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Responding to the foolish and ignorant

Dr. Omar Suleiman dives into the second quality of the servants of the Most Merciful – forbearance.

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escenario Shakeology smells

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like a banana mean, we want it in our body mean, want to have to be able to clean Allahumma salli wa sallam, abiotic and avocado so we can Mohammed and Salalah Han Solo on Ernie, he was lucky. He was a limited Sleeman kathira Charlottetown. I'll give everyone just a couple of seconds, or a few seconds to log on.

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So I've got some good news and bad news for you all while I'm waiting for everyone to log on.

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The good news is I'm really enjoying

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getting into the depth of these ads. The bad news is we probably won't finish them before them a lot.

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So we might have to continue this a little bit after normal lunch, just to get them done.

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Or at least to do justice, somewhat do justice to this topic.

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All right. So

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yesterday, we talked about worried about Obama Lavine, I'm sure and the hohner. We talked about this idea of people that walk with a, with a great sense of humility, and that bring drama, to the environment around them that have a calming effect in the environment around them. And we said that this sort of refers to the default of the believer the way that the believer carries themselves. And then the second part of this is what either bla bla bla Mujahid want to call you Salama, when they are addressed by the ignorance they say Salaam they respond with peace, and so there's absolutely nothing that would take them out of their elements and nothing that would faze them. Now this this

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part of the ayah is a deep part of the eye as well. Of course, everything about this is deep. But the first quality that we spoke about last night was humility to Lawler. The second quality, which is addressed in the hubbub of Mujahid, went upon with Salama is what the scholars say is actually the hardest quality to attain the hardest good characteristic, and that is the quality of health, which is forbearance. Okay, so it's easy to be patient, or it's never easy to be patient. But it's easier to be patient with things that cannot be attributed to people when harm cannot be attributed to people than it is when there's someone that's being abrasive or there's a person in front of you

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or someone that you can attribute that to Okay, whether that's online or on sites, all right, it's a lot harder when there is a face to the harm that's being caused to you are to the ignorance that's being spewed your way. So the quality is called him. The quality is called forbearance and it is a fruit of humility. Okay, so a person maintains humility. And this is a fruit that comes out from from the tree of humility. So you can't have this quality without humility is what the right amount mentioned. And because of that, it's important for us to go by the order which Allah subhana wa, tada has given to us. And so that's something that as we go through these qualities, it's important

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for us to just sort of restate the basis, the basis is about the right man, we connect to our black man. Once we connect to a black man, we emanate the Obama to everything around us into every situation. And this type of Rama here, which is Helen, which is forbearance is a quality that cannot be had without humility. So what does this mean? That you have to be composed, and have a mild presence in order to be forbearing there's no way that you're going to be able to achieve forbearance if you're not someone that learns the art of composure, right, someone that's able to hold yourself together. And that generally has a mild presence. Now, by the way, even the profits

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license them sometimes expressed anger and sometimes the prophets I seldom,

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you know, diverted from his usual and the thing is, is that when it's not the norm for you to express anger, when it's not the norm for you to show your dissatisfaction and your displeasure. That means that people will take your anger more seriously. Whereas when you're hot tempered, it's just like, Oh, God, we just don't want to make that person upset again, because they're always upset, and we don't feel like dealing with, with them being upset. And so with the prophet SAW A lot of it, he was setting them. He was the most humble person, he was the most patient person, the most forbearing person and so when he became angry, it's like the Arab say, it's nothing other than

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headin, that you fear the anger of the forbearing one because when a person is generally forbearing, and they become angry, that could mean that the anger is going to be severe. Now in the case of the prophets lie Selim, his anger was never out of balance, and that's part of His perfection it his loss was set out, but it's a balance that we should seek to achieve in our lives.

