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Juz’ 20 with Dr. Osman Umarji

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All right. So now money coming into lightning over the counter. Other than asked me if I was missing out. I

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mean, what are we wanting down the line? I mean, what are people to do Makino almost it was that I'm about to cut it close to the camera coming in Salalah while he was telling me he was talking, he was willing to see him kathira Welcome back to am 3430 and unhemmed. We have with us tonight Dr. Romano Margie, who has not broken as fast yet right? You still still hungry, right?

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Angry for that? We're glad to have you back chef. And of course, the law has always come to me who has broken as fast and have the dinner here 10 minutes away from me.

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And so let's I just want to remind everyone before we get started, I know that there's been a lot going out. But tomorrow night will tomorrow actually will be a special day Angel that's on tomorrow night in Charlottetown. It will of course be the nighttime it'll be the first of the last two nights, one of the few years where moon sighting and calculations and everything goes together. So inshallah tomorrow is the first of the last two nights and be delighted offers a special opportunity and we wanted to have everyone prepared and show us so tomorrow from 3pm, Eastern to 8pm, Eastern sha Allah Tada, there's going to be an all day telethon where different members of the team will

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come on, we'll talk about what your team is doing, as well as inshallah Tada, prepping everyone for the last 10 nights in Charlottetown. So please do join us tomorrow and then the last 20 minutes will be collected just as we go into the night and chat logs out. So please do make sure you join for as much of tomorrow as you can shout out and spread the word. I'll make sure that it's posted in the comments and no, I don't moderate the comments. Someone shows me the comments. Sorry. Just so you guys know I'm not talking and moderating comments at the same time. Okay, that's the wonderful team that we have it yaqeen hamdulillah which means you have the leaders the one is moderating comments.

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Alright, let's get started, shall I? So just 20

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the first page of just 20 which is still the

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certain number. Probably one of the most beautiful sections that you find in the long message of Ada mela. Is there any god besides a loss

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handler one of the most beautiful recitations to listen to and to really ponder upon your last panel Terada speaks about His Majesty speaks about the things that only he can do, speaks about our moments of vulnerability either as individuals or as collectives, and how we turn back to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah is our only refuge and allows our only rescue. So that is a beautiful You know, last night we talked a lot about to doubleu reflecting on the poor and as an individual, there is nothing that I could give you a Tafseer that would make that just the most beautiful experience ever if you just sit with it alone and Charlottetown that section for about seven eight hours where

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah, Allah, is there any god besides Allah inshallah we'll talk about one of those instances in this just tonight inshallah to Allah. In verse 89, through to nominalist penalty assessment job, it has sanity, Federico Fado, minha warm and fuzzy and yummy Did you know that whoever brings forth good, then they will have good that will return to them, they will have a greater good that awaits them. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions particularly safety from shock and the fuzz out the shock of yeomen piano the shock of the Day of Judgment. And there's a great connection here to the story of musante his Salaam as well as to the previous source. If you realize

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all of the previous sources that we've gone through over the last couple of nights in particular, begin and end with the disoriented people on the Day of Judgment, people that are regretful because they challenged the last penalty to hasten the Day of Judgment. And when it came, you know, we don't see the scenes of them disoriented and regretful for challenging a loss penalty with that, and assuring the believers of safety and security on that day. And here Allah subhanaw taala once again does that was another warning of punishment by the way right after this in verse 90, but I want to connect this to Masai Salaam because Moosa has a particular protection on the Day of Judgment. These

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suitors are all the layers of Mossad Islam and I know both chef Abdullah chessmen are going to talk about Mossad Islam in detail tonight inshallah Tada, so I'm not going to spend too much time on that, but every single surah is giving us a new dimension of more studies to that. And one of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that, on the day of judgment, it was a Muslim and a Jew that got into an argument in Medina. And the Muslim and the Jew basically got into an argument over whose profit is better Moosa or Mohammed. Now, of course, to us, they're both our profits out of a salon to a salon and that we uphold the prophethood of both of them. So we should

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never in any way

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In the course of, of demonstrating our love and loyalty to Mohammed, Salah lice and I'm disrespecting other prophet of Allah. So in the midst of that argument, it got very heated, and, and the Muslim transgressed against the Jew and the Jew complaints of the Prophet sallallahu. It was something about that and the prophets lysozyme said, on the day of judgment, when when I will be the first to be resurrected, and I would go to the throne of a loss of hundreds I'm paraphrasing the Hadeeth. And I would see that Musan Islam is already Moses peace be upon him is already hanging on to one of one of its legs. And so to suggest that most Islam was saved as the profit slice on him,

