Angels In Their Presence – Season 02

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Back in Medina, the profit slice I'm sitting with the companions and suddenly the profit slice alone. He he shakes as if something happened.

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The angels started to come to me. I would come to my house and they would greet me at my door and then they would even come to me when I would lay in bed and they would greet me at the head side of my

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the way that Allah subhanaw taala protected these companions, we felt their presence arrived in the skies.

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He said that was the angels. They came close because of your recitation. He said, What? Oh, Porat the US Baja Tian, little la han NAS, lotta Tata Minh home. Suddenly I saw a man coming forward, and he had a spear and at the tip of that steel spear was fire.

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Now what does it mean? To say that an angel wiped your face? Did angels appear in any other fashion? So let's see the whole melodica Allah, the baffinland fitbug Being a sunnah evil, that he is being washed by the angels between the heavens and the earth.

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And He says, When you called out yeah, I'll have my block. I mean, almost merciful those who show mercy. Harlequin to for summer is Savea I was in the seven