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Santa Monica, welcome to library cats, everyone. Welcome back to the first shorts where we are covering some of the early Muslims who don't have much to their biography but so much for us to learn from in terms of the quality of their Eman and their stories, and somehow a lot. Today we're covering someone who has a tragic story followed by a tragic story, followed by triumph, and that is a man by the name of a Yash even Abby robbia are the Allahu taala and who and he is the cousin of Omaha, Pablo, the law on him so we're still people that were close to our model the law of title and is when the allow I know someone who there are several verses of the Quran that inshallah to Allah

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by the end of this short lesson, you'll have a greater appreciation for those verses because so many of those verses are related to a Yosh or the Allahu taala is is not only the cousin of Oliver in hip hop, his full name being a Yash in Abu Dhabi, in Malila but he's also the half brother of Abuja, he's the half brother of Abuja, the Pharaoh of this oma the Fidel of this oma and he specifically his half brother, through the same mother, so both of them had the same mother. And I asked, well, the Allahu taala on who used to love his mother. So how Allah imagine this mom, who has a companion as a son and has a vagina, have the Pharaoh of the oma as her son as well. And Abuja is the key

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persecutor tyrants of the Muslims. And I also the low tide on who is someone who embraced Islam very early on shortly after Darren Arakan, and he's one of those who made his a lot to Abyssinia as well on the second trip, so he's one of the first Muslims. But he didn't go on the first Hitler, but he went on the second one some of the biographers say that that's either because he embraced Islam sometime after the first Hitler to Abyssinia or it's because due to his lineage due to the position that he had in society, being from two powerful tribes through his father and through his mother, there really was no need for him to to migrate at first but then as soon as the situation

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intensified, he needed to make that migration so are you also the a lot of time on, made the heads up, along with his wife, Asma bint selama are the Allahu taala and her so both he and his wife are considered amongst the first probably if you start to notice there are these names that keep on coming up fall Thema, a smart Attica over and over and over again. And so a smart is a common name, and she is one of the smartest and she is one of the first Muslims as well. So I Yosh and a smart make their way to habitat and their son Abdullah bin ayyash. Well, the Allahu taala and Homer was born there in Abyssinia. So they're one of those families of Muslims that actually gave birth to

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children in Abyssinia. And that child would grow up to be a narrator on behalf of his parents while the Allahu tada on home as main. So this is the story of a Yash and a smart and their son in Abyssinia. Now they come back to Mecca to join the Prophet slice on the heads up to Medina and is being a close cousin of Alma refer Pablo villalta. And who joins on model the alongside on hold on his own. So this is where the most famous story about is takes place. He was with on real hubbub while the low tide. And as they were on their way Abuja had caught up to them now again, Abuja had

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was smarter than to make a move on armadyl the law and you don't mess with on top of the law. No. So this was a situation where they did not want to attack him in the presence of almost all the time. But what he says to him is he says to Yash, that your mother is sick, your mother's sick, our mother is sick. And he has with him by the way, as well and had him in his shop. So they're three brothers now together. So he says, you know, how did the bidding Sham and Ahmed have been a sham being a Puja, say to a Yash that your mother is sick, and she is prolonged in her illness because of your Islam. So guilt tripping him to say that your mom is getting sicker because of your Islam. And she

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has taken an oath that she will not eat or drink will not test the lumen chubs and she will not even take shade, meaning she's going to sit outside and she's going in the hot Mexican sun. And she's going to starve herself and dehydrate herself until you come back to her. How long imagine how tough this was. You remember when we talked about metadata that will be allowed on him like when you talk about these early Muslims? You know, you think I wish I could have been a companion. But imagine what that did to his heart, right? Like my mom, who I love very much is going to die because of me. So they're guilt tripping him. Now I'll model the law on who sees that this moved I Yash in Abu

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Dhabi. I'll be alongside

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On an old model the low tide and who says to him Don't do it. He says, Listen, your mother, when it gets hot and the light starts to creep up in her head, she'll go inside. And when she gets really, really hungry and really thirsty, she's going to eat she's going to drink. Don't do it. So he keeps on warning. Uh, yes. Don't go with them. Oh my gosh. You know, on top of that, they make these offers on the law and I said, Listen, I'll take care of you. I'll send what needs to be sent back but don't go back with Abuja and how to, they're up to no good. Eventually, however, I Yosh all the alongside and he says to all Maria, Omar, this is my mother, I need to obey my mother, I have to go

