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robotic Muhammad Allah He or barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Kleber to RemoteApp in order Eduardo Illa adelante mean or should to Allah either in Allahu Allahu la sharika who Illa who over the Nola hearing, why should you and then a billionaire Muhammad Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa Amin la Mussolini was sending Mubarak that article or pseudo Muhammad denwa he was talking to hedge marine and bad. Welcome to another episode of our FCL page by page and inshallah to Allah today we are on page number 52 of the Quran in surah earlier in one in the previous episode Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us towards the end of the episode that we did all those verses

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that we covered in the last episode, Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the morality of the dunya as opposed to the Acura and therefore the way that the mindset of the believer should be as opposed to the mindset of the disbeliever and that is this dunya has so many adornments so many trapping so many beautiful locations that Allah azza wa jal has placed within it from wealth from property from people and people sometimes were dear and close to us, of our children and other people who Allah azza wa jal has please certain boundaries between us and them because they are members for example of the opposite gender. And so all of these are different temptations that are found in the dunya.

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All of these things a person can use for the most part in ways that are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal. So a person can get married, a person can have children and and have those children raised in a way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, a person can have watched and spent in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. A person can have property and other things and use those things in means and ways that are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, but Allah subhanaw taala says the ruler these things are temporary. What is better than this is that a person focuses on the Acura and when you focus on the Acura, then by default, you will do these things with the dunya that are pleasing to Allah azza wa

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jal, your wife, your family, you will use them in ways that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala because your focus is already on the Acura as opposed to someone who's focusing so much on the dunya. Then on the other occasion, they'll say, oh yes, we need to complete it, for example, or it's Ramadan, let's read some Quran, or once in a lifetime they will go and perform Hajj. And so that's because their focus is so diluted, that it is something which is a once in a while experience their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala but someone who each and every single day is focused, they have patience as Allah Azza dimensions in those attributes that we mentioned in the previous

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episode. They have patience, they persevere the people who are devout the people who spend the people who are making it still follow the truthful in their in their belief in Allah subhanaw taala those are the people who are focused on the hero focused on pleasing Allah azza wa jal on building their life in paradise and building their houses and the robots in Jannah. And so Allah subhana wa Tada therefore blesses them in this life and in the next. In today's episode we'll begin with verse number 18 And Allah subhana wa Tada mentions to us the crux of the matter and the most important foundation of this religion and that is the heat Subhana wa Tada Allah azza wa jal says are all the

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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Shahidullah. Who and Nola either in LA who are

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eager to work

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will only remain

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in place for a

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while as he is on Hakeem

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Allah azza wa jal says that he bears witness the nun has the right to be worshipped except him as to the angels and those who have no I will have knowledge. He upholds justice, there is no God worthy of worship except him The Almighty Lord White's, Allah subhanaw taala in this verse II mentions the most important issue that will help a person to focus their vision, focus their mind, focus what it is that they want to work for in this life, and that is what they understand the statement of the head of Allah subhanaw taala that the only reason why you are even in this dunya by Allah azza wa jal created you while you were brought into existence, was to worship Allah subhanaw taala alone.

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And that is such a simple issue. But it is something sometimes so difficult to understand, and so difficult to be able to compute. Many of us understand this as Muslims, but still our world or our dunya the way that dunya is deceives us and overcomes us so that we're so busy in the daily grind that we often forget about what is the most simple and basic truths. Allah subhanaw taala didn't place you on the dunya for you

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To become a millionaire, Allah has placed you in the dunya so that you could spend your life building an empire or that you could achieve certain things in terms of your career. All of those things are halal and possible. But the main reason that Allah azza wa jal please do in the dunya is for his worship Allah subhanaw taala. So, if you forget that one simple reality, that one principle that is more important than anything else, in terms of your existence in your life, and you focus on those things that are less important, then you are losing your way, then you are not following the path of Allah azza wa jal set down for you. So ALLAH SubhanA data says that Allah bears witness, the

