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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the implementation of Islam's " acts of peace" and the Herod School project, which aims to encourage people to be prepared for upcoming busy busy holidays. The speakers emphasize the importance of commitment to reality and avoiding a factory mentality. A man shot a woman in the face and killed her, but was shot and killed by police, leading to the police killing the shooter and ultimately led her to the holy rec relies. The Herod School is working to resolve the situation and bring peace to Muslims.
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Hundreds I grew up below the mean, but it was a little shocking. While I read one

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I shall Wanda la

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la sharika La Rochelle, Mohammed Abdul

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Salam Raja la de la he was how the woman da da da what he was telling me so knotty la Omid Dean was Southern to Sleeman kathira. Ahmedabad for will SQL will not see the top Allah azza wa jal

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says he will talk

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when you pull on hug suparna Arruda Billahi min ash shaytani regime? Yeah, you have the dino Armada Taku la haka Ducati, one

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in one two Muslim on.

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All praises are due to Allah Lord of the worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners, that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is a servant, his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, his companions to all those who called his way established the Sunnah to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows, I remind myself and you

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have the critical importance of taqwa,

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the consciousness of Allah, Allah, how what Raja that we should fear Allah subhanho wa Taala but at the same time, hope in the mercy of Allah.

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And know that this taqwa is a spiritual shield.

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That can protect the believer, not only in the masjid, but outside in the world.

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And that is tough while that helps to inform us

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to make the right decisions as we go on the journey of life.

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Allah subhanaw taala has blessed this nation. Despite all the difficulties, Allah has blessed us with longevity,

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that we would continue and continue regardless of what happened to us.

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From the very time of Prophet Muhammad, peace of blessings be upon him. The last of a long

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group of messages, the Seal of the Prophets

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from his time, they were those who stood

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and claimed to be prophets. False Prophets appeared.

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Just after his death,

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people turned against the Muslims. People broke away at the past stated from the omen.

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But Muslims continue to grow continue to expand.

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fitna struck the Muslims chaos,

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division struggle.

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We continue to expand

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in traveling to different parts of the world. We ran into cultures, we ran into nations who had different religions who came into Islam.

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They accepted the Pillars of Islam.

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They accepted the ritual nature of Islam.

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So you will find people around the world

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who accept salaat they accept Zakat charity, they accept fasting.

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They accept the Hajj. They believe in one God.

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But the effectiveness of their religion

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is not only in the acceptance of the pillars, but it is to live the pillars. It is one thing to say it but it is another thing to actually do it.

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And in this light and this sacred time as the hood judge the pilgrims to Mecca

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have completed the rituals of Hajj no major incidents will happen to the law. And that is a standing miracle in itself. Millions of people returning now to the lens

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Returning to high mountains, returning to valleys returning to jungles, deserts, urban cities, millions of people who went through the experience of the harsh.

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Also millions of people,

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almost 1.6 billion, who recognize the pilgrims

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and celebrated the salata eat

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and they spoke about the rituals of Hajj.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed his last testimony, his last book,

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in a way that would explain details and give us Divine Wisdom as to what we are actually performing.

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And concerning the pilgrimage, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed a chapter called circle has a whole chapter is the chapter of the pilgrimage in it, there is the meaning.

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Allah tells us in the 32nd verse,

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that a cover may you have them sha Allah He, for inha mintaka to loop.

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In this part of the verse, Allah said, such is the state of the one who is making the pilgrimage and whoever holds

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in honor

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the rights of Allah. For surely such honor comes from the piety of the hearts. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the judge, to all those who have performed this pilgrimage, that the essence of the Hajj is not just the ritual.

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The essence of it is something inside the individual.

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The essence of our prayer is not just going up and down.

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The essence of fasting in Ramadan is not just abstaining from food and drink,

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because there are millions who stay away from eating and drinking for many reasons. But the essence is something deeper.

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We learned that in fasting, it is taqwa.

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It's the consciousness of God. That's why we fast

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in the pilgrimage, it is a cleansing of the individual and the cleansing starts inside.

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Even though that person has traveled 1000s of miles, even though they are spending their wealth to sacrifice the animal

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even though they are carrying out a ritual trying to be exact, to get patch McGraw.

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But Allah subhanaw taala said in circle Hodge the same important chapter, Lamia, now La la la Omaha, wala de ma ohana can janella taqwa, men come. So Allah said the flesh and blood of the sacrificial animals does not reach Allah.

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But what reaches Allah is taqwa. It's your consciousness. That's what reaches a lot.

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So the animal being sacrificed is a physical thing that does not reach a lot.

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But the level of the sincerity of the hash of the one who is making it, this is what reaches Allah. This is the essence of what we are doing, when we carry out the acts that we carry out.

