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AI: Summary © The importance of praying for Islam and receiving rewards is discussed in a series of conversations between multiple speakers, including the use of words like "has" and "hasn't" to indicate whether someone is truly praying or not, the drought and protecting individuals from it, and the importance of praying to God to save people in stormy conditions. There is also a debate over the start of the month and the start of the year, with some confusion and a headache, and the importance of learning to speak English and finding one's own way to make a decision.
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In 100 law who want to stay in who want to study who want to stop 01 out of alignment. Cerulean Pacino, Mensa. Yeah Melina Maria de la hora de la palma Yaga Lin Farah hardy Allahu wa Chateau La la la la hora, Sheree cara, or shadow no Mohammed Abu rosulip Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad. While early he was so heavy he was a limited hometel Sleeman kathira a mvat are praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is

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lost on Final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters

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is a very powerful tool that Allah subhana wa tada have given to us. And supplication is that connection between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why our model they allow and said, My main concern always when I pray, is the praying itself the act of praying the sub ligating the requesting the conversation that I have with a lot more than what I'm asking for more than if Allah will give me what I'm requesting or not. palette in the middle Hama de

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la Jabba Yanni, I will always be my focus on that this opportunity to take full advantage of it to be in communication with Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, we pray, we supplicate seeking that Allah Subhana Allah accept from us and give us and I'm sure you heard me several times saying and you heard others as well, reminding you of what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said we're headed that we say the huddle the alarm for sunit that when you make any door app, Allah Subhana Allah gives you one of three. Either he gives it to you, or he gives you all Allah subhanaw taala save this amount of reward for you and the Day of Judgment. So instead of giving to you now and you enjoy it, and

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soon it will vanish and gone on.

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done with it. Allah will keep this as a form of reward that you will need it in the Day of Judgment. And even there is some narration suggested that people on the Day of Judgment would say, Yara, we wish none of our doubts answered. None of our hours. So we get all this reward in the alpha because we needed more. And the third one that the loss of panatela protect you from something evil was supposed to happen to you only because of your job. Yes, he did not give you what you request. But he saved you from something else. Without a comma. I Jamal ma pilot Allah via the messenia soufiane authority. Andrew for pilot yes of Yan.

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Collinson. hanaman, Minar, who I thought

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yeah, and even when he didn't give you an he doesn't give you what you want? Or if you ask he giving you something else out of his generosity. But obviously, you have to understand also that some Allah answer every day, but you have to take in consideration that sometimes the answer is simply no.

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Need to Alonso every day, it doesn't mean it has to be yes.

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It can be no. It can be in a different format. Among my servants, some of them if I made them rich, I will corrupt them.

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They will be corrupted. Sometimes the Lord doesn't give you what you're asked for specifically, for the best for you. Not necessary and sometimes he gives it to you. According to his timeline. leash Llandeilo tabula

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rasa it's similar to an owl. If Allah follows our desires and I want to right now on to right now, you know, and I'll just follow everybody's desire this cone this world, this universe will not have a good system. It will be much you believe in him. How much you realize his greatness and you realize your weakness while he valic coolum at the hotcopper lab to be our Safi Alfa Romeo Safi any every time you show and you demonstrate your humility, rasa t subhanho wa Taala. I love what's up know Kareem Rahim Allah said Hanuman engeman will unfold a dance like a weapon. It depends heavily on the hand that is handling it on the person who is handling the drop arrows he doesn't know how to

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shoot, or the gun doesn't know how to shoot. So it'd be useless for them.

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So depends on the handgun, how much you submit, how much you trust, the loss of handle to Allah, every time you raise your hand to him. And remember a day is an opportunity to share

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when they came to Islam, one of the thing that I loved about Islam is so this powerful concept of a drought which is you directly to a loss panadol I loved it.

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But after that's when I get with my Muslims brothers and sisters, that address is so weak in their life.

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meals and we pray together

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I was raised that before we eat we have to provide

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full advantage and full advantage

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Have you ever invest time to teach your children the power of a DA the etiquette of a DA no Cajun yajima Oh Lando Walker Robert Allah he bring his children and his an annex Mashallah he gather at least some big portion of them and he will gather them and he will make the and they will say I mean when he used to be self Lola listen I'm teaching a Sahaba Yang so how can I best do

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so the way to make their and why we make

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and how Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is so powerful, that he hears no doubt that we all would love for order

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to be accepted in the sense we get to a perfect fashion and also would like evil things to be protected with to protect to be put your eggs. So these are some points I want to share with you that will ensure that your data is advanced. And it happened to ask

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Allah Subhana Allah is the opposite of humans when it comes to request. Allah Subhana Allah never get bored from you asking him again and it wasn't and you asked for him again. Like for example, you're asked him to help you to pray fudger he helped me once but he didn't pray another day. It's gonna ask an ask and beg him subhana wa Tada. It will then appear in Allahu hibou salam, Col and Allah Allah, Leia Malhotra tomoloo Allah will never be bored with your request until you your surgeon konnyaku TAO to follow Musa jubliee vet Raka

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not we didn't get it so you quit.

