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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Today we're going to go to something, a character of virtue that's in the Sunnah. Arasu alayhi salatu salam described it, or talked about it in the following way and this hadith is actually in Al Bukhari and Muslim. And he said Ali salatu salam.

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In Aloha Rahim. Indeed, Allah is Rafi. That's the word. That's the character translated loosely to gentle, kind. forbearing Indeed, Allah is gentle, kind forbearing your Hebrew riff, love, gentleness, kindness, and forbearing.

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Phil Omri Cooley, he loves, gentleness, kindness, forbidding in everything. This is one same concept in another two. NARRATION. He said, rasa is auto Sinha in Allaha. Rafi same thing. Allah is gentle, kind forbearing your Hebrew riff and he loves gentleness, kindness forbearing. While you are three Allah, Marathi, the lady he gives, as a result of gentleness, way more than what he normally give for other things. Meaning if I add the character of gentleness, kindness forbearing to a deed a good deed, I will get way more reward or I will get from Allah things way more than than he usually get. In another narration and this is an incident also on the same concept of relief. Gentleness,

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a group of Jewish came to Roswell in salatu salam and they greeted him in this way Somali Somali. Reality is death on you.

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It's not a Salam alikoum it's not Peace be upon you. So rather assemble that and see the howtos with him. So she right away or Swati salatu salam responded by saying wily calm and upon you a seed Aisha looked at Ross Valley's Auto Salon and says you're rasool Allah, didn't you see what they said death on you. So she responded, why they call Lana? Well how the Allahu Alikum curse of La come upon you is death and the curse of Allah and death upon you. Saraswati salatu salam turned to her and said, the meaning of I understood what they said. And I just said while he called upon you, if their intention was Peace be upon you, so that there is peace upon them. And if their intention was death,

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then death upon them. And then he gave this that is related to our virtue of today. And he said, Yeah Isha.

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Yeah Isha something in the meaning of gentle Madeline, take it easy. Whenever gentleness added to something, it will beautify it. And whenever gentleness is stripped away from something, it will make it look ugly. It will make it look ugly. So gentleness, kindness forbearing. So what does it mean when Allah subhanaw taala is gentle Subhanallah Number one, he took his time and in, in his creation,

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there was no rush and hurry. This is something for us to learn. For example, creation of a human being takes nine months, Allah subhanaw taala can do it in a second creating of the heaven and the earth. It took six days it could easily have been done with a minute. So Allah subhanaw taala is gentle, he created his creation gradually took his time. Number two, Allah is gentle in his orders, and his punishment

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of the sins, meaning a lush pantalla does not punish right away. Subhanallah how many human beings disobey Allah and he's still feed them, give them what they want, respond to their supplications that's part of his gentleness, out off hope that or give them more time that they will turn back to him. Sign off kindness and gentleness. So what about me and you and us? How do I do this gentleness in my daily life, there's many things we can cover. Number one is when we are calling for Allah subhanaw taala. Whether we are doing this in our homes, with our family members, whether we are doing it with the people around us, in our work in our community, gentleness, and TAO to Allah be

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gentle. And Allah subhanaw taala said it to rasool Allah, He salatu salam, ala Quinta for one valuable kalbi Lamphong

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Boom and Holic. If you were harsh or ofs, hard heart, they will leave you, they will not stay with you. So calling to Allah subhanaw taala when I want to tell them, my child, go and pray. I remember I am gonna do it in a gentle way, because Allah loves gentleness and Allah will give me because of my gentleness, way more than he will give other things meaning he will make what I am saying easier, people will listen and hopefully they will follow. So number one in calling for Allah number two in dealing with the people who I have power of over. So if I am a boss in at my work and then I have employees and I, again my family members, especially my children, gentleness, put gentleness in the

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way of daily

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gentleness, with the with the parents, this is going for the youth these days, especially when they get older, especially when they need more gentleness I have to remember Allah is sort of here. Allah is gentle allies kind, Allah is forbearing I need to be like him. So he will love me. And it's the name of raffia some scholar says it's one of the names of Allah subhanho wa taala. So gentleness with the parents gentleness with this with the

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spouses, family, gentleness with the friends, gentleness with the acquaintance, kindness, for bearing. And in general kindness is meaning the meaning of is you make things easy. You don't make things complicated. So someone is coming to you and have a problem. You try to solve it, even if you cannot get you at least you make it easier on them. You give them some hope. You show them things they are not seeing. Especially these days somebody lose someone beloved to them, you remind them, you remind them of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala what you will get remind them that Allah is John is Hakeem is wise, there is a hikma in here, you remind them that this life is temporary, we

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all are going to be leaving, then they will feel as much as you can, and Allah will put the baraka, they will feel better. So number one, number two, the meaning of gentleness is you you bring the reasons to make things easy. You You are like a way of making things easy. Practically, you make things easy, that's another meaning. And the one of the meaning of gentleness is your take your time, is forbearing. take things slowly, don't respond right away. Don't respond right away. Even if something is bothering something is not right. You take your time think attorney take time. Take the time and and even when we are punishing and we said we talked about this yesterday also responding

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to something that is harsh. We respond in a gentle way. Even in punishment, I respond in a gentle way. So we're going to look today as how I am going to be applying the gentleness in my daily life daily. I'm going to try to do it as much as I can. So it will become a habit. It becomes my character. What will I get at the end? The love of Allah subhanaw taala so let's remember in Allaha Rafi, indeed, Allah is gentle and kind, your hip rift family Kula. He loves gentleness in everything, including an eye will end up in here. Gentleness again with the earth around us. gentleness, with everything, no waste, no abuse of the resources that's all kind of gentleness. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala teach us what is beneficial for us and benefit us from what we are learning Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.