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angels bear witness, and all of the people bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped, except Allah azza wa jal alone, Allah subhanaw taala chooses that himself Subhana wa Tada that Allah bears witness. And alongside him Allah azza wa jal chooses the greatest of His creation, to bear witness alongside him, and that is the angels of Allah subhanaw taala and we know that the angels of Allah azza wa jal are the noblest of creatures that Allah subhanaw taala created for his obedience and worship alone. And so Allah azza wa jal brings their testimony here also. And then the testimony of the people of knowledge and the people of knowledge, at the head of those people of knowledge, no

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doubt, are the prophets and messengers of Allah, RB humans salatu salam, and then those who follow them in their footsteps seeking knowledge, take from that inheritance. And this verse is one of the verses that shows the status of scholarship in Islam, the status of knowledge, and seeking the stomach of knowledge and the status of the people of knowledge in our religion, and that is that Allah azza wa jal chose in this testimony, to have them alongside himself subhanaw taala and his noble Angels, Allah azza wa jal could have sufficed by saying, Allah testifies and his angels are Allah azza wa jal could have sufficed by saying that Allah justifies his angels, the prophets and

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messengers and left it there, but Allah azza wa jal added and included the people of knowledge, and the people of knowledge are those people who are teak who have taken from the inheritance of the prophets of Allah as the Prophet told us and Allah, why do you send them that the prophets of Allah do not leave behind as their inheritance gold or silver, but rather they leave behind as their inheritance knowledge so ever takes from it has taken something which is a great share.

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So when you seek knowledge, you learn about your religion, one of the greatest aspects of the knowledge and that religion is to learn about your Lord subhanaw taala learning Allah azza wa jal believed in Allah subhanaw taala and everything he compromised comprises of believing in all of the different aspects of Eman, believing in the names of Allah and the attributes of Allah azza wa jal and understanding them. All of this is something which brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal and the greater that you are the closer you come to Allah azza wa jal, the greater your knowledge, the greater your Eman, Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah the greater your focus and your ability to

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work in a way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal and that is why the scholars of Islam, from the times of the companions or the Allah who don't know much remain, until our time today dedicated their whole lives to studying this religion. We have stories in our tradition in our history of how the companions and the scholars who follow them would travel, sometimes for months at a time, just simply to learn and seek knowledge, no money, no family, no friends, alone, traveling, only to learn the religion of Allah subhanaw taala some of the scholars of Islam left their homes, and they traveled across the Muslim world of that time, the unknown Muslim man of that time, and it would

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take them years before they were able to come back home, because they would go from one land to another. And in each time, they were staying there for a number of months studying with the scholars learning, writing, memorizing, then moving on to the next time because now it's easier to continue going and closer than to go back home and start the journey. Again. This is a time when there's no aeroplanes, no rush, no ships are very common. Most people are walking on the lawn camels on the run donkeys or whatever they're on. It's a very primitive way of traveling. Very difficult and arduous journeys in the heat of the desert, different terrains, different times different. And all of this

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simply to seek the knowledge of this religion, and then writing and authoring and codifying and bringing all of that knowledge together and teaching it so that knowledge would continue to go from one generation to another generation. And that is where Allah subhanaw taala honors the people of knowledge in this religion. Allah azza wa jal lifts their status and raises them as Allah azza wa jal says it says elsewhere in the Quran, you're offering level livina Iman hoomin QUB Well, Davina Mandara Jack, Allah azza wa jal raises the levels of the people of Eman and the people of knowledge amongst you in station.

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Until Allah azza wa jal honors the people of knowledge here. The most important thing in our religion is the statement of la ilaha illAllah. It is the crux and foundation of his

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that it is the message that every single prophet and messenger was sent with, and it is the very cause of our Revelation And the reason for our existence. This statement of la ilaha illa Allah when Allah azza wa jal wanted to emphasize its importance, Allah azza wa jal called a number of witnesses. The first and greatest of those witnesses is himself Subhana wa Tada and that is sufficient and enough, but Allah azza wa jal further emphasizes it with the angels and then open noble status. And then Allah azza wa jal further emphasizes it with the pupil of knowledge. And that is to show to us the importance of this knowledge of the heat of Allah subhanaw taala. And

