Are the Genetic Diseases a Realisation of the Original Sin Concept

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Any sisters any questions? While conversing with other Christians regarding the scientific facts in the Quran and the Bible,

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they came upon that it says Christianity believes in the original sin. They said that in the Bible is mentioned that if a person does something evil, the seventh generation is going to bear the burden. And now there are diseases which are there like diabetes and all which are genetically spread. So this established their concept of original sin, how to refute this.

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The sister has put forth an argument that one of our Christian friends were arguing and say that they've mentioned in the Bible that if you do a sin seven generations you will get the sin. And today they established that if you have diabetes, you know it is genetic. So maybe the good good good grandfather or grandmother may have done a sin so that punishment sister if read the Bible, I don't know which was your quoting about seventh generation that cetera. But the Bible clearly mentions in the book of Ezekiel, chapter number 18, was number 20. The soul that sinneth shall die, the father shall not be dedicated the son, neither shall the Son bear the iniquity of the father.

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The Son shall not bear the regret the father, neither shall father by the your son, the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him, and the righteousness that he shall be upon him. But even though it turns away and comes to the part he shall not die, so the Bible says, The soul that sins shall die, the person who does the sin shall be responsible. Same thing as the Quran, Quran says, no bearer of burden can bear the burdens of others. No bearer of burden can bear the burden of others. Same thing, the Bible says, The soldier son shall die. The father shall not be inherited the son neither shall the Son by the liquid, the father means the Son shall not bear iniquity means the sin, the son

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shall not bear the Son of the Father, neither shall the Father by the son of the Son, the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him, and the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him. But if the wicked turns myth, if the wicked repents, he shall not die, that means he will get his reward. So based on this verse of the Bible, and which was your 14, their seventh generation anyway, this I'm giving you a reference? Fine. So according to the Bible, there's nothing like original sin. It is the concept of church,

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not of the Bible.

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It's not the concept of the Bible.

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as most of the Christian or not the Bible, the Christian say that Adam and Eve Mela, repeat with them. That was not to eat the forbidden fruit, and Eve tempted Adam, to eat the forbidden fruit. So if it's a good sinner, and Adam ate the fruit, so did Adam peace be upon him asked me before eating, if you'd have asked me. And if God helped me responsible, fine, logical.

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If Adam gives my great good, good, good, very, very first grade grandfather, he didn't ask me.

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Imagine if my father never saw my good, good father. If he commits a murder, can the police catch me? Know orange Nelson. So in Christian countries, here, the father commits a murder the son should be put to gallows right or wrong, right or wrong.

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Right. Son should be put is any country

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for the country that professes Christianity and follows a Christian law, the sun should be put to the gallows? And nowhere do you find this? Do you find in any law, it's illogical. So if my father committed a mistake, he shouldn't be held responsible.

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Find if I help my father in committing the murder, then the police catcher's mitt fine. So my great great first great grandfather, Adam, peace be upon him, he ate the pill, he didn't ask me, if he has asked your friend, your friend responsible, surely didn't ask me, and then going ahead to prove about disease. That's why she says that you if we analyze, the diabetes is genetic. Yes, I'm a medical doctor. I've given up my practice. And now I speak about the truth spreading the message of truth. We do know medically that diabetes is genetic, it comes in the genes. So that is the reason she says that, you know, we have come to know that so and so person it doesn't. And therefore it's

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come first of all, it's not proof from the Bible at all.

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And this thing, which is genetic, so that means we have to agree in everything.

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We know that many of the people who are smugglers, what a pest

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rapists, their children intelligent, so do you mean to say because the father raped the father smuggled, therefore the child became intelligent, is it so?

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Is it so?

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No, if great grandfather does a sin, he gets punished. If they get again for another good thing even he should get a reward. Right? So we find that many times the father is absolutely inhuman, merciless, yet the children are very good. So surely it is different medical disease. And one more thing in Islam

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Whether a person has diabetes because it makes no difference for him to go to Jannat a person having diabetes can go to heaven can go to hell also, a person not having diabetes can go to hell can go to heaven. The criteria to go to Heaven is not diabetes.

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This world is the test. Allah says in the Quran instead of milk Japanese citizen was number two allergic helical moto Hattah. It is Allah has created death and life to test which of us good indeed. So this is a test and alleged testing. Allah says in the Quran, we test some people with fear, some with hunger, some with loss of life,

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some disease, some with wealth, unless it's in the Quran, this is the test. Now the test may come either genetically without genetic aids.

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There's a new research thing that homosexuality is genetic.

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So it's homosexual identity, who's to blame God not as for homosexuality the sin then I found out that the research was false. And the person who propounded that theory himself was homosexual.

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See homosexuality the sin, diabetes is not a sin. So if homosexuality proved to be genetic, then there's a problem. Right? Because homosexuality is a sin. Diabetes is not a sin. Telling lies cannot be genetic. If it proves robbing is genetic, then hey, it came in my genes who's to blame my father. None of the things that genetic disease is not a sin. Disease is one type of test a less testing you God is testing you that now you have a disease yet do you believe in God or not? So what is diabetes? What is his God all nonsense?

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or less testing you with difficulties with reward?

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With punishments, testing new and depending upon the test, he gives you marks and on the Day of Judgment Mallika Medina, he's a master of judgment depending on that he'll put whether it pass or fail heaven or hell hope Narcissus question system