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so it could be that he was saved from the fuzzer from the shark, because the loss of Hannah Montana would not allow him to go through that twice. So the beautiful Hadith about Musa Islam, particularly being spared, and given safety in a way that no other person would be given safety. Now we get into sort of puzzles, and my job for the next 10 nights in Sharla is just to show the beautiful connection of these sorters to each other, because they're also beautifully interconnected, sort of minimum, loss paradises and then you will see that there were actually four so who is the one who responds to the desperate caller when they call upon him and removes the hardship that they feel and

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so Pamela, we fade into this sooner and we have the trembling heart of the mother of musante salah and Allah subhana wa tada comforting the mother of Mossad Islam taking her baby and putting her baby into, into the, into the tablet and

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obviously, what takes place of Allah subhanaw taala rescuing most isomer saving Mossad Islam in a very vulnerable situation a baby that is in the midst of the water that could easily drown that could easily be kidnapped so many things could happen is most Iceland and alera xojo not just removing the harm of musante ceram or any hardship that would come to musante Sadam, but also Eliza Jen, comforting the heart of the mother of most Iceland by allowing her to see her baby once again. Right. So who is the one that responds to the caller? Who is the one that hears our deepest secrets? Who is the one that sees our deepest vulnerabilities and our darkest moments and allies, those

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answers those dots in those moments and the last contact does miracles for us in those moments and Subhanallah you see the connection right away between the surah prior and this Sora and allies was showing his complete power morsani his Salaam in this surah the imagery is very powerful. mosa is a baby put in this in this small piece of the earth right or in the small in this small fragment and then put into the water where he has no way to protect himself. And he's just the baby. And Alonzo saves him and rescues him for their own is a powerful man with an army and Allah subhanaw taala drowns him parts of the sea for that same baby when he grows up most Isom and then drowned spit out

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in his army, his arrogance, his arrogant presence himself and of course the arrogant army that fit our own hat. Just probably think of the imagery of a baby floating in the water in the river. And then for their own this this tyrant right? drowning in the seats Allah subhana wa tada showing that he really is the one that's in charge at all times. A connection as well. In verse 56, Allah subhana wa tada says in NECA natef demon Abbot, what are King the law? How do you make sure you do not guide whom you love, but a loss of hundreds out of guides who he wills and the previous surah? What are the law say about our profits lie seminar laka back here, that you're hurting yourself, you're

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hurting yourself. Because Allah your corner what mean because you want them so badly to be believers, meaning your empathy is so deep. It pains you so much to see these people and what is taking place with them and allies which are connected in this just to the previous just here as well. And sort of castles in the fifth verse, Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned that the reason why we go through tests and the reason why these hardships would happen to a person because there's the perspective of the tyrant that's going to be punished and the righteous that will be tested and we know the end of the story is good for them. Allah subhana wa tada says, When reader and among other Latina stawberry fulfill out that we wish to bestow our favor on those who are oppressed in the lands and make them into our in that make them into leaders and make them from a wider team make them from the inheritors meaning this is character building. This is Faith building, that we go through these trials and these tests to be purified and elevated. And so most

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Isla was not put through all of these different types of tests the test of throughout the test of many saw the test of being in muddy and the test of a loss of direction. All of these different things the test of trying to understand and comprehend when talking to 100 Moosa was not put through these things except to further out

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him and his salon. And that is the case for the believers. What is sort of Lanka boot the next sort of start off with I see Vanessa utako, a guru.

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well attended Latina in public and filiana mama La La Vina solderable where they are demanded ketamine, Eliza Joe says do people think they just see, they just say we believe that they're not tested. And we have tested those who came before you. And through that, through that the truth will shine, and the liars or those that are those that do not have integrity, those that are not truthful to the message that has come to them are humiliated as a result of that. So we are showing in our true colors as a result of the fits and as a result of the test and allies are done gives tests to the believers to grow them to grow them in their faith and to grow them in their character. So

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students are costless. You have that and then you have suits, Lanka boots, a connection between verse five and verse two, and then I'll end with with this and Charlotte's Island. The other side of this okay? Her man and fit around her man and fit around her man, of course is the right hand to fit our own. And this is the example of what we saw and sort of for current and the previous Jews. Yeah, we that's our latest attack with Fudan and Hillier to evil people fighting on the Day of Judgment, particularly the regrets of the one who followed along. Imagine how many people would be looking after their own with him at the top of them and saying, Why did I listen to him? Why did I follow

