Zakir Naik – Solution for Millions of Muslim Children throughout the World Who Cannot attend IIS

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks about the success of Islamic schools and the importance of having a similar school for children. The representative explains that many Muslim countries have similar schools and that they have plans to open schools in India and the UK. The caller also asks about the use of a name on a school, and the representative explains that it is not a commercial venture and that anyone interested can give it to them.
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Now when you come, come on Chris, your company director, brother Jazakallah, for coming today. My question is that Mashallah, you've established a model Islamic school, one that I would envisage in an Islamic State. But Marshall you've established in today's world? My question is, unfortunately, 10s of millions of Muslim children will not be so fortunate to go to schools like yours. What do you recommend for our children, and all over the world Muslims, we cannot have these types of schools, and also all your speeches and details of the school on your website.

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Rather, the question that everyone will not be fortunate to study in their school, how can people millions of Muslim throughout the world, what should they do for children? How can they get a similar school and as far as information of our school Yes, if you go to our website, I RF dotnet. In that website, you will see a separate section for some international school, you can go there and you can get the information. As far as similar schools, there are two options. The first option is that easy that people can come see our school, whatever cooperation they want, we can give, they can come and start in the city, a similar school, but the success is very difficult. For everyone who

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says he wants to start a school, they may not have the same management skill, they may not have that same passion, all these differ, and the middle class help Cipolla help future less possible. So one thing is that you can start a similar school which many people have. But so far all these people have started, as I told you that close to about 5% 6% of what I would consider. We also have franchise. But remember franchise is very difficult, very strict. We require land we require all everything. It should be funded by the local people.

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The thing should be funded by the local people. Our criteria very strict. If you want any part anywhere in India, we want minimum four acres land if it's on the top of the city, two acres in the heart of the city, we require half the construction cost, everything else will do various rules and regulations. In spite of that we have hundreds of offers. We first thought we will open one school every year. But then we decided that it's difficult. But once we started the school we realized to manage was so difficult. We had to fly in and out from Bombay to Chennai, we send our teachers for training, we send our counselors everything. So we realize that it's possible, but it's difficult.

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So therefore we say that every two three years we start we have plans next time to start in Dubai inshallah there have been offers in Dubai where people said that we will give you land there are people in UK who have told us that the person you mentioned told me I can give you five acres land. We haven't taken the offer yet. We scrutinize

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the person offering and everything. And if we feel it feasible, it's a commercial venture. Point number one, the person donating that land, we say you give it and forget it.

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Don't think of getting a return. In the Western countries everyone's thinking if I invest 1000 pounds How much will I get? Wherever I go? It's only in the Western countries in USA Canada and UK where there's tickets they have nothing no concept of ticket for talk how can I have a ticket for Islamic talk? So there's no concept of getting tickets people call me they said how much would you charge to come

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I mean they cannot afford me Believe me. If I tell my fee they can afford me

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Mashallah come your free

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maximum we can be made to get my crew everything has come absolutely Mashallah, it's all paid by us fine, simple accommodation if you can, if not, we manage it No problem, my time is more important. So, this concept is different there in the eastern part of the world Mashallah is different. So, what we do it is not a commercial venture. So, anyone interested if he gave

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us something for the land he preschool we control it, if we have a franchise we have full control. We also tell in India, the person who donated the land from Monterrey the land which cost about 16 crore rupees, it will be how much maybe a million pounds worth of land but we told him no guarantee that a child will be admitted

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you can give the land you can start the school but no guarantee if a child passes you'll get admission there have been cases that people have given us maybe a million dollar donation my child was refused I'm very strict for our conditions are very

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transparent so if such condition they we scrutinize the person who's doing when we have a franchise we see to it the man's name is attached. If If name is attached, finish, we theater that we keep up to our name as a policy when we go anywhere else. We tell them don't put our name

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we will come but don't put my name. Don't put my name is organizer. The moment you put the name of the organizer that means

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the show's gonna be problem for us. So when we go and support any other organization for any function, we support a lot Mashallah. But the only criteria for this will help you but don't put our name

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because we know we don't 100% control, even 50% control we don't agree 90% also don't agree

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Unless you're 100% control,

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we don't agree putting our name as organizers or sub organizers.

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The name comes that means so if someone there are offers Mashallah from different parts of the world for us to start schools and Monday when the name is attached, inshallah we are going to charge the way. We will keep the fees more than the British and American schools inshallah we'll compete with them. We will keep higher fees than them. There are people who can afford when Allah has given them, those who can't afford, we'll give 45% people believe scholarship. Panda inshallah is our next target, where the fees they have quite high for the British schools and medical schools, but inshallah we have plans to give them and inshallah there'll be more people for Hindu school

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inshallah with Allah help. And main thing is the quality for other people, you can start in your own capacity. What do you have? I know that the government funded schools also.

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But we don't normally take funding from the government, but also towards our interference, not a single penny here I don't know if you can take an under school the way we are no problem or you start on your own. Start on your own small do whatever you can, whatever ability you have got start and make a big name, whatever you can read this guy's this office insha Allah and inshallah Allah will help you and you will be successful of them. So the question

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