A Voice in the Desert #5 – When Abraham Prayed Against Idols

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One of the things that we praise about Ibrahim is that it is not just his ability to see a bright future, even in the midst of great pain and trauma, but he also had a vision for what could go wrong as well.

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And so as he's making this draft as he saddling his family in Mecca, he says, which nobody weapony and that would snap, and protect me and my children from worshipping idols. Here he is, having left idol worship sacrificed everything for the sake of one God and challenging idol worship and saddling his children, his family in this place, and he's saying, protect me and protect them from ever worshipping idols. He's building a Kava for the sake of one God, and He knows that there could be the possibility that one day even this purist home, which is built for Allah subhanho wa Taala, could be filled with idols against its original purpose and it's intense. And as he's making, he's

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praying for himself first, which shows you that Ibrahim it is to them is teaching us that you never feel safe yourself from falling even if you've been challenging sin and evil your entire life. You never know you may fall into it. So you always have to be vigilant and pray for it. That that you would be protected from it first, always until you meet Allah subhana wa Tada. And so he says, Would you know me and protect me and protect my children from worshipping the idols, so he's praying for himself, and he's praying for his offspring. Then he says that I'll be in London NECA Filomena, NASS. Oh my Lord. Verily, they have caused many to be led astray in the hoonah alumna Kathy almond.

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And as they have led many to be led astray femme and Toby I know many women are salani for in Mecca for Rahim so whoever follows my way than he is from me. And if anyone goes astray, or they follow other than that, then you are most forgiving and most merciful. Some of the scholars they say, first and foremost, look how beautiful Ibrahim Iceland's heart is. He's attributing the evil to the idols even though it wasn't the idols it was the maker of the idols, his father and his people that led people astray. But Ibraheem alehissalaam is keeping his anger directed at what was used to lead the people astray. And he has this huge heart for those that are astray, even if they punished him and

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even if they oppress them, he still says woman asani so whoever disobeyed me whoever takes another way, then barely you are most forgiving and most merciful, so his anger is directed towards the idols themselves, even though what are the idols except for the stones of man that are used to oppress other men and take away from the worship of the Creator of all men? So Brahim is Nam says that they have led many people astray. And at the same time, he does not pray directly for forgiveness for them, but he says, Oh Allah, you are most forgiving and most merciful in regards to them. Now he also says femen tebbe RNA in the human me, whoever follows me, then that is who is from

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me. And that's something to really cling to for a moment. Ibrahim it is and I'm saying my children, my offspring are not merely there because they are biologically my offspring. Those who are of me are those who follow me, those who follow my way. Fast forward years later, and you have a cab that is full of idols, hundreds of idols inside and out, used for the exact opposite purpose of the cab. Not only that, but when the Prophet slicin entered into the cab, guess who he saw, he saw an image of Ibrahim it is set up so the even cast Ibrahim it has Scilab The one who strove against those idols as being part of the scheme of that idol worship. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is being excommunicated with his followers from the people of Mecca. For what reason? Because they have disobeyed our forefathers so hon Allah so the prophets lie some of his followers are being treated in a certain way. Why? Because they have disobeyed our forefathers even though the great forefather Ibrahim It is so that who settled that place in the first place is the one who's being disobeyed with the idol worship. And Allah subhanho wa tada says in the olan NASS be Ibrahim, that those who have the greatest right Ibrahim than Athena terbaru are those who follow Ibrahim it his setup. Those are the ones who have the right to claim the Brahim race them not those who are

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biologically his descendants, no, those who follow the way of Ibrahim are you sir? What's the powerful message of that? That Bilal wrote a long time anyone said man will you allow enhanced Romania or the lohana they are

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Ibrahim alayhis salam even though they're not biologically the children of the bohem it set up and Abu lahab in Abuja and those that were opposing the Prophet slice on them and oppressing his followers, they are not available on him it Islam even if they could trace their lineage back to Ebrahim it so that because those that are of Ibrahim Artesia are those who follow Ibrahim it is set up, and there you have the prophets lie Selim 1000s of years later, entering into that Kava, that has been built for the worship of one God, but now tarnished with all of those idols and he is the one purifying it, even from the image of a boy Hey, Marty Salaam, returning back to the intentive

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Ibrahim RT slab, which was for the warship and the glory of one God.