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him? Why did I believe him? Why was I intimidated by him? Why was I not afraid of his Lord and my Lord, right, and the regrets and the remorse that we talked about last night. Imagine how not and for their own. And you have here examples of three men who think they have power, but they actually have nothing. So this is the other side of this instrumental costs. And I want you to pay very close attention because it ties beautifully in this with Lanka boot, just like the previous example that I gave three men that are mentioned in the surah. And then shutdown lunch with man can talk about more Saudis Salaam, in greater detail for their own is the dictator who has a false sense of security in

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his own power. He's a dictator who has a false sense of security in his own power. Hammer is the enforcer of the dictator who has a false sense of security and the power of his master. Right? So how mount is taking security and felons power, like I'm good, I can be as brutal and you often find that the general of a dictator is worse than the head himself, right just completely takes everything into their hands to be a butcher because they know that they have immunity from the one that commands them, right? So they take shelter and security and the power of the one that's above them and with Hitman. It's only for their own, and then God one whose false sense of security and

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power comes in what his wealth, one of the wealthiest people to ever walk the face of the earth. And all three of them find absolutely nothing. And that's verse 41. of Sri Lanka. Verse 41, of Sri Lanka boot method Latina tuffa, the woman doing in LA he Olia came after Lanka boot. It's after that beta and ohana boot, the beta Lanka Waterlow candle. Yeah, and the more that the case of those who took other than a lot as their protectors is like a spider who constructs its home, but the frailest of all Homes is the spider web is the spiders house if only they know. And there isn't that mentioned the spider's web. If you get caught in it, if you're a bug or mosquito, you get caught in it, you

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can't get out of it, you would think it's the strongest thing ever. It is stronger than steel. You know, the science behind the spider's web is so fascinating. It is impossible for that which is caught in a spider web to get up but then a little bit of water comes you just do this and you ruin the spider's web all together. So it gives a false sense of power and security but it's really nothing. Whereas the last panel to add is everything Allah is always in charge when we seek that power when we seek that security in allies, who overwhelms us at all times with his power. So inshallah tada with that I'll hand it off to Shambhala to talk about the story most Iceland's and

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just not gonna hit and miss philau salatu salam ala rasulillah were on earlier he was talking to me about the story of Musa Patra line. The chapter of Casa says you know of course us means narrations or stories. And this is a beautiful as we know, the chapter or the stories of Moosa or snippets of the life of Musa is found throughout the Quran. But in this chapter is very extraordinary because Allah subhanaw taala kind of gives you a history of Moosa, like the childhood you know, you watch those movies that shows and they grew up as a child and what they went through and then where they reached. Well, here I want you to focus on I'm going to talk about verse number 10. But in the

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beginning of bus us really starting from verse number seven all the way to 13 is something extraordinary, and I want to share this with you

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a loss of kinda what data tells Moses mother, when Moses was a baby, because at this time, you know, there was a year that Sharon had a dream that there would be a young man or a youth that would take over his throne and his power. So what he decided to do that year was to eliminate

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All of the young boys and to leave the women as as servants for them. So any young boy at that time that was alive, he would do away with them, he would exterminate them. But musala a salaams mother being aware of this was he was scared. So lots of kind of what data starts off in verse number seven, when he says our after we live in shape Banerjee, well Oh, hey, now let me Moosa and

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in this verse, Allah orders Moses mother with two things, and then promises her two things.

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He says here, what Oh, hey, now let me move on. And we inspire the mother of Moses to suckle him or to breastfeed him

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for either 50 or leave it for the yummy for either 50 Allah He and if you were to be have fear, or have fear for him or be scared for him because of fear, for LP for the young, then to throw him in the river and this is the Nile River, some of the more facility mentioned, yum, is actually an abundant seed. Right. But here, the scholars have mentioned that he she was instructed to put him in a taboo, as we see in the chapter for her photography, he put taboos to put him in a like a wooden box, to put him in this tab whoops, and to put him in the Nile River. So those are the two things to breastfeed him to suckle him, and to put them in the Nile River. I want you to remember the suckling

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for because that's very relevant here. So he says, Put him in the Nile River. And then he said,

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last month, I said, Well, that's a coffee one that has any, and do not have do not have fear, nor shall you grieve, in law, do e laiki, with Jerry Lou. Mina mursaleen. So here, he says, do not have fear, nor shall you grieve, fear in the beginning of the action before the action and grief after the action.

