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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of charity and how it is a daily habit. They encourage people to take action and use it every day, even if it only takes a small amount. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of choosing a charity that makes sense for everyone.
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One of my biggest issues with the topic of charity is that it only comes up in the context of a fundraiser. And so you've heard the verses about South Africa, the Hadith about South Africa, all of these different things being used and these concepts being deployed in order to raise money for noble causes, but you can feel spiritually disconnected from that action of charity. And I remember sitting at a fundraiser with moms that are any moms that I'd said something so beautiful about this particular Hadith.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that when a person wakes up in the morning, every day two angels are sent to that person. One angel says a llama outing one if you can. However, the other one says llama athlete mom, she can tell her or like give to the one who gives an Ola withhold from the one who withholds. Okay. So mom said Raj said very beautifully, he said that there's a book, a record book right now the angels are recording those amounts. It's not just the people putting them then them into the Excel sheets or documenting the numbers themselves. I said, when your name is there, do you want there to be a zero next to your name? Or do you want there to be

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something else? Right? So this idea of never allowing there to be a zero next to your name when it comes to silica? Now this Hadeeth about the two angels descending and saying alumna Artie one of you can holler Lama out he wants he can sell it or give to the one who gives and withholds from the one who withholds This is obviously in accordance with your capacity. But there's another Hadith and inhibin, which is a beautiful visual to take with this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that barely there's an angel at one of the gates of Paradise that is holding on to that gate of Jenna, and saying, Man, you clearly Leone, you deserve other men your credit, you deserve other.

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Whoever gives a beautiful loan today will be given a beautiful reward tomorrow. Whoever gives a beautiful loan today will be given a beautiful reward tomorrow. And as he's hanging on to the gates of agenda, what he means is that paradise that Allah Subhana Allah has promised for the believers and promised as a reward for generosity and the prophets license said that on another gate of Jenna, there's an angel saying Allah Artie Winfield Holla Holla Holla RT mom see can tell us that or like give to the one who gives an O Allah withhold from the one who withholds This is also in a Hadith of the Prophet slicin. I mentioned that there was a man that was walking one day. And as he was

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walking, he heard this voice from the clouds that said, s the Hadeeth put some food on, irrigate the garden of so and so water the garden of so and so. And so the prophets lie, some said, This man looked up and he saw the clouds form. And then suddenly it started to pour rain. And the rain came on this stony surface, and then it perfectly formed into a channel that flowed directly into this garden. So he followed where the water was going. And he saw that it was going perfectly into this man's garden. And he saw the man that was then distributing the water across his garden. And he asked the man, you know what his story was, without telling him what he had just seen. And the man

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was a little apprehensive, because he didn't want to tell him what a story was. He was curious why he was being asked. And then that man said that I saw the clouds form, and I heard a voice from the sky that said, water the garden of so and so. So that's why I came to you. And somehow I love that man responded, he said, Every thing that I earn, I cut it into, into threes. So I have one third that is for my family, one third that I invest, and one third that I give in charity. And that's how I allocate all of my wealth, one third for my family, one third, I invest in one third that goes to solid. So this is a divine equation for good in our lives. Now, what I what I want for you to take

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from this, beyond just the angels and things of that sort. Charity should be a daily habit. Don't wait for the fundraisers. Don't wait for somebody to invite you to agenda, right. This is your place. This is your reward. This is something between you and the last panel, what's harder. And this is especially true when people are not attending the fundraisers that they typically would, because of their circumstances. Right? This is particularly true now that you push yourself and you don't hesitate and charity becomes do upon you every single day. Even if it's a small amount. One of the things that my parents did, may Allah have mercy on my mother and preserve my father, we used to

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have for one of the charities to suffer the Dome of the Rock and the dome would come off and we would put some charity in there every single day. And so whether it's $1 that you put in today, or you put in a coin today, than it was just to get everyone in the habit of putting in something

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A penny a nickel something every single day that goes towards sadaqa. And then at the end of the month, we'd give it away in charity. And so even when you're thinking about your families, if you've taken a course with me before, even if you take like a two liter bottle and call it our agenda, bottle, and teach your family that look every single day, we're going to give something in sadaqa. Because if I could find the most righteous person in the world and say, hey, I want you to make do out for my, my well being every single day, if I had that moment to find the most righteous person in the world and say, hey, I want you to remember me every single day and ask a lot to give me then

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all of us would take that opportunity. But here you have an opportunity that the profit slice on the saying where you could have an angel, literally holding on to the gates of agenda, praying for you making that for you to be rewarded with that.

Episode 20_ A Caller from Heaven’s Gates

This is a hadith you probably haven’t yet heard in a fundraiser. Charity should be a daily habit in our lives, and we should never underestimate the blessings we gain through it that we may not have considered.

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