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So anyway, let's talk about this quality of forbearance and how do we know that it's the highest trait the highest characteristic. The prophets lie Some said in them and are able to tell them we're in normal Hill mode with to help them that verily knowledge is through seeking knowledge. Meaning if you want to attain knowledge you study to attain knowledge. And forbearance is through practicing forbearance. You practice patience in your day to day and that helps you have greater patience when greater tragedy strike. forbearance has patience with people and so you learn to deal with the minor annoyances on a regular basis. And as you learn to deal with those minor annoyances on a regular

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basis, then you can maintain composure in the face of major annoyances, right. So the scholars say that the reason why the Prophet slicin I mentioned him here, forbearance the quality of composure and forbearance is because it is the most difficult quality to attain. And so by saying that it is attainable, the prophets lie Selim is saying that any good quality is attainable through practice. And generally speaking, you'll find that as people practice, test gear and as people grow, people are able people are able to gain many good qualities, but there are very few people that are able to do away with a bad temper. There are very few people that are able to actually grow from from

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having, you know, a generally harsh presence. And in fact, one of the problems is that sometimes they bring that into the deen as well and that becomes extremely harmful to others. So anyway, what either haba who and Jackie don't call you Salaam. This is a verse that's also miss translated many times because the word jihad,

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though understood as ignorance, is speaking about a different type of ignorance. Jehan is synonymous with love up in the Arabic poetry, which is anger, a hot temper. And so you'll often find that in, in old share an old poetry. The word Jehan is used not to describe ignorance in regards to a person not having a person not knowing but ignorance in regards to a person who acts foolish, okay, so a person who has a hot temper. And this is very common, and this is what the context of this ayah is when Eliza Joe says Jackie Lewin here. It's in that meaning, as opposed to a Latina Dahlia, and among those that know don't know better, it's people that act with a hot temper and people that are

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foolish, so it's not talking about uneducated people. It's talking about rude people, okay?

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Eliza also says For example,

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in sort of, it'll cost us something very similar verse 55.

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A lot so it just says, what are some your love What are available and what God do Lana? Luna, welcome, lukewarm. Salaam Alaikum learn to enjoy Helene. When they hear any vain talk, they turn away from it, although they turn away from it, and they respond and they say London I don't know whether to come to you belong your deeds and to us belong our deeds set them when they come peace beyond to you. We do not desire to act like the ignorance. Some of the scholars they say that this is referring to an incident where, and I'll probably talk about this in detail maybe sometime after the Milan because it's a powerful incident. But there's a group of about 20 Christians that had come

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to Mecca from Habesha from Ethiopia to meet the Prophet slice Allah. And when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam recited the Quran to them. They started to cry, out of out of belief, and out of being moved from recognition that this was the Scripture, that was the continuation of the message very sorry, Islam, the message of Jesus peace be upon him. And they confirmed it. And they they said, Mr. Dean, you know, they asked the loss of hundreds out to write them from amongst those who have worn witness. And so because of that, and this is, of course, the context of some of the iots according to many of the scholars and swithun nakida, about the Christians that recognize the truth

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that hear that heard the message of the Prophet slicin I'm liking the joshy in Ethiopia, the ruler of Ethiopia, and when they heard the Quran being recited, they said, This is it, and they removed and they accepted Islam. And so some of the the scholars they say that

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this is referring to the verses with the muscles that is referring to when those when those Christians accepted Islam, apologia and some of the Quraysh went to them and started to mock them. Okay, and they started to talk to them, as they would talk to the people of, of Mecca. And that group of 20 Christians from Ethiopia that now had become Muslim. They responded and they said, Look, you know, I'm not an American, which is like, like, I'm Dino Cambodia, Dean. Look, we have our ways. You have your ways.