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therefore, from the unfortunate things in our time amongst many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and in our communities, is how lacks we have become, when it comes to the knowledge of tau hate when it comes to studying Allah's rights and his worship, and our belief in Allah subhanaw taala and the way that we should correct our belief when it comes to our religion, that is something which often is now neglected in our communities, and is considered to be an archaic type of knowledge, or something, which isn't very important. And instead, people focus on other aspects of Islamic learning, such as character development, such as worship, such as, such as Hadith and so on, and no

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doubt without a doubt, that these are all extremely important and essential in terms of our religion. But there was nothing more important and more essential than learning your belief in Allah subhanaw taala. Then we just mentioned at the beginning of Surah, Al Imran, that those people who don't understand the Quran correctly, will follow ambiguous verses, and they won't understand them in the context of the clear verses. So in terms of their belief in terms of the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal, in terms of core aspects of their religion, they will be misguided. What's the reason for that? One of the major reasons is because they have understood correctly, La ilaha

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illallah, in terms of its full depth of meaning, and all of the different sciences and knowledge that is associated with it. And so Allah azza wa jal here tells us to focus on the statement and everything that he means. La ilaha illa. Who are these are Hakeem there is no God worthy of worship except Allah. He is the almighty dollar wise.

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In verse number 19, Allah subhanaw taala then continues and he says

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in Medina, Allah he'll Islam will McDowell effing letting you know Oh Tony theta but in the Magia humulene Mobley Amina or may yet fully be in LA Hiva in Allah has 70 year old he said, The True Religion Allah's eyes is Islam. Those who were given the Scripture disagreed out of rivalry only after they had been given knowledge. If anyone denies Allah's revelations, indeed Allah will take them swiftly into account. Allah subhanaw taala says that the only the only religion in the sight of Allah that is acceptable to Allah azza wa jal is Islam. And Islam is the religion that Allah azza wa jal sent each and every single prophet and messenger with one of the common misconceptions that

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people have is Islam only started with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and yes, when we say Islam, that's what we mean in our context and our understanding, because every everything else was abrogated by the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but we also believe that each and every single prophet at that time with the true message that they were given by Allah azza wa jal, they also call to Islam, and they also called the heat and they also called to La ilaha illAllah. And that is why when Allah azza wa jal says in Medina and Allah in Islam, the true religion in Allah's eyes is Islam. That doesn't discount Mousavi slamming his time or is it cinammon

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his time? Or Ibrahim? It is cinnamon it's time oh no honey, he's ravenous time, or any of the other prophets and messengers of Allah. Allahu wa salatu salam, all of the more Muslims all of them followed Islam, and no doubt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest of messengers and his revelation is the final of revelations. When bacteria for Lilina otter Kitab, Allah says But those who were given the Scripture, disagreed

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in them embody didn't disagree until after the knowledge was given to them. Meaning once they saw the truth, they had the signs they had that knowledge, they disagreed, and it is out of rivalry out of jealousy, out of the fact that the prophets of Allah who he was sending Muslim from but he saw in but rather he was sent from the Arabs and so on. When we're yet for me it Allah Allah says, and whosoever this believes in the signs of Allah azza wa jal that Allah subhanaw taala will swiftly hold them to account.

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In verse number 20, Allah azza wa jal and continues and says,

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For enhanced

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geographical Islam towards you here in HumanIK Taliban only levena Alton Kitab I will Amin Aslam tomb for industrial move, according

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to our Lofa in Canberra, wala who must be really bad. If they argue with you then say I have

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devoted myself to Allah alone. And so have my followers, as those who are given the Scripture as well as those without one do to devote yourselves to him alone. If they do, they will be credited but if they turn away, you're only duties to convey the message you need. Allah is all aware of his servants. Allah subhanaw taala has been told here, that when you come to the People of the Scripture and others, the Qureshi, the Arabs, the polytheists, and you discuss your religion, and you tell them about Allah azza wa jal, and you establish the evidence and the proof upon them, then they will dispute with you, and they will argue with you, and they will seek to cause this debate to manifest

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itself with you find her Joker, and if they do so for called Islam to watch here the law say that I have devoted myself to Allah alone, when many Tibetans have and still have my followers.