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And remember a few weeks when we talked about the story is very solemn in the Friday Night Lights. I said

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was last 40 years later he found his son. In these 40 years he never stopped making sure to find UC.

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Santa was still with Erica. For the last 20 years I've been asking Allah for something. I don't have it. I didn't get it yet, but I'm never giving up on it. Which is tilma how to learn how to just let it go. If something doesn't concern me, I don't need to worry about

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another fear. Yeah, and he had hoped would demonstrate your weakness you great need of him.

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In the pray to us with Rob and Rob with showing and demonstrating a great need of scent. Look at use of valleys Sam, how he says to Allah subhana wa Tada. We're in Dasani, fine, Nika, either. Osborne lie in jail is much better to me as a choice over at staying in this palace. Where there is so much fitna, Windsor Korea asked for his son demonstrating his weakness and his need there's no way I can get it in my own. If it wasn't you lie I'm in high you're in faqeer yeah Allah I'm in great need of your goodness. And in a lot it we have grown ourself severely and if you do not forgive us, we will be among the lose great lose be truthful be sincere federal law hamanasi in in the hood Dean pray to

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Allah Subhana Allah with sincerity

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with sincerity Allah subhanaw taala guide them and help them and give them what they request even if he knows that they will go back to

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being when they are in the ship and whether turn it was them to the land for either in their home usually corn will uncover they go and become mature you know settlement of your castle the alliance in Ibiza solemn forgave and let go and set free all everyone in Mecca except for individual for men and to women. He said wherever you find these four men in this there is no excuse for them because of the nature of the crime that they committed. So and among them a primitive nervy Jay Abdullah having to hop on actually literally hiding under the curtain cab and he was killed.

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But then I would say didn't hurt either. I modeled NASA

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As for my business Ababa adorato nurse for Super Otto diva ship and he is in the ship while they are after they left the shore a very bad storm hit. So the people on the ship and all non Muslim they said hey everybody in this alliance, they know a lot the worship him but he shall worship with him others so that Karima told them

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yes have a Safina Allah and he had to come to me and crochet. What about in these idols? small little idols that you guys have? Why don't you pray to

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they said no in such situation. He is the only one can help us.

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That's the only one we can pray we will save us and that woman to crema but well Leila Yoon Ji meenal Buhari l la la slow for you Eugene evil barilla and this the case is the one can save me in the sea in the middle of the storm in Milan nowhere so sure he's also only one can help me when I'm in the back to the land and ever go back to the land. I will go to Mohammed because that would Mohammed call us to do and I'll put my hand in his hand and I will declare my Islam on Allah subhanho wa Taala you know what have answered has

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an acronym I can't believe it

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is heart filled with trust, by the way in need. Agenda who a fool when Karima I'm sure that I found the messenger and his Lord, forgiving and welcoming. May Allah Subhana Allah accept all and help us to pray to Him and help us to have that sincerity in order for me to get started.

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having to rely on the house motto Samana Milena via vida Hobart among the thing also that helps a lot to make him acceptable is to combine your art with good deeds. That's why it's great when you give sadaqa you follow up with good deeds when you finish your fasting or while you are fasting. You follow that with or you you combine that with a drop when you pray when you mix a dude when you are in the tashahhud you already have prayed or

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Hold lockout roll Salah. These are one of the most powerful time to make during the Salah was I carry it

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below me for the demo and the coin roll lower anything

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less than Javelin journal or whoever have an ad and we are here

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Why am I doing

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moulana for sharing? So as a courier his answer came while he was praying that he used to make the dog while he's praying. And Allah said that he also recognized that in him and his brothers, the prophets and messengers, they do good the O hasee. To go good. Ibrahim the autofire Ibrahim Alcala Adam elbaite us my

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Robin Bellman while the building the house while on the making Toronto Allah subhanho what and you heard the Georgian Abbot when they accused him of adultery and what he did? He said Just give me one second before he asked the last model anything he went and he prayed to Raka then after he finished he went to the boy and he made sure that the last model shows his innocence and he tapped into the stomach of that newborn on air hula men Abu Carla Abu your father Jacobi Luna with a Mr. Hello bill when Osama was on and in that they apologize to him and they kissed him the even kissed his feet in his hands It was sorry to accused you and the rebuild his temple his place where he used to worship