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And so talk well pollute

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the consciousness coming out of our hearts. This is the essence of the pilgrimage. And so as our who judge are coming back on Tuesday inshallah, and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bring them home safely, as they are returning and Allah would judge are returning, they are returning to a world

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that is changing day by day.

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They are turning to a world where the reality of good versus evil is becoming clearer and clearer.

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And so the challenge on average, and the challenge on other believers around the world. The challenge is

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the rituals of Hodge

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versus the reality and practice.

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The ritual

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of making tawaf going around the Kaaba,

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the ritual of running in between Safa and Marwa as hajah, may Allah be pleased with the Ren

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the ritual of the stoning of the shale team,

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the ritual of the depressives going to the valley of out of what is the reality of the ritual.

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That is the challenge which is facing us today. Because, no matter what we do, reality is always there.

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So, this pilgrimage, this prayer, this Juma is preparing us not to stay here in a monastery, but to go out into the world.

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The whole charge of being prepared,

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not to stay in was delita.

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Or to stay in men of America.

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But to leave it

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and carry something with them.

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That light that they are carrying,

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that feeling they are carrying is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala and it is this light

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that has continued to light the way for Muslims for 1400 years. And so the rituals

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in the Hajj itself, the essence of Hajj is tawheed

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it is the oneness of God.

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That is the essence of everything the Hajj is about

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and the oft repeated tell BIA

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that if we go to Hajj this will be imprinted in your heart for the rest of your life.

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If you listen enough to Mecca,

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it will be printed for the rest of your life. Love bakel law Humala bake law Baker lashley

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in Alhambra, one near Amata laka was

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Sheree Connect, did you feel it?

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If you experienced it, it will bring something out of you. Love Baker law humbler bake, I am here at your service. Oh Allah. That's what they said.

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I am here at your service. You have no partners. Surely all praise and blessings and the kingdom belong to you.

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You have no partners. You have no rivals.

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And so the essence the oneness, in the tune in that beautiful

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in that statement, love bacolod mother Bay, I'm here.

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I'm at your service.

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So the hajus serving Allah subhanaw taala. And when he or she returns, they are also

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supposed to be serving Allah. But when you leave Mecca,

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when you leave the sacred

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precincts, when we leave the masjid, reality is outside the door.

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And although

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we confirm the oneness of God, there are those who may return home and in some cases, they may they may return home and worship grace.

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They may pray to people who died and not Allah.

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They may worship buildings.

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They may worship the river, the sacred river.

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Some people will worship money.

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They worship the dollar.

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They worship the pound. They worship their currency, false material things. That is the test the baker lahoma bake a mattress service Allah continue to service

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the reality of the rituals,

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millions of people making the pilgrimage together. This is a standing miracle

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coming from different nations, speaking different languages, different colors,

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different economic class,

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coming together as one mass and performing the pill.

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Which is miraculous. And I always remember the testimony made to journalists who were watching Mecca, they were looking down at toe off. And the people were going around. And as they were looking through the electronic media,

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one of the journalists was Muslim, the other was not a Muslim.

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And so the Muslim said to the non Muslim,

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look at these people, in 15 minutes, all of these people will stop what they are doing, and form concentric circles around this house and pray behind one man,

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the non Muslim said, That's impossible.

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We know people we know are crowds. How can you Marshal all these people together? They don't even speak your language. How can you get them and suddenly the alarm went off.

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And when in 15 minutes, they all pray in concentric circles behind one man,

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this is a miracle. And this is something that we carry inside of ourselves.

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But the challenge was, that when they finished when they made synonymous, finished the salaat

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then everybody went back to what they were doing.

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Some may tawaf, some may study some drugs.

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And so the unity is there, but the Unity needs to become part of our life

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and not our ritual.

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So the ritual versus reality,

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how to bring it together.

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Millions of people miraculously

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in unity.

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Coming together,

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stoning the shale team. They stoned the devil.

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They took a strong stance and some of our brothers in men have lost control of themselves and jumped up and beat it and drew these shoes and they lost everything.

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But what happens when he goes home?

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Because the same Evil One will yell without is waiting for you.

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So will you stone him or histones you

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it has to continue.

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The commitment has to continue within the individual

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being ready to stand as the with jobs through the storm. This may La La they threw the stone.

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They took a settlement.

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And now they are home. Do they take a stand

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last weekend on arafat day.

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On Saturday, August 10.

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Outside of Oslo, Norway, and unknown Islamic Center

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and Islamic Center, like any of us centers, Muslims were praying, Muslims were remembering arafat. And suddenly, from the side door came a man

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dressed completely in body armor

00:18:41--> 00:18:43

carrying a shotgun and a pistol.

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instead of attacking the front door, he attacked the side door.

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And he began to shoot

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through the glass.

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But by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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One of the believers who was ready to sacrifice himself, complete commitment.

