The Fortunate Few of Hajj 2020 #4 – Journey of a Lifetime

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses various topics including a proposal to receive a free lunch and visit a lady's house, but expresses their desire to receive a free lunch and visit the lady's house. They also discuss a woman who called to confirm their upcoming flight to Saudi Arabia and describes the bracelet as a way to track their journey and stay within their "ram pocket." The speaker describes various experiences with social club and Facebook groups, including a woman who had a difficult time finding a job and felt stressful during quarantine. The importance of staying true to Islam and not wasting time is emphasized, along with the use of sugar to make beer and the importance of being aware of one's time.

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Well Alico masala Rahmatullah we finally got all of you my sister How are you?

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Very very well congratulations hot mob rule. May Allah accept your heart and grant you forgiveness and inshallah absolute purity and cleanliness from all your sins and I hope you may do out for all of us. inshallah, I did, yes, indeed I did with the whole sugar.

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Mashallah, Mashallah. So, everyone is so excited to hear about how everything went, and Mashallah to byculla? You know, one of my first questions is always, how did you apply? And what happened? You know, how did you feel when you got accepted? And how were you told that you were accepted?

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50 we actually didn't know that there was going to be a hatch, but then my friends are seeming to say, next, we can actually go we can apply inshallah. So I said, Yes, the very next day, her husband went to the Minister of Culture over and they said, Give us a few days, we've just announced and not knowing that these people have not actually yet prepared themselves, but that is how eager and are anxious we were just to apply. And Alhamdulillah they opened the portals for us, we've applied. And I remember on the seventh, I got an SMS saying that your application has been registered successfully. And I went to my neighbor, Misha heeda. And brother Yusuf, who's opposite me and I

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said, because all of us have decided to apply and I said, Have you guys received the SMS? So Misha said no, and we used to say, Brother, you said, Yes, I have. So I said, Okay, Al Hamdulillah. Let's see what is the next day? And then they said, you need to fall in my smec do you need to give me details of your Mahara and I asked him and asked his mother, can I put his name down as my maharam because I wouldn't want to jeopardize any chances of not going. So I put his name down Alhamdulillah. And then the process just went forward. On the 13th, the mandate, I've got the SMS from the Minister of hygiene, I'm going to say, congratulations, your initial acceptance to the

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hatch of 1414 Yala would like to do say sugar to Allah. I didn't expect this. I mean, how many people have applied and Elia actually invited me am a guest of honor with our last house. It was just amazing. I mean, the feeling you cannot explain but that overwhelming joy and happiness, that you are going to hamdulillah it was just wonderful. And everything.

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Some people say that when you first see the message of some very good news, you actually look at it twice. You check your phone again, you actually make sure that it came from the right place. It's not a hoax. It's okay. You know, because some people to have a lot the, they just wouldn't believe it. I mean, I, I am used to receiving emails and so many messages saying you want 20 million, and you want 50 million in this competition. And I laugh at it because I tell myself, I never entered the competition. How can you ever win the competition you live in a you never entered? So So However, in your case, obviously, it was something you did. You did enter. So is this the proper use

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of the same brother who was also accepted? Yes, it's the same rather that the move.

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From that day, we did everything when I get an SMS phone call, I would go to him and say you will get a call Minister of Health, willfulness, etc. And I remember the Minister of Health A few days later found us to say that if she phoned me and said, nazima is still going on her. She said yes, of course, I'm still going on. She said you need to go for your testing. And she gave me the location. And I said, you know, there's another brother brother used to? I don't really except he actually got the call. Can I give you an easy karma so that you can go with me? I mean, instead of waiting for a spoon, she said, Yes, give me And from that day onwards, we've been doing things together Together,

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we just keeping each other informed Alhamdulillah. And then we also were asked to send out details for the traveling details of each traveling by a bypass. So we booked our tickets already. And then I know that the day before two days before we left, we got an SMS saying that Ministry of Culture is actually also booking a ticket. At the time when we started off. We didn't know that it's going to be a free lunch or hungry law, because we are paying rent money set aside. We're going to pay him every time you ask. They just say it's actually the application that we use to apply for anything. If it doesn't say if it doesn't ask you for money or hamdulillah you don't pay that all these