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Salam Alaikum peace be on to you. We don't want to be amongst the foolish we're okay. You know, we're just not going to engage this type of behavior. And so this was a way of them to, to basically say to Abuja and to the ignorant that look, we're just we're not interested, you guys can go ahead and continue to taunt and continue to see what you what you're going to say. But that's not the behavior that we accept for ourselves. And we're just going to pass Okay, so basically not feeding the trolls and the trolls in this case, and his ilk in Mecca, taunting them. So again, some of the scars of Tafseer will mention this as the context of that. There's of course, another idea or a loss

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of patterns Adam

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mentioned, who the left to, to keep to forgiveness, what would have been better off and to enjoy and kindness what antologia Helene and to turn away from the ignorance. This ayah

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This is speaks to another incident, to turn away from the ignorance keeps a forgiveness allow for what would have been my roof to enjoy and kindness and to turn away from the ignorant. This refers to an incident according to the prophecy alone.

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A man by the name of arena had been has been for the phone arena I've been hesitant. He stayed with his nephew and heard of no case. And this was one of the people that was close to home or mental health hospital the alongside him because he was one of the Father and the Father of Quran of Quran. And so because of that, it'll be a lot of time who would keep him near he would listen to him and again that came to visit him and he said to his nephew and heard of nucleus he said you're close to this man Ahmad you're close to the halifa let me meet him because I want to ask him something. Okay, so I've heard he said okay, well let me get permission from a lot of time

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he got permission from the halifa and photo brings around his uncle they're a bit hesitant or Yana enters into Alma and he says into the house of ominous Ababa the law I know and he says you have no hot pop you have not given us our share nor have you ruled with justice. Okay. Imagine how embarrassed and heard of no face was to bring his uncle to visit Amato the allot of time when talk about an awkward moment, right you know, I brought you to visit the halifa armored vehicle probably a lot of time. And we know the strength of our level the law of title. And this is what you do to embarrass me right and heard of new places close to how much he loves Alma and he doesn't want to

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fall out of favor with honor to hop out of the allowance and so he brings his uncle not knowing what his uncle Lorraine is gonna say and Ariana accuses the allowance of being unjust and not giving our share of course this was a ploy to move on. That'll be a lot of time I'm going to give him some extra to basically shut his mouth except on the low on who was a man of integrity. And he understood the tactic so humble the A lot of times who got up and he was he was upset, he was angry. And

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so he said to almost all the love of town hall. He said look, this uncle is one this uncle of mine is one of the fools he's one of those ignorant people those jacquelene and he recited to a lot of data and who couldn't laugh What what Morgan Morrow for Aragon and God look just show forgiveness and enjoying good and turn away from the foolish and so when almost all the A lot of times I heard that all the logs on on hosts simply just calm down and he ignored everything altogether and just dismissed him from the home. Okay, so not not suburbanization here not the obviously the reason for revelation as this is after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But one of the ways

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that this idea was applied, very famously, in the case of a mental health hobby a lot of time hotelling him Look, don't worry about these people, right? These are people that do not that are not trying to do anything except for provoke you and instigate something, so just turn away from them. Yeah, I mean, basically, they're not worth your time. Now

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there's a lot to dissect here. Okay, so these are some of the stories of three acts that refer to the same concept of basically responding to Elijah Helene, which we set are not people that are ignorant in terms of their knowledge we're not talking about the Bedouins that didn't have the best etiquette when they came to the Prophet slice alone or didn't you know understand things when they ask questions we're talking about people that are foolish that are instigators that are hot tempered that are annoying that are trying to shake you trying to mess with you trying to troll you okay? And

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three is that all say the same thing which is respond with Salaam respond with peace now Salaam is supposed to be to hear to Islam. It's supposed to be a greeting and to hate it's a way that you welcome someone. But this Salaam the rhythm I say is Salaam taraka. Where up it is Salaam wa Tada. Where are the which means it's the Salaam of actually ending a conversation. Okay?

