who are the haves, they have everything in the world, are also the people that should be the most giving in this world. You know, I read a video of just some stats of billionaires on in this world. If you were to take if I remember this correctly, if you were to take

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the top 13 most wealthiest people on this earth, and take I think it was about 10% of their wealth. So you take the 13 most excuse me richest people on this earth. And you take 10% of their wealth

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and distribute it amongst all the poor and the needy on this earth. It would eradicate and remove poverty in this world permanently for the next 20 years. Just think about that 13 of the richest people on this planet, and you're not taking all their wealth, you're not even taking close to half of their wealth, just 10% it would remove poverty across the planet for the next 20 years.

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Unbelievable. So

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when Allah gives you wealth,

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that's your first priority, be humble. And number two, you have to figure out how to use that wealth, to help build your air filter. And part of building some of the bricks and stones that you use to build the earth or life is dependent on how the responsibility you have with that wealth, how you give and how you help those who need it in this world. What it is so so you want to build a Masjid, you want to help the needy you want to pay for this. You want to look after your family. You want to take care of the people that are closest to you want to take care of their struggles, their deaths. That's your responsibility because why Allah gave you a chunk of wealth to you? You're

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supposed to look after others as well. Remember not once in the entire poor and does Allah save money and wealth is yours. Now what's what's watch what's going to happen?

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What here's the third piece of advice what a 10th son will see Beckham in a dunya alive saying at the same time, don't forget your portion of this world. So Allah is saying that look when you have to share and give from your wealth. You don't have to now go and buy a bike and donate your Mercedes or your BMW. You don't have to do that. Alissa's Don't forget your portion in this world. So when Allah gives you all of this wealth, he's saying it's okay you can have a beautiful home you can have a beautiful car, you can enjoy the sweat.

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You can go to nice dinners. But don't forget, and those don't lose sight of doubt. That's what you need to concentrate on the most. That's what you need to take care of the most. But it's okay. Because you know, this money was given to you this wealth and power and status was given to you. So it's okay. Take a portion of it, no sleep a portion of it, not all of it, don't go off and throw yourself into all the luxuries of the planet. No, no, no, let's sing a portion of it go. You can enjoy it, you can have it, you can buy with the things you like you can do the things that you want.

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So that's number one is the number four. Here's number five, not 123. Okay, that's number three. So we have don't show off your athleta is the priority number three, don't forget to also enjoy a portion of that wealth in this world. Here's number four. Well, I think karma is an Allah who lake

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and be good, the way that Allah was good to you.

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So be grateful. Appreciate it.

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So even if you're struggling and everything else, at least show some gratitude, at least be thankful. Because you know, something, all that wealth could be wiped out in a split second.

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That business that flourished. And as a result contributed to a lot of your wealth could go down the drain. As a matter of fact, since COVID, we've seen this a lot. Those of you who are coming in here, for the first time, I put a post yesterday, I was just walking in the mall. And I only took pictures of two stores. And because those two stores, I used to go into them a lot. There were nice clothing stores, and I, you know, used to find good deals and whatever, right. And all of a sudden, I walk into the mall yesterday. And both of the stores that I had visited in the past,

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gone, shut down, can't make ends meet.

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Everything that you work for, could go down the drain. Some of you probably remember that clothing company mechs. Really, really nice stuff. Gone. Massive Corporation down the drain. A lot could wipe this stuff out from you. So Ally's saying here is fourth piece of advice. Be grateful what I said be good. Use this wealth properly. Don't just flaunt it around. You know what this also is referring to? If you think of places where people do all the wrong things like casinos, clubs, if you think about bars, all these places, strip clubs, the whole adult entertainment industry, who funds this stuff? Is it the poor people who live in those poor villages that work bare minimum wage and barely

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getting by to pay their bills? Isn't those individuals who's actually funding this stuff? in society, we call this disposable income, right? These are the same individuals that go to these clubs that buy the liquor that

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buy memberships on websites are the people that have what Allah gives wealth to. So they're the ones that are actually sustaining those levels of corruption. You know why I bring this up? Watch what Allah does next. Listen to this.

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While at abilty, facade said fill out old, here's the fifth piece of advice, and don't take and create corruption in the land.

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of how to love Wow. When you think about the connection, you're like, the wealthy causing corruption in the land. Oh, that makes sense. Because those memberships on those websites, they're pretty expensive.

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Those, those bars that they visit the alcohol that you buy, those are pretty pricey.

