Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #6 – Patience and Prayer

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One owner Xin Amina Lupo, Nima who worship

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A Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, Allah tells us to seek help to seek help through prayer and patience. In fact, the order of it, he says, was that in Orbis Saberi was sila, verse number 45 of Surah Baqarah. He says, Seek help seek assistance through patience and prayer. Now, people might wonder why the order of the Quran we may know we may not know some of the scholars have said, patience is required in order to pray. You need to have a lot of restraint and forbearance, a lot of strength in order to pray. You need to have willpower in order to pray. All of that is, is in the Arabic term suburb. So Allah says it's the end of the suburb or Salah, you need

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to bear Patience, patience upon calamity, patience upon hardship, patience, upon difficulty, negativity, hopelessness, whatever else it may be, you need to throw the hopelessness out but you need to bear patients are beautiful patients. You need to know that goodness is coming and in the interim, you need to continue praying. You need to continue with your connection with Allah stain of a submarine or Salah. You continue and seek help through patience and prayer. When you pray, you call out to Allah you cry to Allah, those warm tears come about with a lot of hope, a lot of comfort, that is Allah, He has given us the ingredients of achieving solution to our matters the way

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he wants, not the way we want. Sometimes you think something is really good for you. Allah says, I know this is not good for you. So I will not give it to you because I love you. And you're still crying. So ask Allah to help you be patient, pray a lot, pray, the five daily prayers and even beyond, call out to Allah supplicate to him, call out to Allah supplicate to him. ask Allah Allah, if this is good for me, let it happen. If it's not good for me, Let it not happen. And then be pleased when something is blocked by Allah. And you try because you believe it's good for you and you keep trying, there comes a point when it becomes totally blocked. That's the time you walk away.

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And you thank Allah and you're still content because Allah says, because you were so busy trying to get what you wanted, not knowing it was bad for you. So out of our mercy, we blocked it from you, you could not see so many of the other blessings we were throwing at you. Sometimes people are depressed because of one thing they don't have. But they don't realize they have a million other things that they need to be so so grateful for. This is why Allah says stain over sub Salah. seek the help of Allah through patience and prayer. When you pray to Allah, Allah will guide you to the right path. He only guides those who are trying to achieve that guidance. Allah says we're in the

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higher Kabira tune Illa Allah machine, it is very difficult to pray five times a day except for those who have who assure those who are dedicated to Allah. You know, if you want to pray five times a day, you're going to have to be very dedicated. Allah says it's very difficult. It's not easy to pray five times a day. But Allah says what you achieve from that is priceless, absolutely priceless, especially Subhan Allah, the contentment in this world and the success of the hereafter. That is something on another level. So my brothers and sisters, remember that? Allah subhanho wa Taala thereafter makes mention of the story of Musa alayhis salam and the Pharaoh and Allah subhanho wa

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Taala he actually counts the favours that he bestowed upon the people of Moses, the people of New Salah is Salam. Allah subhanho wa Taala says to them in verse number 49, do you remember when we saved you from the Pharaoh, or what even the Jena come in? And if you're home, the pharaoh used to harm you. He used to hurt you he used to persecute you. Do you remember we saved you from him? So this verse has in it a lot of healing because to think about the difficulty we were in at some point, and how Allah took us out of it does two things for you. Number one is it helps you appreciate the favor of Allah. Number two is it helps you to know that the difficulty you may be in

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right now will also come to pass Subhana Allah. So on one hand, yes, I appreciate the favor of Allah because I'm thinking of how he's favored me. And secondly is I've got a new problem. And you know what, the same way he took me out

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That problem he is going to take me out of this one. So pan Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me. And a lot of the times people wonder when someone is murdered when someone loses their lives for something that they were not even to blame, you know, suddenly there's a car crash and someone passes away, May Allah give them all paradise. Remember one thing, when I must taken the life of this world away, he hasn't really taken the person completely away. It's just the soul that separated from the body temporarily taken to a certain place, separated from its loved ones, and will very soon be reunited with the loved ones. It's something you need to know. So I am just

