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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Allah's actions are designed to motivate people to take care of others, including giving and receiving charity even during hardship. They highlight how people spend their lives in ease and hardship, and how they are encouraged to give even when they are distant. The speaker also emphasizes that people do not want to spend their lives in ease or hardship because they understand that a lot is the provider and a lot is the one word spending.
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So Allah mentions throughout the en la la who you have been Mycenae almost an exact proportion in fact to the mentions of allows love to talk what are allows love to SM allows love to excellence axon is described in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him both and how we interact with Allah, and how we interact with people. In regards to how we interact with Allah, we go beyond the obligatory and we do that which is voluntary, we don't look at the people around us. So whether other people are looking at us or not, we are always focused on only the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us. And that shows itself it demonstrates itself in the way that we rise

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above and the way that we try to beautify our deeds, the way that it manifests itself in our relationship with people. The first way that a lot actually breaks down our son is he talks about these different situations that you'll actually find yourself in in life alladhina udfi, Kona facade, blah, blah, blah, blah, those who spend both in times of ease and in times of hardship. Now spending in times of ease, you have a required amount that you're supposed to give in charity, and you have that which you're encouraged to give. So when that person is an ease, they give beyond there's a cat, they give beyond that, which is obligatory. They open their hands in their hearts and

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soda and charity and they give and they give and give. And when they're in hardship, just like they don't want a lot to stop providing for them and giving to them even when they are distant or when they're doing things that should disqualify them from that sustenance. They to continue to give even when no one expects it of them even when they're in hardship because they understand that a lot is the provider and a lot is the one word spending for and no person goes into poverty forgiving for a loss of palletize. So they move themselves to a different standard they spend in ease and they spend in hardship.