Using Siwaak While Fasting

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Is It Discouraged To Use Siwaak While Fasting?

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Talks exactly many people have the misconception that using the sidewalk during the fast in Ramadan is discouraged. Could you just clarify this point please. There are many people who think that using feva while you're fasting is discouraged, it is based on the Hadith. The same idea the quote earlier of say Buhari, volume three, in the book of fasting, and ID number 1904 and 1894. provenance lesson said that By Allah, in whose hand is my soul, the breadth of a person who fast is sweeter to Allah subhanaw taala than the scent of must. Now based on this people think that if we use the breath, the bad breath, that normally comes in a person who fast will not be there, so Allah will not enjoy the

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breath. And based on this, they think it is discouraged. In fact, we should realize that when a person is using the service to stick it does not stop the bad breath, which normally comes when a person first when you use the to stick disavow. It normally massages the gums. And if there are any food particles in between the teeth, like how you use a toothbrush, it is somewhat similar to that.

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The bad breath of fasting comes from the stomach, because no food into the stomach. And that's how it comes. So no way does it counteract that. And furthermore, Beloved Prophet masala slim says, As mentioned, disable Hari, Ram number two Hadith number 887. That the Beloved Prophet said that if it wasn't too difficult for my oma,

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I would have made it compulsory to use this walk before every prayer. How would you use complicity? So the Prophet said if it would have been difficult for the oma myriad complicit to use the Shiva every time for prayer? And that means it is a recommended act. And if it wasn't good for fast he would I mentioned it like how we mentioned for excessive sniffing of water had it off

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or number two, how did number 2360 but a beloved Prophet said that sniff water excessively through your nose while doing ablution except while fasting. That means sniffing water excessively is good, but don't do it well fasting because there are dangers that will go into the throat and maintain the stomach for a year or two. If it was a disadvantage, the prophet has said that I would have told my mom to use the SAVAK except by fasting. So based on this using Suboxone, the sooner It is recommended that it is

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and you should do it, and inshallah we'll get to rewards