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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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That will be hamina shaytani watching smil he'll walk walking

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either summer

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Tessa What? Why even be held on Fuji? What? Why even go boo boo thieriot ie madness

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Ireland in qumola haffi we

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hear Rahman TB in

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ya la Muna tyloo

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we're in

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Yes, Luna, her young woman, the

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woman whom I'm happy whoa habito Eb

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the mela Tam Li qu Neff. soline fc

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when Maria oma in

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rubbish Aubrey de amor de la Casa Mila melissani of koko de Waal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam. O Allah says in India even more serene. While early he was a minister nabeshima t Loma de la Medina Minho, Amina Latina Emmanuelle Amina slowly heard what was what was the sub m endurable alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. inshallah, I'd like to begin with something I completely missed last week that should have been mentioned, it's a very powerful and important point that was overlooked and that has to do with two ayat and the previous sola so it could be a lot and those two IOD are when nearly either of us are so happy that NFS and the

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following in the hula colada Celine Karim, Allah azza wa jal swears by the night he says well lately either as as we talked about that, the night as it first starts getting dark, as is either the early morning part before the morning kicks in, or the evening part right after the sun has gone down. This is when things become blurry and difficult to see. And most obey that enough Personally, I swear by the morning, as it gets a chance to take a breath as though it was under a chokehold of night and darkness and it gets to finally release itself. We didn't connect it to the earth that follows Allah azzawajal is

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the logic as it says in the hola como una sola and Kareem, no doubt it is the word of a Noble Messenger meaning the messenger jabril Ali Salaam, we talked about the difference between golden cannon. We didn't connect the oaths with the job and custom the response. And this actually has to do with we talked about how the Missouri Kuhn they had some strange beliefs about the stars and they thought that the stars bring revelation to the jinn they go these devils they go up into the heavens and they steal revenue, you know, information, or they get information from the secret sources, and then they come down and they give it and there's no difference between what they say and what this

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man Muhammad says sallallahu Sallam and this is manifest in the Quran in two ways. They use the word kahin. Right mind reader, and this is one way and the other way is much known. Right that he's possessed by the gender he gets it from the jinn or the jinn overcome him. And this is actually paralleled in the imagery the difference between the clarity and obscurity between what they say and what the messenger says most of them is the same difference between the night when it's blurry and it's hard to see and adjust.

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difference between that and the clarity of vision you get when the morning is clear. It's like that difference. It's that far apart. So if that if it's so clear, then it should be absolutely, absolutely abundantly clear to you in the Haleakala hulan Karim that, no doubt, this is truly the word of a Noble Messenger. This is not some dubious, you know, devils that are delivering this message, right. And then we talked about the integrity of Revelation. So that's the first thing that needed to be highlighted. The second thing is, of course, the conclusion of the previous surah tied into the introduction of this one, at the very end of sort of duckweed we found a challenge from

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Allah subhanaw taala criticism allows us to assess for a Natasha Boone Where are you headed? Where you going in who are in the Carolina Milliman? I mean, come on yesterday, this is nothing but a reminder for all of the nations of the world, all of the previous nations and now it's a for all peoples. And now unless as a panelist on an adventure, I mean, come on yesterday, who have this is specifically for the one of you who wants to set themselves straight for the one who wants to set themselves straight. Now, where are you headed? In response to it is a rhetorical response, all of us are headed towards a de, whether you believe it or not, in which certain catastrophic events are

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going to take place. So it sort of begins now in the direction where all of us are headed. So it's almost like a rhetorical response to find a bubble in reality, where do you think you're going? And where in reality are you going? So we begin to sort of spend

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either summer when photography when this allows or just when the sky and either as a means of calling attention and seeing when to a future event typically, and another meaning of that is all of a sudden, okay, but is that you know, moving, all of a sudden, it became a Python right, all of a sudden, so either somebody in Alaska swears by the sky and notice in the previous surah, he began with swearing by the son, my swearing by the sun and the sky, the oath of the sky also came up. So so taquile began is a shampoo we rot. And then later on in the solar, we had a Salah, whoo hoo, Shiva, they will do sushi, but when this the skin of the sky is peeled, and it turns red that tied

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to the flame, the the flames that are coming, you will notice there's a change in imagery from second year to now. So a little inflated, even though it seems like they're talking about the same subject. In the previous slide, the two dominant themes that overshadowed all of the words that came or two things, there was darkness, right loss of lights, the sun is being wrapped up, the stars are losing their light, the girl is being buried and burial is an imagery of darkness. So the kinds of words were to be found in sort of degree with the queen in our test gear, right? Then the ooda cache the sorry, 100, unkindness, right, as as these are words that all have something to do with either

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darkness, or the other dominant theme, there was the flames, right?