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And then only afterwards, we've actually found out that this is a prefetch. And all you could do is you could say,

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I mean, Mashallah, everyone was actually prepared to pay what we've heard from the others as well everyone was prepared to pay. And they were quite taken aback that it was a sponsored hatch fully. And Alhamdulillah that was a good thing, meaning, you know, the numbers were limited and so on. So Mashallah, that was really, really good. So, so then you, do you live with your family in Korea, in Korea? No, I'm actually alone in Riyadh, my family's back home. Okay.

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And how long have you been in Saudi for about two years? In working in the US?

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That is amazing. That is amazing. You know, one point that really comes to mind here is how everyone from among the South Africans got together and they all apply it. So it's not like, you know, one or two are not interested and so on. What I love is the connection with this pillar of Islam, that everyone who who thought, you know, what, we, this is the largest opportunity, even though they knew the numbers were going to be very, very restricted, but they have NIH, and that is something very motivating for me. And I'm sure for everyone else, because it shows the keenness regarding the fifth pillar of Islam. Today, we have so many people who requested me, when are you going live? When are

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you going back? I didn't want to give an exact timing because you know, the connection and so on. But I said, Don't worry, you will see it because they want to know, this is a pillar of Islam. We, I wish it was me who went to perhaps next year, I'm still hoping it's me, who's gonna be going, but let's hear from some of the fortunate few who've actually gone. So then you ended up going for all your, your tests and all that in rehab prior to the journey, I guess. Yes. And then we were we received our bracelet on the 19th. We were in quarantine for 14 days. I mean, at least you you in your room, you could prepare yourself and you know, you're just excited to just just escape that

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there's gonna come a message and say, Listen, you you either positive, or you can go and you just make the law, please. It could be it could be that I'm still you know, going on. So you you have to, you have to remain positive and pray that you're not positive. So there are two different positives here. But it's amazing because it's a mixture of anxiety, and it's a mixture of excitement, excitement and anxiety. And the only solution for that is just to lay your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. If it's meant to be it's gonna happen because you can't continue being anxious and excited at the same time. It's not healthy, right? Yes, through Yes. Through? Yes. So all we did is you just

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make the ions out Allah, you know, you've invited me, let's just go, you know, keep on going. Because you are so excited. You can't wait. And then the day that we left, we were at around a scene of normality in Cape Town, you always have been. Now Hamdulillah, my colleagues here, the Muslim colleagues, we had someone who lived at the other end for us. So you felt like you're back home? Although the first small few of us that were here, because everybody else lived. They send us off and hamdulillah we're on our way.

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So how am I, you know,

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just a quick one, to explain to some of the viewers, the band or the the bracelet that sister is speaking about is actually a bracelet that was issued by the Ministry of Health in order to track the program, where they are and to ensure that they are

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in quarantine and exactly where they say they are. So that tracker is connected to an app that you download onto your phone. And it actually communicates with you, right?

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Yes, yes. So you need to be in a certain range with the phone and the bracelet. Otherwise it tells you to please reconnect. So yes, so the bracelet this actually tells them where you are because your location is actually also under attack. So you need to stay within the radius of your phone and the bracelet. So Alhamdulillah even after Hajj we received another bracelet. Look at this.

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Yes, yes. May Allah make it easy for you and grant you guys goodness. And he saw my fellow How was your plane journey going to Makkah?

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digit there. It was actually wonderful. Because I mean, I mean a plane. I mean, I've been here for how many months now and I couldn't actually fly. So hungry enough just to judge everybody's on the same journey, going to Jetta, same purpose that we are when we arrived in Jeddah I mean, we've heard already it's cameras everywhere. Everywhere you walk, it's just scammers, and you felt like a celebrity. Yes. But your purpose is I need to get to that point because these we minister of pageant O'Meara saying you need to go and you need to get into your bus.

