Everyone has a plan before they get punched in the face

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I'm sorry for laughing You know, when you are saying that about the rude awakening, for some reason that the quote of Mike Tyson popped into my head, everyone has a plan before they get punched in the mouth.

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You have a theory and stuff. Yeah. But

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it is so true. It is so true. So you start off and like, I'm going to teach a class on this, and I'm gonna talk about this. And again, all of the room have relevance. Like there's nothing of the show. Yeah, that should be left out. There's value to teaching a pizza and filth and Tafseer. And going through the, you know, the all the sort of pain for the public after solid ation on a regular basis that those sources of guidance should be undisrupted they should be present every month. And then it's like, okay, you know, how am I going to not talk about the fact that

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you know, the amount of domestic violence that's happening in my community, like, how am I not going to talk about this? Right, like, how am I not going to talk about the issue of drugs? How am I not going to talk about pornography? How am I not going to like, Am I really just going to pretend none of these dilemmas exists in my community, and this is what's causing people deep personal trauma, and like they're having issues or racism and misogyny. Right, this is something we should not wait for. Something to happen on the outside for us to become more introspective as a community and say, Alright, well, are we are we really implementing? What the prophets lie Selim did, of treating

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like full, dignified, respected human beings and Brothers and Sisters in Islam when they walk into our Mazda doors, or are we going to wait for something to happen on the outside? And then you know, the moment is now so no, the moment was long ago, right? So like, you have to when you get into the grassroots, when you become an Imam, and when you're with the community, working with the community, you have to work with the communities issues, and you can't just talk over them anymore. Well, you're gonna have a serious cognitive dissonance.