Tom Facchine – Racism In The Masjid

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The negative impact of racism and misogyny on society is discussed, including the belief that everyone should have a "by the way" attitude. A racist and racist attitude is discussed, including the use of the symbol "by the way" in writing and the use of the term "arrogant." It is noted that individuals can be racist and racist because they believe they are better than others because of their race or skin color, and racism is a way of feeling that is holding people back. The importance of avoiding racism and not giving money to the wrong people is also emphasized.
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today's clip

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is about racism in our ummah.

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Because unfortunately, every once in a while, racially motivated incidents happen in the masjid, both ours, as well as other messages across the country.

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Now, when things happen in our community, first of all, we need to make sure that we have the correct attitude about it, we have to be balanced.

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On one hand, we cannot ignore such incidents, we cannot act as if nothing happened. You see this in some communities, they try to sweep it under the rug and hope that it goes away. This happens when there is a confusion of priorities in the community. And when appearing righteous, and appearing pious has taken priority over being righteous, and serving the people.

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This can create a toxic culture where everyone feels the need to have different tend to be perfect, and it's very suffocating.

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It also makes it hard for either individual people or the organization as a whole to admit when they are wrong, or to admit that they have made a mistake, because they are afraid that admitting a mistake will damage their reputation. That's the overall concern for these types of communities at the end of the day, the reputation This is wrong. And this is one end of the spectrum. On the other hand, you can't let every little rift and disagreement that happens in our community become the subject of gossip, and rumors and speculation. Some people treat the Meski. And what happens here as their own personal soap opera. And they spent their time sticking their noses into things that don't

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concern them, distracting them from their face, and limiting their own spiritual development. If something happened, and you were not aware of it, now is not the time to start asking what happened? Who said that? How did they react? That's is not a helpful attitude either. As long as the mesquite is actually dealing with the situation, it's better to keep your peace and put your energy somewhere else. We have to beat between these two extremes. We need to be transparent and accountable to one another without creating a circus. Our management of incidents and crises always has to be focused on improvement, develop development, and education. We also have to have realistic expectations.

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Sometimes we are surprised when such things happen in a community of faith. How could this happen to us? I thought we were supposed to be better. I thought we were supposed to be the ones who follow the truth.

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Some people might be tempted to interpret events in a way that reflects on the faith as a whole, as if to say if Islam were true, then wouldn't Muslims put it into practice?

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Of course, this is not a realistic expectation. Knowing the truth is one thing. Putting it into practice is much harder. Have we forgotten that even the Companions themselves had their fair share of drama. There was the if against that he should have probably a loved one. There were the three individuals who had mocks and the other companions and were corrected in the court and there were companions who committed sins and had to be punished, whether they got drunk whether they committed Zina whether they committed burglary, there was even occasionally, yes, racism or tribal prejudices that crept up every now and then.

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If these things happen to the Companions, then of course, we should expect that they would happen to us too. We cannot stop them from happening entirely. Nobody here is perfect. All we can do is have the correct attitude for how to deal with these things when they do happen.

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And to find that correct attitude. We look to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW THE LOVE it was what was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam do

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usually the prophet of he slept was crying them in love, and he would

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addressed the issue itself, without naming names, and without shaming any particular individual. And there is tremendous wisdom in this because it's very hard on the neffs. And it's very hard on the ego to be corrected or singled out in public. A person is more likely to reject this approach and continue on doing the wrong thing. Even on the shelf he actually wrote a few bars about this.

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To unmet need. The administrator feeling fear of being watching is asleep at the feet of Jamaica for in house Habana Massey no room may not have told me the level of esteem.

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As a Prophet alayhi salat wa salam said less Hakuna ownership on young people and don't be the devil's helper against your brother. Instead, the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam of get up on the minbar and say, What's wrong with people who do this? Or what's wrong with people who do that?

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Well, today is one of those times.

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What is wrong with people who think that they are better than others because of their race? Or because of their ethnicity? Or because of the color of their skin? This way of thinking is against the forehand. This way of thinking is against the Prophet. I mean, he's sort of this way of thinking is against Allah. So Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us why he made us with different skin tones. Allah azza wa jal tells us that the various colors of skin that we have are one of his signs, when we get to he has to summon if you will, of the vasila I will see that Chico, whatever whatever may come in, and Ophelia.

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You mean and one of His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your languages and the diversity of your colors. Indeed, in that are Signs for those of knowledge.

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Our different languages, and our different colors are signs that points to the creator's existence. They are signs that point to the perfection of the Creator Himself, I was Elijah. If every single person had been the same exact color, it would have indicated an imperfection from Allah, it would have indicated either a lack of creativity or a lack of ability. Only human beings produce things on an assembly line so that everything is identical and it looks the same. Allah azza wa jal makes everything unique. Every person is unique, every tree and a flower is unique. Every animal in the cloud is unique and that is a sign.