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We got into our bus and your name was taken, and they check that you are the person on your karma and, and name that actually given, this is the right person that's in the bus. And then we are on our way to our accommodation, which is in Makkah, the four points we arrived at and you know, everything was well planned everything I mean, the measurements that they've put in place, Allah you cannot imagine, I mean, everything that they did, we had our minister of health who tested us, I mean, I was tested three times, you know, they come and scan you three times in that bus, come and check you will given your MOS everything, just the measurements that they put in place that put you

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at ease as well. And then we arrived at the four points the guide, guide, also the guide because

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the for the route, you were issued your card and then you will live

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until the day that our logical start. So for that four days while I was in that room of tea, it was for me, this is the time you gave us enough time to prepare you well. And you're just sitting and you making the eye and you're saying yes and going over and over. And the space in that room was so limited, but I have to make my you know movements so that my muscles keep on you know that stuff because you can't sit still, you're going to move because in my mind is I'm going to walk because everybody has been walking. Didn't know that we will

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be adding yourself. And I remember the night of the seventh. I couldn't sleep I was so excited because my hands are starting tomorrow inshallah. brother used to send me a message the signals are you still awake? I said yes, yes. If I can't sleep, I'm so excited. I cannot sleep. And you just sitting me and you making two hours and everything. And then at 230 I actually started preparing myself. We only leaving at six o'clock. But that's the excitement that you want to be ready and everything are humbler relieved and we are on our way to the hat on

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arrival underhand. You know, all you could say sugar. I was in January with my dad and my sister and my son.

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And COVID came and then you realize you Sonia, you cannot go We'll go and Alhamdulillah when I was standing in front of the cabinet, I just say Sucre to Allah for giving me this opportunity that I could stand there again. And this time I could perform my hunch, as it just occurred. And you know what movie for the first time I was so close to the car but and that yearning just to touch the camera, but you can't. I mean, normally, we behind the mean, but this time we were in front of him, and you want to just to touch the camera, that's all you wanted to do. Because you are so close. I mean, that's the closest I've actually come to the cab, we perform out a walk to do. And you know,

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afterwards we do certain things, the measurements on the, around the Kaaba that was done, it was done. I mean, this was we planned, I mean, way ahead of time, because we were just told in the past, this is going to be aligned with C 2016. You just follow your leader, you just follow that line and you stay on what line, the girlie, the lady from Minister of Health, she just made sure that is a little scary that you have to stand. So everybody has to be on that black screen and there is a meter between you guys before the next person starts. And it was like it was amazing. At that time, you're not thinking of all the plan that was actually put in place to make this actually successful

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and so easy for us on camera. We did after work. Now we are on our way to Vienna Hungary law. We got the I have three two other sisters with me one from Malaysia. She's actually also in Saudi noorani and then I had another sister she's the Yemeni sister but she's in Jaipur Alhamdulillah and the three of us actually that is where the friendship actually started. We became so close and we now in the in head sister neuron popping in we were discussions about the Hajj and she would actually join us and the four of us would just sit and talk about the Hajj and what is next and etc. And I remember that night of the eighth you know y'all are going to ninth I'm going to meet you I'm ready

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you know you're so excited. You up early you make you preparing yourself and then they say that I'm going to edify you you're excited Mufti. We got the on the plains of arafat, they send us to Afghanistan, have your lunch. And then you can relax as I'm going to have my lunch but I'm not going to relax. I took my travel question.