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He says, Don't have fear, nor shall you grieve, why in net or do he like that barely, we will return him to you. That's the promise. What Jeff illuminated mursaleen and that's the second promise, we will return to you. But not only that, he will be a messenger, someone that the message has been given to a more selling the message has been given to them. So now this is the promise that a lot gives Moses his mother, but Moses, his mother is a human being. And a human being we have certain characteristics. And Subhanallah Allah addresses this characteristic in verse number 10, when he says, For us behalf of Abu Musab for Abu Musab Fadi law. So the heart of the mother of Moses became

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empty. What does it mean became empty. And it's interesting how Allah says became empty, he doesn't mention it was empty of what because when we understand the context, a lot told her to do an action that increases the connection between the mother and the child, nothing like that, as soon as they're born alive is provided the mother with something to feed the child, which is the best form of food, which is the milk of the mother. So that connection is there, then the law says, happy for them. So now her heart is empty, empty of what empty the love of Moses that looking at Moses, all of this connection with Moses. So a lot doesn't even mention it and that's for you to understand. For

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us, perhaps we'll add to muzaffarnagar there are lots of kind of what Allah says

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in in candidates to be DB he Lola Roboto. Now luckily, it's akuna Minal meaning in Canada to be DB she was this close candidate is like almost and to be DB to make it a parent of who she was or to say look, I want my son back. Because what happened was when she put him in the seat in between these verses, you'll see that the wife of fit around for the islands people captured Moses and the wife of fit around pleaded for fountain she are to fit on to keep Moses so they kept him in their in their space with them.

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So a loss of pen with Allah mentions that her heart became empty and then Alas, is something beautiful Lola Roboto now I'll be her she was about to say something but if it wasn't for the fact that we are a button that that we tied her heart or made her heart robots means to tie something so robotic that if we tied her heart her

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takuna meaning meaning to be from the believers why because you know, some scholars is difference of opinion in here but the relevance of you know, because the first heart that he said that her heart became empty the word was for add the second heart that he said was a little bit and to add is that scholar said you have to Ajani your style. It gets hot and it's it's it's very it's heated it you know, it has a strong emotions. But when we say cold, you see some scholars mentioned Calibri and huya Taleb Oh Polly reshade because it flips you're happier, sad, you're emotional, you know you're you're full of joy. So losses are a bottleneck I left but it'd be hard

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to keep her patient but you notice it

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Punisher for almost no telling and revealing what the situation was. It's natural for a mother to have that worry for her child. And that's what's so beautiful about this verse. And a law uses the two types of understanding of the heart because the first one, her heart became heavy, because she missed her son, and then after that a lot, and that's why the parcel says a lot, that bit, but it'll be allergenic. Sub, it's called the allergenic, do not let it go to the left or to the right. Keep it firm upon your religion. So she had to stay firm in this situation, even though it was difficult, was beautiful because right after that verse, she tells her daughter, Moses, his mother, which was a

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sign of Ratan Tata, which was a sign that she was sound in her heart was firm, instead of just grieving. She came with a plan. She said it had difficulty she said, Go and spy and find out where he is, you know, look at where he is. In any case, the last one we see in verse number 10. She, she pleaded, and she found out some kind of law. When she saw Moses, she saw that they were trying to feed Moses young baby, so they brought different maid servants to try to breastfeed Moses, and Moses refused, he would not want any breast milk. So her sister came and she said, I know someone. And it happened to be none other than Moses mother. So it's upon Allah Allah subhanaw taala says in verse

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number 10, for the Navajo Isla de k Takara, I know how that ties in. So we restored him with his mother, that her eye may be comforted that he the comfort of her eye has returned, and that she might not grieve with that toxin, when it's out in the wild to lay half and to know that the promise of Allah is true.