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When he heard the sound, and saw the individual, something kicked in him, the

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Mohammed Rafi from Pakistan and they say he's between 65 to 75 years old, is around 70 years old. He leaves like a lion of Allah

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and brought down the white supremacist terrorists. And it's been proven now. He brought the white supremacist terrorist COVID in body armor

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with shotguns and a pistol shooting. He brought him to the ground. What was the armor of Muhammad Rafiq, his taqwa

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his armor was from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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He brought him to the ground, pins him to the ground until the police came and took the man away.

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This is the hero of Assad, this person should be a hero, he should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

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These are the real heroes.

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But we expect our reward from Allah subhanaw taala and not from people.

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So complete commitment.

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As the judge, were able to make pilgrimage together, they managed differences, differences in height, differences in language, differences and culture.

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They manage them together. We also need to manage differences,

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operational unity,

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that we begin to recognize our brothers and sisters recognize each other for the strength, if there's a slight difference between us a slight difference in how we prayed a slight difference in our accent.

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thank Allah for his mercy for bringing together all the people into one line.

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Managing differences and agreeing sometimes to disagree, agree to disagree.

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And I still love

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that is what we need in the same way of don't judge that those who have the true spirit of the Hush. See the sanctity of the other brother and the sanctity of the sisters

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in quality,

00:21:50--> 00:22:09

intention that a foreign government brings equality to the people the same way equality is when we praise there is not supposed to be a special line for the upper class. And another line for the lower class. And another line for the untouchables.

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We are all together as brothers and sisters. That is the equality that needs to penetrate our thinking,

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especially the children, the younger generation.

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All of the people here are your brothers and sisters,

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regardless of their color, regardless of their language. It's your families were families

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and at the Muslim world united as a family

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that we would see a major difference in this world. The sacrifice,

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sacrifices that was made of sacrificing animals. That same sacrifice needs to come into our lives. Our brothers and sisters now

00:23:04--> 00:23:07

in many parts of the Muslim world, in Kashmir,

00:23:08--> 00:23:13

in China, in Philistine in the Central African Republic,

00:23:15--> 00:23:18

in many parts of the world are in crisis now.

00:23:20--> 00:23:33

And so we need to be able to respond and sacrifice, sacrifice something for ourselves, sacrifice our time, our wealth, our writings, whatever we can do,

00:23:35--> 00:23:36

even if it's just

00:23:38--> 00:23:51

but give something for the liberation of the Muslims. To ease the burden of this oma This is the challenge that we are facing, as the head judge are leaving

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the holy precincts. They were in submission to Allah. They follow the Sunnah of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam. And as Allah says in the Ibrahim macadam omantel carnita la hanifa

00:24:11--> 00:24:19

Brahim Ali Salam was a nation unto himself called eternal law. He was submissive to Allah.

00:24:20--> 00:24:21

He was pure

00:24:23--> 00:24:29

and he did not worship islands. So this colony turned that submission

00:24:30--> 00:24:59

in everything that we do, that is what we are looking for, to come out of this pilgrimage. This is a great opportunity for us. Allah subhanaw taala has reinvigorated the oma with this. He reinvigorated us with making he together in unity. And now we have an opportunity to respond to a loss of autonomy to respond that feeling has

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To stay in ourselves

00:25:03--> 00:25:18

that feeling which is in calculate encapsulated with the words the baker law mother bake the bacon shalaka bake in. How does one never matter? Lackawanna

00:25:20--> 00:25:21

Sheree collect

00:25:22--> 00:25:27

a call luckily Heather was stuck for a while, but decided he was the medium and

00:25:28--> 00:25:29

hero in the home.

00:25:42--> 00:25:59

Hum did Allah Allah had an aha alpha to summit allele Lamia, Nicola Nuland, Milan yaku for one aha was suddenly what was some tomato salad over Lima Arkady Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge my Baba

00:26:00--> 00:26:03

Yaga evangelia taco la Jai sama cuanto

00:26:04--> 00:26:06

tiempo panna book

00:26:07--> 00:26:12

La La La La Liga who use a Luna Allah Nabi yeah you

00:26:13--> 00:26:22

sallu alayhi wa sallam who Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala optika zuleika Mohammed Radha Allah you as heavy as you may want to

00:26:23--> 00:26:27

follow Rashidi Abubakar Omar Ali

00:26:28--> 00:27:09

yahama Rohini Alhamdulillah Adana the other woman I cannot tell you, though, that Robin allowed to see for Luba Daytona hablando de Luca Rama in nakazawa Allah Islam Islam and Muslim in Allah Islam and Muslim me Allah Islam what was Leeming? Allahumma is in his lab workers Leave me alone I'm not feeling Muslim in a Muslim man. Well, we need one minute I mean from what I'm what bureaucratic Algebra II mean, about the lawyer humble como la la la jolla. San Ysidro corpus corba Wang Ha.

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cologne como Illa salata COVID hammock