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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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a shadow

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Hi, sauna.

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for He is worthy of being praised. We praise the Lord for having created us and blessed us with the faculties of intellect and hearing and seeing. We praise the Lord for having guided us. We praise the law for having gifted us and revealed to us the Koran. We praise the law for having created us in the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we praise Allah for guiding us to the correct guidance for had it not been for him guiding us we would not be guided and we thank Allah subhana wa tada for every blessing that we appreciate and we don't even realize and we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for having bestowed upon

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us the greatest of all of his blessings and that is the speech of his the Quran. And we thank Allah subhana wa tada for sending us the best of all human beings and the greatest of all prophets, and that is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam realized all Muslims that Allah has reminded you to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran Yeah, you hola Xena, Armando Taka la haka to potty wala termo tuna Illa one to Muslim moon dear Muslims 1000s

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And 1000s of years ago, our Father Ibrahim alayhis, Salam was commissioned by Allah to build the first sanctuary. There was no mosque or temple or synagogue or church, nothing on the face of this earth that was meant for the worship of Allah. There was no structure that was dedicated for the continuous worship of Allah. until Allah said to Ibrahim alayhis salam, go to the valley of Mecca, and build the first house, oh, what will be eaten will be either in us, the first sanctuary that will be built will be in Makkah. And so Ibrahim, along with his teenage son is smart. They built the carrabba. And they built the first structure on earth that was meant for the worship of Allah. And

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then Allah said to Abraham, and there were only two people there. Allah said to Abraham, go tell mankind to come to this house. Abraham said, My Lord, there is nobody here who will hear me. There is nobody in Makkah, other than me and his smile, who's going to hear, Allah said, Your job is to convey my job is to make sure people respond. Your job is to proclaim the message. I will make sure people hear the message and respond. So Ibrahim, as he said, I want to the amount of suffer. He went to the Mount of Motorola, he went to another mountain called bukoba. He went to the mountains around the Kaaba, and he shouted into the air, oh servants of Allah. Allah has legislated that you come and

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perform pilgrimage in this house, so respond to that command. When he said it into the thin air, it did not dissipate, it did not go away. The echoes of Ibrahim alayhis salam is called reverberated for the next 5000 years, every single year, even in pre Islam, and in early Islam. And up until now, hundreds and 1000s and hundreds and 1000s, and millions of people have responded to the call of Ibrahim alayhis salam that Allah commanded him to give and that is the institution of the pilgrimage, and we are about to enter into the season of the pilgrimage this year, as you all know, for the first time in living memory, in fact, for the first time in Islamic history to this level,

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as you're all aware, the Hajj has not been allowed for people outside the kingdom and only a few people perform a Hajj from inside. And in this dear Muslims, those of you who are intending to go and those of you who are not intending to go, this should be a lesson and assigned for us. There were people who had paid money and deposited there were people who had booked their tickets and a last quarter came between them and Hajj and inshallah they will get their reward but they are not going for Hajj this year. Those of you who had not intended to go realize that there is no guarantee for tomorrow and that is why one of the purposes of my reminder right now is so that we have in our

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hearts dear Muslims that we should all go for the Hajj, dear Muslims, those of you that have not performed the Hajj, make it your intention to start saving up from now Don't delay, start saving up from now and plan when can I go for those of you that have gone once or twice, no problem go again as many times as you can. A woman asked the Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom a messenger of Allah should we perform the pilgrimage every single year and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If I said yes, it would become obligatory and you wouldn't be able to do it but perform Hajj Oh servants of Allah. It's not obligatory to do more than once, but he encouraged us to do more than

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once and in the whole ritual of Hajj. There is the symbolism of our life and our death and our resurrection. When Ibrahim alayhis salam is calling us to come for Hajj and we all respond to the bake Allahumma bake. That is our sole calling back and responding to Allah, O Allah, every commandment you tell me I shall do it. The meaning of love, bake, I hear and I obey the meaning of love bait, you said it Oh ALLAH and I will do it. And that is the essence of our religion of Islam. Wherever Allah tells us, love, bake Allahumma bake we hear and we obey, we shall submit we shall execute your decision over law. You told us to come for the hedge. We will come for the hedge. When

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we prepare for the hedge and we change our clothes into our to white garments. We remind ourselves of the shrouds of death. Today we are wearing it voluntarily when we go for Hajj tomorrow others will put that trout on us when we take a listen before we were the ROM that is something we are washing ourselves. A day will come when huzzah