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Right. So these are the two dominant negative themes here we're gonna see the themes of ripping, tearing, motion rattling is another kind of theme of words that are connected to each other in the soul. And we'll see that beautiful connectivity in the words, a thread that goes across these words. So the first word is in Qatar, which is also the name of the surah. There are many words that come from this one word. You know, in Arabic, you find the Torah you find in fatahna, you find fatahna, one of the last names found that is similar to what comes from the same route, right? Fatah literally means to tear something wide open, or to if something is long, that you tear it across its

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length. Right? So if you tear it across the short side, that's not you know, photo, but it's you tear across it from its length, also, in case of the Skyla says holtermann photo, right? Do you see any tears in it? You see any flaws in it? Right? So this is the word in Fatah. So what this alludes to is the sky being severely damaged across the horizon, a long tear in the sky, right. And the imagery, usually we find in classical Arabic literature, we find this word being used for sheets of cloth. And you'll see an imagery of parallel in imagery because between sheets of cloth and the sky, it's like this tent over us. And you The other thing here again, I'd like to highlight that I kind

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of talked about last time to the Quran is not speaking to us in scientific terms necessarily allows origin to speaking to us based on human experience what the eye sees. And what the eye sees, is, you know, it's captured in very picturesque kinds of words. So if we try to artificially imposed science into these things, we may or may not come up with correct conclusions. But if we stay true to the language, and how the Arabs used to communicate, then perhaps we'll be closer to what the intended meaning is. Allahu taala awesome. So now the imagery is that of this canopy over us that is going to have a crack in it. Now imagine this other thing you know, you have this tent and it's got your your

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your your hung all these lamps and lights in that tent. When the when the tent revs what happens to all those lights

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Default, right default is this collapse, right? So now the very next words are what even kawaki will holla when the when the stars start falling apart. When they start falling apart, they start dispersing. There's so many words in the Quran for dispersion is the Torah in football in Tata international Shara Mbatha, all these words are using for an for dispersion. But specifically the word that's used here for the stars, or for the dispersion of the stars is incorrect. And this word has to do with when you when something falls due to a sudden jerk. Give you an example, you take a bunch of pearls or budget, you know, like marbles, and you put them on a bed, and all of a sudden

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you jerk the sheet. See what happens. That's right. So that that image that's been given to us is that of the sky being jerked and ripped. And all of a sudden, the stars start falling like Marvel's off of it events, Pamela, the word here used for stars is scope. In

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the previous surah used a different word for stars, we found were either new human cadaver, there was najem. And now there is Coco right next to each other. This is actually complimentary. There, there was the sky here, there's the sky there, there was new tomb there. Here there is good luck. If it's not the same is it? The solos are not the same, but they're similar. The words for stars are not the same, but they are similar. But there's another deeper parallel here. The word najem literally means that which shines or twinkles meaning it gets bright and gets less bright than it gets bright and gets us right. And we talked about the theme of the previous little being light and

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darkness. So it's more appropriate in that place. Though we're doca literally by the some of the law of language, especially this in Santa Ana, even Malibu talks about this, Alabama, he speaks about this, that coca is a large star or a brilliant stars are the most fixed of the stars that the Arabs use for navigation. And it's also used for planets. So large bodies are called Coco. So najem highlights the brilliance. As on the other hand, Coco highlights the magnitude and the fact that they are fixtures. So now the last thing you expect from a fixture is that it's false from its place, it loses its position. But when this day occurs, what isn't

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even the market, even those fixtures, even those things that we look to for navigation, and the stars were a significant means of navigation and traveled in the in the sea, and also at night travel in the desert. So now those means of navigation. So the human being is lost himself because those things are gone. They've dispersed they fall and then a large soldier goes to another word that another see seen that was depicted for us in the previous solar. Here's a panel hautala he says we're either Bihar or Fujian, and when the oceans they explode, literally they explode and we'll talk about that word a little bit more and explore doesn't really do justice to it. But in the

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previous slide, we found a very similar idea where it will be helpful so JIRA, so JIRA, and so you boil over with heat, right for that cauldron or that giant pot to be put on top of a flame filled with coal and it's inflamed. So the theme there was heat and darkness. Here the theme is what movement movement you know, the fudger prayer is called fajita because it rips through the darkness. The third year, like hula hula Kapha Ratan fashola we talked about in a couple of slides ago, the third Gen or the plural federal or full jar. These are the people who violate the commandments of align the worst way. And the most you know obscene way they don't you know, there's the guy who

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disobeys the lines kind of ashamed about it. He can does it in hiding, or he does a few things wrong. But then there's the surgeon who does it out in the open, chest sticking out and he says what are you going to do about it? This is this is not just a you know, a movement, right? This is someone far worse. So now here, the oceans, they explode, which means they don't stay where they're supposed to the contents of the ocean, the water, it doesn't stay where it's supposed to, it now rips out and it starts going all over the place. This word is used elsewhere in the Quran. Also, Allah xojo speaks about the complaint of those who disbelieved in the al Qaeda will call loulan

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Who nominal or DMR also be fined for two vajilla that JIRA is used in the Quran. This word is used for when you have when you rip up the earth, and you want to make waterways for irrigation. Again, the theme ripping tearing open, right, and now the oceans are boiling and they're not boiling out the center exploding out means they're just coming out everywhere. They're spilling over everywhere. Again motion, like tsunami style, right? So hon Allah for either way, they'll be harder for JIRA, so the water doesn't stay where it's supposed to. Let's look at the next scene. What is the guru Murthy? again something that we expect to keep in its place the cover in Arabic is what the grave

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there are three words in the Quran or three or four words for unused for the grave. This cover there is market, right Mombasa

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I'm Mr. Kadena, right. The market is used from record which is a uncomfortable kind of sleep. And you know, the automatic comment that insomnia seen when they complain who has raised us from our market. The reason for that is don't worry about it. The cell phones go off all the time. It's okay. They're not that interesting.

