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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 30 – Final Juz 30

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All right, so I like to catch everyone once again. First of all, I want to wish all of you a blessing to eat my last panel except all of your good deeds in the Milan, your and your prayers, your your fasting, everything that you put forth in the Salam ala accepted and they lost pounds I allow us to be able to continue this afternoon Milan as well. It's been a beautiful month, obviously we've had our share of tragedies, this Ramadan,

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you know, somehow a lot It reminds me of a couple of years ago where Vasa in 2014 was constantly being bombarded. as we were going through it on Milan, it was a very difficult time for us around the world.

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Emotionally at least this time, you know, it started with Orlando. And then it went and continued. And we've seen nonstop attacks in Nigeria and Somalia and Turkey and Bangladesh and and in Iraq, obviously, in Medina in Indonesia, and I've done.

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It's been quite tragic in Yemen, and I can't go through all the countries, I know that people often get upset that I miss countries, it's never intentional. It's all around the world. But it's been a hard heartbreaking,

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you know, month in regards to those attacks. So we asked the last panel to Allah to protect us from the fitna

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that exists in the world today. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on our brothers and sisters that have been killed any innocent brothers and sisters that have been killed around the world or anyone that passed away the Ramadan, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for our shortcomings in this month with them, or anyone else, but even robotic to you all, first and foremost, you know, especially to those of you that have tuned in on a daily basis, this is now over 15 hours worth of content somehow. So you've almost spent an entire day of the month with me,

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you know, going through the call and whatnot. So anyway, we're now on design and design, just a few reflections on the last visit, just just to start with number one, it's truly a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala, that the plan is not, you know, is not set out or is not structured chronologically, like a story, right? If it was structured over 23 years, like a story, then the end of the book would be Medina, and it would be the profit slice. And then with the administration, and so on, so forth, everything that took place in Medina. But now what we're looking at instead, of course, there's wisdom to the towel team, to the way that the plan is actually structured, the system of the

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plan. And here, the last just, which is a just that, you know, that is common to most Muslims, where Muslims will memorize a significant portion of this just, it takes us back to the very beginning of the revelation. And it takes us back to a place of recognizing ethics, recognizing the belief in the loss of power and recognizing the importance of accountability, recognizing the importance of believing in the Hereafter, and so on, so forth. So it really sets the stage for us and just is enough to build our spiritual compass. So that a lot of the administrative things that come in, you know, throughout the world, and a lot of the very specific laws would have already, you know, become

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natural habit of a believer who, who is governed by the moral compass of karma. So just ima is just, that is a chapter that, you know, the Muslims need each and every single one of us needs. And it really sets the spiritual framework for everything else that comes into play. And the way that the Jews is structured, is that you could read it, and it can be read, like, like, like a like a book all by itself. So panela. So the first surah and rosamma, which is sort of the number a certain number has a portion of all of the elements that are mentioned throughout the juice. So certain number which is the longest surah, which is not very long, but it's the longest so that's 48 hours.

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And it sort of lays the groundwork for everything that you're going to read in his ama and it gives us you know, an exposure to each and every single subject that would be covered to some extent. So it gives us an exposure I may have to start alone I didn't know but and I'll leave the mockery of those that were rejecting the prophets lie Selim. The news of the hereafter

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led the home feed him off that he found a lost contact then gives us some AR

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About his, his his power and the manifestation of his power and his control. And on the agenda alone we had What did you buy that hotel the Valhalla nakoma as well as our last panel to Allah created us Allah subhana wa tada then talks about this idea of us being resurrected and how a loss of Hannah Montana will judge us with justice. So the Hereafter is discussed justice is discussed and how will last parts I will carry out justice and then from verse 21 onwards the last panel talks about Hellfire and paradise. So post judgment on the Day of Judgment what happens to us when we enter into Hellfire paradise and May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people of paradise. So last

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pediments, Allah then ends off with the mention of His mercy.

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And at the same time, the regrets of those people who did not heed the message as it came and instead, they marked it and they rejected it. So it started off with them they have to say,

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you know, what are they asking about and the mockery and so on so forth, and it ends off with the only Apple on the roof when melodica to soften a attack on the moon Illuminati Nana Juan Manuel Carlos alaba thoroughly carry on we have a mansha tuffa in our lobby Hema Abba in Nakamura Dobbin, kariba Yamamoto naka de Mattila de una caffeine, we are at an equal to two lava. So the very end of the surah is the same person who was asking about this news I'm interested in what is this news? What is this message and even mocking it? At the end of it, they're saying, we wish we were dust. So it starts off with their words, and it ends with their words, meaning we wish we were reduced to non

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existence on the day of judgment when they see that think that this has actually come true that that which they mocked, actually turned out to be the truth and they would actually call upon Allah subhanaw taala and wish to no longer exist certain as the x, which is the next suitor now, it takes us to the Day of Judgment. So two things actually coming apart.