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separated for a few minutes. It's like someone's gone off to sleep. And I can't wake him up right now. But I wake him up just now. Oh, we will, you know, both be awake in a different form of life just now. Don't lose hope. If you've lost a loved one, bear patients, think of the favors of Allah upon you. And think of the fact that you're going to meet them. So the best gift you can do to your loved one who's passed away is to seek forgiveness for that particular loved one. That's the best thing because if Allah forgives them, you don't need anything else. You don't need anything else. That's why the prophets of Salaam says one of the biggest gifts you can have is a child that you

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leave behind who's going to pray for you, Oh ALLAH forgive my father, or ALLAH forgive my mother, keep repeating because in repetition, there is a lot of love of Allah. Allah operates differently from human beings. If you have a human being you ask them once you ask them twice, you ask them three times they get irritated. When you have a lot. You ask him once or twice. The more you ask him, the happier he becomes, the more he sees your desperation, the greater the chances of your dog or supplication being answered. So Han Allah, it works opposite. Because Allah has a different type of mercy, which is way beyond the mercy of any human being. If you were to ask your mother for a

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once, twice, thrice and you look at your mother and you're crying to your mother, your mother would probably soften up even if she was harsh towards you, at some point. Unlike a person whom you don't know when you're asking them to give you something the more you repeat it, the more irritated they become. Allah's mercy is beyond the mercy of the Most Merciful of mothers at amazing, so law tells you keep asking, don't worry, it's beneficial for you. So someone might say, well, what's the point of repeating it when Allah hears it the first time, Allah says I heard it the first time. And I kept on elevating your status and giving you bonus upon bonus for every time you called out to me with

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the same thing repeated again and again. Because I gave you contentment, I gave you this happiness I gave you that goodness I gave you as a result of a prayer that you were making to me for something else altogether. So it's never a loss. keep on calling out to Allah, keep on seeking His forgiveness truly, and sincerely, not just for yourselves, but even for your parents and those who have passed on. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. So Allah continues to count

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the favors of Allah upon the people, the children of jacobellis, salam o the people at the time of Musa alayhis salam. And Allah says, there was a great test of evali Khan Bala murghab, become a vim Allah says in those things, there was a great test from Allah for you. Great test, Bella una Javi murghab become any from your Lord, there was a great test. So Allah tested them with a huge test. Imagine what was the huge test, the huge test was this Pharaoh was coming and executing innocent children.

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Allah says that was a very big test. Imagine if Allah is calling it Bella on Avi him, you know, it's a big test.

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I can only imagine what hardship and difficulty they must have gone through watching their children being murdered by the Pharaoh. Today we have a similar problem where upon the globe, there are people who are engaging in murder and killing that is completely unjustified. And Subhanallah there is no justification for such thing, and they're just going around creating chaos. And when imagine people being raped and murdered and made homeless and so much more and you watch your family being done the same to Allah says, Oh, that's Bella, Navin, that's a massive test from a lot. But don't blame Allah for it because it's the doing of man. It's not the doing of Allah. Man is the one who

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creates chaos on Earth. That's what the Quran says. verhaal fossa do feel very well but be Mikasa. But he knows all the chaos that you see. At land and at sea. You need to know that it's because of what people have done. The people are doing it. You can't have someone who murdered a child and then you say, Why did Allah allow it? When Allah gave you the power and told you expressly to use it to do good and you did bad you can

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never blame Allah for that. You blame the human and that's why that person is going to be punished by Allah. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability to be thankful. May Allah give us the power to overcome the challenges. May He grant us hope and healing me he opened our doors and May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us every reason to smile akuto Kohli haha or sallallahu wasallam ah Obara, Karla Nabina, Muhammad, one owners xeno Minato Nima, who worship

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