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This is not the Salaam of welcome and let's talk it's the Salaam of you know, it's literally peace out it's Salaam, out where we're done, I'm not going to engage this conversation, I'm not going to touch this. And it's your way of saying that I'm not interested in this, okay? I'm not interested in this type of discourse, I'm not interested in this behavior. And moving on, okay, just set up. So this is a different type of cinema. And it's also important, as I said yesterday,

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that these ads are not used to excuse the acceptance of volume, the acceptance of oppression, what you've got haba homodiegetic doing these are, you know, this is talking about fleet law, this is talking about people that just make rude comments, your average ignorant folks people that are that are that are abrasive people that you know, annoy you people that that observed just habitual forms of

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messing with people and trying to get in your head, this is not talking about accepting, okay, because we should not accept oppression for ourselves, we should not accept oppression for ourselves, this is not letting people

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get in your head, or getting your elements or shake you out of your element, mess with you, whatever it may be. Alright, so this is what is being spoken about here. It's a different, it's a different context altogether. Basically, people who try to provoke you, do not let them in your heart or mind just be gone. Alright, I'm not going to engage this, I am not going to entertain this. Because when someone is trying to provoke you, they are if they get your attention, and they pull you into their level, or down to their level, they get you stoop to their level they when they just want you there, okay, and there are many different narrations about this from the setup. The sellers have books that

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have been written about how to deal with trolls, okay, so if you want to know how to deal with trolls, you can find the books of you know that talk about people like Hassan busty Rahim, Allah Tada, you know, who would send fruits to the gatherings that would backbite him because he would say I have nothing to repay you repay you with in this dunya except for these fruits for the edge of that you're giving me in the hereafter for the good deeds that you're giving me in the hereafter. So all I could find was some fruits. So maybe if someone's trolling, you know, you just you send some fruit emojis or something like that, I don't know if that would count. But the point is, is that you

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find books about the seller, and how they responded to people that were abrasive, not abusive in a way that actually means a lot of volume, a lot of to accept oppression or harm. But again, people that are just, you know, rude, unnecessarily rude. And, you know, there are a few incidents that I'll quote here inshallah Tada. And I'll start off with a Wilbekin list of equal of the alonside.

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If you're watching the angels series, then there's that incident wearable buckle the longtime, who stood up and responded when he and the profits licensing, we're dealing with these people have jobs with people who were foolish, and people that had foul, foul melts. And a bucket will be a lot of time and who did not like that the profit slice alone, you know, witness such a thing. So he eventually was provoked to a point that he responded in like manner. Now, there's another incident where I will back it will be a lot of time to show you who I will bucket is,

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you know, he was

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he was sitting in the masjid. And this is during hiskey Lofa. And a man walks in, and he starts yelling, and cursing and using foul language towards him. Okay, so hold back, it'll be lavon, who's the halifa. And this man starts to use large,

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foul language with him. And in fact, the instance I'm going to quote are about PolitiFact. Why because these are people in authority. So if they wanted to punish, and, and take revenge upon the ignorance, people that treated them in such a way, they could do so without having to worry about repercussions, right. So the fact that a person could be in authority and could still show humility, in this way is important to take note of because sometimes we show patients or we don't respond to those that are abrasive or foolish, because we're afraid of the repercussions. So if you're the halifa, you're not afraid of anybody. Okay, so back out on the lawn was sitting in the masjid. And a

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man comes up to him and he starts to curse he starts to yell. So we'll back up on the long side and he just got up and he walked away.

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And the man said to him,

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you have to be kochava Iraqi army. He said, Oh, son of equal half I'm talking to you. Alright, so I'm not talking to anyone else. So don't get up and walk away from me. Er can army I'm talking about you have a record all the a lot of time and who said what anchor and I'm turning

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away from you. Okay, so he said, I'm talking to you and I will record all the law and he said, and I'm ignoring you, you know, very intentionally. The man said to him, that

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Ben Nick has also been Nick a southern yet Hello American public, that I will curse you in a way. Someday I will curse you in a way that will follow you to your grave meaning I'm going to humiliate you, I'm going to embarrass you. And I'm going to say things to you and about you that people will know you know, horrible things. They'll say horrible things about you, even after you die. Okay, so he's threatening him. He's saying, you know, you wait. So bad luck, I will curse you in a way that it will follow you to your grave. I will back it'll be a lot of time. I don't respond to that. He said, Listen, in the Maya Angelou, America lamare. He said, If you do that, the curses and the foul

