Angels in your Presence #23

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From Prayer to Prayer

What you do before, after, and in between prayers make or break the quality of them. How can we structure our prayers in a way that allows for the angels to remain with us for as long as possible?

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What I always tell people is going to make or break the quality of your Salah. The quality of your prayer is what you do before and after the prayer. Just like with anything else, it goes back to the preparation. And so if you're someone that just jumps into prayer without any preparation, or even if you're on your way to the masjid and you're listening to the radio, taking phone calls, whatever it is, there's such a difference between a person that takes the time to declutter all that's in the mind and get themselves ready than someone who just tries to jump between this and that, particularly when it comes to their prayers.

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And one of the things that you should do with your prayer, just like when we're talking about Juma, we're talking about the Friday prayer if you just took the habit of certain calf and you made it a point to say, I'm going to read source of calf before Juma in the masjid, so you get the reward of reading sorts of calf on Friday, and you would have already got there early enough before to assure that you're in the rulebook of the angels. Likewise, when it comes to the prayer, the best way to maintain a daily with which is a regimen of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. The best way to maintain a daily recitation of the Quran of however many pages it is, or some sort of regimen of

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supplication is to connect it to your prayer. So I'm going to do two pages of put on before each prayer two pages after that would cause me to finish a job every day. Or I'll do one page of Quran per prayer, or I'll do half a page, or I'll finish this set of remembrances right but that's going to keep you in your place of prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the angels continue to pray upon you when you are in your place of prayer. So long as you don't break your window and you don't move. They keep on praying upon you and saying Allah, Allahu Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad, Allah forgive him, Allah have mercy on him, Allah forgive him, Allah

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have mercy on him. So the angels are constantly showering you with those drives. When you stay in your place of prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specifically mentioned this by the way, when it comes to going to the masjid if you could connect two prayers to each other and you could choose the ones that have the shortest duration between them. So you say, I'm going to stay between Muslims and Asia once a week or once a month but the point is, is that you choose to prayers that are close to each other. And you say I'm going to use the time between them to remember Allah subhanaw taala to connect back with my Lord. The Prophet said a lot I said I'm set Should I not tell

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you of deeds that cause a lot to obliterate your sins and elevate your ranks? And also homicide What is it oh messenger of Allah the Prophet sighs I'm said three things. He said when you do will do and you do it thoroughly to the extremities make sure that you get every part thoroughly and you increase your whole lot your stuffs to the most. And you stay in the masjid between two prayers and the prophets license of daddy commodity bot that that is like a person who is on guard and battle except the enemy here is your knifes, right? You're you're doing Rajat headed to knifes you're striving against yourself. And so it's like you're holding a station, a particular part of battle

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when you're between market of inertia. And that is a way by which I lost my hands on obliterates your sins and elevates your ranks. The prophets lie Selim he also in one beautiful narration, I'm loving what I'm Rasul Allah Han, who says that we were sitting in the masjid between Muslims and Asia, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he ran back after the Salah. And he said that the Prophet slicin was pulling up his garments, and he was running so fast that he was short of breath solahart he was so them to tell us something urgent. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to us, that have you been here for this entire time between these two prayers? And they said yes, and the

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prophets lie some set us that one of the gates of heaven just opens and Allah was boasting about you to the angels you bet he became one melodica and Allah subhana wa tada set to those angels own little everybody. Look at my servants look at the servants of mine, but follow karela wilhelminian saw they don't want to Osama they finished one obligatory prayer and they're waiting for the next one. And so anytime you can think about how to package your remembrance package your your own reading package or a lot your regimens around the prayer then do so because that entire time those angels are going to stay with you and continue to send their prayers upon you.