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If you think that one color is better than another color, you are implying that Allah messed up.

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You are implying that Allah azza wa jal should have made everybody white or should have made every one black or whatever color it is that you think is the best.

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That is denying the sun.

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Do you have any idea what Allah is what else says about people who deny the signs? What man * don't wanna be embarrassed at all. I can't even go camping. Yet.

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Who could possibly be more unjust than the one who lies about Allah or denies his signs?

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Allah subhana wa gatta is Hakeem the wise and he created our diversity with wisdom.

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In addition to being assigned, pointing to Allah existence, and pointing to us perfection, Allah azza wa jal created our diversity to enrich our lives. Allah azza wa jal said, yeah, you nice enough. For me, definitely. While I was there, I'm not going to share

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Lita phone, in front of Mandela he has called in Allah, how are you? Oh, mankind indeed we have created you from male and female, and it made you into nations and tribes. Why? So that you would get to know one another. Indeed the most notable of you in the sight of Allah subhana

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is the most righteous of you. Indeed Allah Subhana Allah Allah is Knowing and acquainted. Allah subhana wa Tada says that he made us into tribes and into nations

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so that we will get to know each other, as we say in English variety is the spice of life. variety and diversity makes life enjoyable. And it is a misappropriation of this gift is a misuse of this gift and a rejection of wisdom to play geek super, and say, well, this group is the best or you should stay away from that group over there.

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Which is why Allah Subhana Allah Allah in this verse immediately reminds us of who is really the best. It's not the person with light skin. It's not the person with dark skin. It's not the auto it's not the Pakistani. It's not the person who lives in New Hartford, it's not the person who lives in corn Hill, it is the person who fears Ottawa the most. It is the person who is the most aware of the time lapse the person who is the best. And in case you needed a reminder Allah as well as elephants at the end of the verse. He is the only one who really knows who fears him like that. That is part of the lighting not as part of the scenes only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows and we do not

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have who locally had a lot of stuff in the lobby but I have my second singing

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this beautiful scene that will pull off all right

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was super lucky once in a while to

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lock back the Chalene Johnson team and they shut me also in the meeting I will say that my husband and I are pseudo sudo at every level whining, so love Buddy was early he was home he worked when he was suddenly motor Sleeman Cathedral.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam did not leave us alone, without giving us what we needed to succeed. He told us what to look out for after he was gone. And in this type of tribalistic thinking. This type of racist thinking is something that he warned us about 1400 years ago. He said other people in my team made Emeril je at Lariat. So cool. Now one of the first cool feedbacks will pop up and

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for things that my ummah used to do before Asana that they will not give up. Two of them are related to taking pride in or criticizing other people for their lineage. Whether it be the moon called us or the love wanting us

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to have a law and obedience and juggling your teeth. What fastball have been added value means I think human welfare you can Sharpie you will naturally want to add them into Rob and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Allah removed from you the stain of ignorance with its pride in ancestors, the person who believes is pious and the person who sins is disgrace. And people all are all descendants from Adam and Adam was created from soil. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam is trying to steer us away from ideas and away from ideologies that praise or blame people for things beyond our control. Islam came to tell us that Allah azza wa jal will judge us according to what we

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can control our beliefs, our sincerity, our choices. That's how accountability makes sense, to be held accountable for something you cannot control such as the color of your skin is supremely unfair. And so every single act of racism or racist thinking goes against the idea of accountability and completely undermines it. Allah azza wa jal tells us not to take pride, things that we cannot control and not to criticize others for things that they can't control. And Allah azza wa jal reminds us that at the end of the day, we are not people to know

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Who's really better than someone else? Allah subhanho wa Taala said Yeah, Lina, you know,

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come in come in. I saw a * higher on minimum what he said on Monday Saturday and I certainly could not I don't mean home, while attendees will enforce upon what tonight those will

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be the servicemen who's so for that matter, the man or woman I'm going to prefer will think of all the moon. Oh, you who have believed? Let not have people ridicule another group of people. Maybe they're better than them. Don't either let women ridicule other women, perhaps they might be better than them and do not insult one another and do not call one another by offensive nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after one has become faithful and whoever does not repent, then it is begging for the wrongdoers.

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The only person in the Koran that split up people in this way and treated people differently according to things that they can't control. Is that on himself, Allah azza wa jal said in the Khurana on, the elk what Jada she are.

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Your stalker EcoCAR he has a main home, you're gonna be home. We have Stephanie this in the academy and obviously been in deed fear on exalted himself in the land, and made its people into factions into groups into classes and oppressed, a sector of them slaughtering their newborns, their newborn sons and keeping the female alive. Indeed, he was one of the evil doers and we know that fit our island is the epitome and the embodiment of Cuba. of arrogance. There is a relationship between racist thinking and arrogance, Hadith Rafa, love you and Mr. Donovan used to love while he was led by a fellow janitor to rely on

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mankind I think I became a follower of him being given the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam said, no one will enter paradise. If they have even a speck of arrogance in their heart, God Allah Doom, in Guatemala, you hit go and you're gonna fail, but who has no one out there who has done it and one of the companions was there? He had a question he said, Wait a second, but people like nice clothes and people like nice shoes. That's what he thought arrogance was the prophets of Allah ie who responded in Hola, amigos.