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At my phone and a little booklet that uses mommy prepaid for us, without us and everything in the the woman's to ask my families to ask them sitting outside and talk. And you just making, because I know in the four points I had to work out the plan, I said, Yala, and I have to do all this will have enough time. I have to do that too, as of the oma and I worked out the plan for me while I was there. And so I told myself, I have to do 100 laylaz, I have to do 100 per handler, I work out something and I started opressing Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Akbar, and when I counted that as one, so if I make 100 of that, and I've covered all five of it,

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that was

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the beauty of it. The beauty of it is, you know, that it's not the counting more than the actual sincerity and the feel of it. And I think

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you feel that a lot to say, you know, what, it's good to do more with the, you know, the, the words I'm saying and the power of them and me

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more than anything else, and then suddenly, the weather changes, right? Yes, yes, Mufti. And that was for me, while I was making that to iron and you know, other stuff to do as an artifact. And you saying you're the Yala currencyfair to the to the ill and you bringing that to us of the people that asked, you know, you put the names to it, and you just continue and continue and then I look up to the sky and I saw, you know, a talk and I felt the school nurse and I look up to the sky and this is the dark cloud that uses moments talked about and I took my phone at that time and I had to just capture that moment. And I said Yella, I'm experienced this that she actually told me and I'm so

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grateful. And remember when mirror neuron got back together an acid neuron you know, she said yes, I actually saw that and I didn't know at the time and I said no, they said that as well to actually collect all you do as excetera and then after that, they said, we're going to shovel it off. Now you excited you're going to jump on a hammer that we were we were just a few meters away but we were driven to Java we got the noun he was actually followed the fat so the receipt actually put out for you. So we were sitting down and making dua and I know one of the leaders said, ladies, you can actually go to the mountain all I say this I just need to get the rock I need to I need to find the

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rock because I want to be on that mountain I just need to know how I'm gonna I found the rock and I just started making you know praising out the airline tears rolling down my face you know you're making to ask the woman's to ask everything and then lastly, I stopped with myself and then I actually asked Allah forgiveness you know, showing out my weaknesses This is not what I'm doing my fault strengthen mean this the following etc. and Alhamdulillah I got to do all that. And when I lift the mountain I felt like a burden was lifted from me you felt so I felt like yeah, like I said, I thought something is wrong with me. You felt like something was different from inside out. And I

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realized people have been talking like when you leave they feel like a newborn baby with now no worries what to even that is the feeling that I had. And I said yeah Allah I'm actually experienced this that people have been talking about and you so in that moment and you don't want this to end you do just you just want to stay there and you just want to keep on you know making the eye and ask for forgiveness etc. But I'll come the law I have experienced that that was the most amazing experience for me on the edge for me that was my hunch Yeah, like would you say

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and the

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two most alpha It was so hot we are now way we got the the seat began to the Nami Ramos you're going to cry now you microfinish I come in just

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jumping castles Allah we in the mosque and there was this app that my roommates in and Sydney's You know what, it's in Arabic, you can actually listen to it in English. And now you're listening. The mom is actually talking about what you've experienced a few minutes ago, just a few minutes ago, this is what I've experienced a lot. So are you so great to resist handle, I cannot believe this. After that you've played with leaving the MOS. And I remember a man my roommate is walking in front of men started wrestling. And I said yes. vahana like this is going to be cool. And and I told you Yes. You know what, it's not gonna rain on the Saudis. Maybe that five minute rate because that is

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what we experienced. And we walk into the open a because we're getting to sleep like the nappy in the open and the stars are excited as we got to the opening accommodation, you know, sitting and it started pouring and thunder and lightning. And we just look at umbrellas and restricting. And the leader says, You know what, we can go to the past we said no, we're going to stay here. This is what we want to be. And I remember that assignment.

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You sent me a message and he said azima you guys study fasted? Yes, my son, you know what? storming standard lightning? Is it Marshall and Marshall and azima alized except that Allah has accepted that is what he said. So I said yes. And then after that he just stopped, right? And then it was off the gate, you know that you must wait. So now you're laying under the sun, and you are under the skies and the stars and you're just making your art online at a gala. Just like me close my eyes for a few minutes because I need to stand up for you. And for that minute, you know, you just close your eyes. And then you hear the thunder and lightning again. And I noticed the neuron said that, you know, you

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felt those drops on your faces like altona saying my slaves, you need to wake up at statute now. And we all got up and you know, we made us align everything and now you're going on your way of the budget. We are now way to the gemera acaba.