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back to my mother. And I'm not going to renounce the snom but you know Allah subhanaw taala tells us that you obey them, you show them in the roof, you show them kindness, just don't obey them and renouncing your religion. Let me just go check up on her. Let me convince her to eat and drink. Let me convince her to go inside. Let me assure her that I'm okay. And I'll come back. I'm not all the time who remained skeptical of the intentions of Abuja and then how to so I'm not on the long side and who he says to him well look, if you're going to go and I can't stop you, then take this camel of mind because almost all the law I know how to healthy and a fast camel. And if they make a move

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on you then then joke get out of there as quickly as you can. So I'm little the longtime horses take my camel in case you need to get out of there very quickly. I Yosh takes the camel of Allah little the Allahu tada and, and then on the way to Mecca. At that point, Abuja has a plot with a hadith that gets him off of that gets off of his camel. And as soon as a Yosh gets off of his camel, Abuja and how to jump on a Yash they didn't attack him in the Presence of Allah will the law on hope because now they can number him. Now they can crowd him, they jump on top of him, they chained him up, and then they take him back to Mecca, in chains. And Subhana Allah at that point, the

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persecution is is so severe on him, that there is a wonder about him that if he renounced his faith, as he went back to his mother, and if he is you know, in this situation does he have hope so some of their intimacy, this is where the I will yeah about the other day in US law for Allah unfussy him latok not on the Rahmatullah in the lie after orthonormal gymea in the hula for Rahim says, All my servants who have transgressed against themselves do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada because Allah forgives all sins and Allah subhanaw taala is off forgiving, Most Merciful so you have a path back. So that's one of the explanations that this I was speaking to those who are forced

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back out of Islam. And so I Yosh all the Allahu taala and who maintained his Islam even though for a moment he relented, as he was being persecuted just under the pressure, but I Yashoda Allah tada and remains in Mecca. Now this is such an important point of the story that I'm about to share with you here. We talked about our agenda not too long ago the allotted time and his situation. I yeah, sure the allot of time and who was not someone that was able to escape MCC and come back to Medina, from that point that he was captured on the way to the heads up all the way until post her they BIA he remained under torture in Mecca. He remained under torture in Mecca and above radar while the Allah

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to Allah and he narrates and it's actually you know, very profound so Pamela who's narrating from her ala abhi selama narrates from his father. That overheard a lot about the Allahu taala and who said that I heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam kana either odd when he would say something Allahu even hamidah in the last record insalata Asia have slotted a shot, he would raise his hands and he would say in punat Allah ngi Yosh Nebula via alum Angela Walid nobody Allah alarm energy selama Nishan who is the you know, so this is selama who's being told by Abu huraira that the prophets lysozyme used to make your app for you. Allah engine mustafina and what money and the profit slice

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and then would say Oh Allah help ayyash Allah helping with eat in or worried Oh Allah help center might have been a sham all three of them who were being persecuted in Mecca for their belief and the Prophet slicin could not get them to Medina, Allah engine Masada Athena Mina, meaning Oh Allah help the the the the weak believers, the oppressed believers, Oh Allah save them rescue them. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah mustard. What what attacker, Allah mobile. Now what other kind of Moodle means Allah inflict the tribe of malaria. He's speaking about the people of Mecca. With drought Allah Medina Hassanein casini, Yusuf alayhi salam, O Allah, make it yours

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upon them years of drought, like it was upon the people of use of it his Salaam, so the prophets lie Selim was

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Making drought for the persecuted ones in Mecca. And he was making dua against their persecutors in Mecca and indeed a drought was inflicted upon them. And the Prophet slicin maintain his drought and his attachment to Yash. To add what he didn't would eat, and to selama who is narrating this from above what Ada who was hearing the Prophet slice Allah make this draft for him and those that were like him such as ayyash, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them all in America. So they were imprisoned in Mecca throughout this entire period. And until the Treaty of her they be so he missed, but he missed. He missed conduct. He missed all of those things. And then when the Treaty of her day

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BIA was made, remember that one of the clauses of that treaty were that if anyone escaped Mecca to the Prophet slicin and Medina, they would have to be returned under that treaty. So what does this mean for him? When we talked about agenda, if you remember, there was a particular man we spoke about and his name was available, see if we'll be allowed to and we'll see it was the person the profits license, if he had an army this man could cause a lot he could he could cause lots of destruction, in a good sense and in a bad sense, but the point is, is that this is a very unique person who is persecuted in Mecca, made his way to Medina, captured again in Medina killed his

