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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah cuts everyone welcome back to poor and 30 for 30 100 reliable alameen to the blessed 27th Jews inshallah tada we pray that everyone takes advantage of the blessed 27th night bitten Allahu taala and all of the nights that are left of this blessed month and then handed it over. I mean, we are blessed with someone who is who was with us with the webathon developer I mean, and someone that I have just so much respect for and I'm so happy that she finally joined us on the line I hope it will be a regular occurrence inshallah tada establish Zeno Ansari, who is a scholar in residence at the tayseer Seminary in Tennessee. please do check them out and

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incredible institution Mashallah. That is cultivating some serious leaders within the nightgown at the tastier seminary. And we are very happy to have her inshallah time and hope to have her more regularly established. Dana, welcome to court on 3430

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Thank you for having me. It's my honor to be here this evening. Monica long speaking instead of saying you're from New Orleans Yes. hamdulillah so that's that's something that very few people know. And we had a stutter it surprised with us and I said is a prime was was very active in New Orleans at the time that I was there. But you were kind of raised in Atlanta for the most part. So you have more of an affinity towards Atlanta, which is forgiven in Charlottetown. And just because of the amount of years that you spent there, but what can you have you ever been back to New Orleans? No, I have to confess I have not Chef harmar however, I was introduced to the cuisine

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through my dad he made sure to take us to this restaurant in Atlanta that had shrimp poboys so that's my connection right there. of him that shrimp the shrimp po boys are my favorite food in the world actually. Seriously, I like shrimp po boys more than any other cuisine and food in the world. So I crave them. I don't know. I don't know if they're really doing it right in Atlanta, but they do have a lot of people in Atlanta from New Orleans and hamdulillah but I mean, so I'm gonna have to get the restaurant in Charlottetown and we'll have to we'll have to go there but there's no no shrimp poboys like the ones in New Orleans so inshallah

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my list of places to visit inshallah. inshallah. Xochimilco, we're very happy to have you. Check up DOMA. How are you? I'm good. hamdulillah hamdulillah happy to be here. I mean, my brother could come. Circle della popped up at budget, in my meson it was really, really happy to see you, Michelle, it was it was interesting to see you in the flesh. Because in Ramadan I'm seeing every day handed over the screens, but male are worried you you've been working quite a bit out and qatal knows it and balancing multiple responsibilities. Most plants I bless you and reward you and give me on demand. on my back, we can pray Bismillah inshallah, we're going to start with just 27 in sha

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Allah Tada. And we will be starting with, you know, truly something I think that fits the theme of angels and the themes of the melodica certain Najam and there, of course, multiple sources in this book, and that speak to the idea of the response and, you know, testifying to the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, but also the idea of the baboon, the the response of the prophets lie some in the heavens and then the earth and this is really a powerful notion that the prophets lie some of them is being embraced as the Messenger of Allah in the heavens and the earth by the angels, by the jinn and by some of those who are human beings and you see that throughout this

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particular journey and so for example, shows that a man is in this juice and sorta rock man when it is revealed febby a lot Jambi Kumar to help me back Then which of the favors of your Lord Oh, gin and man Okay, Robbie Kumar to cap the band will you deny and the gin were responding to the profit slice on the believing Gen as the profit slice I was reciting that and saying are better than OCAD that our Lord we do not deny or Lord we do not deny. So, the response of the gym the response of the angels the response of the early believers to the Prophet slice Allah, but certainly najem has a rich CSR background to it, this surah as it was revealed, it speaks to the the proof of the prophets

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of Allah Harney, most of them and it speaks to particularly the integrity of the message. And so it starts off when najmi either hola las pantai swears by the najem the star when it sets. Now one last law he will call one hour your companion has neither gone astray, nor is your companion delusional meaning the Prophet salallahu it was to them when a young declining power he never speaks out of his own desire in her Illa when you have everything he says, His revelation that is conveyed to him in one form or the other. And then Alas, pantai says I lemma OSHA diesel Cola, that the the strong The one who is severe in his power in

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Part of it to him taught him who is the speaking to or who is the speaking about this is Djibouti. Islam should you do Oh, and sometimes the prophet SAW someone referred to him as such, by the way, Shadi, the who and why was debate I'm so strong, because you bleed it his Salaam would guard the revelation he would receive it from the highest heaven and bring it down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the angels would surround you believe it his Salaam, as he's coming down, the other beings would try to steal of the revelation or catch of the revelation what they could but God is not in his strength, carrying this powerful word comes down to the Prophet sallallahu some of the