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Everywhere you go, everywhere, and you know, all those clubs that you want those exclusive clubs. You've got to dress your best, you've got to have some nice clothing, you've got to really be on top. Oh, no wonder All that said, don't take any portion of corruption and spread it across the line. Don't you dare do that stuff. Subhana Allah, see how Allah opens our eyes.

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So it really, really is powerful, really is powerful. When you think of all the industries that corrupts a human being in whatever way, shape or form are actually funded by the wealthy. So panela And one last thing I want to mention, don't think we're talking

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When we say the word wealthy, don't think we're referring to people who are have millions and billions of dollars and are really, really powerful. We're talking about people who are just even slightly above the average rate and lifestyle that people in their culture and society are accustomed to, you're just slightly above that. Allah gave you just a little bit of extra room that you can play with in terms of wealth. You know, you can save a little bit more than the average person in your culture and society, you belong to this group. Now, you are in this group, so panela. So this is Ally's advice to the wealthy. In the law, you have one more CD and Allah does not love

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those who are Mufson. Allah didn't say, you know, fassi. Dune. Or you see Dune, Allah said, mufg said, Allah does not love the person who has the quality of corruption within and they spread it to people around them. That's absurd. You're actually you're not just corrupting yourself, you're actually investing money and time corrupting people around you. So yeah, you keep going to the casino every weekend. So you're funding displays. So you're keeping that going. You keep buying the same packs of cigarettes every every day, because you know, it's wrong, but you keep doing it. So you're funding the company who's making that? And that's what companies target. They want people you

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know, to come to Las Vegas, throw your money down. You know,

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I was at a store, obviously, I won't say where right is this guy walks in, and he starts screaming at everybody at the counter. And he starts using every curse word you can think of. And I'm sitting there and I'm like, Man, this guy is nasty. If I was sitting behind that counter, I might just I would have probably jumped over the counter and give him a smack on his head. This guy was so nasty. And you know what his problem was? His problem was that he brought in his car to get serviced. And they did not service his car, according to his own expectation. So he was saying things like, you know, you left footprints in my car, I vacuumed data, and I saw some dust, you're supposed to polish

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this up, I want you to do this. And then when you when you clean when you fix the problem, you didn't wipe this, like really trivial miniscule things, right? It had nothing to do with the mechanics of the car. It was just about the appearance, and that he wanted to have sort of like this VIP treatment that he didn't get. And he just came in and he started telling off everybody, I saw this with my own eyes, guys. He even made one of the workers. He even made one of them. She started crying. He just verbally abused her. He started crying, she started crying.

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Want to hear the worst part in this.

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When this guy left, I was on a phone call out. So I stepped outside. And I was on a phone call. And as I'm sitting on a flight and want to listen to the stuff, I didn't want to be around that tension, right? So I'm on the phone, and the guy storms out. And he gets into his car. And you know what's hanging, you know what's hanging on the mirror.

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What's hanging on the mirror is this little decorative decorative thing. And it has the 99 Names of Allah

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the 99 Names of Allah

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He was Muslim.

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Think about

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you know you every day we're trying to instill qualities to make us better people.

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We're trying our very best to help and follow the laws and the instructions that were getting in the poor end.

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And then this guy,

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and then people like him.

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People like him

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it's just it's so so unfortunate and sad in every way

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that that's that's the impression now that we have to fight.

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How do you tell people No, that's not us. And this guy, he's gotten he you know, he has he has his Islamic label in his car. So everywhere he goes, people will see that's that's the Muslim.

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Now if they ever put two and two together I don't know if they did if the workers put two and two together like yeah, it's just that's the that's the that's the crazy guy. That's a crazy customer. And he's got this like really weird Arabic writing in his car. Oh

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One of them

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some Muslim, thank god these Muslims, and then we have to deal with that.

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So unfortunately,

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so messed up.

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Allah continues and he says, Would you want to know why I bring this up? Listen to this, call it in to who I am in the courtroom, you know what he said?

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He said all of this was given to me. I laughed at me in it because of intelligence that I possessed.

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Isn't that one of the biggest, biggest, craziest things that the wealthy often say? They say, I got all of this because of what I did.

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I built this business.

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You know, I earned this. Aye. Aye, Aye. Aye, Dude, chill out. Stop. That is the peak of arrogance. When it comes to wealth. You keep saying aye? Aye. Aye. You failed. This here a love brings it up. So here's the what is this the six? Yeah, this is advice number six from the poor end to the wealthy. And if none of this applies to you set a lemon. You're the rare one. Allah blessed you with humility, you know what to do with your money? And everything you have? You didn't do it. You didn't do it? Because you got it? No, no.