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That was so quick we would deliver into Acrobat. It's literally just use the the bus stop, it's abused the police cameras and everything overwhelming you and your Steven peoples, you know, the sanitized peoples that we got in a bag. And I know, back in the room, I told them, they gave us a little velvet bag for the papers. And I said I'm not taking this velvet bag that I can give to somebody else. The plastic bag is when putting seven cables in because this is what the gentlemen that is the

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Africa factor that we had to come up with a velvet bag. So we keep this one. We use the plastic one.

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Yes, because I see that not gonna give you a good one you can to get that plastic one be the one that's actually keeping me away from all the good. Yeah. But it was so quick

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that you did the pouting and they were in the bus going to mean again. And then afterwards you're sitting and we're talking about you know your experience when you came from arafat and your experience when you did the power thing. So I told him, you know, when I was doing the belting, I was actually throwing that Gemma that Acrobat out of me and I think you know what, when I when I remember it was dropping as it is. That is my email one thing out of me, I'm throwing October but they need to get out of me. So she said yes. I said, Yes, I want him out of me. Because when I'm finished with my hatch, I need to fulfill the duties and everything that I've asked, and I need to

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now stop.

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then that night, on the first day of tertiary.

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The we were sitting and talking and you know, we had the competition also going on. So they keep you busy. These lectures and stuff like that. And then we were talking and then there was a lady, her name was Hannah, she came to our room. And then she asked us, you know, do you have questions for the sheriff? And he said, no, not at the moment. But we also have somebody that if we're confused, we have somebody that neuron is actually asking, and they guide us, etc. I mean, she was just talking and asking us like, you know, what is the day and procedures we know, it's the first day after surgery. And she said just what do we call it? And we were answering and then it became a

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lecture, you know, we were just in in that lecture and you were hanging on the honor words and then she's explaining everything and you just didn't want it to stop.

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And then when she lived with the trigger for the information and you know, the guidance and etc. And we are remember neuron and as I was saying, you know what we call Miss sister now, so that we can continue, just wanted to hear more and more. And then the next thing around came to me and said, You know what?

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I've asked everybody if the lady had actually visited them and asked him questions, most these Mahanama, the lady was owning our children go to anybody else, she only visited us. And now you have that fear is like, Am I not doing it? I am not doing

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too much, you know, am I wasting my time. So you extend that your time of doing takbeer and just you know, utilizing your time because you don't know, this lady just appeared in our room and she didn't go to everybody. But you know, it's maybe just an eye opener. Sending you you know, maybe utilize your time wisely or you know, don't waste and talk maybe going off the topic stuff like that. So hamdulillah that was for me it was like I got to meet

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Susannah and she told us about the shriek and everything and I mean, we knew about it but just hearing it from somebody else is like imposing you know, you need to make that beer you need to make that beer and I remember that brother sent me a message and he said Just give me five minutes and as it progresses and you know what, as the first day especially when I want to do that five minutes that I'm going to give to you I could have used to make that clear. I will give you my five minutes after the hatch then you can have all the time to year about my experience on each and every place that opposite of arafat. So give me just my time so that I can utilize and finish my hatch. For me

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it was mostly I know everybody that went on Hajj.

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He says that they have a different experience. But artifact for me, was the most wonderful, wonderful experience.

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And I say sugar to Allah that I could actually experience that, you know, being the, and you could actually

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see the beauty of Islam when I came down from alpha, you can actually see the beauty of Islam and you are actually grateful for being a Muslim, because that's what people have told you about the newborn, you experiencing that. And you just say sugar to Allah. And then for the terroir, without when we went to service moment, I told him every time when we go back, I cry. I told her and I don't know but you just cry because you're so grateful that you are the you one of so many that wanted to I know my dad and my sister and my mom was a critical this year, and my mom passed away

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on the Fourth of July last year, and all I give her Gentle,

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So all you can do is

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you they and you know this, you don't know if you're gonna come back.