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Oh, speakerphone, that's really bad.

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Oh, wait, wait.

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Okay, so the word market is used for when you're sleeping, but you're not really in your deep sleep, you're kind of annoyed. right in your sleep that's about it's not it's not deep sleep. Now, the comment the when the people are raised on the Day of Judgment Day, the things they will see are so vicious, that even the punishment of the grave they will compare to uncomfortable sleep. So they'll just say Remember I said I'm him Marcus halala. So and compare, I mean, the if you've read that Hadith about the punishment of the grave, they're very graphic, very intense, but compared to what they will see when they get the rise from there, they'll compare that to what Marcus halala then

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another word use for graves is as death, Judas, okay. And this is a kind of grave who's who's even the mind the signs of Oregon. So just this could be you know, people get cremated on the earth. Some people get buried, like their mass graves, and we don't even know where they are. Right? So nobody even knows there's a graveyard and people build homes on top of them. And construction happens and who knows what went on. These are the last two, they're not marked. They're just they've disappeared disappeared from the face of the earth. That's mentioned in other places. Here's the word cover, cover literally that which is dug with the intent of burying someone you see the theme of ripping

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the earth again, and digging, right and then the bodies put atlases berthiot, there are no matter which they park the comment at the word berthelot are bathala in Arabic comes from Botha and atharva. Together, that is fusion of two words together. And this is not far from the truth, because it has meanings of both. That's one of them, he explained the verb to you first, it means to you we do this, it's easy to understand in our time, let's say you're traveling when this happened to me this morning, so I can give you easy relevant example. Right? So I'm leaving the hotel room and I can't find my keys. And I've already packed everything up. And it's definitely not in the room. So

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where is it?

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So the suitcase so what do I do? I open it up and I turn everything upside down to find the keys because I'm gonna miss my flight when you go when you dig into something and then you just turn it upside down and then pull something out. This is called bathala

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can you make something you drag something out you make it come out? But you do it after you manipulate what's on the inside you read all the insides of something. Allah azza wa jal gives this image for what for graves that graves will be like manipulated like you know you're trying to get something out of them and who who's coming out of them. We are and we're going to be pulled out and yanked out and we're going to be standing right there so kind of low is a very powerful image in the Koran. Now in the previous surah we found were either new fuzu Egypt even when all people are going to be paired remember the good with the good the bad with the bad but when will How will they be

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paired First they will be dragged out so it's almost taking us a scene behind the previous solar scene. But there was why the news new Fuji here Why isn't kubu Garfield in the previous solar we found it magnificent

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every person knows full well whatever they have to present whatever reluctantly they have to bring forward. Now there is an explanation of that is this this is it I've seen of that I hear Lars though just says it must have some

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very similar element of sama dot animate aka d'amato. Now there's there's more words here than there, which illustrates that this is an explanation of that you want to fully understand what that was. You come over here. Let's understand a few things about these, these two words that are very powerful. They're probably one of the most concrete examples of comprehensive words in the Quran. They're very deep statements. Allah says every person knows full well, literally speaking, whatever this person sent forward, condemn it. And whatever this person left behind or procrastinated. Now, what does that mean to send forward and behind? We can understand this in our times in simple ways.

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But before we come to the analogies, let's look at some things that have been said by the Rama. One of the things by Adama to send forward it refers to the good deeds that you do, or the bad deeds that you do. But Dhamma could be the good deeds that you do. And the bad news is that you do what does it mean? Why didn't you just they do them? He said they send them forward. You know, nowadays you send an email, you hit send, can you get it back?

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No, it's gone. Words. Like when you're writing a letter, you can change your words. But when you're speaking to someone, once you've said it, can you take it back? It's too late. It's gone. It's been sent, even though we understand this much better. Somebody explained this 100 years ago, probably couldn't have used the email example right? But now lies made it easier for

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To even understand how do you send something forward? How do you forward something literally. So halala, every time we do something, every time we say something, every act that we do good or bad, it has now been sent, mailed FedEx delivered for processing, it's been sent forward. Now, the means of delivery, what's the means of delivery when an action is sent. Like nowadays, we have technology computers, or we have FedEx or we have the United States Postal Service, what is the last means of First of all, getting this stuff recorded, and then getting it delivered.

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So later on, in this little, we'll see the angels who write how this is sent forward, the mechanism by which this is sent, that's coming up in the same slot, right? So.

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So this is the first thing, what a person does good is sent forward, what a person that what bad he does is also sent forward. Now the other thing is 100. What was left behind this is this is very powerful to there were opportunities to do good things that you didn't take, there was a you had to wake up for salon, you should have come to the masjid, you should not, you know, you should have given sadaqa when they were having that fundraiser, or they were asking for help. So when these opportunities have good come, and the person does not take them, he left that opportunity behind. Also, they were opportunities to sin to do something bad. And this person, he had the opportunity to

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do the wrong thing. But he left it behind didn't touch it, he left it behind. So this is an example of what he left behind. So goddamnit Well, everybody person will know very well. What are the things that they sent forward? What are the things that they have to now show for themselves from the previous era? What are the things that they left behind, and some of the things that we left behind? Will we will, we will be sorry, that we left them behind. And some of the things that we left behind will say I'm so happy I left that behind. Right, I'm so happy I left that behind. So in call and we'll find a passage of you know, in Canada League, you know, 13 I used to have a friend back in the

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day. Right? And I'm so happy I didn't stay friends with you, man. So you'll look over and you look at the guy in the hellfire. Let's say I found my promise to be true. What about you having a good time down there? Right, and he's gonna say I'm so happy you almost got me to inkaterra Toby, almost you turn me back to man, you almost messed me up. So there are some things we left behind that we will be happy about. There's some things we left behind that we will regret. May Allah make us of those who are pleased over the things we left? And please are the things that we send forward for our our own sakes. So other ways that this has been interpreted is in connection with the previous

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surah? What did we send what what the person sent forward, of course, the hit of the address is similar to the previous solar so we can acknowledge that the unrest primarily is to the disbeliever. And what were some of the crimes of the disbeliever highlighted in the previous sorta, yeah, I mean, the killing of the baby girl, remember, wait a minute be either maputaland. So now they're the sort of the scrolls were opened here, what's being told is reminded when you did that that was sent forward, even if nobody else saw it, unless it was sent forward. Now it's coming back to haunt you. Now another way this has been interpreted, what was sent forward and what was left behind is what

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the first things you did in life, and the last things you did in life, the mentality that which comes early that which comes later meaning your complete history, a complete biographical analysis of your life. So maybe in the early times of your life, you were good. And later on in your life, you change from being good, and you kind of got rusty and you stopped, you know, your commitment withered away from the, the other is true to maybe you were a party animal at some point in your life. And then something changed and later on in your life, you became more and more righteous. So what were some of the comment that this is even scarier for those who are old in age and only turn

00:23:51--> 00:24:00

to a law when they realize that one foot is in the grave, and they have to think back how much of their youth did they waste doing certain other things, and now they've turned to Allah subhanaw taala goddamnit.

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Then another final way, in this which in which this is understood, which is very powerful, is the things you do have been sent forward. And you will also be sent forward you will be gone too. But the consequences of what you did, the impact of what you did if you helped in the building of a machine, you send something forward that's good for you, you've got you've gone to but then our people will people benefit even after you're gone for generations and generations generation. And on the other hand, if you you know decided, you know, the liquor store is a good business, and you got into it and you fed your children that haram money, and then you and your son inherited that store.

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

And then the Haram income continued and continued and continued. And whose whose neck is that on some holla right? You don't just do the thing it leaves consequences behind. So my god dammit we're 100 such a powerful such a small thing and how powerful this phrase and it comes

00:25:00--> 00:25:38

In correlation with, you will really acknowledge you will really appreciate what you have done, what you've sent forward and what you've left behind. When these things start happening, what you know, so from the very beginning whether somehow when the skies torn open, and when the fall when the stars start falling apart, and when the graves are taught, you know, topsy turvy that manipulated and turned over and people are retrieved at this point, you're Oh my god, what am I sent forward? What am I left behind? Right, then you will realize, and these are, you know, the previous, the conclusion towards the conclusion in the Quran. I mean, it's a really beautiful thing in the Koran,

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we are reminded of the era. But there's a there's a an oxymoron here. When you remind someone, it's usually of something in the past, it's a memory that you remind someone of, we are being reminded of something we haven't seen yet

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to for our own benefit, we are being taken to the future being told this is coming. You being warned now, as though it's becoming almost a memory for us of how long we look at the psychological impact of these words. So that now you can take benefit of what knowledge what is coming ahead of you may Allah azza wa jal make us of those who take advantage of the remainder.

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Of course, this is the Java shelf.

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what that means is, when you look at every Ayah before it, you place this ayah in front of it. In other words, it has some metadata on the skystone open and the Magnificent koderma to every person knew what they sent forward, what they left behind, then we keep on top when the stars collapse and they fall apart, every person will realize what they sent forward and what they left behind. Then the next IoT that we have for God, when the oceans explode and the water is going everywhere, it leaves this place, every person will realize what they sent forward and what they left behind. And then allies origin says what is uncovered when the graves are turned over and their people are

00:26:59--> 00:27:13

pulled out of them to stand every person will realize what they sent forward and what they left behind. So this is the power of doctrines you know a few words, but how how they nail a message into one's one's mind the audience's minds panela

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Now, next, inshallah tada Yeah, are you in San Malhotra Kabbalah began carrying

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in the previous surah we had a question. In this role. We also have a question. The question in the previous slide, I was like,

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Where are you going? Now? There's another question gets even more graphic, and more stunning and more embarrassing. It makes the human being if they have an ounce of decency to probe deep into themselves. Look at these words. Yeah, you have inside. Oh, human being. You, you know and it's not it's very difficult to communicate with you in science as in English or any other language. It's just something unique to the Arabic language. It's very hard to do. There's such an emotion in it. There's so much warning in it. There's so much pain and there's pain in it. You know, when you feel sorry for somebody, man? What happened to you? Right olatuja turns to each and every human being and

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he's telling them yeah, you have

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you ever been like when you when you are going the wrong way? And somebody is not yelling at you but for your own sake. They are sad for you. They're sad and for you. They'll you know so in the tone they use with you so panela This is the sadness a larger version? A little pieces? Yeah. A bad Oh, what a calamity over people. What you know what a loss. So Allah says, Yeah, you had insan even the word used for us is in sand. And in sand comes from it's arguable from for multiple routes. One of them is nesea. The one who forgot. Right? The inside is the creature that forgets the sun doesn't forget that it has to be in obedience to Allah. The End doesn't forget. The Rock doesn't forget. The

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kettle doesn't forget, but electrical and

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even for they forget it forget. So we forgot what purpose we were put on this earth for analyzer uses that name that reminds us of our forgetfulness. Also it you know,

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some argue that it comes from owns which is like to have affection. So we develop affection for things other than Allah subhanaw taala and it makes us forget our real purpose in life The two are connected. Yeah, you will insert masala Kabira became

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a raw translation would yield what diluted you what manipulated? What conned you? There are different words for deception in the Quran. Just to name a few there's hora hada. Right Hannah like Tiana has Allah what are the different kinds of words used for deception in the Quran? The specific one used here is a Llama Llama. Now what is? What does grace specifically mean? It's when you take someone who's careless, like a tourist and you call them to get something out of them. They're not really watching

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

about what they're doing and how they're spending and how they're behaving, then somebody could come and take advantage of them. Now, when the human being is not careful who takes advantage on

00:30:09--> 00:30:48

the shaitaan and you know, it is that shaytaan who fed him that line that was used in the previous solar, what was the what was the deception that most people fell victim to that Allah addressed? Allah azzawajal told them them the people are most likable can be much known. He said, mama, who will be called a tanto regime. This is not the word of a curse devil. He's not insane. But you know, when she when you let hate on anyone, you're not careful, and he'll feed even the worst lies against the truth to you and you believe them. So these people fell into that trap. Here lessons might be concluding what deluded you What can you away from your gracious Lord? Now Elijah didn't even say

00:30:48--> 00:30:49

what diluted you from Allah?

00:30:51--> 00:31:30

He didn't say that. Malhotra Kabila no masaka be Arabic. What delivery from your Lord. The word Rob necessarily illustrates a relationship illustrates a relation, you know the word allies is lawful. gelada is the name of Allah subhanaw. taala is the proper name. Of course, it's argued that it's rooted in the word Allah. But the word Rob, Rob, to help you understand it's a word of it necessarily denotes a relationship. For example, when you say Teacher, what do you think of on the other side? Student? When you think of Master, on one side, what do you think of on the other slave servant? When the Lord calls himself slave and doesn't even say Master, he said he didn't say about

00:31:30--> 00:31:46

me some odd one out. Rahman AR, I mean, what do you see here? Rebecca, your Lord, to give you a simple parallel of what's going on in this text, you're about to be fired. Because you don't, you know, pay attention to the instructions of your boss.

00:31:47--> 00:32:03

You know, you show up to work three hours late, he tells you to do a you do B, he tells you to do B, you do C, you don't pay attention. You're about to be fired. The boss comes to you and he doesn't want to be mean to you or anything. But he's curious, why are you so messed up? So the boss comes to you and says, So what was it?

00:32:04--> 00:32:45

What was it that was distracting you from my instructions? You understand? We had a standing relationship. We had an agreement, we're called akademika kakum. The Covenant was already taken, the promise had already been taken. You already made this promise to me that you'll be my slave unless to be Mikko albala. Am I not your Lord? Am I not your master? We said yes, of course. There wasn't any confusion, then what was it that confused you from your job? What was the distraction? Now at your real job in dunya? Maybe it was YouTube where I was like, you know, Facebook or something you were making calls to overseas or something at your job that deluded you. But in this context, Alonzo

00:32:45--> 00:33:25

just masaka Bella bigger, Kareem is the other things in this world that people are running towards. And then because of them, they don't turn towards a loss peloton and what's beautiful here is they were turning away from the messenger in the previous salon. The people were turning away from Rasulullah saw I saw them in the previous saw in the surah. Before that they were turning away from the Quran. When Allah says, you know, feasts off of him Mata Mata hora sfakia Rahman Bharara, they were turning away from the revelation itself. Here they're turning away from who lost their job. They forgotten the root of the problem. Why are they turning away from the messenger? Why are they

00:33:25--> 00:34:04

turning away from Revelation? Because they have no concern that they have a master that's why they're distracted by other things. We are big. And then a lady can just say Arabic He said the arabic al Karim Karim noble, gracious, when we talked about this when the teacher is nice, and he's noble, what does the student do? starts taking advantage and starts getting diluted. It's the thing conning himself into thinking that they can get away with whatever because he's a nice, come on. He's so Kareem out of his nobility out of His grace, he's not going to punish. And when that noble teacher that graceful teacher before he hands you your F and he calls you and he says listen, I was

00:34:04--> 00:34:41

nice to you all along. Why did you do this? You will feel far worse with that teacher, that the teacher who was mean to you because you'll fail as I was expecting him to fail me anyway. You know, I don't feel that bad because he's not a nice guy. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is feeling these people he's feeling and he's asking them in such a loving, introspective fashion, they have to look and deep inside of themselves. When he says Maha Kabila became what was it? What was it? Was it the love of money? Was it your family? Was it the love of your own pathetic desires? Was it the love of wasting time? What was it that took you away from from your gracious Lord, he gave you so many out

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

of His grace. He gave you so many things. And one of the things here the use of the word Karim, Allah is Kareem. And out of his kurama he gave kurama to the human being well, awkward Khurana buddy. We honored the human being. And so part of that honor is coming in the next is how did Allah show His grace to you?

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Let the Holocaust is not just your Lord, not just that he has that relationship over you that you are the slave on top of this under the halaqa, the one who created you as a worker, then he you know, so work that we are in Arabic has multiple meanings. One of them is to equate and to fix everything up perfectly. But another is to actually tweak and to take to take care of the finest details. And to make sure everything's just the way it's supposed to be, you know what image comes to mind because it's in the news that a lot nowadays, you know, all these car companies and they show these factories they don't they hopefully they don't let the car on the lot until they check

00:35:36--> 00:36:11

the brakes and they check out with a tweak the tweak alone speaks about the tweaking of the human being he created you didn't just create you he fine tune you does we have as a worker, and then finally for other lucky balanced you. Now this word is very powerful, Adam, he balanced you and that, you know we're a balanced creature, we walk on two feet, we have balanced, you know, our ears actually are a big place of our balance when there's fluid and not yours, you get dizzy and stuff. Right? So this is a place of balance. But even in the figurative sense. He balanced you know, for Alabama for Georgia. taqwa there's a balance between those two things. Everywhere in the Koran you

00:36:11--> 00:36:36

find you know, this discussion on guidance, you'll find a balance. He balanced our motives between running towards you know, the paradise and running away from what the Hellfire he balanced us. He balances between our personal obligations and our obligations to our family in the world at large personal obligations, collective obligations, so balance, he belt seats in so many ways he balanced you. And he gave you a sense of balance also, by the luck.

00:36:37--> 00:37:16

Allah azza wa jal mentions this in another place, he says lack of insanity. So Nita Queen, right, so Tina is coming up later on in the series, we created the human being in the best possible fashion. And what is that best possible fashion under the halaqa for so work for hadelich. Now, this sense of balance, interestingly enough, on my way here, I took the shuttle from BWI, right. And there was a guy next to me. We just started talking German fellow. And he's like, Yeah, I know a little bit about Islam. You Shia was ignacia. So he was disappointed a little bit, but we started talking anyway. And he said, I only have one question. Why do you guys have hell? I was like, well, we don't

00:37:16--> 00:37:17

have it.

00:37:18--> 00:37:19

But I'll tell you something.

00:37:20--> 00:37:47

Right. But I'll tell you something about it at least. You know, the idea was, the idea is do you appreciate balance? Do you appreciate? You know, justice? Justice as a kind of balance? Yeah, of course. So I asked him, you know, you believe in a God. He said, Yes. You know, if you believe in a God, then you have to believe that he's just his fair. Yeah, I believe that said, okay, you know, if he's fair, then what do you do with a guy that killed 100? People?

00:37:49--> 00:38:26

What do you what according to you, what do you think justices wish to kill him? I said, Okay, kill him. But how many people that he killed? 100? What if you kill one person? What would you do? Kill him? Okay, well, at least you believe in the death penalty. But beyond that, is that fair? If he kills 100 people, you kill him once he kills one person, you kill him once? What's the most you can do to him? Can you kill him? 100 times. You can't. In other words, you can't have justice. And you if you believe that this world has been created. It's been created by someone who's What? Fair, just and then clearly, you can't have that justice here. You have to expect from him that he will give

00:38:26--> 00:38:36

you justice. He will give justice to the other 99 victims. You can't expect that he won't and look at it from another point of view. Even if you just killed one person. How many lives Did you ruin?

00:38:37--> 00:39:14

So he was this man was the victim of somebody's father, somebody's brother, somebody's son, somebody's provider, somebody's caretaker. Somebody's employee ruined a business. He ruined a family. He ruined a neighborhood He ruined a community and this guy was a loner. He didn't nobody misses him if he's gone, did he do more harm than was done to him? Sure. But was there justice in this world necessarily? No. Do you do you believe the one who created us in such intricate balanced fashion will leave this imbalance will leave this imbalance in this world. So when ally introduces himself to us in Fatiha he doesn't just leave he emphasizes the issue of balance balance between us

00:39:14--> 00:39:32

and him he aka nabooda Stein you guys read that some of you study that this past weekend balance between his mercy and His His justice, Rahim Malik, you mean this balance. So and we have to walk a path that's balanced? salata, Levine and Antonio are the imbalances.

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

In all these, these themes of balance constantly in the Quran, even this almost called the middle oma, the balanced oma or mutton, whatever Subhana Allah. So here, you know, this, this evidence that's the central theme of this surah as opposed to the previous sort of the central theme was the preservation of how the message comes to the messengers. That was the central point of notice here the central message

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

the conscience of the human being the human beings own sense of balance will make him convinced if he's true to that sense of balance. And he's not diluted about it that yes, in fact, he has a lord. And yes effect. In fact, there is judgment coming. This is the voice of one's own conscience if it has any ounce of decency, or what the law calls fitrah left in it. So Pamela, so profound sense of rationale. You know, some some brothers asked me, can you give a talk about the miracle of the Quran proving Islam is true? Like, you know, what you probably don't understand, we have to even approach that subject from the Quran its own point of view, the Quran has its own method of presenting that

00:40:33--> 00:41:12

idea of what makes it miraculous. And it's a combination of two things, evidences, and it's a reliance on human decency. If you're not a decent human being on the inside, no matter how much evidence you see, will it matter? No. So there's no conclusive proving that Islam is the truth for any one person until they find an ounce of decency within themselves. They don't see enough evidences, but not an ounce of decency inside, so it doesn't work. Now, the the magicians were pretty messed up people too, but they had some decency in them, at least a little bit. And that came out when they saw the proof. So they made such that immediately. So it's, it's a combination of two

00:41:12--> 00:41:45

things. It's not just purely intellectual exercise for us, that we can prove to you God exists. Why haven't you become Muslim? No, no, that's one part of the picture. The other part of the picture is the decency wants that one has to have within themselves. Allah asked the human being demands on the human being, that they look with themselves, that they don't become diluted from their gracious Lord, after he created them in such balance. So like, emphasizes this as part of the path to Islam. This is part of the path to Islam, introspection, looking within oneself. This is part of our dharma. We don't just ask people to look at the evidences, which is what has become mostly nowadays,

00:41:45--> 00:42:06

right? We ask people look at this evidence, look at the scientific rigor, look at this, look at that, look at that. But we've forgotten this part of our doctrine emphasizes so much look inside yourself, man. Think about it. Look at how you've been created. Look and ask your own conscience. This is part of the Dharma. This is part of the way Alaska presents this profound truth. So under the halaqa

00:42:07--> 00:42:12

Doc, fee, surah t Masha Allah cabac What time is Russia By the way,

00:42:13--> 00:42:51

and 15 Okay, so we can go a little bit more inshallah, fi soldati Masha, Allah COVID door surah is used for all objects that can be distinguished from one another with the visual eye. Okay, so Allah speaks about the shape the form in any which form he wanted. And however he wanted back, he fashioned you. And lacava is a beautiful word that comes from Turkey, which literally means to put something on top of something else. Like a rocket is a writer who gets on top of the horse, or the camel or whoever, right? The key was used actually by some grammarians with the key will is what they mean is, right, they'll connect one word to the next into the next into the next they call it

00:42:51--> 00:43:18

that keep. Now unless as he did keep in us, however, he wanted, he took one limb of us and connected it to the other one cell to the other, right, one vessel to the other one vein to the next. One Piece of our skin to the neck connected the whole thing, you know, you want to explain to your kids just throw a bunch of Legos Connect. And this is the key. Now this is really important here, the words that you need to understand. It started with the word Rob.

00:43:19--> 00:43:55

Not Heinrich, first, Rob first. And this is at the heart of one of the most most common psychological problems in our time that Muslims suffer from and non Muslim suffer from when it comes to the relationship with Allah, with with the divine, let's just say what the divine and that is, you know, I can't I don't know how you guys believe in a God, when there's so much suffering. And there's so much killing, and so many children are dying, hungry, and there's so much disease, and there's so much injustice, you ever heard this argument? You know, and then at a personal level, how can there be a god, I didn't do anything wrong, and I lost my job. I didn't do anything wrong, and I

00:43:55--> 00:44:28

got cancer, or my mother died, or this happened or that happened. And people come to the church and they say, why is God doing this? To me? This is a common thing. And you know, unfortunately, it's now starting to happen and when the Muslims Why is Allah doing this to me? I had a brother come to the machine, not too long ago, you know, his mother had passed away and then the lady were in a larger home elantras honey her into the paradise, right? But he came in he was distraught, apparently. And he said, Why is he doing this to me? What What's my fault in all of this? Right? And somebody gets sick, they say why is Allah mad at me? Why is this happening to me? So first of all,

00:44:28--> 00:44:37

understand some very basic things very, very basic things. When Allah said his name to us in the fatty Alhamdulillah the very next thing he told us about himself is not Harlock

00:44:38--> 00:44:44

is not Malik is not about him. What's the first thing he told us on Robben Island.

00:44:45--> 00:44:50

And the thing with rubia lordship ownership, complete rights over someone

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

is that when allies if you truly accept that Allah is not just the Creator, he is Rob. Rob is your Lord and you are

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

You are you have no rights before him then a slave doesn't have any rights property doesn't have rights. My computer, if this is my recorder, it stops working. Do I have a right to break it? to step on it to throw it away? Is it going to file a complaint against me? No, it's mine. I made it. Or if I bought it's my complete property. Now a lot not only created us, but owns us entirely has rubia overseas?

00:45:25--> 00:46:08

Did I did I pay for my hands? Did I pay for my eyes? I didn't. Did I pay for the kind of face I want? Or even though some DVLA, people who do that nowadays? But did I decide what gender I'm going to be? Did I decide how old I'm going to be? What ethnicity I'm going to be who my mother and father are going to be? was any of this in my control? No. Now is Allah is the one who gave it to me. I didn't pay him anything for it. And if ally didn't give it to me was I entitled to it. I wasn't entitled to anything. I didn't pay for anything. It's all been given to me. So the idea of God owing me, which is very a very Christian concept nowadays, at least that God owes us somehow. Allah azza

00:46:08--> 00:46:32

wa jal owes us nothing. Because he is what Rob is Rob. He owes us now he gives anyway, he's an amazing Rob, he doesn't owe us he still gives us. But when somebody is born, and you know, they they die as a child, or there's death, and there's disease and there's calamity and all of these things, when they are there. And when they are not there he is still our

00:46:33--> 00:46:39

he's still Arab. You can't it's just like saying, Why do you give me five fingers? Why didn't you give me six?

00:46:40--> 00:47:17

It's just like that. We have no control in these things, when you accept a lot as these are up and that's one of the central messages of the Quran. Because it cuts at the root of all your other questions. When you internalize this really deep, profound reality, you accept that I'm asleep. You walk as a slave you live it you talk, as I say, you know that a free person and a slave they have different attitudes. Right? The slave every time he opens his mouth, what do you think? Is the master listening? Right? He's not gonna open his mouth until he's not gonna do something. He's not gonna eat something until I wonder if he's watching. Right? employees do that they look at the

00:47:17--> 00:47:31

security camera before they you know, before they check their email. Or make sure that you know, the network spy software isn't on. You know, before they browse the web, we're that scared of other forms of mastery? Imagine if you accept

00:47:32--> 00:48:13

everything you say every step you take every breath, you know everything you look at your alma mater, for sure. Right? That's the attitude of accepting a large lump. He's the one who created you in this profound fashion. You think he just left you like that without a purpose. When Eliza created us, he gave us these faculties he balanced us for either luck, then he gave us necessarily demands from us a purpose can law but rather not at all, in other words, alleged disappointment with humanity after this profound creation of the human being. After this amazingly balanced Well fine tuned human being has been fashioned, so that he can show the rest of he could be the best of all

00:48:13--> 00:48:47

creation because he obeys the law by choice. No. The reality is but to continue nobody. Now you lie deliberately against the deen you lie deliberately against them. The word Deen is really interesting. Allah didn't say here biLlahi to be it like other places to can the Buddha be Ayatollah Dawa? suli right, but here are like in salt and amaranth in Canada buka liberal pseudo public right if they lie against the messenger, but here the clip been lying against the dean there are a few things you should know about the word that cleave inshallah then we'll talk a little bit about the word beam

00:48:48--> 00:49:27

when you call someone a liar, you're doing tech leap when you call someone a liar. Now the reason the attempt when you call someone a liar liar false fully meaning you're lying yourself by calling them a liar. It's a little complicated. Okay? So you're calling somebody else a liar but what your accusations themselves happen to be a lie and your your attempt is to whatever they say nobody will believe because now you've discredited them this is called a clip. So you do this against the dean. You do this against the dean so they make lies against the dean. They they say to the people that this Dean is alive This is the first thing about the clip. This is the second thing is to lie

00:49:27--> 00:50:00

against someone's claims. So when the deen of Allah claims that it's the truth to lie I guess I'd say no, this is a tannic, this is false. So this is from the shell theme, this is the word of the kahin etc. This is the clip. Now let's look at the word Deen. The read Arabic comes from the word Dane. They means a loan then means a loan. Donna in Arabic as a verb is to give someone what you owe them completely. So the word Dane and loan on data have something similar also, it's giving someone or taking from someone a specified person

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

That is due back. Right? It's a very precise Yes, inshallah one more minute and I'll be done that giving someone or taking a very very specific portion that is due back. That is the essence of Islam. Everything we do whatever we sent forward and whatever we left behind is being precisely calculated. And if it's good, then we are owed precise amounts of good in return. And if it is evil we are owed precise amounts of evil in return. And if you start thinking like that, you will think very carefully about every one of your actions and every one of your actions, statements. Every speech, every piece of speech you have, every action you have, if you acknowledge that this in fact

00:50:41--> 00:51:20

is a dean, you know when we commonly translated his way of life, what this really means is everything in your life specific portion, you owe a portion to your parents, your portion to your spouse, your portion of your time to the salaat your portion to this you're pushed into that and every one of these shortcomings you show however short however short you fell is being calculated and an exact amount you will be given back. Right? Well not even hiring you or fire like whatever you spend from God will be given to you in full. We'll see at Kowloon FC Marcus about every person will be given precisely in full whatever he or she earned, whatever he or she earned. This is in the

00:51:20--> 00:51:34

essence of the word Deen. The person who doesn't want to accept that they come up with other delusions they are they come with other distractions because this is too strong a reality for them to accept. So we stop at this is of Hanukkah llamo behenic should do li li Atlanta to build a custom article.