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without him the last two summers for the Santa Monica workouts.

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So the shift has started reciting from the company that saw that NBN and then now they're in slotted Hass, and other sort of Szeged they're going to move on to so let me know. And then they are on tonight during the very last day because I think they will read solids and more. So for solids to be covered today, most unless it's really, really challenging for me to be in this place and to summarize to you for some of us in less than 10 minutes, but I'm going to do my best inshallah hooter. And I ask Allah to forgive me and I ask you, to forgive me as well and to be patient in shallow time. Let us talk quickly about some of the NBA. So the NBA is murky, sola saw that a hedge

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is made Denisova and Del Sol is mighty, so we have murky, muddy murky souls to the into our data. And they're all from El Amin, which are like hundreds, yet and more. So that NVF talks about the prophets. And he talks about the struggle of the prophets in terms of guiding or trying to guide by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. Their people saw that and NBS

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talks about this dialogue that happened between the very first dialogue happened between Ibrahim and his home.

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They said

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when Ibrahim Ali Sudan, he went and he destroyed the idols, this is the story he went and he destroyed the idols and then he left his axe that he used to destroy the idols front of the biggest idol that they had at the time. So they inquired as to who destroyed our idols Paulo min father had the early hacking that enabled me not burning Cardoza Maranatha, your follow him your title ah, who Ibrahim Nixon who did this all God's indeed his from around doors. They said we heard of Creta in Arabic Fetta means a boy. So when you talk about Ibrahim all of us may think he's an old man, a chef at cha cha and Uncle, you know that he was a young man but with a vision. He did not like the fact

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that he's people who are worshipping idols. So he went and he destroyed the idols.

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But now the circus dialogue between them and he wanted them to think, using the intellect. They said Kylo Ren father had the idea that who did this all gods who destroyed them, they said, we heard of a boy by the name of people that he conferred to be here as a nurse that would bring him along so that people can witness Carlo and

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are you the one who did this all Gods Ibrahim said however sad Hotevilla who had just said only coming up the phone? No, he's using the brain he's his intellect he want them to think he wants them them to realize that what they're doing is wrong. They said the big guy big guy who just got the axes next to him asked him they said you know that they cannot talk and they cannot hear us no one can ask them and then they came back saying what you know you have Rahim they can't hear they can't talk and then he got them says how can you worship something that cannot hear them on top of it? Look at that we don't I mean, do you?

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Can't you see can you realize that instead of instead of admitting their faults instead of going back and into the into the straight path? They said how cool who wants to come here for those who speak Arabic they may understand or they may not understand in fact the difference between these two terms I have this is how we'll see if that didn't move. Right. You know, he used a lot of use the term Halloween who not just burning burning in Arabic any burn but he would shut down with an emphasis on what does that mean? It's been said that they have gathered fire making it a blast, months and months and months having preparing that fire to throw Ibrahim into it. Brothers and

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sisters, here's the beauty here.

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Nothing can happen without the wind and permission of Allah azza wa jal, they tried to bring in Brian days of troll or they throw Ibrahim into the fire. Allah has addressed the fire and he said, ya know corny but other than what Salomon and Abraham of fire big code and peace upon him. But this the sisters can fire and burn Yes, it can burn but he can only burn with the will of Allah. Allah addressed the fire and the fire is only crucial. Allah has no vision. Allah told the fire not to burn the fighting, not burn, but the bio fire burned the one thing.

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The ropes

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they tied Ibrahim and because the fire was late.

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is in fire. They could not throw him so they had a catapult. They put a catapult

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they tied him up and then they throw him into the fire the fire did not very inviting the fire only burn the ropes. And then he came up sound and said this is a beautiful sight please go back and read some of the MDF because they're the wrong Allah was talking about the other prophets is Eve he will talk about at least he will talk about Lord He will talk about Noah he was talking about Zakariya amazing stories of India and then so that you see how I'm going fast

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forward and has

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it's Consolata his but it starts with ya Johanna so in the sense of that society the shape of