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language and the things that you say will enter you with your grave, they won't enter. They will enter with you into your grave meaning the sense of that they're not going to enter with me into my grave. I'm okay. Say whatever you want to say you're going to curse curse, you're going to use foul language use foul language. So the man says to him after that, he said if you say one word to me, one more word to me. The input to the kalama smell a Tesla and mini Ashleigh input to the kalama if you say to me one more word, then you will hear 10 words back from me meaning I dare you to open your mouth again. Right so the man is just trying anyway to get in trouble back. It'll be a lot of

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time his head will back it'll be a lot of time who said what input Sally Ashwin lentes mera mini Kalimantan wakita. And he said, and if you say 10 more words to me, 10 more statements to me. You're not going to hear a single one back from me. I'm not going to engage.

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So we're back. It'll be a long time who basically walks out of the message and this man is fuming that he wasn't able to get in his head that the more he instigated the more he provoked the more I will back it'll be a long time I know tell them look I'm not interested. Salaam peace. You you do your thing. You go ahead and say what you have to say. It's not going to it's not going to shake me so Hanna lights a beautiful a beautiful incident because who would punish a worker will be allowed to handle if he were to respond to this man in like manner. There's another incident of Ahmedabad Abdulaziz Aki Mola tada again, Khalifa.

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A halifa, known for justice halifa known for nobility halifa, who was very loved by the people. And all of these Rahim Allah is walking into the masjid, and he's going to give the hotel and he trips over men. And, you know, as he's just getting to the member, the pulpit and the man says to him, Are you crazy? Are you a metronome? Are you crazy? So he speaks to him really roughly and he starts to verbally abuse him. Our diocese just keeps on walking to the ER Ahmedabad advisees turns around first and he says no law. And that's it. No, I'm not crazy. I'm not imaginable. And he simply walks to the member to give his hotel as all sort of novel diseases getting to the hotel, but he sees that

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some people are getting up and they're about to trash this man. They're about to beat him up and throw him out of the message for the way that he talked to him would have been on the left side. And I'm going to bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah, Allah comes running back to them. And he says, What are you doing this? Yeah, I mean, I mean, Didn't you hear what he said to you? He said, Yes. And

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he said, Didn't you hear what I responded? They said, Yes. He said, he asked me a question. I answered his question. He told me he asked me if I was crazy, and I told him I'm not crazy. So just leave him alone. Somehow a lot. So these are people in authority that are demonstrating what it means when Ireland uninjected into just to step away, to step away to maintain composure, in the face of foolishness, okay. Numerous incidents, you know, one of my favorite ones, remember honey for him Allah tala

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was teaching and,

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uh, you know, as they were going through the opinions, you know, hunting for him a whole lot. And he said, often Hasn't he said, the hustle and bustle he, probably a long time who say the tambourine, he made a mistake. After it hasn't. It hasn't made a mistake. And this was just in the capacity of looking through opinions, judging opinions. And as he said that a man stood up in the masjid. And he told him, You have in this dunya, which means you son of an adulterous Right. I mean, that's the worst thing that you could say to a person. He says, Are you saying you are saying a funhouse and you're saying that it hasn't made a mistake, and the man stormed out of the masjid? You know what

00:24:37--> 00:24:42

honey for Rahim? Allah, he just continued and he looked completely unfazed. He said,

00:24:44--> 00:25:00

he said it hasn't made a mistake. And even Mr. Trudeau, the last time what was right on the on this issue, he was right on this muscle and he continued to teach. Okay. The beauty of that, of course, by the way, even miss Ruth is also hobby all the lavon when Hassan Bosley is the greatest of the tabernacle

00:25:00--> 00:25:08

Had the man shown patients who would have heard the completion of Abu hanifa sentence but instead, he chose to use that language and simply

00:25:09--> 00:25:16

bolted out of the masjid. Remember honey for him Allah to Allah maintained his composure and he simply moved on.