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You know, where the earth starts to rattle. And then the world starts to come apart. As we know, it starts off immediately with piano. And Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the hearts of the people throughout the AMA. So in sort of another, you know, you see the very beginning of the day of resurrection at the end of the surah where they are seeing the judge that justice is being carried out even amongst the animals. And so they would say, yeah, Layton equal to two robber I wish I was dust I wish I could be rendered to dirt into non existence like the animals because they see that a loss of Hannah Montana will establish justice perfectly, and they know that they have been unjust.

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So this is the very beginning of the day of judgment and sort of the NASDAQ's political yoma. And then, when I saw her Harsha last time talking about the hearts of these people racing with fear as they see the Day of Judgment playing out in front of them, their faces, Weigh Down and humiliation and so on so forth and in regret. And then the last parents are particularly mentioned to us the story of Mossad, Islam and for their own and particularly for Alan's response to Mossad in his setup. So in sort of Baja, hell attack Heidi Formosa has the story of Moses come to you, with most Isaiah with Moses peace be upon him the emphasis was on the conversation between Allah and Musa

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alayhis salaam and the personal journey of Mossad insolent, because the surah was meant to give that to the prophets of Allah or anywhere sentiment to anyone who follows in that example, comfort and reassurance to the color and sort of the nausea adds a lot emphasize the response of Fidel and so it immediately goes to the response of our own as a warning to those that are acting like Fidel and Allah subhanho wa Taala then you know, mentions in the fi vertical area volatility man yaksha until a shadow halcon MSM Ah, that barely in that is a sign for people who reflect for people who have humility and all the loss of Hannah Montana. So just like a lot dealt with Fidel and he could deal

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with you. And just as a loss of parents, Allah created the heavens and created the skies, a loss of Hannah Montana could also bring you about so are you more difficult to create, or the magnificent universe that you see amongst you. So last establishes is proof and once again, a loss of Hannah Montana says can a home that at the end of the surah can homeo morona lamea Elashi at an elbow Haha, that it would be you know when they're standing. So once again, it ends at the same place like so it's another ends with the person standing with the rejecter standing the denier standing and saying, I wish I never saw this I wish I never existed here. Once again. You arrive at the person

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who denied it standing and looking around. And it would be as if they did not live on the earth except for a small portion of a day. So their life is

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This world would seem insignificant, and it would seem very short as they're seeing the eternity that comes afterwards. So when they're standing on the Hereafter, once again, we get to the place of them standing, and the thoughts, the internal thoughts of that person as he's standing on the day of judgment because a loss of autonomy is addressing our internal thoughts in this world and a lot is giving us a message to the heart in this world, so that we can adjust our lives in accordance with that, which we which we see. So so there is of them. Lost parents are particularly mentioned those who cheat people. I'm sorry, not those who cheat people. I'm sorry, should I ever send out his love

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and omec tomorrow, the love of China, I'm coming to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well who are yaksha he's running to the Prophet say Salaam and he's a blind man and he's asking the prophets lie Selim I live Nima Allah McCullough Teach me from what a lot of talk to you. So he's the same words are used.

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You know, yes, there are reactions he's running, and he's pacing. And he's an all the same words are used to describe the loving omec tomorrow, the Allahu anhu, coming to the Prophet slicin, to inquire about the Day of Judgment, as they are to describe for their own trying to run away from the Day of Judgment. So for their own Well, hello, as he was pacing in his palace, to avoid responding to the message I Beloved, to him was running to the profit slice lm in order to gain

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you know, to gain knowledge of the hereafter and to protect themselves from what comes in the hereafter. And just like the other soldiers that have already come, we see once again, Allah subhanaw taala, presenting some of the evidences of his creations of Hannah hotel, and how he would, how he has created the heavens in the earth. And once again, Allah subhanaw taala and off the surah with the faces, the faces of the people on the Day of Judgment. So it's always, you know, sort of just ama is always a shock, every suit on design was very straight to the point, it's precise and straight to the point, concise, precise and straight to the point, right. It's really, really there.

