Can I Take Medication While I’m Fasting

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Many people have wondered whether taking medication breaks your fast or not. Do all medications break one’s fast? Are there only specific types of medications that break one’s fast? Which kinds of medication would one be allowed to take?

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Can I take medication during fasting?

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This question is regarding to taking medication during fasting.

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The answer for this it depends what kind of medication is the person's talking about certain medication you can take it while you're fasting like for example, the insulin shot or the inhaler for those who have asthma,

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this kind of, or maybe a shot in your muscles or that you need it, as long as this shot that you take is not a vitamin shot, or you don't have an IV, which is basically a replacement for food and drink. Also, you can take pills while you're fasting if you take a pill or you're fast that will break your fast by the consensus of the Muslim scholars. But if you are sick and you need a medication, a high blood pressure or you diabetic and you need to take pills, and this case of hamdulillah last parallel to Allah give you a permission to break your fast and if you expect him to recover from the sickness later on you can make up these days later on. And of this second is

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something you don't think you will be recovering from it. You can feed a meal for each day that you break your fast

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because of it will last the judge knows best And may Allah subhanaw taala guide all of us to what is correct