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This is from Allah. This is from Allah gave me all of this. You know, you apply for the job and you apply to become the president you apply to become a manager. You don't say Oh, it's because of my seniority is because of all the years I work I had to I deserve that. Nobody else could have it. No, no, no. Because the verdict was from Allah. It's your turn, you can have it. You see, we're told to work, work, work, work, work. What we do not touch is the result. I've said this before. We can ask Allah for whatever we want. We do not get to tell or decide to Allah, for Allah, when and how to give it to us. Our job, y'all I'll be out of be all I asked when I asked you when and how Allah

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decides to give that to us. That's not our job. That's not our territory.

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Oh, lm Yaga. Allah says, Don't they know?

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This is a game called when, by the way Doesn't he know? And Allahu Allah came in probably he mean poorly men who should do mean hokku atoma exaro jamara? Doesn't he know called on that we've destroyed? Those people who came before him nations that came before him, who were stronger than him who are more powerful than him, and who had more wealth than him. We destroyed them all. You see.

00:27:50--> 00:28:10

Calderwood might be referring to one of two things when he says this, when he says in mot to whom I was given all this wealth. Who is he referring to? Some of the rlms said that he was referring to Allah is like, yeah, like just Allah gave me all of this. And others said, No, it was he was referring to fit around, fit around, gave me all of this.

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So the point is, though, okay, fine, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume that he says, Allah gave me this. He still didn't commit himself that Allah is responsible for all of this 100% he still didn't do you know why? Because he says, Allah Aleman based on knowledge, MD. I have. See what he says a log. So in other words, if you say that he's referring to Allah, then it sounds like this. Allah gave me all of this wealth. Because of knowledge. I had

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no cartoon you still messed up, bro. You're still not there.

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So some people like y'all have blessed me. You blessed me with all of this. All of this stuff I have a lot of Legends gave it to me. Because you know why I work hard in my life. Because I went to school. I've got three PhDs I've done it. That's why I login No, bro. It's called Baraka. Baraka, Allah gave you Baraka.

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Allah gave you Baraka, that's what you have to say, Allah blessed me with a buttock. I work hard in my life, but I don't know what the outcome is of my hard work. Allah gave me Baraka. So the wealthy, that's the takeaway here, every time you are given something, you say, Alhamdulillah Allah put Baraka in my life, period.

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400 while I use Edwin don't obey Him, we'll move to the moon and we were not going to ask about the crimes that the criminals make us. We already know Allah is saying, we're not going to ask about what he did or didn't do. We already know what criminals like him have done. You know, there were sellout

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of their society, all because they wanted to climb. They wanted to climb that ladder and have a higher status of wealth and power and political power. We already know what they did. We're not going to ask about them. Everything's being documented and recorded for how to do it. I told me he fi z and NT so one day he stepped up or he often used to step out in front of the slaves he Xena tea with his chariot in his in his servants and all of his silk and all that stuff. He used to come out the Xena tea on a leather you know, Yuri, doodle hyah to dunya those who were wishing to have materialism like paudel what we're learning here is materialism is not just on the outside, you

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could also have materialism in the heart. So that's what we're seeing here. Some of the slaves when they saw this Paul rune dude,

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they would say to themselves, God how we wish we could have the late Elena mithila Ooh, to court. Oh my god. Yeah, like oh my god, I wish I had that.

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God look at his car. Oh, I wish I just look at my bike. Look at his car.

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That's what some of the slaves did when they saw porn. That's materialism in the heart. On the outside you have no materialism whatsoever you're you're a slave you're poor, but it's there it's there that's that's the problem.

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Mr. Metal to call in a hula hoop level how often are they you know what in the hula? havlin are they miss? It's like when you see that person and you're just like God I wish I had that in the hole that will help the nauseam is you're so lucky. Look at you put the life you live and God look at us so lucky. That's literally what in the hula don't have enough famous well, Carla Latina Ooh, tell him away laocoon sobre la hide. But we said to those who had knowledge whaler come wake up those who of you who have knowledge wake up. So Abdullah hydro, lemon em and army lasagna Han. Your compensation with Allah is so much better. For those of you who have faith and you do righteous deeds, in other

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words, a less steering our attention, forget about that stuff. Focus all those tahajjud you've been praying all the solids, you've been praying all that that 25 cent you gave him sadaqa all that stuff is way better than all that wealth, in the sight of Allah and all those righteous deeds, my god that is 1000s and 1000s of time more valuable to Allah. Why does he care about that stuff? So shift your attention back. Go back to what you're you're supposed to be doing here. While you look, call her Illa solve your own. Nobody will meet those rewards except the people who are patient.