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So Pamela, so it brings you back to once again, the phases are from verse 33, to 40. To a last minute, I mentioned the phases of glory. And a last point, I mentioned the phases of humiliation once again, and then we get to sort of the techweek and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that whoever wants to see that or whoever wants to know,

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or to seek men, and young vote, whoever wants to see the Day of Judgment, you know, as if it is playing out in front of him, then let him read sort of the tech weed. So to the infield thought and sort of an inch a part three of the next four Sutras, which go into the very, very, very specific details of the Day of Judgment. So loss of Hannah Montana mentioning,

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you know, in suited to tech, we have the world starting to come apart. So the first 14 out of sorts of tech week, Allah Subhana which Allah is illustrating to us or highlighting to us the way that the world starts to come apart on the Day of Judgment, and how everything starts to change, the mountains are being reduced to dust, the sun is darken, the stars are falling, and on that day, each person will know that which they brought forth to the last panel and to animate knifes and condiments. Well, I thought so person would know what they brought forth to a loss of hundreds out of their bad deeds and they would know of that which they left behind. So once again, the

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realization comes to us when we see the day of judgment when we see things taking place around us. And a loss of Hannah Montana defends the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that in the hula countersued and Kareem that these are the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam These are the words of a Noble Messenger in Djibouti Dinesen I'm bringing into the prophets I saw them when I saw he will can be mentioned on your companion is not a map a madman.

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But rather you know, he is someone who is divinely inspired by a loss paranavitana. So you would think that you've gone mad when you start seeing the world around you coming apart. But now you're accusing the prophets lie some of being a madman for telling you about the inevitable ending of the world and going back to a loss of Hannah Montana. So that's sort of the tech wait and then you go into certain part, which which goes into the same tone, except the loss of hundreds or at the end of describing the coming apart of the world the loss of Hannah hota Allah says, Yeah, you will in son la vaca beat up decal carrying old mankind what has diluted you from your Lord, the Most Generous

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sorts of tech we have talks about the unfolding of the day of judgment and the coming apart of the world and to deliver the message that your prophet it his salatu salam is not a madman, that he is speaking the truth that he's that he's prophesized this and sorted in Fatah

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comes to the message of what has diluted you from your Lord. Think about yourself, what is it that has taken you away from the most generous that has taken you

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away from your Lord who is most generous and most noble and so on so forth. So why is it that you are not acknowledging the favors of Allah subhanaw taala upon him so certain enfilade continues on the same tone of certain attack with, but it becomes more personal to you, you know, what's your problem? You know, stop, stop trying to deflect and accuse the profit slice of having a problem. What's your problem for being diluted from the favors of your Lord? Why are you turning away from your Lord and Allah subhanaw taala with that diagnosis, the core of the problem, which is that people are turning away from the truth or people are denying the profit slice lm in that, you know,

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they were denying him and they were rejecting Him, despite knowing that it was the truth because of their greed. Because they thought that you know, that like the quality of life is better if we denied the profit slice I'm so here, Allah subhanaw taala is saying to you, what is it that is causing you to turn away from your Lord my God? What can we all be kidding? What's wrong with you? Why are you insisting on turning away from your Lord and let the Holocaust Professor work? If I didn't stop, you know, fine, you you don't want to talk about the hereafter. But what about the one who created you and he molded you? Right? And he gave you guidance, and he gave you a path? Right?

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What what what about that? Why aren't you thinking the last kind of data for that and what has made you diluted in regards to your Lord, certain will top 15

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makes a particular mention of people that cheat in business, you know, the poor and as it was revealed very early on, did not avoid injustice did not avoid volume, the poor and addressed volume in the very, very early you know, oppression and injustice, a loss, addressed it in the earliest revelations a lot addressed, and so to taquito, either male older too, so either to be a dumping party, that when the young girl that was buried alive, is asked for what crime she was killed. So last time, I spoke up against female infanticide. And here Allah subhanaw taala. Also, in one of the early revelations of last podcast, speaks up or last time reveals and speaks about the cheating and

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economics cheating with the weights. So economic injustice and cheating in business. These are the things that we would be asked about on the day of judgment as well. Of course, the main thing we'd be asked about is *can, whether we worship the lost parent, and so on, so forth, but we're not going to get away with injustice in every other way. Right? Cedric is loaded with demons, the greatest form of injustice, but there are other injustices as well. So last contact, now mentioning the economic injustice, people that cheat in their business, people that cheat with their money, and people that cheat with their weight. And finally sort of in Chicago in this in this progression, a

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loss of continuity.