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with gold with a dome made of gold in the Bissell Allah cinema will end with this example. And you know the allow only Apple come to either had definitely had is to head off to Villa when someone tell me the process alum said I asked him by a lie. You heard him saying that? He said yes. He said except obviously Mohammed Salah when he tells me Allah said that I never asked him to make an offer or anything like that. gone for either Halifax or doctor. We had that any Abu Bakr in wahoo Assad. Abubakar once told me you know Baca says the truth doesn't need to make an offer to me that the Nabi sallallahu Sallam said and listen to this beautiful gift from Muhammad Sallallahu liason from a Lost

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Planet Allah dos

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through the His Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam pelindaba Salah Lamin abdon meaning you didn't eat with them Ben feta no a single moment, commit a sin then go make will for you as you know that you will perfect His will. The moose only rock I think then follow that with praying to Raka Festo futile ly in offer Allahu Allah. Then he will ask Allah for forgiveness. Allah will forgive to such person, one lady enough, then the process alum decided when larina either Filofax a certain volume and foster home, the Corolla, the Carolina solid festival federal law was done for only the newbie hit mama young fellow vinnova illa. Allah,

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my brother and sisters, I hope that we took full advantage of the upcoming week where are this month, the month of Muharram witches a month? Already the beginning of the year there is a debate over 100 on the started is it Monday or Tuesday? There is as any as expected also recipe debate over the moon sighting of the beginning of the month, some officially the Federal Council here in Houston. And the majority of us simply wasn't America. We believe that the beginning of the month started on Monday based on the global moon sighting that was documented in Egypt, in Iraq, in Yemen, even in Syria and in many different places around the world. And even there is a member of our

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community here have witnessed told me that he witnessed that moon as well. Regardless, Lima Mohammed Rahim Allah said when there is a confusion about the beginning of the month of Mahara, they've been sitting and said You always do the safe side. So there is a debate is the 10th of Muharram will be next one is day or next Thursday.

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Okay, is going to be one is there there according to global moon sighting? It is going to be on Wednesday. Okay, so and that's the official position that we took here in the Federal Council in Houston.

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So if this is the case, if this is the case, you can fast Wednesday and Thursday. If you go with the gold, something you get, if you don't go with that and you fall out excited, Saudi Arabia said it's Tuesday, and many other organizations as well locally and it

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connection that means you did the ninth and the 10th according to them according to the here our position it will be the 10th and the 11th and there is a head he was also English to it a cappella someone Nyoman can be here and he can feel like it man I'm so happy that didn't know me so solemn said I will fast a day before I showed up or after. Even though the more authentic one he said, I will fast the ninth and the 10th Sala Lysa. And that's why I've been hijacked by him online and then am said the best way to for us to Ashura too fast, the ninth, the 10th, and the 11th. That's the best format of it. But if you have to choose one day, you can go inshallah, with Wednesday, which is

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going to be the actual law, if you're logged on. Fasting actually is a great reward that raised the sin of a whole entire year, the previous year, may Allah Subhana Allah forgive or sense and it's a great opportunity for you to make. And at the beginning of this year, a lot the Hijri calendar year, you make a lot of data. So hopefully some of these points will encourage us to take care of that concept more and don't just make the dog culture thing just after Salah you say any two words you don't know what it means. Or those people who make do out with language they don't understand at all. That's the whole point of a diet is to understand and to believe in what you are praying for.

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So Allah Allah Muhammad, Allah masala Allah Mohammed Allahumma salli, ala nabina, Muhammad Allahumma salli, ala nabina Muhammad and also one of the things are salatu salam, O Allah also land praising Allah is important in interact with during their heart to be acceptable. So make sure that you have that concept. You started by praising Allah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah ala Illa, Allah Subhana Allah who will be Hamdi something like that Allahumma salli ala Muhammad then you make for whatever you you want a new ask.

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new aim Jaco Rahim Allah knife to her violin insan Baba da wala loaded and yo g Bo ma may have been slow

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enough that you said it's not possible that Allah guide you to make dua and Allah doesn't want you actually to be his doctor with your diet to be accepted. The only reason when he gives you that interest to make that it's because he wants to answer it. So take advantage of it. And if you see that concept, almost come to your mind you always love to make that that's a sign of a lost path or loving you and wants to you to help you and to elevate you. We asked us to protect all of us from the evil of this pandemic and our family, our community, our society and the world we asked the last panel with Allah to cure those who are sick and to heal them We ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive

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our dead one alarm off aluminio Minato Muslim you know what's the matter here even know what I'm what alone My father VFE mystery you know he Juliet in another column. I mean never shockula haha you mana gentlemen. Como volley mein Allahumma in earnest looking for Laffy loman Minnesota, California. alfia Well, my father died. For DNA. We're doing our manual aliwal wallet Allahumma here for you and the other general economic or natural fitness journey one if you ever want to stand it. Over oberheim yahaya Allah macabeu and Mr. Levine and Muslim Univ You must not have been on rtbf yeah Yama, Yama, sallAllahu wasallam ala nabina Muhammad of Buddha, Satya