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your Motorola has

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whatever. Amla whatever nessa su Carla Mahoney so caught up with Akina Allah He said he, you may see wonder Allah in the source COVID But Allah started talking about Zela it's not talking about the new judgment. It's talking about you know, the day when a mother who's sucking her baby she will do her baby a mother whose pregnancy mate you will lose her baby yeah and and we may even look that people they think they're they're swayed they're drunk, but they're not drunk. It is a Yama it is what does that have to do with has the sole facts about four things

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the soul talks about

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but you'll not be the soul talks about the devil judgments. The soapbox about alas the resurrection the soda talks about

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the SALT talks about Jihad

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and Salah talks about an odd that submitted to Elijah Woody and these four things you see them in cash was due process before aamra

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has emerged it is yet

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it is a human piano. Those have been in our fight. And then after people live. And then you have these masses of people going to miss deliver as if it's the day which isn't all wearing the same thing. Some are walking, some are writing just like getting a judgment some people will be walking some people won't be writing and then people spend the night in was very fat. And the afternoon was delivered they will wake up as if they're you know back from resurrection or going towards the moon or for the toners amaranth. This is why what a piano you will find it in some of these what's called the hush hush and so that's

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seven minutes. So let me know.

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So that we know the believers what does it talk about? So we know it talks about the qualities of the believers? The qualities of the believers?

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When the Imam when they say identity, right? You don't want to meet them. What did he say? Shadow Allah ilaha illallah shadow

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shadow ana Muhammadan masoumeh Shadow anna Muhammadan rasul Allah, Haryana SWANA financial sauna Haryana

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What did he say

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in Arabic, but in English, he just softened into success. But it's not just success that for now. You may be successful at home or may be successful in your business but you may not be successful at home. You may be successful with your kids but not successful with your spouse. And for now how you come to the route success. So Allah subhanho wa Taala starts the solar wind project a flathead remote mean on Indeed the believers are successful war de la started talking about some of the qualities of the believers and letting the first quality Alladhina Humphrey Salatin hashirim, the very first quality those who pray with her show on Hulu, and those who stay away from being taught

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the bad and Amina, those who get this again, those who stay away from Reba, those who stay away from Xena, Allah, those who establish the prayers go back priests and resort and look about the qualities because why Allah is measuring those boys for what for you and I was do I sit here? I'm looking at these qualities is there any qualities that I have? Well I don't have

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go back and read that inshallah Tada and try to mimic these qualities because we have an idea that will change your life.

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Verse number 99, zero from salt MDF.

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When the chef was reading the NBN he was talking about as Elijah was talking about the the prophets making dua to Allah azza wa jal starting from knowing when Noah had Ned PrestaShop now Allah know he called us upon he invoked as an agent now that we answered his call and then you work your butt off now. And listen, you don't want to hammer me frustration Nana up come upon his Lord. I've been infected with disease. Allah says, Allah we answer

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discord with a node, that node is who?

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I have to give charterprime talks a time.

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Jonas who said that first give me the time.

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Somebody said it through

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such activity you have to have latency. You give it to the church

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or you're giving us he said we first have to be fair

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he's giving me that look almost Great.

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Well, then no Jonas, he called upon us invoked us. Zachary called upon a prestigious sort of restaurant or Nike. Allah says why Allah you know, we make a lot of time Ramadan Allah was making and you want to answer that what are they saying? In Hong Kong? I know you said you're gonna feel harder this is why Allah answered the DA in Hong Kong who you said you're gonna feel higher while you're at the road and Rahaga worker node NFRC II if you want Allah to answer this in the home Kennedy used to rush into this

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distortion doing good what would have you done this Ramadan? I'm not talking about yourself and your cells you're praying and fasting and you'll be doing good, but what good have you done for others in how can you sell you're gonna feel Hyatts Do you stretch in the wind good deeds were their own Inara habenula have our calculator and used to be for sure they used to be you know, they used to be devoted to us. And who said brothers and sisters to walk the talk, to walk the talk. Let us do some good in sha Allah, Allah started by your admission

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started by you the machine on the way out, well, Allah I was not taught to tell you this. It just came out. It just came off like this. I want to I want to emulate what Allah is saying that you said, I refuse to do good in sha Allah, Allah give some sadaqa that's good for others. That is good for others for the magic.

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Exactly the law here Baraka rafiqul May Allah bless you all Salaam Alaikum.