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We do out of love with that you could just get her because this is the last your hedges ending and you just wanted to keep on going. We were sitting there and I told me Ron, you know what, I'm just sitting, I'm not doing anything. I'm just absorbing this whole atmosphere. And my friend, a man sitting next to me intensiveness these black birds that are flying? Yeah. What are they called us? I don't know the names. But I know everybody has been talking about these birds always in the head. And she said they're flying in a circle as you know what they doing, actually laughing. And we were just looking at these birds and they were going in circles and circles and circles. And when I told

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you so some woman said you know Misha, I've actually experienced that people have been talking a certain way. And you just have to be I'm not the person. She said, and why didn't you take a photo Sydneysider? You know, when I'm in near the cabin in the cabin, I don't worry with my phone, I don't take pictures, because it's for me, I just want to utilize my time. Because I don't know, if

00:27:21--> 00:27:26

you're actually living, you're actually living the moment rather than just capturing.

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It's amazing. And those birds, you know, the strange thing about those birds is normally when people stop, you know, when people stop, some for some reason, they actually just stop doing what the people were doing. And

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their various explanations for that. There's nothing in the Koran or soon not to tell us exactly. But the explanation is generally there is always a movement like this. So naturally, the birds are always witnessing that. And then they themselves when they see everyone stop, they start doing that, you know, it's like, you know, anyone, even a child, if you keep doing something, that when you stop, they stop doing it. So So like I said, although there's no explanation from the Quran and Sunnah, but there is, you know, something logical that will explain to you that Oh, wow, this person just started because ever since I was young, whenever I've been to Makkah, I always noticed, when

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you start your salon, everybody starts off with that go off stuff, you mind the birds going, you know?

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Yeah. And so

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all we did was we made sure that we could make one Salah, you know, 112 in the hair, and then they made the announcement that we could actually do, we were so happy. I mean, you know, you feel at least you've been the you made your hatch, and you could actually make some art.

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And while you're setting

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the amazing thing that I couldn't help but notice was the way the throw off worked. I mean, it was amazing, you know, how did you know where to go? I mean, I know that you guys had a leader and all that. But were you ever confused What to do? Or you always just knew? No, there was an announcement made because the outside we the males were, they were actually because there's a conference will begin. So they would actually start first. And then afterwards, they would make the announcement then we would start so you know exactly when and when not to. And then there was a time when they stopped so that we could actually, you know, they slow down and then we could pause so there was no

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bumping into each other like, you know, and when you're an MRI always bumping each other. It's amazing how that was, you know, planned and worked out that we don't bump into each other hamdulillah that was to me was actually beautiful. When you watch it afterwards you'd like yeah, you know, it's so amazing. Everybody just knew where to go and how what to do and what not to do. I mean, we didn't plan this. We didn't did we didn't rehearse this, but it's just amazing how it works, that everything just fits into one another. Yeah, and then

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windier than was intended for mercury. Mostly that feeling that goes through your body. I mean, 24 seven, I have my TV on the hand, and I always listen. And you know, you listen to the other end em sitting in the other. And it's actually been in that in that feeling going through your body. It's such an amazing feeling you can't explain. And then yesterday made afsaneh. And now we need to be, and that you just turned back every time. And you just, you know, you cry. Because now you're leaving the home. You don't know what this COVID yesterday made to ask for it. When are we coming back, we would be able to come back. So each and every moment, you just want to you know, hang on to

00:30:42--> 00:31:23

100 law. And then on our way back, we left. And in the bus. Everybody was just saying just a few more days, if the hatch would just be another few more days just want to stay long. And then everybody said and you know, everybody's going their own way. And you said yes, you know, everybody's saying hajima bull Do you have to make breweries such monopolies we allow tolerance accepting our hunch. I've had my breweries we I need to fulfill those duties now. So now you're going to live your couch when you back home, you're coming back to reality where the most wonderful welcome from the airport at home.