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angels eagerly following to hear the revelation as it comes on the heart and the tongue of the Prophet slice alum. After Judea, Isla imparts it to him. Now most practices do middle attend for stellar, that he is free from all flaws that read it Islam is beautiful, and free from flaw, because stoah and so he came forth, and he stood in full view of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were horrible, awful collana and he was in the highest horizon. The Prophet slicin them describes the time he saw to beat it his salon the first time and he said to be in it his Salaam was sitting on a throne between the heavens and the earth. And he took up the entirety of the horizon. And he had 600

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wings he has 600 wings on his set up. And out of those 600 wings, the prophets lie some saw the gems and the pearls and the jewels falling from each of the wings of wi snob. So this was a mighty site. This is the first of two times that the prophets lie some saw wi some in his pure form eating in his full angelic form. And this is not head off. But this is in fact after the Prophet slicin was looking for an answer a follow up to Hilah and Djibouti Raisa appear to the profit slice on in the sky as he was in the mountain and the profit slice and looked up and saw him covering the entire horizon. And Allah subhana wa tada describes sort of a you know, a point by point stage by stage

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what happened next from Madonna fetida Allah that He draw near but he remained suspended in the air for can acaba ko sany. Oh, weather No, this is so powerful. He came from the uppermost horizon and he came so close to the Prophet slice on him that he was only about to bow length away from the prophets of Allah. He was someone we know in our body, that GBI Sam started to come so close to the prophets lie some that the prophets lie some he fell to the ground and then the next revelation came to the Prophet slice of them as he ran to the arms of Khadija, the Allahu tada and her once again and that was Yeah, are you helping with that the comfort under certain madatha was revealed to the

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Prophet slice at that point, that Oh, how you know I'm the Hema Oh Ha. And he revealed to his servants that which he had to reveal. Now then Allah subhana wa says Maracaibo for Adam Allah, that the heart of the Prophet slice on them did not betrayed him like and he was not just seeing things, nor did it add any untruth to it. So there is no exaggeration embellished or added from the vision of the profit slice on them. But instead, he saw very clearly what he saw and received very clearly what he received. And the lines are just as efa tomorrow una hora Allah May Allah Are you then going to argue with him regarding that which he saw, and then Allah says one other Ah, who knows Latin

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okra and the similar to the one to her, and the agenda to Allah says and then he saw him a second time. And this is of course on the night of it is thought when Raj by the low tree similar to the one to her at the farthest at the farthest boundary of the heavens and then Allah subhanaw taala mentions that the prophets lie some of them saw the low tree and all of its grand and glory that the boundary to the highest point, Masako, Bizarro one and I love this inshallah tada and I'll end with with these two out here, Nakamura Minaya t Robbie L. Cobra, and he certainly saw IoT Robbie, he'll cook some of the greatest signs of his Lord Japan on what to add. And that could be a

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mistranslation, but he saw some of the best the grandest of Allah subhanaw taala signs. So the point here is that the prophets lie someone he got their Mazda herbicidal Well, not all the prophets lie, some kept his eyes focused. To read it, some was in full view, this time as he was getting to Allah subhanaw taala at the top of the heavens, so you seem to beat Einstein from top down. Whereas here he was seemed to be is not from the from the vantage point of the earth. And the prophets I'm remain focused. He was not driven away. He was not distracted by anything that he was seeing. But instead, the prophet sly son was focused on what was ahead of him what was ahead of him what stage was ahead

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of him, what was next what was next and so the focus that Allah gave the Prophet slice I'm on what was before him. So this is certain najem describing the first revelation and then of course, the revelation or the site.