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will be done unto us and we will be lying there motionless on the table. When we go and join the crowds of hedge, we see the reality of all mankind being equal. It does not matter how rich you are, how poor you are, it does not matter what nationality you are, you are but one in an ocean of humanity. And so you are humble to who you really are. Let no one be arrogant that no one think I am better than somebody else. When you go for Hajj, you feel the humility of being a non entity, you are nobody surrounded by millions and billions of people in a sea of humanity. When you go for Hajj. You see the reality of sacrifice, of suburb of patience of generosity. Anybody who's been for had,

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you know the difficulties of Hajj and that is why has changed as a person. Hajj is a transformative experience it makes you turns you around, and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam literally compared Hajj to the birth of a child. It's a new birth. It's a new beginning. He said, Whoever goes for the Hajj without committing any sin, He shall come back, like the day his mother gave birth to him, going for Hajj is the new opportunity for you to come as a human being that is different from the human that left as a Muslim that is a newborn child, not the one that went there. And that is why Hajj is the ultimate good deed that a Muslim can do. There is no good deed that is

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more blessing for the Muslim to do than the entire ritual of Hajj. When you go for Hajj and you see the hustle and bustle and the chaos. You're reminded of the chaos of the Day of Judgment. You're reminded that everybody is concerned about himself. Nobody's worried about you. When they go for Hajj. When you go for Hajj and you're standing in the plains of arafat, you're making dua to Allah subhana wa tada How can you not be reminded of the Day of Judgment itself when every single human being is pleading to Allah begging to Allah crying out to Allah subhanho wa Taala the entire ritual of Hajj from beginning to end it is a symbol a cycle of our own lives of our own deaths of our own

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resurrections. And that is why Allah subhana wa Taala has made Hajj obligatory on every single Muslim and whoever is able to afford to go so what Illa here either nursey Hey, Joel Beatty, Manny's Taka he Sevilla, mankind owes to Allah the way the word is phrased the way the Quran is phrased. You owe something to Allah, it is something that you must give to Allah. What is it? Hey, Joel Bates going for the hedge for the house of a lot with one condition. Lehman is so far in a Sevilla, whoever is able to financially logistically health wise if you're able to go for Hajj, then our scholars say do not delay the hedge in the Hadith and the Muslim man, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam said that do not delay the Hajj, hasten the Hajj or Muslims for you do not know what will come between you and your desires. Think about this headed hasten the Hajj, don't delay the Hajj this year, even those that wanted to go are not going so how about those that are not even planning to go start planning start saving, start making sure that inshallah tada as soon as you're able to fulfill this obligation, and do not delay 10 years 20 years from now if you're able to afford it, because no one knows how many years we have. No one knows what's going to happen in Macau what's gonna happen here, do not delay this obligation and also realize that this obligation is not just a

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one off that you just scratch it off your list. I've done it. No, the reason why hedge is so important is that there is no ritual that impacts you more than the hedge will and that is why how often we find somebody who goes for Hajj and they come back a totally different person five days and yet the impact on those five days only those that have been there know what that impact is the purpose of today's hold but nobody's going for hikes this year from amongst the savanna la de la Masha. Many of us had booked out last quarter nobody is going Why am I talking about hedge because every one of us even if we're not going well law here it is a sign of a man that we want to go for.

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Even when we cannot go for Hajj. It is a sign of Eman that we're missing the Kava even as we're denied the opportunity to go to the garbage. It is a sign of the man that our hearts are crying that we're not going to be standing on the plains of arafat, even though we're not even able to go this year. We should desire to go in the mud. Mr. RUBIN, the yards were in the columbarium Manoa, every single one of us should have the intention to go for hedge as soon as possible. And every single one of us should save up and to start planning for that. Just like we have funds for our children's colleges. We have

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funds for our house we have funds for everything important. Every single one of us if we cannot afford in a bulk sum, we should set aside an amount every single month and inshallah who to either whoever does so we'll find Baraka from Allah subhanho wa Taala in his wealth and in his Nia May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who are able to go for Hajj frequently and continuously May Allah bless me and you within through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies head on out on throughout their lifespan as scholars forgiveness us will ask him for his love for the Rockman

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hamdu lillahi wa Samad Ella de la mirada mula as well I'm Yoku Khufu and ahead, if we cannot go for Hajj, then realize that the season of Hajj is blessed said wherever we are in the world. If we cannot obtain the sanctity of the place of Hajj, then remember that the sanctity of the time of Hajj is independent of location, and the whole globe is equally blessed. in that timeframe of Hajj. It is not a coincidence that the 10 days of the hit just coincide with the days of Hajj because the best action should be combined with the best timeframe and we are about to enter the best timeframe in a few days. Dear Muslims the 10 days of the ledger that will begin this week. They are the most