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May Allah make us from amongst them? I mean, for herself maybe he will be dead he he'll addled.

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So here's what happened to pot on a lot caused him to sink into soil for herself. Now how suffer he sunk and he fell into the bottom of the ground into the soil will be dead he Otto and his house also sunk into the ground from Air Canada home in FY 18. He didn't have not a single group, the unsold owner home in dunlea that could aid him other than a low American I mean a montage scene and he couldn't even avenge himself that's how part one got destroyed. In his own house. It got sunk and swallowed into the ground. Also by Latina tar Mountain Men know McKenna who bill MC are called on look what happened those same individuals that yesterday who were saying God I wish we could be like

00:33:51--> 00:33:56

called when they started saying like anila Oh my goodness.

00:33:57--> 00:34:16

Oh my goodness way can Allah hi Emma Souter. rispoli may share. They said, Oh my god, it's only a law that expands his arrays to whomever he wishes from amongst his slaves way up there and he can calculate them. So they regret it. They're like, Oh my god, that could have been us.

00:34:18--> 00:34:39

Oh, my goodness. He got swallowed by the earth that could have been us because yesterday we we were wishing to be like called when I look what happened to him. That's what a lot destroyed him. And why did Allah destroy him? wasn't because of the wealth he had. It was because of materialism in his heart, is why Allah destroyed him.

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

And it continues. Lola Lola men Allahu arlena Allah hustle for Bina. If it wasn't for the decree of Allah upon us, we would have been sunk into the ground like part one. Why? Because we were thinking just like

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:39

wake anahola you flee or you care for your own way is also like a whale or a cry like oh my god oh my god, the disbelievers they will never find success. Last a guy's tilka devil, Pharaoh to Niger idol holy lesbian Allah God Yuri do nerello one fill of the facade that is the earthhero This is the real home that we give to those who do not want or desire or possess any heights in the land or any corruption all around Cuba to live in the final result is always going to be for them with tilde P.

00:35:40--> 00:36:24

I'm going to pause there guys tomorrow in sha Allah huhtala we will conclude pseudo classes and then I will introduce to you the next chapter. Yes, well I want to stick to Tafseer because I feel like it the poor n will give us everything that we need. Once we incorporate as we've been doing all the teachings as many of it as possible of the Prophet it was stolen. I just want to stick to these two things let's just combine these two things and journey through as much of the poor end as we can be as Neela so I'm I don't want to say anymore is a pretty long video and I apologize for that guys. You know that since day one I've said I wanted to keep these videos no more than 20 minutes I failed

00:36:24--> 00:37:04

pretty bad with that in this series at least. So please forgive me guys. I know it's it's much longer but man may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of you for your patience. And they'll lie so which will report or reward all of you for your constant support as we journey some some of the most beautiful chapters of this of this portal and tomorrow inshallah we conclude to sort of help us and I will introduce to you the next chapter. As always, I promise you, you're gonna love it, not because I'm teaching it, but because of the chapter itself you're going to love the choice B is Neela. So let's continue. Let's continue encouraging each other. Let's continue journeying through

00:37:04--> 00:37:46

the instructions of Allah subhanho wa Taala I don't know I feel like this session was really heavy for some reason. I don't know why. So I'm just going to stop here. I'm going to just take a break and breathe and let whatever we talked about in this session, let it resonate and let it just process however way in sha Allah hotel Allah, may Allah azza wa jal bless all of you and reward all of you I know some of you ask some questions so I'll get to them be the lead Don't worry about it. I will look I read all of your comments I read all of your salams and while Allah He as Allah is my witness every one of you that write down said Mr. aikman, those comments as I'm reading it I'm in

00:37:46--> 00:38:07

I'm saying it to myself Arkansas, like what was said I want to like wake Muslim up to like, what he could like just happen a lot. Like I try to do my very best to respond. So I do see it I do read it a lot. And so which I'll bless you for it. I love them. I mean, so take care guys and see you tomorrow in sha Allah sonamarg de la you about a cotton