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of the profit slice a lump in a strap with mirage. Now what makes this the surah is just so powerful at the end of the surah there is the is such that okay first you do Lila what I will do that you prostrate yourselves before Allah and you serve him fully when the prophets lie some recite is swithun najem even imbecile the Allahu taala, on whom I relates that everyone made sujood, the Muslims, the mushrikeen, the jinn, the human beings, everything around fell into sajida. Okay, except for well may have no Hello out of his arrogance, who even he he took some of the dirt from the ground and he rubbed it on his forehead, because he didn't want to make everybody else don't so

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do it. And that was how the news spreads to the Muslims and Abyssinia that the the emotion of Cain had become Muslim that they had repented and become Muslim. That's how a lot this verse is so powerful, that you know even more honey for rahimullah tiny Mama shafr, you know, hemella some of the scholars actually say it's obligatory, it's mandatory to do such that in this verse, whereas with other verses, it is not mandatory to do this such that it is voluntary, it's recommended but with this verse because of the power of this verse, and what it drove the people to as as they heard it being recited, somehow they just they were just overtaken by the moment of the prophets, I seldom

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reciting that and of course, we know that they returned back to their arrogant ways, and they're ignorant ways. And they're, they're disputing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so I'll end with this upon a lie that you find that this sorta was so powerful it caused the revelation was so powerful, that it caused everyone to fall into such that that which was seen and that which was not seen sort of like man, you have the the gender responding to the revelation and sort of pull it of course, is Allah subhanaw taala speaking directly to more sighs them so just as a last spoke directly to most is now Allah spoke directly to the Prophet slice on them. And just as the response

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was not grasped by everyone, in this situation, the response also was powerful. And there were others that responded even when the mushrikeen rejected Milan make as much of that always responds favorably to the revelation Allah I mean stothers Aina if you have anything to share, inshallah Tata please do

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that often,

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Mohammed bye by the ABA, you will succeed with a sudden them, such as that from authorship or more for your reflections on Hamlet, this beautiful shows that just 27 of the put on, you know, I was going through the shows and just kind of thinking about how the students can connect to each other, it's so interesting, because you've got suitors that are named for a najem and then you have an Ahmad and then you have a door. So you have suitors that are kind of named for these different sort of aspects of creation,

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that convey a just a sense of sort of, inspires, you know, all and rightly so, in the human observer. And, you know, and kind of looking at the the the shows as a whole, it just really struck me

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that in the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that the people at that time did not have all the distractions that we have, you know, they obviously were not encumbered by the things that with which were encumbered. They lived in a in an environment that, of course, despite the fact that of course, it's it's permitted by by idolatry, that I think that they were closer to being able to really appreciate the the natural signs of Allah Subhana Allah, what with, you know, being able to perceive the skies and the, you know, sort of the the patterns of the celestial bodies and the mountains. I mean, it's just a really interesting environment in which Islam is revealed to the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam, however, you know, despite that, as you mentioned, Chef Omar, there's this arrogance, there's this intransigence that you see on the part of the fish, you know, and one of the things that I that I've often reflected upon is, you know, when the Prophet peace upon him comes to them with this message. I mean, it's, it's it's interesting in the sense that for all this time, they've been really sort of there's a consensus that he is a saw that he's I mean, he is someone that they employ implicitly trust. But then when he comes to warn them, then all of a sudden, there's all this hostility. Now, they can't believe him. They're skeptical. They're going to

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organize these campaigns of, you know, a ridicule of mockery. And as you mentioned, in OSHA, are you have this incident where the mushrikeen actually do fall down in frustration, they try to cover it up, they resort to all these different kind of machinations so that they don't listen to the poor, and they will prevent others from listening to it. And you really kind of have to wonder, like, what is going on with them? Is it the Is it a combination of sort of arrogance and intransigence? And sort of just Well, this is the the team of bento Hashim, the orphan upendo hash and we can't listen to him. Why does he have the status? You know, is it Are they

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Are they really truly that myopic? Are they just so attached to the status quo? What's really going on with them? You know, I don't you know, because Pamela, when you kind of

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learn more about them, you don't get the sense that I mean, you, you, you, you don't get the sense that they are all kind of uniformly people that are just completely ignorant, that maybe there is some, some intelligence there but is it true intelligence because if they had just stopped for a moment to say, Subhana, Allah, that Allah to Allah has given after millennia of conferring Nobu upon Benny Israel, now that has come to the Arabs, that this could change the world, if we embrace this, they're not able to see with that clear sight, that clear vision, right, that vision, as you mentioned, Chef Omar is given to the Prophet little longer they decide to be with them during the

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beautiful experience of Islam and Mirage one by the way, which the padishah courses are going to attempt to turn that against him on a slot wassalam until he actually recounted to them things that that he witnesses on the assault that and there are others that only somebody could have known that was experiencing that kind of miracle. So it's just really fascinating because you when you read this to what I want you to look at the sodas and she was at 27 which are combination of Mecca and Madani but mostly mechi you know again you're just struck by the just the psychology of accommodation terms of what's wrong with them, like all the signs are in front of them the

