Umrah Series – Episode 01 – Gold Mine

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The speaker discusses the importance of maximizing a trip to work for the holy month of Jesus and mentions the benefits of a trip to Oman for the roads. They also discuss the importance of not missing a single prayer in the huddle and recommend making plans for the trip to avoid missing a prayer. The speaker emphasizes the benefits of the trip for seniors and mentions a video posted on a specific day.

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Live Baby,

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Baby Kayla Sherry, Kayla Caleb baby.

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in complete the harsh and homra for Allah.

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Salam aleikum to the reminder. This is your brother I had a gentleman.

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Last one that says in the Quran, what Tim will hijack

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and complete the Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah. Allah lot of people go for O'Mara at this time of the year.

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And it's a phenomenal thing to do. It's a great trip to make.

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I wanted to talk about a few things that we can do on this trip, and the camera trip that will make the trip so much better.

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The ombre the rites of Oman, the rituals of ombre generally take about a couple of hours at most, to complete.

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And, you know, just speaking on a just very on an average terms, a person goes to onra for about a week or two weeks, the trip is generally about a week or two weeks. And the camera itself the rights of camera take only a couple of hours. So what is it that a person should do in all the other time that they have there to maximize this trip to really get the most out of it? When I make some recommendations in Sharla. Even if you're not going for Umrah right now, this inshallah could serve as a incentive to start planning your own road trip. And even if you know you don't have any plans of going for Omron, near future, the reminder that you can get out of this channel is too little but

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if it's you, the first thing I recommend, and this is the most important thing is that don't miss a single prayer in the huddle. When we go to make ombre. After we've done our O'Meara, we have about a week or two weeks left

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the task the thing to make this trip, extremely fruitful. The most important thing to make this trip extremely fruitful is to make sure you don't even miss a single prayer in the huddle. Why is this so important? Let's think think of the trip the Umrah trip as a gold mine

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as having access to a goldmine for a week or two weeks if you had access to a gold mine. What is it that you will do? You will try to maximize the amount of gold out of it. The Umrah trip we have access to two gold mines the Haram in Makkah and the Haram in Medina

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Why are these two massages? Why am I calling them gold mines? Because the prophet SAW some side so that I'm famous did he have that? A prayer in this Masjid of mine he's referring to the hotbin Medina is better than 1000 prayers. That's prayed anywhere else. 1000 prayers, pray anywhere else. A little muscle haram except the Mazel haram that's a knock for Salatin, Phil, Phil Mazel haram of the lumen meity Salatin off the lumen meet at the Alfie Salatin that the prayer that's great and messy little haraam is better than 100,000 prayers,

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you know, a normal prayer, you'll get your reward, our prayer and the muzzle of the prophet will get few 1000 times that reward.

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And the prayer in the muck in the harem of Makkah,

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that will give you 100,000 times more reward. That's why these two places are gold mines, when it comes to our asset or the divine reward that he get. This is why the most important thing that we can do to make the most out of our trip is to not miss even a single prayer. And this is by the way, on top of the fact that a prayer in congregation in the masjid is 27 times better than a prayer that's done by individually by a person. So the rewards are so magnified. We have to take advantage of this for as long as they're there, which allow the seniors will continue. The next video was posted on what they call the law here.