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Episode 19_ Have You Ever Seen an Angel in Human Form

Have you ever met a human being and thought they must be an angel? You may be right, but you may also be missing the point.

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Have you ever met a person in life that you thought might be an angel, and I'm not just talking about your child or a friend of yours, or someone that you think is an angelic because of the way that they carry themselves, but someone who just popped into your life, you were stuck somewhere, and they helped you or someone that that showed up somewhere in public and said something to you that you needed to hear in those moments, or someone that was sick, or ill, or a recipient of charity, and you thought, this person can't be a human being and then they're mysterious, you don't see them before you don't see them after and you're left to think, wait a minute, was that an angel?

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Right? I mean, it is possible that you might meet a shape on you know, in the form of the human being, but like Have I ever actually met an angel in the form of a human being?

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There's a Hadith of the Prophet slice on where he talks about these three men from Benny slightly. And they were contemporaries, as is made clear in the Hadith. And the prophets lie, some said there was a bald man, a man who was a leper, and a man who was blind. And an angel went to all three of them, and ask them, what is it that you want? What is it that you'd want to change about yourself? And the leper said that, I would want to have good skin, because the people feel an aversion towards me, because of my leprosy. And the angel touches that person, and suddenly, their skin is cured altogether. So they have full skin again. And the angel said to that person, and what type of

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property is most beloved to you? And the man says camels, and so the angel then brings a pregnant sheep camel and says, botica Allahu laka, Fie, ha, may Allah bless you with that she camel. And this shows that it's a lot that's going to provide not the angel, Allah is the one who blesses and it's also a wisdom and that this person is now going to see, this valley of camels come from this one, pregnant sheep camel to really see the generosity of a loss of power to unfold before their eyes. And so suddenly, that person has the skin that they want, the appearance that they want. And they also have the wealth that they want and become a very wealthy person. The angel then goes to someone

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who is bald, and says, What would you like to change about yourself? And the bald man says that I'd love to have good hair, right? I feel like it would beautify me, I feel like it's what's missing in my life. And so the angel touches that man's head, gives them an angelic hair transplant, you can't find that anywhere in the world today. And suddenly, that person has a full head of hair. And the angel then says to the man, and what what type of property is most beloved to you? And the man says cows. So the same thing happens, a pregnant cow is given and the angel says Batticaloa, Hola, Kofi, how may Allah bless you with it, and suddenly he has an entire, you know, plot of cows. And then he

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goes to a person who is blind. And we know that that is a very specific type of test, there are multiple rewards that you find in Hadeeth. For the person that is blind and patients with the last panel hoods on and many scholars who suffered from this, and says to the blind man, what would you like you said, I'd love to have my eyesight back my vision back. And so the angel wipes his eyes, and suddenly he can see again, and then he says to him, and what's the most beloved of property to you, he says sheep, which is very simple, right, if you think about it, so he's given pregnant sheep, and that gives birth to an entire plot of sheep. And so he's got his entire property in front

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of him that he can work with, and that he can deal with. And so each one has their herd now, and they have their property and they have the appearance that they want, and they have the blessings that they want. The Prophet sly centum says that, then the angel comes back to each one of those people in the same human form as they were before. So to the leper, the angel shows up with leprosy, a human being with leprosy that's also poor. To the one who was bald, the angel shows up looking like the person used to look also for and for the one who is blind, the angel also shows up in the form of a blind man, that's also needy. And as the angel shows up to each one of them, the angel

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asked them for support. The leper, and the bald man deny that they used to be poor. And they say that you know, that I earned this and they basically shoot the man away. And the angel responds in the form of that man and says, aren't you the person that used to be such and such Weren't you once in need, and that person denies that they were ever poor in the first place, and so the arrogance has overtaken them, and they forgotten the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala so the angel says back to them, if you are lying, then May Allah subhanaw taala return you to what you were

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Before, if you're lying about who you are, and if you are not just denying the blessing that Allah has given you, but not even acknowledging that you once didn't have these things, may Allah return you to what you were. But the blind men pass the test the prophets lie. Some said the blind man, as soon as he saw that person, in his own form that he used to be, he says to the man, who is of course an angel, go ahead and take from this property, whatever you want, for I was once like you and Allah subhanaw taala provided for me. So it's all yours, whatever you want, go ahead and take it. It's probably the scholars say this is the one out of the three that actually had the most severe

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predicament right? But look at his humility. And he says, just go ahead and take it all. I used to be like you without even being asked, I used to be like you and a loss penalty provided for me. So therefore I'm providing for you whatever you want from this, because this is all the blessing of a loss penalty. And the angel responds and says, keep your property with you called the law, the law, Juan wasafi tada sahibi keep your property with you, because Verily, Allah is pleased with you, and angry with your two companions. And so the two companions lost everything that they had, and were restored back to their position with the death of the angel. And that person was able not just to

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keep the blessing of a lost parents out in this life, but also increased in their station in the hereafter. Now back to us. The question is, then, when I see someone that's in need, am I actually encountering an angel and I have to be honest with Allah, I remember a few times I was in a refugee camp, and I thought to myself, this this can be a human being that's in front of me and Allah knows best right? There. The reality is, you're never actually going to know, right? If you've encountered an angel, that person is not going to reveal themselves and say, I'm actually an angel. But it would defeat the purpose if you were only honoring them because you thought they were an angel. That's

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actually the moral of the story that you are to honor the person, the team, the orphan, the one that's in need, and remember your own vulnerability and you never know who Allah subhana wa tada actually has in front of you at that moment.