Importance of Salah – Praying in the Masjid

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You know whose hustle and bustle like the man will tell them they call is the leader of the followers of the companions and he says Deborah Adam, son of Adam, you and me

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are usually when you're coming Enoch what is more valuable

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for you in this Deen

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if you lost your soul

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why what else is valuable? If you lost your solder

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nothing and again that's why I'm bringing the salah and Ramadan will hamdulillah we still look at from a one is different. Still look at Ramadan is different. But this is hamdulillah in a way, but in another way I need to bring solar back above above meaning my tarawih for my father.

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Absolutely. It's my father might allow you in the masjid or my federal

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Panama so why do I come at 11 o'clock to the to the masjid on a Tuesday and I'm working tomorrow because it's Ramadan. Then why don't I come for fighter

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what else if you lose your Salah what else is valuable in this the other than the swallow itself?