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environment itself supports belief, but time and time again, they're going to reject the Prophet on a skepticism to their detriment

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because our coworkers are very powerful reflections and even have a comment right the moon being split like that. And that's just a sign the hearts are sealed from what the eyes can see and what the heart can hear. It's just it's not working some handle on and that's the ceiling of the heart man lock protect us she's not gonna walk out for the profit reflections published

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bisola salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was talking to he woman when I'm about I like how you ended with reflections because it's very important that we reflect to connect that we reflect with a loss of kinda with data about a loss of kind of without his beautiful names and attributes and what emanates from that and, you know, understanding as a scholar is mentioned in regards to the names and attributes of Allah. And in that time, the Noxon they don't have any form of deficiency in any shape, form or fashion bewitching middle module we should know and have full conviction your theme that there will be things the intricacies we may not know the minute Shea have a last names

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and attributes, but what's most important is that we believe in them so for instance, we now are in the month of Ramadan, and in the last 10 days, searching searching for related to other and how you shift from our doctor Omer you mentioned the mana Chica, the manor Chica has a has an appearance Mashallah in regards to later though Qatar as we know in the chapter with other well last month, Allah says tener celluma eager to water rofi heavy in the raw beginning cooling armor that the angels will descend down along with the work since Gaussian gibreel in every situation, so the angels will come down in this beautiful night. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about later to cover as

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well in the chapter of the fun when he says we hire you for a cuckoo and brain hacking, that this night everything will be established or mentioned. And the scholars mentioned that the McCarthy era Assia the Sunnah, that the predestination was predestined for that year will be on this beautiful night. So there are a lot of things that take place on this beautiful night to the degree that it is played on every shot that it is greater than 1000 months or equivalent to 1000 months. But what's so beautiful about this is how when you share Homer, we're mentioning the angels, we will not see them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has talked about them and seeing them but we as human

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beings, don't see them, but we believe in them. And that is a pillar of our Amen. And when we talk about Amen, amen. Generic meaning means faith, but it is such a comprehensive meaning coming from the morphologic form of I mean, which means to have a sense of security or to believe in something. So there's a connection with security with belief with being Sadiq Khan, me with being trustworthy when saying, I mean after when we you know we after we recite Fatiha, it all has that realm of security with believing in something. So when we believe in Allah Subhana, WA Dianna, we are secure and feel safe with those beautiful names and attributes in which we may not know the total

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manifestation in them. But the initial belief in them and what he says about him and other than Him, we have full conviction

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that is very, very important for the Muslim to have within their mind, body and soul within their mind. They understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala has authority over everything.

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It has control over everything and has the power and the he is the repository and source of all things. So when looking at this beautiful verse in the chapter of Hadid, verse number 52, at verse number 22, and 23 chapter 57, a lawsuit kinda without establishes another pillar of our men. When we talk about the pillars of humanity skaza mentioned six. One of them is the belief in predestination. Now predestination may be something that is maybe hard to understand or to grasp, but that is where Subhanallah we as Muslims, we understand that there is a level that we cannot pass. And, you know, transgressing that level goes into the realm of lordship of Allah subhanho wa Taala why he would

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held certain knowledge and realities from us, him being an alien, he discloses some of those realities to us and he does not to he does not in the same time, so last month, Allah mentions the reason for kodra one of the beautiful wisdom, the wisdom behind predestination, as he says, After all, the name Chicago Jean masaba name we'll see but it will it will Effie unfussy come in Laffy keytab him in probably a nebula, in America and Allah He ESU Allah subhanaw taala says, No misfortune can happen either on the earth or within yourselves. Except that it was set down in a writing in a book before we came into being Verily, that is easy for Allah subhana wa Tada. So

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firstly, he says men are sovereign, and we'll see but then there is not any, any affliction. And the word he uses in Arabic will see by 10 neck, you know, he uses the infinite form to show that the generic will see But anyway, we'll see. But even if it is a thorn that pricks the believer that pricks a person, you're walking in, you're hit by a thorn, you're stuck by a thorn that was written.