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When that can occur, and Nancy lay on the moon, but that but most but most people do not even know so subpanel up, a lot of the first command he gave her was the key to bring Moses back. But she didn't know at the time. She didn't know Subhana Allah. So Allah brought her back because of what he ordered in the beginning. And conclusion brothers and sisters, when we look at what Allah orders us to do know that it is only for our own benefit, because he loves you more than anyone else. He loves you more than anyone else. And he will provide for you in ways that you will not imagine. And this story and the beginning of this chapter is so beautiful, because it's the epitome of love and

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affection is the epitome of loving. If we look at any example of the prophets, Allah gives you the epitome of success, the epitome of sadness, the epitome of oppression. So looking at this kind of life, you had the opportunity with your families tonight, if you haven't read with your families. So let's have a shorter way to read these verses, you know, versus number seven, two verses number 10, roughly about the story of Moses and how Allah constructed just by breastfeeding as the key to bring Moses back with his mother and he mustn't

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reward us and reward them for their struggle in the last month Allah make a make us of those that trust in Allah as Moses mother did, just

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like Mala. Mala. Right? That's the constant theme. Is there really anyone but a lot, right? So keeping that to record. So it's a beautiful story and Dr. Rothman, spiller

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spend our thoughts to them on a soul level while he was

00:23:23--> 00:23:42

chill, I'd love to pick up where she left off. Before I do just kind of I just want to put sort of us again, just kind of in its place because I feel like there's so many chapters about massage around that sometimes we forget about kind of the centrality maybe us within this. Um, one of the things that I find beautiful about the surah is that it was very similar

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to sort of the use of in many ways, and that there are both revealed in Mecca before the Hydra. And they were both examples for the Prophet Muhammad wa salam and foreshadowing to him in the companions of what the future was going to hold. It reinforced the idea of how oppressed people are lost when it comes to the aid of those who are oppressed, and also reinforces how Allah subhanaw taala has his way of dealing with the oppressors. And I think about again, going back to Moses, the use of stories of how many parallels, Allah draws in this sort of emphasis to use of story. And then of course, the Prophet Muhammad SAW some his life. So useless was taken away from his family in Palestine, and then

00:24:19--> 00:24:51

he had to resettle in Egypt. And that's because his brothers had plotted to kill him eventually throwing him in the well. musala Islam we find in this story, he's forced to flee from his family and Homeland as we'll talk about Namibian for 10 years before returning to Egypt. That's because for Allen Potter to kill him, and then this is again foreshadowing to Prophet Muhammad SAW said him that he will have to flee from his beloved land of Mecca, his family to go to Medina before he comes back one day victorious Mecca, and that's because coloration plotted to kill him. And spot on one of the verses that's so beautiful that I want to touch upon is verse number 85 in the surah. And this again

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

shows the love that Allah subhanaw taala has for the Prophet, Elijah them and the same way that a lot told Moosa his mom that in now

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Do you like that in the same way we'll return Moosa to you a lot tells Muhammad wa sallam at the end of the story, the story that pay attention to what happened to Musa because just like he went back to his family, Alice's in melody for the Haleakala for annuler or Ducati llama is that indeed the one who has imposed this court and upon you reveal this court and to you or Mohammed, indeed, that same, your Creator he will return you to the place of return, which many of us sitting say is Mecca. So this is a glad tiding the Prophet Muhammad SAW some sort of process that be patient because all these trials and tribulations, there is success at the end of it. What I want to speak about was

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jumping from what she spoke about in terms of the childhood of Musa because musos child the story, the story is amazing, because it's got scenes, a lot does not give us the whole story in us. But he breaks it up in different chapters in here, we learn only about useless childhood. And then we don't know anything about actually its infancy. We don't hear anything about his childhood or adolescence all the way until he's adult. And I'll pick it up when he actually has to flee his homeland, because he was in the middle of breaking up a fight. And in doing that, he accidentally killed a man and then he's rushing off to the land of medicine. And that's what I want to focus on right now where a

00:26:17--> 00:26:22

lot of Canada says in the Quran, while I'm at the word Jihad they'll call a Medina

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call us out of ba ba ne so as to be honest, just think about the situation that Musa was in Musa was told by somebody that people are plotting Moosa yeah Musa that yeah, that further on in that manner, yet America biglietto Toluca first project in Neela kameena NASA him that people are plotting to kill you, the politicians you better get out of here. Moosa, despite being so beloved, to Allah, he's not yet a prophet, but he's a righteous man has to leave without any food without any water without saying goodbye to his family without packing his bags, and he heads off, inspired by a lot of head to medion. Why Meridian, he really has no idea. It's an inspiration from Allah. He doesn't