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You know, once again, in the same in the same tune of sorts of tech we inserted in FIFA mentions the coming apart of the of the world and the way that things are unfolding on the Day of Judgment. And the loss of Hannah Montana on the day of judgment will hand us our sofa, for a moment at Akita will be a mean for sale for your house about resolving a car. So now we're at the Day of Judgment, whoever receives his book in his right hand, will have an easy accountability whoever receives his book in his left hand will have a difficult accountability, sort of broach Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the story of us having to do it, the people of the ditch the people

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who are who were murdered unjustly,

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for no other reason, except that they believed in a loss of Hannah Montana and the loss of Hannah Montana at the end of it.

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Basically saying but we'll call Anna Majeed, Philo and my fourth, that the poor and is preserved with a loss of handling time, no matter how much you malign it, no matter how much you kill people for believing in the message and you oppress people for believing in the message, the message will survive. Filo hen muffled it is honored and everlasting and the preserved tablet of Allah subhanaw taala. So all of your efforts to suppress the message will be futile. And all of your efforts to oppress the people for believing in this message will also at the end of the day, turn back against you and come back to ruin you sort of the product once again speaks about the way that we are

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created and the end of suit of product just like the end of certain borouge speaks about the the veracity of the poor and the glory of the quarter, certain era.

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Suddenly, his motto became

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sort of as a response to that that some had a lot. It's one of the most sub behat it's one of those suitors that starts off with the glorification the declaration of the perfection of a loss of Hannah which Allah but we are commanded to declare the perfection of a loss of autonomy, in his in his creation, in his essence in his in a loss pans out having created everything and Allah subhanaw taala having perfect attributes having an essence that is unlike any of his creation. So we're supposed to glorify loss of data and praise the loss of Hannah Montana and Alaska, Canada to Angela

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telling us that when after you like to hate on liquor, you know all that, that that which is when I feel like to hate on whatever class sorry that the Hereafter is better and everlasting that some people refuse this reminder because they think this world is better but Allah subhanaw taala says what are they like to hate on web, the Hereafter is better and it is everlasting, it's longer lasting, so it's better and it stays longer. Meaning it's a guarantee to the for example, the people of us habit Oh dude to Soros before and sort of broach that, though they were killed, that they were that they received the photos that they succeeded because they received the blessing and the

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Felicity of the hereafter. And so Allah subhanaw taala did not let them down. And for us as well, we should give precedence to the hereafter the life of the hereafter rather than the life of this world. And why because in certain last year, a loss of 100 ties us attacker had even last year when the overwhelming event comes, or June Yama in harsh era and meaner to now sleeper, you will see people that will have humiliated faces that look like people that were overworked and exhausted, but an eel did no good for them whatsoever. And you'll have another group of people nerima will Giuliana Ed nerima. Lisa heraldic, you would have people whose faces would be bright and they would, they

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would they would look like they're at ease and that piece and the salary how badly they would be pleased with the efforts and the work that they've done in this life. So if you didn't work in this world, then you need to work in the next world. That's basically the message here. And again, Sarah was used to describe for Ellen working for this world. And Sarah was used to describe i'd love and omec to working for the hereafter. So in sort of Osceola pantai, gives us the two groups that one group of people is, you know, is overworked, looks overworked and exhausted, because they still have to do work in the hereafter because they did not work in this world. Another group of people have

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peace in their faces, and they, they look like they're at ease, because they know that that which they have done was worth the salary, how long have they are pleased with that which they put forth to a loss of Hannah Montana, sort of the budget than mentioned to us very specific examples of ad and thermowood. And for their own those who are arrogant and those who received the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. So with the budget also mentions to us people whose happiness is entirely conditional on their their situation in this world, so they haven't learned what outfit to hide, oh my god, that the Hereafter is better and everlasting. They haven't learned that the thing that you

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should be working for is to have ease and eternity. So instead of an insanity llama, which Allahu la boo kurama, who wanna buy a poodle Rob be a clown, what he the member of it, here is Robbie Hannah. So these people that would, you know, if Allah Subhana, Allah gives them in this world, then they will happily say, and they would boast that my lord has honored me. But if I lost pants, I test them with restricting some of their sustenance in this world, and if they are tested with something in this world, and they would say, My Lord has humiliated me. So the point is, is that their happiness and their belief in a lot is entirely dependent upon how much Allah gives them in this world. And

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that sort of defeats the point. So instead, yeah, you have to have enough so in at the end of

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last pantai says to the soul at peace, the one who did not attach his spirituality to his worldly circumstances, but instead entirely sought the pleasure of his Lord. What is said to him as he comes out of his of his body, as a soul comes out, yet yet to have some multiple Ruggieri a lot of the key robinton maalaea federal fully for your body, whether for the generality ossola piece come back to your Lord pleased and well pleasing enter you amongst my servants enter you, my paradise certain ballot establishes the right of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to to live in in Mecca and Allah subhanaw taala condemns those that think they own this world and those that think they own

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this earth and those that think that they can harm and they can do what they do without consequence.