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So lots of kind of data is showing you that he is more hate to be cliche that he encompasses everything, and his knowledge encompasses everything, because he knows what was what isn't what will be so alive, just establishing him reminding you that his knowledge is endless, and that his knowledge is complete from that a prick that don't go into, you know, affects a believer, if their attitude is correct and shallow their perception is right when the last part that I can serve as an explanation. But in any case, Allah subhanaw taala shows here, that a thing that happens on the earth, and within themselves, as we talked about in another verse, that Allah will show his science

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field FFT with he unphysical any horizons in in yourself external and internal. So now, any affliction that happens externally, or internally, it has been written in the in the key tab, and the key tab is the preserved tablet, which is known as the low moku. There are lots of kind of analysis in the valley callala you see the fact of having knowledge of all of these things, and it being written, and allows you to without disclosing to the Prophet sallallahu it was something that there will be one night, on an odd night in the last 10 nights of the best month of the year. All of this was written, what will take place with you with the congregation, internally and externally was

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written, there's a small window of choice that we have and that leads to the next verse, The Kaila attack so I left my fat circle.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala says that all of this being written it was easy. And then he says Nikkei Yanni lamb Italia so when Allah mentioned some verbs in the Quran, he will mention the reason why are one of the reasons why. And that is a father and a benefit for you to take heat. He's disclosing some classified knowledge, right? That is only with him, and he's letting you know. So he's saying the reason that this is done, meaning that everything being written which may be perplexing to you, and may be amazing and it should be a loss is why he came that's so I emphatic consult that you do not agree to so Danny told them that you do not grieve and have full regret.

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Well that's for habima attacking, and you are not

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gloating over what you gain from attacking. So you're happy to the degree to where it brings arrogance. What Allah has given that attack always come to you come to you from Allah subhana wa Tada. And then last word Allah says Allah Julio boo Kula, Matalan fairhall Allah Allah does not love the conceited nor boastful person. So here, Allah is disclosing to you that whatever he gives for you, or takes away or whatever has been inflicted upon you remember that job you that job you received the job you didn't receive, the make the system that you wanted to marry the brother you wanted to marry, you know, that do I that you made and it wasn't answered, a loss it kind of without

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a predestined for that to be taken away, or to be given to you. The main purpose or one of the purposes is so that you do not have full grief to where the big grief can lead to despair and giving up. We could say on a lot but ultimately on yourself

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and anything that you have been given

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It is not get to the degree to where you look down upon people, that you'll be little people that you think they are lesser than you rather everything that you have been given, and everything that has been taken away. The middle response, there's lots of the oma once or the or the person that does not go too far to the left or to the right is to be is a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, as Aisha, his wife, mentioned that whenever the prophet SAW Selim, in every situation,

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he would say, Alhamdulillah, Allah kuliah, that Praise to Allah to Allah subhanaw taala upon everything that has happened to me, because when you realize that it's all taken care of that it's all within the predestination of Allah, this Ultimately, the goal of that knowledge that you have, is to bring a form of serenity, security, amen, to strengthen that amen with the loss of kind of with data, and not to go too far off to the left or to the right, by totally being angry with what has happened to you, or boastful of what you have been given not thinking a lot, or to be saddened to the level to where it brings grief, despair, depression, in totally giving up on a lawsuit kind

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of went down. So my last point, I thought I'd make this of those, that search for this beautiful night of laser cutter, the last one. So those that believe in the beautiful predestination that he has furnished for us in this life, to really be pleased with this. And then next is Kamala Hall, Kayla,

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how long we're celebrating, obviously looking for labor to other and the just contains Wi Fi, I'm coming to the profit slice of them and giving him that revelation. So we're searching for Allah using that revelation, but also, sometimes we forget the obvious the degree itself that this is the night in which the decree of the next year is to come we asked the last panel to honor for it for the best of it and to enable us with the best of this life and the next dilemma I mean, the familia status

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Mashallah, there's just so much to to reflect upon, but a couple things, you know, that it's so interesting, you know, the idea of cobalt and other and if you kind of ask people today, what is the main obstacle in terms of their faith journey? What do they really struggle with the most? It is that kind of perennial question of why bad things happen, you know, to good people. And, you know, some humble The answer is, it's, it's in the put on time and time again, you know, that Allah Subhana Allah is telling us in these revelations and and, of course, Heidi does a later revelation of Medina and Sula. But there are themes that are certainly and earlier revelations. But this you