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even know how to get them at the end. All he says is that I said, I'll be a genius. Alas, perhaps Allah will guide me to the path. And as morpholine mentioned, some of them said this took weeks and weeks to get to madeon. It's hundreds of miles away. It's on the eastern shore of the of the Red Sea, where Allah says, Well, I'm one of them and Medina, Majid Ali Mata Milanesi spoon that we are now brought to Moses arrival in Meridian. And it's Allah says, and when he arrived at Medina, and he was there at the well of Meridian, he saw a group of people who were feeding, trying to give water to their animals. So imagine Mussa hungry, thirsty, exhausted, he's been eating leaves only and his

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entire journey, there's no food he had, he comes across this well sees people feeding their their animals. And then he looks to his side, he says, Well, what did I mean? Do any human wrote any to them? He says to women, who are holding back their flock of sheep. So what Moosa does here is amazing his problem, usually people in the most difficult times of their life, all the things about themselves, that how am I going to put food on my table? What am I going to do to get some rest? How am I going to get a place to sleep tonight? I need just to take care of myself, myself, he says, called Mr. *able coma, he goes these two women who are obviously you know, not doing something

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normal, they should have been feeding their animals. And he says, what is happening to the two of you? What's your story? And the two of them are responding to Partha Linus the hacker used to bury our for buena Shere Khan could be, they tell him why this is look, we are not going to get in the middle of all these men. So we are not going to feed our animals until these men finished their feeding. And this is because our men our father is an old man, he can't do it we have to do. So you see, here's from Moosa what he does. tired, exhausted, hungry doesn't make a difference. For support level Mathematica globally for Python or Ruby neelima and Santa EDM and fighting for kill. This is

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beautiful. Pamela moosari. Sarah.

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It's this. You could use CS Pilar, the sense of justice within him. You see the the honor in him and the sign of an honorable person is their willingness to do what is right even when it's not convenient. They rush to being in the service of others despite their own needs. There's a deep sense of justice in Moosa here that erupts at the smallest injustice that he sees. And despite his own psychological urge for food and water security, his urge for justice to help these two young women was that much stronger. And so he goes, he gives them the water, they take off. He didn't ask them for anything. And he's exhausted and he goes underneath a tree. He finds a shade. He puts up

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his hands to Allah. And he says, Oh Allah, I am in desperate need of whatever good you have. Yeah, Allah in neelima and Zelda, Isla ilium and Hayden for Peter, whatever good you can give me I'm in desperate need of that. And you see Allah subhanho wa Taala when he loves somebody, how he responds to their dog. And he responded immediately the next verses Allah says

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

that will

00:30:00--> 00:30:28

Atoms are here. So Allah says that and one of them came one of those two women came back upon modesty. And as Alicia mentioned, she walked with modesty. She spoke of modesty, which tells us against a lot of lessons for a chivalrous man, and a good woman can communicate. It's not haram to speak to someone of the opposite gender, but you do it with modesty that you don't speak in an inappropriate way you dress in an appropriate way. And she comes in she tells him what what's going on. This is the answer to

00:30:29--> 00:30:43

that in the cochlea, Jessica ramadasa pointed out that my father is calling to recompense you for that what you have done for us. And when he goes back in he tells the story, as Allah says, as well What fun and magical apostoli

00:30:45--> 00:31:26

Jota minakami bonamy. So Musa goes now to the father of these two girls, tells him what has happened. And he tells Moosa is that don't worry, you're far away from the jurisdiction of federalism. You're at peace with me, you're not going to be in trouble. And then I'll quickly close with saying what happened next, download the wisdom of this young girl. Call it familia Batiste. And this shows upon again the US as one of the Sahaba mentioned that three people had a tremendous foresight. You know, one of them was a welcome, right and and how he dealt with with almost becoming in that one is the companion of use of and one was the daughter of this man who recommended his

00:31:26--> 00:32:09

father, her father to hire Musa, her father as Moosa narrated the story is the daughter interjects and tells the dead hire this man, right that you will not find anyone better to hire than the one who's strong, and the one who is honest and trustworthy. And again, that allows the outcomes true when when when Moosa asked that alignment of your goodness I'm in need of something good. Allah sent the girl to bring him back to her father, the father, here's a story right now the daughter wants to hire Muslim to do the job that she's been doing. But there's more. Now Allah Allah sends the family for Musa word now the dad who some most of the scholars say show aid, Allah in an urban area, hi,

00:32:09--> 00:32:15

Tina, Allah and Jeremy from Ania, Hydra headed in Atlanta, Ashland from a nine day coma.