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Handle I've already run out of time, sort of the shams, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the essence of the soul. And, and basically Allah subhanaw taala mentions how he gives us all of these signs and the sun and the moon and the stars around us and the creation around us in their perfect state. And all of this so sort of the Shams is a sort of oats, Allah subhanaw taala swears by all of these different things, in order to tell us that kind of lemons aka that the one who's who is able to purify his soul has succeeded. So Allah swears by everything and it's most perfect state the sun as it rises as you see the sunrise when the sun is at its brightest when the moon is full, as a loss of

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Hannah Montana shows us everything with its maximum potential and a loss of habitat.

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tells us the importance of perfecting our souls and perfecting our own test gear. And realizing the full potential of the self with a loss of mozzarella and, and the good that can come out of it, if we allow destructive loss, spiritual disease, those diseases to overcome us, then we will be like the people of

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the people of the mood, the evil people of the moon, the arrogance that they had because they did not check their pride so collectively as a nation, they did not check their pride. And so they received the destruction of Allah subhanaw taala instead, so the importance of realizing our best potential our best selves as much as we can

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you know, if we if we continue onward sort of delayed Allah subhanaw taala praises Rebecca so do call the Allahu taala and have the most perfect soul after the prophets the most perfect man after the profits the profits license that the sun has not risen or set on a man after the profits that as that is as great as electricity quality a lot of time on why I will back it will be a lot of time who is the demonstration and sort of the chumps of a person who realizes the perfection of or a person who realizes tusky who realizes the full potential of their soul, their human capacity. So loss of Hannah Montana mentioned and sort of delayed

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the one who gives and the one who spends and you know, he's not looking for any type of praise. He's not soliciting any type of praise in this world. Illa de la Hill up the hill area with a sofa Yola is seeking the praise of a loss of Hannah Montana and Allah subhanaw taala will please Him and that's exactly what we see happen. Allah subhana wa tada pleases the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a result of as a result I'm sorry a lost printout pleases Rebecca all the time who because he is that knifes with multiple in? He is that self that is at peace, that allow us talking about inserts of budget and he is that one that realizes Tesco as instead of the shops, so little Doha,

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Allah subhanaw taala tells the prophets I said that you were not abandoned, that Allah subhanaw taala was with you all along. And Allah subhanaw taala calls the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be with the people to do show us and to the people excellence to the people, as Allah showed excellence to them, sir to shut the next surah inshallah Allah Subhana Allah mentions the favor of expanding the test of the prophets license and removing his burden. And it's, it's all it is, it's a follow up to sort of the law and that's why I'm the love and miss Google of the law and we'll consider it sort of the law hands with the SHA one surah Allah subhanaw taala remove the burden from

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the hearts of the prophets lie some as a luck.

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Fixed is external circumstances, Allah subhanaw taala remove the burden internally from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just to keep on going in sha Allah to Allah. So Allah Allah, the first few verses of the Quran revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded the prophets of Allah who it was for them to read, if Bismillah we can let the haluk read in the name of your Lord, who creates so colorful in Santa Monica Allah, He created man from a suspended clock it caught up what up local Accra read and your Lord is most generous. Remember, in the beginning of this journey, Nevada can be robbed detail carrying what has taken you

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away from your noble Lord, what has diluted you in regards to your noble Lord, the one who created you under the color of deficit work for either so last hantai praises or a last kind of tactic calls men to recognize the generosity of his Lord. And here you have a situation in which a loss of hundreds Allah calls the prophets isin and calls mankind to read the Scripture and to heed the divine revelation that comes to us from our, our, our noble creator some kind of want to sorta tell cutter in the name of the labor to the other we asked the last painter to have granted us labor to the cut of a lot. I mean, the reward of nails and cutter we just finished the last 10 nights. So

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certainly Allah talks about the revelation read the revelation, the next surah certain quarter is in Anza. Now who feel a little called we revealed it's on laner to color so certain Allah came down on laner to cover certain quarter is about later to record. And so it connects the two. Finally, there are many verses about there are many verses or I'm sorry many suitors that talk about death and that talk about the hereafter. So it will add the sort of diseases that are sort of cardiac lost contact talking about our addiction to this world and I lost contact talking about the reality and the inevitable inevitability of death in the hereafter in a group of sodas that comes so you have

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certain data sources

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If you have an idea you have to care for. And at the end of it, what does Allah subhanaw taala say? Well, I asked in Santa Luffy host alladhina amanu amilo sliney How to auto also would have to lie to ourselves.