00:31:24--> 00:31:43

While he actually one of our colleagues may do for us, so it's like being back home in Cape Town. They it was just wonderful. You could just say sugar to your colleagues, you know, besides IFA yes mean Wally for doing this. I mean, they made it really feel like you're back in Cape Town. Allah

00:31:44--> 00:32:28

Subhana Allah, it's amazing, you know, what's also quite nice to hear and to see is that that bond that you have with the rest who come from the same place, which is very good, because when good things happen, or bad things happen, then you have at least people to share it with all to support you in that. So good things meaning, you know, like this, someone wants to plan a trip or ombre you know, I know of expats who arrange a busload or two now and again to say, Let's all go for this outing. medallion. Salah is a place in Saudi that actually people do visit and if you go in a group it makes it gives it much more meaning you know, you you you you end up enjoying it. And so people

00:32:28--> 00:32:45

do do that. And sometimes when bad things happen like say there's an accident you can quickly phone someone, may Allah protect all of us say there's a date, you can have a lot of people who can help you. So it's very good to have that bond, you know, although each one does different things and so on. So what exactly do you do when what's your profession?

00:32:47--> 00:33:05

I'm actually a teacher. I thought as I was thinking to myself, this is the first time that I've actually remained dead silent. I'm just listening. I said, I'm definitely speaking to a school teacher, Masha, Allah, may Allah bless you, ally, you you've given us a very, very good rundown with all

00:33:07--> 00:33:08

actually honored us by

00:33:10--> 00:33:11

Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

00:33:13--> 00:33:15

you pause for a moment they

00:33:16--> 00:33:28

actually honored us by giving us your time and it's amazing how Allah has definitely blessed you and chosen you for this Hajj. So if you can would you be applying to go for Hajj next year again?

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

If I can, yes, but

00:33:33--> 00:34:13

I wouldn't want to I would actually want to help somebody to go that's no room. In fact, that is the selflessness you know, I always try to check the people who have gone for hikes this year. They have a sense of selflessness within them I promise you so far, all of them whom I've spoken with, they actually have this selflessness you can see some of the character you can see they care for others a lot and so unless you care for them, I'll care for you just watch so that's how I'm not shooting you because Is there anything in your life that you think you've done that may be perhaps a looked at and that's the reason why you were one of the very few who went for the Hajj or do you do you just

00:34:13--> 00:34:15

think I don't really know

00:34:16--> 00:34:23

I really don't know mostly I cannot you know, we don't do things that to show people you just do it because

00:34:24--> 00:34:29

let me ask you a question. Do you normally go out of your way to help people who are even strangers

00:34:30--> 00:34:36

yes, I do is move there I do. I'm trying to find the common factor here. So Pamela

00:34:37--> 00:34:39

Yes, I do. I mean,

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

during Ramadan time, we all away from our family. So what we did is we had like Ramadan. Yeah. If that together as a and I would always cook and invite everybody you know, coming here, you can take and go to your room because I just felt that like the gentlemen that are here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

The guys, you're away from your mom, if it was my son, I would have want somebody to actually just see that he has something to eat when it's time. So that was me during Ramadan time, I don't know if it's like mostly, I mean, it could be anything I could have.

00:35:16--> 00:35:54

It could be anything completely, like one of the sisters said very, very correctly, that for some, it's to do with what they have been doing and the qualities they have. And you know, Allah giving them to say, Listen, you helped during a time of need. Now listen, look at what I'm doing for you. And for others, it's actually an opportunity for them to change when Allah loves them for some reason. And Allah says, I'm gonna let you do something that everyone wants to do, but you're gonna do it. So you go ahead, when you come back, make sure your life changes completely. So the life actually changes totally, as a result of something big that Allah favored them with. And I think

00:35:54--> 00:36:18

both of those are actually accurate. And it's both correct. And that's why when we have been chosen for something like this, you know, when you come back, you're going to be known as a person. Oh, this is a hottie 2020 2020 you know, and so it's, it's a very big feather in the cap. And at the same time, you have to live up to it in some countries and even in Cape Town and everywhere else, they would call you a Haji you know, or a hard job.

