A Voice in the Desert #6 – When Abraham Prayed For His Descendants

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The importance of setting up prayer for one's children is constant throughout webcams, and the struggles of parents convince their children to pray. The holy spirit is seen as the builder of beautiful children, and the coolness of eyes and the coolness of people's minds when they see their children worshipping Jesus is also important. Prayer is seen as a covenant with God, the love for the Holy Spirit, and the coolness of eyes for beautiful children. The importance of worshipping the Lord of praising or affirming the presence of God in one's life is also discussed, along with the coolness of eyes and the coolness of people's minds when they see their children worshipping Jesus.

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One of the things that's so beautiful about Ibrahim is names here, if you notice is that he always starts with himself even when he's praying for his children. He doesn't feel safe from idol worship even though he has a lifetime of fighting against idol worship and being persecuted because of that. And he also as he is establishing the prayer for his children and emphasizing that he wants generations that will establish the salah, establish the prayer, he starts off with himself I'll be joining him Okay, masala Oh Allah let me be amongst those that established the prayer women that are deity and from my offspring.

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And this is something constant throughout the webinar up masala. I did all of this a lot, so that my children can establish the prayer, I want them to establish the prayer. That is something that Ibrahim Isom looks for. And it's not just establish the prayer in a physical sense, but to really establish the salah in the way that Allah subhana wa, tada, has gifted it to us. Now you see with the Brahim it is Salaam, that he's doing this with a smile on his right. And I want you to think about especially those parents who try to get their children to pray. And you start off and you know, when they're young, and their prayers are just, you know, pretty symbolic. It's just that they

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come and they pray. You know, they're doing all sorts of stuff while they're praying. But hey, at least five times a day, you know, your seven year old, your eight year old, your nine year old, your 10 year old, they're starting to stand next to you and starting to do something that resembles salon. Right? And you're trying to teach them the meanings of salon. Now, your biggest worry, obviously, is that what happens when you can't see them anymore? What happens when you're not there to call them to the prayer, what happens when they get old enough to where they can say that we prayed and they can really just be sitting in their room and they can deceive you what happens when

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they're no longer even under your roof. And that's something that a lot of parents are pained by is that, you know, I wonder if my kids even pray anymore. And you'll see sometimes when you go to a message and it's something that we have to change that you'll see the elders who you know, have come back to prayer or prayer was a part of their lives and then you might see really young children. But there's a missing demographic right where people have to learn the value of prayer themselves. Now most of the Quran moves on to the stories of the offspring of his heart of Isaac write this hack to Yaqoob to the children of Yaakov use of Attica, salaam and so on so forth, not much is said about

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his made it his Salah, and we know that it's married to Islam, if you're looking at a chart of the prophets, you see the line of Isaac and you see all of these prophets and nations is married. You see this line that goes all the way down and then it's Mohammed Salah lahardee, who is on them, right? And that is greater than any chain that could be attributed to a prophet right? That's his son of his married all the way down to Mohammed slice on them. But what is described as it is saddam and what he did, as he was in that barren desert in Mecca, Allah subhanho wa Taala praises this morning, it said on by saying what kind of Yeah.

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He was establishing the prayer with his children. How sweet is that? Right? That that is the description that saw that God wanted, he was truthful to the promise that he made when he said to his father, that you will find me amongst the patient, I will not refuse the command of God. And here you have that he is also maintaining the promise of Salah Can I get a hold of Salah he used to enjoy the prayer amongst his family smile did not have a huge family. He didn't have huge nations around him the way that his hafted but those that were around him kind of yet moto Allahu Allah, He commanded them with prayer. And one of the beautiful things about Ibrahim Is that him and his

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children is you see the emphasis in life and in depth. Are you going to stay upon this covenant with God? Right. So but for him, it is to them as he's dying. And he's speaking to his son, his heart and his grandson. Yeah. Cool. And he's affirming once again, are you going to worship that one God and stay upon the worship of that one God and then affirming to Ibrahim alayhis salam that they will. And then Yaqoob is around Jacob when he's dying and him he's saying to his children, Matt will do them in birdie. What are you going to worship after me? And they say now we'll do either Hakka? What Allah Ibrahim, what is smart, you know is how we worship your Lord and the Lord of Ibrahim, the Lord

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of Ismay, the Lord of his heart, and it's like I'm comforted. I'm comforted that, you know, my children are upon that tohei there upon that oneness of God. That's the most important thing to me is that they're worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's something here about when you ask Allah to let your spouse's and your children be Portola terrain and luck, right, that Oh Allah make them Portola to area and let them be there.

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coolness of our eyes. And what is the coolness of your eyes, the coolness of your eyes, how beautiful your children are, is the coolness of your eyes. I mean, that's part of it. Certainly, it's good to have beautiful children. It's and your children are all beautiful, by the way, man, lots of humans out of bless all of you and your children. It's good to have beautiful children. It's good to have sweet children that they have ohana and a mercy towards their parents that we see with the prophets and their children, that Allah describes all of that is beautiful. their accomplishments are beautiful. You love to walk your child across the stage, maybe not so much down

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the aisle for their wedding. But those are all beautiful, worldly accomplishments, and they're things to indeed find joy. But what's the greatest kurata iron? What's the greatest coolness of your eyes? It should be when you see your children worshipping Allah, when you see them as righteous. When you see them as embracing the faith maybe even greater than you did sincerely when you see them read hold on for the first time or say they want to go to the masjid. And it's not just because you forced them to go to the mess, right? Or you told them hey, let's go to sell out but they wanted to go to salon. They want it to be a part of something that was faith oriented. That's where you really

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find odorata iron, like it's the coolness of your eyes. You see them in righteousness, and some had a lot. I think about the Prophet Mohammed Salah lahardee he was and you know, he said about us, that in the manner that can be man zealot in a limo come the IMT like a father and that I teach. Right? So the prophets lie Selim is to us like a father figure and that he teaches us and you look at the prophets lie Selim. And when the omo was his portal, a time when it was the coolness of his eyes, right. And it's that last moment, those last moments of his life's little Learning Center where he draws the curtain from his room and he's too sick to even get up at that point. But he looks out at

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his own praying salah and the Prophet sly Salaam to best Sunnah like and he he smiles and he laughs and his face was like the page of a must have so bright, so happy, so pleased. Why because he saw his children in Salah in prayer, and he knew that this message would last beyond him and would continue beyond him some of the lahardee he was Southern and so when we pray, we are maintaining the prayer of the prophets lie Selim, who was an answer to the prayer of Ibrahim it has Salaam and we send our prayers upon them both Allahumma salli ala Muhammad and Laila Ali Mohammed cadmouse or Lita, Allah Ibrahim, why not early