Angels In Their Presence S2 #25 – They Were Shy of Him Angels In Their Presence

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Every one of the four Hooda has a connection to Allah subhanaw taala and an interaction with the angels that fits exactly what they are famous for. So with doubleback it will be a lot of time on who it is he is a Sadiq, the highest name that you could be written with Allah subhanaw taala with is acidic, right? And there's even a hadith, hatha yoga and Allah Hasidic that a person continues to tell the truth and do the actions of truth until they're written with a loss pans out as a person of truth. So this name comes down from Djibouti and it says down to the Prophet, slice alum, and this is what he's known by Annabelle Beckett. Well, the Allahu Anhu is a celebrity of sorts amongst the

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angels, right on the Day of Judgment, they're all calling him to their gate of Jen

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and our model the Allahu Tada and who is the one who's in touch with the truth, right? The one who is Pamela is speaking to the angels and the angels speak through him in regards to his judgement in regards to his perception, because the shayateen would be nowhere around him. And then I'll be alone, right, who is a man of courage, bravery, who is so courageous and so dedicated and relentless in his dedication that he would be blessed with Djibouti and Isla and Mica ilardi Salam next to him as he goes forth carrying the banner of Islam now the Earth model the alongside on home, there's something very special about Earth model the a lot of times I know because usually we talk about the

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angels inspiring goodness in us meaning the angels in our presence change our demeanor. In the case of Earth Muhammad the Allah Tada and whoa, this man reached such a level that he changed the demeanor of the angels and that's not known with any body else. And this goes back to a famous story with the Prophet sly Saddam with their if Manuel de la Jota. And heard that I showed the Love on Her narrates that the prophets lie Saddam was sitting at home. And as a Becquerel, the law of China and who came to visit the prophets I said, and he was reclined. And so his leg was a little bit exposed. The prophets lie some was in a relaxed state of Rebecca Well, the Allahu Anhu came in the house kind

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of stayed as it was, he sat with the Prophets lie some for some time, he asked the Prophet size and when he had to ask him, and then he left almost all the allotted time and who came in, as the order always is, and the same thing happened the Prophet SAW Selim remained in his place, and the house remained as it was, and almost all the Allah and who asked what he had to ask, and then he left when he got what he wanted. And then Earth Manuel the Allahu Anhu came, and I said, I'll be alone. He says, The strangest thing happens that the prophets lie some suddenly starts to say, fix up the house, you know, put the blanket here and he sits up it his thought was some and he fixes his

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garments, an earth normal the Allahu Anhu comes in and the prophets lie some receives him in a very unique and special way. Now you should know the Allah Allah is watching this and when Earth man leaves, she says I was very curious you know, we know the status of Abubaker we know the status of Alma Why did the prophets lie some act this way with earth normal the a lot of times I asked the prophets lie some yada so Allah will Beckett came in Amata came in you didn't do what you did when Earth man came in, and the prophets license of Ella a State Minister Haman hermana ICA Should I not be shy of someone whom the angels are shy from? Should I not be shy from someone whom the angels are

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shy from even the angels have higher around Earth nano the Allahu taala, annual Subhanallah if nothing changes, the demeanor of the Prophet slice of them, the best of all creation, and He changes the demeanor of the angels by just being who he is. Now, let's break this down because most people have heard this hadith about her. It's not all the law I know but there is wisdom to it. Number one, or if not know the law and who we know is good, no rain. He is the Possessor of two lights. Someone who was so beloved to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah blessed him by sending Jabra his salaam to command the prophets lie some to marry not one but two of his daughters

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to Earth man, right so when roleplayer are the Allahu Anhu passes away, the prophets lie Selim receives a command through Djibouti and it has Saddam to marry uncle film or the Allahu anha to orthonormal the Allah Tada and who as well, so he he's the possessor of two lights. But think about all the Hadith about what the angels praise a man for. And compare that to Earth model. The Alon or Islam is known for his lengthy recitation of the Quran, finishing an entire Hutson in one record, right amongst those who would have said that he would read the Quran more than once a day sometimes the entirety of the Quran and he said if the hearts are in a good place with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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then they are never full of the recitation of the Quran. They never get to a point where they're tired, or they feel like they've reached their fill from the recitation

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of the Quran. He loves the Quran so he recites the Quran, constantly with Manuel the Allah Tada and who is the man who comes forth with sadaqa that is unparalleled with charity that's unparalleled. So when you think about the angels that descend for the Quran, the angels that descend for sadaqa, right for charity, crying out Allahumma Altamont, if you can clarify that oh Allah give to the one who gave an O Allah withhold from the one who withheld think about Earth Manuel the Allahu Anhu coming forth every single time the prophets lie Selim asks for anything. And the prophets lie Selim holding the coins of Earth mono the allow to anyone saying nothing will harm Earth model the Allahu

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Anhu after what he did today, but there's a particular trait and higher and higher the concept of shyness, the concept of bashfulness. And there are multiple narrations about this concept of higher the profit slice. And I mentioned here, mineral Eman. bashfulness is from faith. It's a form of iman, the prophets lie some said at higher layer to elaborate, that anything that comes through here through this concept of modesty and shyness and bashfulness, anything that comes through it is good and higher, higher and Kulu. Higher is all good. It is the main characteristic of Assam, an Earth model the Allahu Tada and who embodied hayah. Now, what makes it so impressive with Earth model the

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allowed side, I know that he was so shy, first of all, his shyness was in public and in private, and it was with his family and it was with the community. And more than all of that it was with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he had a shyness to sin, a shyness to do anything that would be displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala he had this modesty, this humility, this shyness that he carried throughout every facet of life. But the thing that makes it even more impressive, is that it's not only a longtime man who had every reason to not be shy, okay. You think about the things that make people a little arrogance that make people a little boastful, that cause people to degrade others or it's not

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really Allahu Taala and who had beauty or it's not all the Allahu Taala and who had wealth or if Monaldi Allahu Anhu had the look, he had the wealth, he had the clothes, he had the status in society. And with all of that Earth mammal, the low tide and who was the most humble and shy person that you would meet, and their intimate say, SubhanAllah. The higher of the meta ICA with Earth man is not that they would be shy to be in His presence. No, it's that they longed for his presence, but that their demeanor changed in the presence of Earth man on the low tide and home. And they were shy in his presence, including Djibouti, right to his Salaam. And part of that was what they said yeah,

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rasool Allah, a man that will be killed by his people, despite all this goodness, that he does for the people, the shyness of Arif Manuel the Allahu Taala and who is a contributing factor to his assassination because he refused to use his position with the people or his previous good deeds to enforce authority over the people if not all the law and Winstead held back and so the angels knowing what is with Allah subhanaw to add a fourth model the Allah Tada it will also cause them to have a shyness in his presence while the alo Tada