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captors, you know, and the prophets lie. Selim basically hinted to him that he should leave Medina and he should set himself up somewhere else. So what he did was a bobble see it was he took a group of fugitives he helped people escape from Mecca that were being tortured. And what they did was they stayed out of Medina to not be returned under the clause of the treaty. But they also harassed the caravans that were going between a sham and Mecca, putting Mecca in a desperate economic situation, where the mccanns who put that that clause in the treaty bag, the profit slice and I'm to please take in the mobile buses and the agendas of the world are Yosh robbia are the alongside and who was

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one of those who was with us will see it as well as sedima, as well as the lead in that we read the movida Subhan Allah so these three men who the prophets I son was praying for, as well as all of those that were persecuted in Mecca, they had gathered with a bossier until Allah subhanaw taala made a way for them to then join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in Medina, so imagine what he went through some How long had he listened to all model the law on who right then he would have made his law and bedded in a herd and conduct that look at the path that he has to take back? Because of his good intentions, when he heard that his mother was sick, but of course there is no if there is only

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what Allah subhanaw taala decreed. Here we have a situation where Allah subhanaw taala put him through that test. And this is where I've been I Basile the Allah and himself so second verse at if mean, has he been NASA and youth Roku and Yahoo, manna on life, the note, he says that the verse is the first verse of swithland kabu. People think that they will simply say they believe, and they will not be tested, refers to this group of people before all else. This group of people Suppan Allah, who were tested severely for their faith remained in Mecca, tortured, unable to make their way to Medina, but they did not lose their resolve. And instead, they joined the Prophet slice on

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them when the time came. So this is another verse that some of the reading that mentioned is, is referring to him. Lastly, there's the verse on that county meaning and yuck to them, oh, Mina Illa hapa. That is not for a believer to kill another believer except by mistake. And what that is referring to, according to the majority of the manifest sit on is that when I yes, joined the profit slice, I'm in fetta, Mecca, okay, and he's with the Prophet, slice alum. He saw a person who used to torture him and Mecca. And when he saw that person who used to torture him in Mecca, he assumed that he was still a non Muslim. And his name, according to some of the narrations was, was it had it been

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easy. So when he saw him, he attacked them and he killed him. And he came to know after he attacked him and killed him, that that man had actually repented and had embraced the slump. And he didn't know and so the idea came down that it is not for a believer to kill another believer except out of mistake. And here's how a lot you have the situation where it was a mistake. But we trust that Allah Subhana which, of course, is fair, unjust to everyone, and is the ultimate resolver of these things on the day of judgment? I Yes Will the alongside and who afterwards continued to play a prominent role in the various campaigns throughout the era of hold on watch the dean particularly in the time

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of almost all the time? I Yosh joined the legendary Battle of Yarmouk. And Yarmouk was the the most decisive battle when it came to the Romans the Byzantines, just as we spoke about policy with the Persians and he served under how to didn't worried and he served with equity.

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might have been Abuja and a Yash and selama. Together who were being persecuted in Mecca, may Allah be pleased with them. I yes. And Selma, both were a part of the Muslim army at that time. And they were amongst those who were martyred at that time. And there's a famous story of a coma in Abuja,

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or the Allahu anhu, who of course, repented and became a great companion, despite being one of the last to enter Islam. And despite having been an enemy of the prophets, I saw them for the greater part of the time of Revelation, where the bucket of water is going around. And each one of the Shahada is saying, go to my brother, so and so go to my brother, so and so go to my brother, so and so until the water carrier had gone to each of them. And each one of them had said go to my brother, so and so until he went back to economics and economics or the Allahu taala and who had died a Shaheed as well as a ye shall the alongside and as well as seller model the Allahu taala. And so so

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Pamela, they, they had this situation where they were together, and Khalid or the alongside and who was leading that, of course, said that they should be buried that is and Selma should be buried together in the same grave Subhan Allah because they live together, they were tortured together, they died together, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them. And this was the best of benu mazoon the remnants of those who believed from the tribe of Abuja, and heard all the Allahu taala and how he wept when he led the janaza over them. And he said that these are the best of bento masoom and there will never be anyone from Ben masoom like these men, again all the longtime marine

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so this is at your show, the Walton and the cousin of Omar will be a longtime friend who, who for the obedience and love of his mother went through a very difficult path back to the Prophet slice on them, but then ultimately died a martyr and of course is one of the first Muslims one of the people who still we count from as hobbit hits or attain the people of the two hingeless because I actually a lot of town who had already made his way to Medina, before he went back to check on his mother, male last pants, I'd be pleased with him and accept the sacrifices. Zack will know fate and I'll see you all next time in sha Allah Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato