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AI: Summary © The transcript describes Subhan Allah, a man who embraces Islam and brings his two younger brothers to his home. He also has a sister who is a strong Muslim and near to the Prophet sallua. The couple who joined the Islamist movement later joined the Islamist movement, and their political positions are important. The Prophet sallua is discussed, with a biography of Chatelet and a new video about her mentioned. The segment also touches on the importance of Subhan's political positions and his experiences during the time period before his birth.
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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to labor cuts everyone welcome back to the first shorts where we are doing some of the shorter biographies of the first Muslims that often don't get spoken about and so, the person that we are covering today there is no super exciting story about him there is one about his brother, which inshallah Tata will talk about next time which is really profound and beautiful but Subhan Allah, this is a man who is responsible for so much good and who was so early on in Islam and held a prominent position clearly with the Prophet salallahu it he was some in the early companions and his name is honies Yvan Rafa all the Allahu taala. And who is me he's from the southern clan of

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koresh. And her niece was the older brother of Abdullah and case of the love and her dafa, who will be speaking about next time in Charlotte's face. So his younger brothers were very young. And he himself was also a young man in his teens at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. His nickname growing up was a boy, her dafa The idea was that he himself would one day have a son, which is, of course very common, and name his, his son after his father. So above her Darfur, colonies, even though he never had her dafa a son. This is his name, in the days of ignorance and Islam as well. So what we know about him is that he was a young man when he heard the Tao of aboubaker, a study called

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the Allahu taala, and who, along with some of his friends, remember, you know, most of those that accepted Islam early on accepted Islam through the direct Dharma abubaker, vehicle of the Allahu taala. And what we know also is that most of them were very young. And he is no exception. But what's very interesting, and what's noteworthy about him in this regard, is that he is amongst those who embraced Islam before the outcome started. And so he is considered perhaps one of the first 20 people to accept this. Now imagine being one of the first 20 people to embrace this religion, and your name being completely unknown to the Muslims, right. How many people have you met named

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cornice? And how many times have you heard about who nice? Well, the Allahu taala. And so he embraces Islam. And then he goes home and sort of being the elder of his family. He also brings along his two younger brothers, who were very young children at the time Abdullah and place to embrace Islam with him. He also brings with him seven of his cousins, and four other members of bento some of the Southern clan to embrace Islam. And he takes all of them he is seen as their head as their most senior person, at least amongst the Muslims. He takes all of them, and he makes his right to Abyssinia. So he's from that noble group of people that made his way out to Abyssinia to

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escape persecution, and to preserve their religion through that migration. Now, when they go to a sin, yep, when they saw the alongside it is one of those who returns to Mecca after the migration to aubusson yet, and he's offered protection by one of the citizens of Mecca. Now the person that would offer the hand of his daughter, to him, is a man who Subhana Allah would see through weak character very easily a man who was divinely inspired by the angels, a man who had a deep sense of perception, and a man who sought great religion character, and that was 100 real health on the outside and who, who offered him the hand of his daughter hafsa, his one daughter at the time. hafsa Well, the Allah

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hota Allah and her alma de la I know had other daughters later on way later on in Islam, and in fact, he would name them after the daughters of the Prophet, slice lm Xena, bonacci and fathima. May Allah be pleased with them all, but have settled the alongside was his oldest daughter, and someone that he wanted to have a proper suitor to and at that point, on model the alongside on who is a Muslim, a strong Muslim, and he wants his daughter to be married to one of the first Muslims, one of the earliest batch of those who converted to Islam, someone who demonstrated great faith and great character. And so when he marries hafsa, who nice himself, probably being in his late teens are at

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this point in his early 20s have settled the law of town and have been about 14 years of age at this time. And of course, at that time, you know, people would get married very young. So this couple is formed in Mecca under the persecution of the Meccans and when almost all the alongside and home makes the heads not to El Medina, who nice and hafsa May Allah be pleased with them both and with all model the law of town and how they join him for the hills also, they were amongst that group that actually went with honorable hip hop out of the Allahu anhu to Medina at the time for the hedra and they stayed with a man by the name of Rivera. Now I've been wonder what the Allahu Allah and the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam paired who nice off with a man from the

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unsalted by the name of abort ABS bingeable are the alongside who is a brother in law of Mohammed bin muslimah, or the Allahu taala. And also her niece, and hafsa settle in their new life in El Medina, this young couple, and her niece becomes one of those who is near to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course, by virtue as well as his own father in law, who embraced Islam after him all not well, the alongside I know. Now, what do we know about him after that? When the Battle of bed that took place in the year 624, who nice is the only member of venison, who fought in the Battle of bed who was considered from the bedroom? Now, why is that significance? Obviously, Islam

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did away with the evils of tribalism. But in the wake of a battle, you know, when people would account for the members of the army, they would look for the members of their tribe. And that's something that continued even after it's not where people looked for their families and their extended families. The fact that he was the only member from bensoussan to fight in bed that is actually one of the noble firsts, because that is very rare. Everyone else has someone there that is with them from their family or their extended family. And the implication is that his younger brothers were too young to fight at the time, whereas he will be alongside and who was amongst those

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that bravely would go forward. He comes back from Bethel, and he earns the distinction of not just being one of the first Muslims to embrace Islam prior to Donald Trump. And to make the heads right to Abyssinia enter Medina, but also to be from the bedroom from those that are the veterans of bed that those are the stripes that you want to meet Allah subhanaw taala with those are the greatest firsts that you could have in terms of categories when you're meeting Allah subhanho wa Tada. And then her takes place and he was amongst those that fought in it. Now, while his name will not be officially counted amongst the martyrs approach when you're typically looking through Shahada what

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we read about him all the alongside I know is that he suffered a wound and or hurt that caused him to die sometime later. So he is technically considered from the show had that as well. So a person who embraced Islam before the the establishment of an outcome, a person who made the Hitler to Abyssinia person who made the hits about to in Medina, a person who fought and bedded the first son in law of unreal hopital the alongside and also now one of the Shahada of hurts one of the martyrs of hurt, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam personally took the body of honey so the alone time and he performed the janazah of honeysuckle, viola tada and Whoa, and he buried her niece right

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next to the famous companion earthman had been another own or the alongside and when if you go back to the episode about it's not even their own or the Allahu anhu you know how much the prophets lie some love to Earth man, another owner the Allahu anhu, so he buries who nice Well, the alongside and hotel today in about here, right next to Earth man and another rune or the Allahu tada and he and hafsa are the law of China and we're never blessed with that son or dafa that he was named after a Buddha have sold the alongside I'm at this point now is a young widow. Okay, so she's also probably not past her late teens at this point, when her husband passes away, and that is where you start to

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see the story of almost all the longtime, who doing his due diligence, and seeking a spouse or righteous spouse for his daughter hafsa or the alongside and her. And it was at that time Subhan Allah that Earth might have been a fun or the Allahu anhu had lost his wife Rokia or the Allah and had the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And almost all the time I'm looking to the best two people in society at the time of Wilbekin an earth man and seeing if either one of them will marry his daughter hopsital the law and instead of course, the one who is better than all of them, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would marry hafsa or the Allahu taala and earth man,

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Allah The Allahu taala and who would marry uncle film? May Allah be pleased with her the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam So, this is a man by the name of who nice and this is a great companion, a person who has all of the stripes all of the categories, but Subhanallah who is barely known to Muslim memory, and inshallah tada that will change and on top of that, Subhanallah It is also important to point out that or I will say it the one who guides to good is like the one who commits it. And what we will find from his brother, Abdullah bin madatha Well, the Allahu tada angle is a great legacy in Islam and that started off with this man who nice while the Allahu anhu

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bringing his younger brother to embrace Islam with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a child, and then he would dedicate himself to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to the spread of Islam, and Chatelet Allah, we will talk about our blog and her daffodil. The

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On one of my favorite stories next time may Allah be pleased with Denise and may Allah be pleased with hafsa our mother while the Allahu anhu. One day we will do a long biography of a May Allah be pleased with all of those who the Prophet slicin and was pleased with Allah I mean, does that mean Well hi and see you all next time in sha Allah. So now when it comes to LA he will get a cut

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