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And that is because Islam as we've said before, means to submit yourself to Allah azza wa jal, in devotion, in worship in love in the heat. And so Allah azza wa jal says, and instructs the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that if they wish to dis disregard this religion, that you wish to deny to reject the revelation of Allah azza wa jal and his signs and his messages and it's though he'd been say to them as for me, my followers, we have submitted ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala and then ask them the same thing. Have you truly submitted to Allah to worshiping Allah azza wa jal alone, we're only living on Kitab see to the People of the Scripture will mean the Amina those who

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don't have a scripture, like the Arabs and others who didn't have scriptures didn't have prophets and messengers that was sent to them before they were like the Jews and the Christians and others. They are known as El Amin meaning the unlettered ones, meaning the ones without a divine book and scripture to read from. Have you also submitted yourselves to Allah azza wa jal find this level Allah subhanaw taala says if they have submitted to the need of Allah, doubt that they have been guided or interval low, but if they turned away, then you refuse they reject for in the medical biller, then your duty is only to convey. Indeed Allah azza wa jal is well aware of that which they

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do. This was the reality of the prophets of Allah where it was sent him in his Dawa to the people of his time his call to the Arabs of coloration that Arabs of Arabia in general, and then they turn to the Jewish and Christian peoples and nations and tribes that lived in Arabia and beyond his core to them was to submit themselves to Allah azza wa jal in the manner that Allah azza wa jal dictates because everyone will say that we submit to Allah, we believe in Allah we believe in God. But it is the way that Allah azza wa jal wants you to believe that determines whether that belief is correct or not. And Allah azza wa jal has determined, as we mentioned, at the beginning of this episode, La

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ilaha illa who that none should be worshipped except him subhanaw taala do you submit or do you not those who submit to this have been guided, and those who refuse and reject that they are the ones who have turned away and it is only the role of the prophets and messengers and those who follow them to convey the message to tell them the importance of their heed to show them the path that they need to follow? The actual act of acceptance or rejection is something which is down to them?

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Allah subhanaw taala then says in verse 21,

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in the living unit for owner B area Tila he will go to noon and Nebby inability

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to know the levena Morona Milaca streaming and nurse if a machine room forever she'll whom we are there been any give news of agonizing torment to those who ignore Allah's revelations? Who had just divided justifiably killed the prophets and who killed those who commanded justice is done. Allah azza wa jal says that those who disbelieve those who reject those who turn away, they are the ones who not only reject Allah azza wa jal and turn away from his science and his revelations, but they are the ones who also kill the prophets and Medicare, as we know before, as we've mentioned before that Allah azza wa jal mentions that amongst the previous nations were those who killed their own

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prophets and murdered them. And according to the scholars of Islam, the prophet security and yada yada him ceremony examples of this, that they were killed and murdered by their own people. What a heinous crime, not only to reject Allah azza wa jal, and to reject the message of Allah subhanaw taala but then to kill the prophets and messengers that Allah azza wa jal sent, just as the Quraysh tried to do on multiple occasions with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they tried to assassinate him, they tried to kill him. And that's because once they have disbelieved in Allah azza wa jal, then everything else is something which they consider to be insignificant. Well, you have to

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learn the Lilina Morona stimula NAS and they killed those who command people to uphold justice, meaning not only the prophets and messengers of Allah, but they follow us as well. They're killing them. They're fighting them, they're being adversaries towards them. Give them the news that they will have the worst of all punishments in the final verse.

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In verse number 22 of the speech Allah Azza wa gendlin says, We can live in a heartbeat Dr. Armando Humphrey dunya will not mean now Syrian, the deeds of such people will come to nothing in this world and in the next no one will help them. Allah subhanaw taala will render all of the acts null and void and that is because they lacked Eman and they did that which Allah azza wa jal prohibited and they performed and committed the most evil of deeds and the most major of sins. Allah subhanaw taala will cause all of the actions in this world to be nullified and therefore on the earth but they will have nothing to their name and no one will come to the aid or to the help and with that, inshallah

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Tada we come to the end of today's episode BarakAllahu li Walakum wa sallahu wa ala Nabina Muhammad in what are the early or some big marine was cinnabar adequate metal light wabarakatuh Bismillah

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