00:32:16--> 00:32:58

Now comes to the this is the kicker. So Pamela, you think you're a foreigner in Atlanta, no water, no food, no job, no shelter. And you do one good deed by seeing two women who are being wronged by these men. He intervenes. And now he's offered what a job. He's got a household. And he's now being offered somebody in marriage. And the verses and these are verses numbers. I've spoken today about 22 all the way to 27. And this is I am number 27. Where the show I says, indeed, I want to marry you to one of my daughters on the condition that you work for me for eight years. And if you want to do 10, then that's great. And I don't want to be too difficult on me. And Lisa accepts this. So what I

00:32:58--> 00:33:30

want to close in, you know, with what I'm speaking about today is by saying Pamela alasa panel the other way he answers though are, we will never really fully understand it. Our job is simply to do what's right in any circumstance. So in this circumstance, it's like I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm going to do what's right. And allows the results are upon Allah, he's gonna bring me the food, he's gonna bring me the family's gonna bring me the shelter. And I want to close with saying but remember, whenever and this none of this is take away from most of the greatness that Allah loves Moosa, but he dragged him through difficulty after difficulty after difficulty, being acute being,

00:33:30--> 00:34:03

you know, threatened to be killed by firearms, people, traveling hundreds of miles to a foreign land, having no food and water to drink. But ultimately, the victory of Allah is near and the love of Allah is near to his messengers and those who are righteous. So that next time inshallah we are in a circumstance where life gets tough, and we're taking through all kinds of adventures that you know, we might not like at the time, to perhaps remember that a lot might be trying to elevate us in these moments, and that we might need to go through these things to gain the empathy and the foresight needed to succeed in life. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to see the Quran with

00:34:03--> 00:34:14

the insights that it has that we inshallah learn from the message of these prophets Musa Yusuf and of course, Humberto Salaam, founder of big robola is at the army sifu and was aramoana Allah Muslim will humbly

00:34:16--> 00:34:16

call my friend

00:34:18--> 00:34:23

you're one of your the things you mentioned, one of my favorite sayings in this room will the alignment of

00:34:25--> 00:34:44

the three people with the greatest insight which we will record will be alone and more than the stuff left at home or when you chose the whole model the line we saw on befitting Khalifa and then as easily said, a creamy mouthwash, the competitive use of rice lamb and more say sounds so beautiful, saying and so how do I you can't help but wonder, in the journey of most artists around

00:34:45--> 00:35:00

the scene of Moses about to split the sea, and his people say and along with rakuen we're in trouble. We're done. There's no way we're gonna get out of this. What does he say? and not be married say, Dean. My Lord is with me. He will guide me I'm here. The first chapter

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Your most isolated when he has to go to med Allah is going to guide me. And the last this this lot, probably the most consequential part right where the one that he was warned about in the first chapter is behind him right now literally with an army ready to kill him and he says CMD and Allah will guide me and that's that's so beautiful somehow I love that you bring that up like Milan Fado realizes that reward you should have done any final comment? Yes I mean so Pamela we're reading this chapter just this in this chapter of buses is for righteous women it's fine you think about it. Moses his mother, his sister scfa rounds wife and one or maybe two the two sisters that he

00:35:40--> 00:35:54

encountered maybe shaves daughters upon law so it's all of these women had a role to play with in Moses success in his life and if you look at what the righteous mother and being obedient to Allah how allow reward your children in your project and show us amazing

00:35:55--> 00:35:58

i mean you know you're gonna get quoted on that and it's gonna go viral on the internet right

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isn't it

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tomorrow tomorrow night tomorrow as we said three to five three to eight sorry three to eight inshallah Eastern tomorrow we'll be doing the finish strong telethon. Please spread the word inshallah tada and and invite other people and then we'll have put on 3430 and to add another layer of content and show us at 2am Eastern starting tomorrow night. Every one of the last two nights we'll have a short

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inshallah I say short, hopefully short. I intend to make him about 20 minutes. The qualities of a bow on the qualities of the servants the Most Merciful so you can take breaks in your rehab every night and shall have the less than nights and just have a short reflection on the next quality of the servants the Most Merciful. So again, tomorrow, join us from three to eight inshallah. And then also for four and 30 for 3010. And then at two in Charlottetown. Em, we will be starting with about the romance series, and please do spread the word about the telephone because it will all fade out. We'll see you all tomorrow inshallah. So I don't want to lie here.