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know, but but almost kind of Tom is telling us this world was never intended to be an abode of ease, that this dunya was never intended to be a place where we were where we would not have to struggle. And, you know, I'm reminded of a couple things. One is that when we look at the example, the prophet Alayhi, salaatu, wa, salaam, you know, I think that sometimes given our distance of 1400, some years,

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you know, we don't really, it's hard for us to kind of really picture and understand kind of visualize just the, the, the the sort of intransigence, the animosity, just the the rebellious ness of the palatial kind of environment that must that must have been for the profit. So the love on the other side, it was so loving the operation really kind of wanted things very easy. And one of the things that the Quranic revelation is going to do is going to tell them that, in order for them to embrace this message wholeheartedly, they're going to have to put aside certain assumptions, assumptions they make about Allah Subhana Allah assumptions they make about the angels, assumptions

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that they really kind of make about the very nature of existence. So they'll hold on really kind of depicts this, this balance of that there is going to be trial and hardship. However, it's also going to be sort of inter intermixed with ease, because almost kind of to how the tells us in sort of an armor and this is verse 32, for example, well upon your sermon or analytically Feldman would duck here. So again, this idea of things being easy on a certain level that is, it is easy for a lot to how to write these different decrees. It is it Allah Allah has has facilitated the Quran in terms of the ease of learning and memorization however, the key the key to all of this is that the mindset

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has to be receptive and of course the poor are not able to successfully change the their mindset IE when there's a when there is some kind of misfortune or whatever they want to kind of put that on the doorstep of everybody else. And you also kind of see this trait echoed also with the one after lien in Medina to be honest there's an area

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and one of the the other suitors and there's just it's escaping me at this moment which which

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I think it might be headed. But you know this, where there's this juxtaposition that set up between the believers and the one I feel clean and how that light, you know that vision is going to really kind of elude the homeowner if you're clean because again, they've making the mistake of throwing in their lot with the disbelievers, and wanting the things that come very easily to them. They don't want to sacrifice they don't want to struggle, they don't want to be challenged. They don't want to rise to the occasion. So I think, you know, these I have to look around are very reassuring in the sense that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that again, there is a variety in this dunya there's

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hardship, there's ease, there is happiness, and there's sadness, that these things are all written by Allah Subhana to Allah, and the time that was pre ordained. And I think it gives us a lot of comfort to understand that the best way really that we can answer this question of why do bad things happen to good people, that Allah Allah never promised us that this dunya would be an abode of constant ease. I mean, if the most beloved of creation to Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet alayhi salatu salam experienced hardship beyond that, which we can imagine against a very tough environment, right, one of the one of the rest of us so hamdulillah there, there is just so much in

00:31:18--> 00:31:57

this visit that we can reflect upon just one one last thing very quickly that I wanted to share is this a that I keep coming back to and really kind of echoes what Shahab Allah is saying here, this idea that, you know, if we become embittered, by our circumstances, we are going to lose that ultimate refuge. And that refuge is to Allah Subhana Allah and we have a very beautiful area for federal ilahi in the law come in the lack of men who love Iran will be in this verse 50, of the zodiac chapter 51. And it has echoes a sort of Toba where Allah tala describes the people that were left behind from the Battle of Cyborg. And we have this very beautiful area of

00:31:59--> 00:32:05

analogy, I mean, Allah in that era, that there is no refuge from Allah except in him.

00:32:07--> 00:32:41

Medical Office vehicles, that is enough. So when you're talking about these hardships, and you're talking about this idea of of going towards something, you also were sort of indicating in our discussion, the idea that there's something on the other side that we're not seeing as well, like the quarter and sort of addressing the very observable side of this, that, you know, there's East coming, that there are, the power of Revelation is being seen, if you look around, there's the power of Allah subhanaw taala, working us through these hardships and bringing us to a place of ease and refuge. But what about the other part of this, the hereafter part of this and the other side of that

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Absolutely, that's like, and we can't make the mistake that most of the team that they make during the time the craft audience helps them where they think like this is the end all be all and they they cannot see beyond what's immediately in front of them again, they don't have that vision, you know, so there are beautiful Ayad in chapter 52. So that's sort of the fool that's a name for Mount Sinai where and I'll just get these these few is here, I was really intrigued by them. So the scenario is that this is these are the believers in paradise enjoying the the pleasures and the blessings of paradise. And, you know, because sometimes we when we think about the alcohol we don't