00:36:19--> 00:36:34

And that's just because the title should make you feel that you know, I have the thunder of Islam that not everyone has, and not everyone has the opportunity to so you have to live up to it in a beautiful way. That's really amazing Mashallah,

00:36:35--> 00:37:16

mostly when we came back, we said that inshallah we would like to go to Medina and we plan that Thursday we would like to go but then we got a call from Ministry of Health saying you need to come in and I told you said you know what, we're not going to go they're going to give us a new price list because I said you know what, we're not gonna have a price that they cannot track so we can go we can leave and macheda CBS we can go Thursday everybody wants to go we can go we can go to my dean at least getting away from in fact she was in the carpark all the time. And in regions that notification you need to go back and now we're in quarantine again for another 10 days. We now we

00:37:16--> 00:37:32

have to wait that's just out Allah works. You need to wait now your time to go to Medina. hamdulillah. We would love to do that before we stay on board. Yeah, you won't believe how quickly the time is almost up already. I think you've got a few days left, right? Yes, yes.

00:37:33--> 00:37:51

of August insha Allah May Allah make it easy for you and grant you quickness and ease and, you know, is there anything else that you'd like to add to this comprehensive explanation? I think so far you've given us the most comprehensive detail, which is actually very, very good. I really appreciate that.

00:37:53--> 00:38:36

Just to the amount there Yes, we've made to offer you guys do so that you can also be a guest in our house and we just make the other tune except that that you guys can also have this experience would be different from mine is I felt that the moment that you know, I'm not working I'm not doing this. But I know my brother in law said you know what, you have done everything that every other church should have done when they're on Hajj. The only difference was the social distancing because of COVID and that was the only difference that this year and all the other years had. So for the kujala out there, sorry for the oma outtie and all the who judge I mean my dad my sister, they were been

00:38:36--> 00:38:38

selected May you be among the names

00:38:40--> 00:38:40


00:38:43--> 00:38:44

Amin Amin thank you so much for that.

00:38:46--> 00:39:27

I think the people of Cape Town are waiting to listen to what you have had to say and inshallah I pray that that goes well too. And at the same time shukran for this beautiful time that you spent with us explaining to us and I look forward to sometime inshallah perhaps communicating with you again May Allah bless you and strengthen you your family, your loved ones and all of us may Allah grant all those who are struggling ease we our hearts go out to all of those who are struggling including the the recent Beirut blasts, which were very tragic and unfortunate. Our brothers and sisters in Yemen, in Palestine in Kashmir all over wherever they are, trust me there's so many

00:39:27--> 00:39:34

places that are our brothers and sisters are in dire need and I'm sure you made all of those right?

00:39:36--> 00:39:36


00:39:39--> 00:39:41

shukran shukran thank you so much in

00:39:42--> 00:39:43

Santa Monica.

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

Mashallah, we finally got hold of the system and you know what, it was so comprehensive, so beautiful shukran to her. She explained to us so beautifully how it was

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

For her, and all the details and Masha lottomatica like just a beautiful, beautiful hunch that they had this year. No glitch, no one was injured no one you know, no deaths no one

00:40:13--> 00:40:32

bumped into each other. Everyone had a beautiful time and everything went so smoothly inshallah for you guys hope to see you happy 2021 say amen. Hope to see you happy 2021 insha Allah May Allah make it easy May Allah take us for Hajj 2021 I mean so but I cannot

00:40:34--> 00:40:35


00:40:36--> 00:41:02

I look forward to seeing you guys get some just a quick one. The instant live update or the Instagram update has made the instant live crash every minute or so. I think the update still needs a little bit of tweaking before it works. So I've used someone else's phone where I've had come on, as you can allow without interruption, but I cannot even thank you so much to my brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.