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blessed time of the entire year. It is a time that is more blessing than even the days of Ramadan. It is said that the days of the hijab are more blessing and the nights of Ramadan are more blessing. The last 10 nights of Ramadan are the most less than 10 nights. But the first 10 days of the job are the most blessed days of the entire year. And Allah azza wa jal gives a custom an oath well for God while I add in Asher Allah swears by these 10 nights, the 10 nights of the ledger and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no good deed that you can do that will be more blessings than good doing good deeds in these 10 days. Anything you do outside of these 10 days will

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not be equivalent to what you do during these 10 days. They said O Messenger of Allah, even if we go and we wage jihad in the way of Allah and he said even if you do this, unless you die your Shaheed the Shaheed has a higher reward than these 10 days. Other than that, no matter what you do outside of these 10 days, you cannot get the reward of these 10 days. Therefore every one of us should increase in these 10 days from the first to the 10th of Dhul hijjah all types of good deeds especially number one on this list. If we cannot go for Hajj number one is the vicar of Allah azza wa jal because Allah links these 10 days with liquor in the Koran was guru La Via Yama, maluma.

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Corolla via Yama do that the vicar of Allah and especially that Sackville and that me and that has been and that Allah Subhana Allah wa Al Hamdulillah, La ilaha illallah wa wa Allahu Akbar continuously repeat these in the 10 days, and especially the longer kenema the ilaha illallah wa, ooh, la sharika the whole mercola Al Hamdulillah coalition Kadir of the good deeds as well is the old fear or the Kobani. We call it if we're able to do that of the good deeds as well is to fast on these days and especially the fast of the ninth of the ledger. The fasting of the ninth of the ledger is the fast that forgives the minor Sins of the previous year and the next year, two years

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forgiven from the faster one day on the ninth of the ledger of the good deeds that we should do as well is extra enough Phil and tahajjud, and Corrado Quran, have the good deeds that we should do is to see charities that we can give money to orphanages, and other good deeds that are monetary based. Every good deed that we do will be multiplied during these 10 days. And also dear brothers and sisters, to minimize our sins is a good deed to minimize our sins during these 10 days, cut back the sins that you do have some respect for the signs of a law and live a more pious life. In the pious days, perhaps that piety will carry on after those 10 days. These are the days of a bother and

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worship and it is mentioned that even the the scholars of the past the Sahaba and Tabby rune who did not go for Hajj and they were in Iraq, they were in Syria, that on the ninth of June, they would gather together when the pilgrims were in artifacts, and they would make dua to Allah from wherever they work. They're not going out of fat, but the Spirit was the spirit of out of fat. They're not standing in the cabin. They're not standing on the plains, but they feel camaraderie and sympathy that there are people standing

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And out of fat, so they would gather and they would make do out on that day, the day of the night the day that is the day of fasting. And then the day of out of so we as well especially on the knife, we should be fasting we should be doing extra good deeds and we should be making dua to Allah subhana wa tada and of the dogs we need to make is that there are to protect us from this plague around us and to lift this play and this idea from us dear brothers and sisters, there is no question that there is symbolism in the denial for people to go for Hajj. How is this not symbolism we were not worthy of going for the Hajj, mankind is being taught a lesson that too much has been

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going on for too long. How can we not take an algebra or a lesson from this? Never in human history? Has the hedge been cancelled in this manner? A few times things happen that were beyond the control. But this is an intentional counseling. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm saying It's never happened in human history that the hedge has been cancelled in this manner. If this is not to sign for us. If this is not something we should think about. Then what will make us wake up we have been deprived of Hajj this year. That should make us even more eager to go for Hajj, year after year after year. May Allah subhana wa Taala bless us and makers of those who go for the heights frequently. Aloma in the

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middle of our military, we had to meet them at a local hotel with a hammer Illa for Raja Wallah Dana la vita, whatever he won in Russia fighter what I see around India sorta a lot more fildena were the one in earliness about a man What a pleasure I feel Palutena Hillel arena, Amano. robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Allah, Islam Al muslimeen, Allah Raja, our other Islam and Muslim a Sunni, enough say watch altijd Miro feeted Vidya Jaco yo yo Aziz, Roberto law in the Lord's Amara can be obtained by JB bFc within equity photoessay with lsap Kuma you homeowner Mancini will insert for color as the melkonian idema in no law below because we also lunarlon maybe you already know amanu sallu alayhi

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wa sallam with us Nima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the neurosurgical Mohammed vida, de he was ibH marine about the law in the large movement with over 100 fracture it will moon carry with you are so commonly I look into the Quran, Allah Allah Allah was curious. What did they provide are the Aqua Optimus Allah