00:25:17--> 00:25:45

This is not just with verbal words, okay? If someone writes something to you, or someone writes something about you, or someone says something about you, behind your back, or whatever it is, right? The point of this or you buy the Walkman is that you don't descend to their level. Why? Because you are too focused on man to be worried about the, the the provocation of shavon

00:25:46--> 00:26:03

shavon is trying to provoke me through this person. And I'm trying to gain the love of a woman. And so a person again, while while walking on the earth, lightly treading the earth lightly alidium soon I will be home now either have a bomber jacket when a father said ama,

00:26:04--> 00:26:08

when they are addressed by the foolish, they simply say Salaam they just move on.

00:26:10--> 00:26:50

You have to connect those two things together. Now there are a few things that can come out as a result of this as a consequence of this and shout out to Anna. And I want to speak to that in Charlottetown. And then we'll conclude for the night. Number one, the prophets I seldom said that strength is not in the ability to overcome someone else but strength. Instead, the greatest strength is the one who Yemeni canessa horrendous, who is able to control themselves when their anger takes over. And so the greatest strength is composure, there is no greater strength than the strength of composure, being able to maintain your composure. And the prophets lie. Some is the greatest example

00:26:50--> 00:26:58

of that. Okay, and it's a nomadic or the lion who says, you know, just witnessed so many things, the prophets lie some went through the way he was treated on his Salatu, Salam.

00:27:00--> 00:27:35

And anessa nomadic or the Landsat nine who was was completely blown away by the character of the prophets. I saw them he remembered. The prophets lie Selim simply walking one day in a bed when man comes from again, someone who's who's ignorant and was harsh and he started to pull the cloak of the Prophet slice on them. And he said, afternoon mark, like Allah give me from what Allah gave to you. And he said, the way he pulled it, he left marks on the neck of the prophets, I saw them. And, and I saw the law and he was shocked. He said, The prophets lysozyme simply took it off and gave it to him. He didn't I mean, it did not faze him. And so the greatest strength is composure, when you're

00:27:35--> 00:28:16

able to maintain composure, composure in the face of just people that are foolish, and not worth your time. And that's actually the point here. This is not talking about voting major oppression, and and seeking recourse in the face of oppression. This is talking about people that seek to provoke that instigate that seek to that seek to shake you and seek to get you out of your elements. And that is something that the shavon wants to happen. Because if he can get you out of your element, then he can get you to do things that you typically would not do. And if those things that you do, in those moments of being out of your element, take you away from Allah subhana wa Tada,

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then his goal is to sort of keep you in that place. So to get you to drop down to scoop, and then to get you to stay at a lower level one that's not befitting to you, especially should you seek to be from a man should you seek to be from those who are counting from the servants of the Most Merciful

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and I'll end with a couple of thoughts someone mentioned

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after last night they said look, you know, personalities are different. What about on the low on?

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Wood? Could you say on the low on who young Soon I'll be hona used to walk tread the earth lightly? Well, yes. Because on level the a lot of time, I'm hoping that what caused people to be afraid of online or what made people nervous about almost all the local town hall was not if they said something

00:29:04--> 00:29:44

to him. But if they did something that was disobedient to a loss of Hannah Montana. So what made people nervous about our model, the longtime, who was sitting in the same way that would make people nervous or shy in the presence of Earth, not only lavonne, who was his good, what made people nervous around on top of the longtime hope was their own sense and our model the law and we did not tolerate the disobedience of a loss of habitat but all the longtime animal, you know, a child could tell on it tequila, Fear Allah and all the 11 would start crying. Anyone could make our model de la and who cry this huge man, right that was when you say treading the earth lightly, by all means

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physically speaking or model the law and who shook the ground when he walked because of his physical stature, but if you set to all model the luevano, it took a lot of fear Allah, then he would, he would melt, okay and say, What did I do? Why, and he would pay attention and he was easy to be held accountable and