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So after talking about man's addiction to this world, and man's ignoring the inevitability of that which comes after a loss pantile swears by time last time as a fleet away, in an incentive that he hosts verily man is in loss, except for those who believe Illallah, the nominal annual slighty hat and work deeds of righteousness, what's also been happy was also the suffering and they cooperate with one another and enjoying one another in in works of truth, and in patience and adhering to that truth. Just at the very end of this, just obviously what we have. And I'll just go to this sort of the muscle

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I'm sorry, first circle capital,

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loss, parents at uncertain capital tells the profit slice of them do not compromise on the message that's been given to you. Do not compromise on the message that's been given to you. Right? Because they were coming to the profit slice on his most vulnerable moments and telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you worship our gods for for one day of the year even we will worship your God for the entire year. And the last pantai telling the prophets my sons to say, yeah, human capital

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was wonderful. And tomorrow I'll be doing a man when I remember them out. So you're not going to worship what I'm going to worship. I'm not going to worship with you. We're going to worship the end of it is lecom Dena, Campania Dean, you worship your gods, let me worship mine. So it's actually a call to coexistence in a way but the point is, is that let everyone do his thing. You go ahead, you worship your gods, let me worship mine and peace, but I will not compromise. Even in my most vulnerable moments, we have to stick to our principles, and we have to stick to that belief in the last Hannah Montana, sort of the muscle is the end result of not compromising. The last sorta

00:32:07--> 00:32:48

revealed in entirety EDA and also law Who would have thought what I ate and nasty, Luna v de la he was a seven day behind the rob the killer stuff in the hotel Manitoba. So fast forward 20 years, this is what happens. Now. You see people entering into the religion in throngs, the same people that used to tell you to relinquish your worship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah are now coming in, in waves to worship, you're up to worship your Lord. Sort of the last sort of last tip of sorts of mustard tempatnya Abdullah have been WhatsApp mentions the humiliation of Abu lahab and the punishment of Abu lahab, who first said to the prophets lie some on the Prophet slicin made his call

00:32:49--> 00:33:34

for people to worship a loss out of who first stood up and humiliated the Prophet spice on them. So now Abu lahab is humiliated. And now finally, the last three quarters which are so important to us, which we should be reading date and might call to allow ahead, which is the sort of that gives us the, the essence it lays the basics the basis of the creed of this religion gives us the essence of the belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala called Hello I had a love of someone let me mute it What am economical finance it combines elements of Ruby and Olo hear and smell asleep it combines all the elements of Allah has his lordship Allah subhana wa tada His glory Allah subhana wa tada is not

00:33:34--> 00:34:09

being called not having anyone else called upon decide in the last panel metallics unique attributes in his essence so sort of loss is to sincerely dedicate ourselves to the worship of this one omnipotent creator sustainer God let me get it when a mudra What a miracle now who can find out how to does not be God's snores he'd be gotten and he and no one is equivalent to a loss of Hannah Montana. And then finally the last two more are we that to ask a lot to protect us sort of that fella cooler a little bit a bit Falak is protection from most of all from people.

00:34:11--> 00:34:51

Sort of the NASS is protection from the shape. So if you look at the to suit us certain Falak is protection from harm that comes from people suited the NASS is protection from harm that comes from the shape on and the whispers from of the shape or, in any case, we asked the last panel to add to to protect us We ask Allah to Allah have mercy upon us. We ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to to allow us to be people of color and we ask Allah to accept all of our works. And everything that we've done this month and beyond this month. Does that come along? later on? Seriously, I can't thank you guys enough for tuning in throughout this entire

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

month. Thank you for being in my office. Literally you've given an entire day of the month of Ramadan to these lessons, so I asked a lot to accept on your behalf and

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

My behalf especially those of you that were regular Zack Malone fade on. It was an absolute pleasure and may last.

00:35:08--> 00:35:13

accept everything from all of us and I hope you guys enjoy your evening shala was Salaam Alaikum