00:33:18--> 00:33:50

make like we feel like this is really disconnected from like, these are two vastly different universes, there's no connection. It's like memories are wiped clean, and we're and the believers are in the afterlife. And there's no sense of what the experience in the dunya what's so interesting is that here you have this area, after I would have been back into shape auto gene will appear on a ba ba, ba, ba ba notice they are either believers will approach with one another, and they'll actually initiate conversations asking questions of each other. Although in that corner, others

00:33:51--> 00:34:21

believe they will say need we were previously amongst our people. And we were much fiddling IE we were fearful of a lockdown as punishment, we were eager to please Allah to Allah we were you know, kind of avid for that. For that reward of Allah Subhana Allah and then this beautiful area here the next one's a 2752 and then the La Nina will walk on either the moon so Allah conferred favor upon us and protect us from the punishment of the scorching fire. And then in The

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

Nether Oh, who in level who has ever Rahim? Indeed we used to so they're remembering their existence in the dunya. But now, Brahma that pain don't remember that. Indeed, we used to call upon him alone. He is truly the most kind, the Most Merciful. And then I'll add to this, say that it's actually recording say that you should from this group and say that you shall be lawful. I'm happy that won't say that I shall read this area. Amanda La Nina Simone, she actually will make your art in her prayer. And she would say Allahu Allah, bestow upon us and save us from the punishment of the scorching fire. Literally You are the

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

The most common the Most Merciful and that was for my mother say that insha Allah

00:35:04--> 00:35:10

Subhana Allah so powerful Allah you know the thing is Subhana Allah like that Hadith of the Prophet slice lm where

00:35:11--> 00:35:14

you have to be a shutdown nasty either been dunya

00:35:15--> 00:35:53

shut the nasty either. I mean a person who had the hardest life, you'll most often 90 lumps has dipped in paradise one time and is told how to look at some putt. Do you remember any sadness and says what sadness I don't know what you're talking about. I don't remember the grief. So Allah wipes away the sadness, but not the memory. That's that's so powerful somehow, am I so they still have a short memory of the moments in the days and sort of the struggle but the pain of the struggle is gone, as you're saying. And that's, I think sort of like non right it's there's a point in sort of Oman, where the imagery of Paradise is so strong, but then it comes to when the people of Paradise

00:35:53--> 00:36:26

gather. What do they do? They remember the old days. And I think that's that's that's a mercy from last time so I imagine if like we leave this realm and we see our loved ones again and we don't remember each other it's kind of like let's start this all over again. It doesn't work that way. It's where we united the believers are united and Alas, Felicity and righteousness and then they remember their struggles. And they remember how a lot power them through it. So how does that qualify for that reflection? So it was a very, very very powerful shift from the learning any any final words or reflection and

00:36:28--> 00:36:38

I could see him moving Yes. Yes, hello. Just any any of the gender monologues or dialogues is enough for me. It's like Subhanallah you know, millimeters from them, you know?

00:36:39--> 00:37:00

It's just the power of da Yeah. in condemning public leather. Oh, I they recall just like you mentioned when they made the shows the importance of do they remember that? You know, that they used to supplicate Subhanallah and just, you know, just being in general just that I love just reading what they say in Genesis you know, Allah make us from them inshallah.

00:37:02--> 00:37:39

I mean, I was pants I gather so for those that I know when the Prophet sly Salam and the righteous ones May Allah make us all amongst the righteous left forgive us for our shortcomings and accept our Laila to other Ramadan our seomra piane las panatela forgive us for any of our shortcomings that would prohibit us from receiving his vast mercy has unlimited mercy alone I mean, there's our call no hate on them or someone of you know, Muhammad Ali. He was like the US Marine this was a wonderful sessions panel last Zaina we hope to have you back then enough and always always always refreshed and benefit from your lights about to come off he can share from the law as always Exactly. Well no

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Thank you. Let me know that I can make a comment.

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The mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to impart knowledge, to speak truth and dispel falsehood, to bring hope, in times of darkness, to build a confident people, to bring us together with compassion, and its strength, and most of all, to instill everlasting faith in every aspect of our lives, so that we can have stronger conviction, fuller hearts, and a well defined purpose. This is what motivates us every day, to inspire a world of faithful changemakers who serve as ambassadors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as the team strives to build on the final Prophetic Mission, we invite you to join us in these final 10 nights and realizing that