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Until the last time, so what made people nervous about our model, the lavabo was that the shape one would not be on the same path as Alma. So again, that's different. And that's not what's being spoken about here. In the capacity of basil Bohannon, okay, in the capacity of the servants in the Most Merciful, it's a different type of, it's a different type of, of walking lightly on the earth. And, and, and not having a heavy presence. Okay, so what made people nervous about the 11, who was their own sense, just as what made people nervous about earth model, the longtime home was just the elevated standard of his nobility of is a flop of his character to where people just wanted to honor

00:30:40--> 00:30:45

him, and wanted to treat him in a certain way. And the last thing I'll say here is, well wait a minute, you know,

00:30:47--> 00:30:56

doesn't this mean that you're likely going to be taken advantage of at times, that people are going to get away with saying certain things to you and doing certain things.

00:30:57--> 00:31:43

And, you know, you're gonna feel humiliated? Somehow, a lot. I mean, the reality of the situation is yes, there are going to be times where you're going to feel like you have to hold yourself, okay. And, you know, it just, it's going to appear unjust. And, as I said, this is not to tolerate boredom, not to tolerate oppression. But the point of this is that a person will be elevated in the sight of Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. And that a person will, will endure, okay, some of the things that just come with the territory. There are times However, there are times where it's important to stand up to a bully, in particular, because that bully, if he gets away with bullying you then he'll

00:31:43--> 00:32:03

continue to bully others those that that happens. And that is, you know, that's a that's a judgment call and something to be thought about, you know, if this bad behavior is tolerated here, is there a system a pattern behind it. So for example, if you're thinking about Muslims, as a minority,

00:32:04--> 00:32:46

these are not people that are foul towards them, you know, like an islamophobe in public, they're not foul towards them, because that's just the bad quality that they have with everyone. But they particularly treat Muslims with a certain disdain or they're racist, and they particularly treat black people or, or Latinos in a certain way, or they treat other religious groups, you know, with a certain disdain Sikhs, or Jews, or whatever it is, right? That's the difference, okay? Because that's targeting a group of people that he known here are just people that are just, you know, that are just rude with everybody. They're the opposite of that bring calmness and that remove the

00:32:46--> 00:33:27

tension from an environment. They are people that inherently bring just discomfort and try to instigate and are just always foul and rude. So sometimes, sometimes, not for the sake of yourself. And that's where the, that's where the hard part of this is. If you're responding from an assigning place from a place of yourself, because of your ego, then you've lost it. All right, you've lost out on the reward. But if you're responding from a place of protecting your brothers and sisters, that's Noble. Okay. So just as a model, a lot of times, I know some of the incidence of oma might be mistaken as being in contradiction with Lavine, I'm sure one of the one of those that tread the

00:33:27--> 00:34:06

earth lightly. Likewise, sometimes humility, you know, or fighting back right, or, you know, or checking someone in public even could be mistaken as contradicting way the hot level Ninja, you want to kind of set out but you never become one of them, you never become as foul as them, you never resort to their level. But if you act not from a place of knifes, but from a place of protecting someone else, because you could see how this could get worse, that's different. Okay? So by all means, it's important to make these distinctions and the four and speaks to the default. And there are exceptions to all of these things, right? There are exceptions to these things. So do not

00:34:06--> 00:34:48

misinterpret these qualities that are knowable, and that are that speak to default circumstances, and then misapplied them in a way that could cause harm. So we asked the last printout to make us from a bad man, we asked the last panel to add to make us from those that that that walk the earth lightly, that are always connected to the rational man, the mercy of the Most Merciful and that emanate that to everything around us. We ask Allah to forgive us when we depart from those ideals and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to never allow us to stoop to the level of those that play the role of cellfina incent our lives of devils amongst mankind that seek to instigate and that seeks to

00:34:48--> 00:34:57

provoke May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to always act in accordance with his sight and not the sight of others alone. I mean, does that mean all right I'll see you all tomorrow night, inshallah.