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El Kaypro. Belcourt will happen. Well home goodness, Muslim, and the prophets of Allah. I didn't even see them responded. Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty. Rather, an arrogance is rejecting the truth and belittling other people, or people of faith. Is there any other reason behind racism and racist thinking? Other than to be little, some other people and to elevate others? Does not this fall within the definition of arrogance that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in his study, what is wrong with people who think that they are better than others because of their race? Or because of their ethnicity? Or because of the color of their skin? Aren't these people afraid that on the Day

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of Judgment, they will be driven by the angels toward the gates of paradise only to be stopped and told take them away? This person has out against him in their hearts, take them to the fire? Well, the formula thrown along if you harbor racist thoughts inside yourself, you shouldn't be afraid and the leaf will love.

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You shouldn't be afraid, repent to Allah azza wa jal before it's too late. Read in your heart of the arrogance before a day comes when Allah azza wa jal puts you in the fire to get rid of it for you.

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And if the spiritual consequences of racism, or supremacist beliefs are not enough to motivate people, then everybody in this room has to realize that allies the window does not allow nations to succeed if they hold on to this type of thinking that is the Sunnah of Allah. And it does not matter what you believe it does not matter whether you are Muslim or not Muslim, if you want to an ally that Muslims were kicked out of Spain. If you want to know why Muslim Africa and Muslim Asia was colonized by the European powers, if you want to know why we cannot liberate Palestine, it is because the Muslims were divided. And usually it was because we were divided on grounds of the color

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of our skin, or what tribe you are

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You belong to this ummah will never succeed with this type of thinking, and this message you will never succeed with this type of thinking it is holding us back. Now some of us are able to recognize that it's not okay to think that some people are better than others because of the color of their skin. But some of us have only shifted that type of thinking one step to the left, or one step to the right. Some people think my people have done more for the room, or my people have done more for the last year, we've donated more money. We have done this and we've done that, and that makes us better. It doesn't work like that. The amount of money that you've donated does not make you the

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boss. It does not make you better than anybody else in this room. This MSG belongs to Allah azza wa jal and the people who manage it, and the people who donate to it, they are nothing except servants of this message, and service to the community. We do not donate money to the masjid in exchange for recognition, or exchange for power or exchange for influence, not here. We donate it to purify our souls and to secure our spot in paradise. Because if you donate money to this machine, and you expect some sort of influence or power, in return, you should seriously ask yourself, if your intentions are pure, the companions were not concerned with the quantity of their deeds. They were

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concerned with the quality of their teams. They weren't concerned if their deeds would be accepted or not. And deeds will not be accepted if they were done for the wrong reasons. So for someone's claiming that they had to call the shots and msg because of how much money they have donated. I asked that person to reflect in all seriousness, how did you know that Allah accepted your donation? How's you know?

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And worse than that, if you are giving money to the masjid and your intention is to show off, or your intention is to pad your reputation, then it is my duty to warn you about the first people to enter the Hellfire on the day of judgment on the ravens are not the love of art God submitted to us who will walk into the locker room and listen to me I pull in our nurse a huge volume and up the ante on a lot. What's our love life and what not for whom else and I think about it equally

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for ot OB refer to the value of the profits of a loved one a US selling said shortly on the first people to be judged on the Day of Judgment will be a person who Allah gave him every type of wealth, Allah will call upon Him to acknowledge His blessings and he will acknowledge it all up the mountain to be gone nuts or two meals a day into hippo and you want to sell coffee Illa and you thought to feed her that

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that's what they're kidding. I'll tell you on a webinar called tea. So not only will be but so keep watching. So we will be happy no robot Muslim, then Allah azza wa jal will ask, What did you do with this blessing that I gave to you, all this money, all of this stuff and that person will say I spend it for you, Allah, I donated for your cause. And Allah will say you are aligning.

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You really did it so that people would say, look at how much money he gave. Look at how generous he is. And indeed, the people said that, then this type of person will be dragged on their faces towards *, and thrown into the fire.

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A homeless person who sleeps out on a night of sweat can walk in here and put a few coins in that donation box. And those few coins that he gives to the nest you might be more valuable to Allah as Elijah than the hundreds of 1000s that you have given to the masjid thinking that it makes you or your people better than others because of it.

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That person's donation might be so sincere that it secures his spot and Paradise. And yours might be so filled with pride that it earns you a spot in the fire. Oh people of faith. Face yourselves before I'll fix it up.

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You take account of yourselves before all takes account of you repent to Allah as much as before the opportunity is gone

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