Adnan Rajeh – Names of Allah Al Rahman and Al Raheem

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The common names of Islam, including Alana, Sharla, and Rachel M satisfaction, are common in the century before Islam. The concept of compassion and mercy is discussed, with men being "naive" and women being "will" and "will." The speakers stress the importance of showing compassion and mercy to the audience, showing gratitude and compassion to others, and showing gratitude towards their own lives. The speakers also discuss the use of "ham ham" in the Al Fatiha Smilla reassure the audience they are doing the right thing.
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Hello Manuel Hayward hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Alberich. Alana, you know, Habib in Medina, Allah early, he also be a drummer in my band.

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The two names I will talk about today, the most two common names that exist in the Quran, it's only appropriate to talk to them talk about them the same time because they're rarely it's almost impossible to separate them. It's Mullah. Oh, man of Rahim. It's more like a manual for him.

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I don't even know the number of the recurrence

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are the most two common names that you'll find in the Quran? The most beautiful names that we have. And there's a special attachment. Muslims have two of these names. And I'll explain why in Sharla today, and it won't take too much for it to be quite clear. What is Why is compassion, mercy, when we define it from the perspective of Allah subhanaw taala? Well, Tanya, clearly, I believe in fee salah.

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It is compassion that the Lord shows his servant leading to the rectification of that servants matters and his full success in both worlds doing enough which means sometimes, as a part of compassion, there will be difficulties that the servant sees because the ultimate goal is that the servant finds compassion finds ease and find success at the end, just as parents do the same with their children,

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for parents to show their children mercy and compassion doesn't mean that they are always

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being easy with them. And sometimes it means that they have to take certain measures that that keep the best interest of the child in the long run in mind, it's something to think about when we're talking about the names of Allah subhanaw taala why men are aimless the difference between these two names a Rahman

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has a very,

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very special name. The people of Polish hated that name. Because it was so beautiful, because people who heard the Prophet Allah use Allah to speak of Allah of man, and describe him as that as the one who grants some mercy to all

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the derivative itself of Rama and is derived from Rama, but the way he's derived indicates that the mercy and the compassion here is being offered to everybody. There's no exceptions to it. Rahim is different. The derivative here does indicate that there's some specificity or specification in terms who is receiving this compassion for the name of Allah subhanaw taala why man was a name that it just melted the hearts of people when they heard the Prophet audio sources and explain and recite the Quran. Hold may be Laylee when hurry Mina Rahman se Who's the one who continues to protect you and watch over you and during the night and during the day besides Rahman Subhana wa taala. Okay,

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the leaker also neck if you imagine the holiday meal quarterly human Lee Tetsu, early human levy of Hainan Lake Welcome back for Ron Paul who are be in LA who allow him to lay him a term and we have sent you amongst a nation

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many nations before them have lived and died so that you may recite upon them the version the signs of Allah subhanaw taala and unfortunately the disbelieve in the Rockman the Most Merciful Subhana wa Tada the most compassionate

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Rahim is more specific okay? And believe me now Hema, and indeed, regarding the believers, he shows Rama special for him a special compassion that he shows some high notes out to those who who love him back to those who fully believe in his name for those who follow His ways of high note. So ramen is for everyone. Now everyone is compass by this name. Everyone gets a certain degree of his compassion and mercy subhanho data regardless of what they're doing. A Rahim is specific of compassion and mercy that's being channeled to the believers Salam POLIN Mirabell Rahim and Jana doll here the believers will hear peace coming from their very emerge from the Most Merciful their

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lord the most the most merciful and then robbed the Rahim

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and we need both

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as Muslims we look to to enjoy the the compassion and mercy from both names the general compassion and mercy that we would then compasses everyone including ourselves in this specific one as well to get

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even more am says Rajmata. Super tune milawa is immediately. Bahadur immigrant

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him when he said Iman hollybeth name has a beautiful description of his understanding of compassion of the concept of Rama for Allah Subhanallah regarding Allah subhanaw taala is that it is a part of his characters of high notes out of who he is. It's a it's an anchor attributes, because he's always merciful. He's not always in a state of anger and a state of, of punishment or a state of offering. It is for offering openings. All of these things happen sometimes and don't happen other times.

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But he's always merciful and compassionate. subhanaw taala that's why the name is, is repeated so many so many times. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us in a hadith alum, Allah Allah who will catch up Allah Azza, Sheehy Allah in Marathi, Telugu hobby another and Rachel Matisse of Adobe, when Allah Subhana Allah created and are made the decision of creation of all that is all that will live. He had written on the on the south of his of his of his outage written on his throne. Indeed, My Mercy will always beat my anger, my mercy, my compassion comes before my punishment. And you'll find and I know what I meant to you Emirati was cool, he or

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she and my compassion encompasses everything. Everything. If you're a thing,

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then the passion of Allah subhanho wa Taala come compasses you.

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Anything, you don't have to be a living thing. You don't have to be a believing thing or a practicing thing. If you're just I think something that exists in this universe, then the realm of Allah subhanaw taala was the article capacity encompasses you and that's, that's why y'all milk the AMA. Whenever people ask the prophets about what's going to happen next and when will you see the beginning of judgment and then all the prophets will answer the same thing. They'll say the same word they'll say in not be on the holy beliau Mahadevan La Mirada Kabila who mithya who thought well in yellow lover by the home with no up indeed my Lord today is in a state of anger never happened

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before never happened again. Because it's so because it's always a llama is what everyone is used to. And your milk em are what makes it your milk the AMA is a decrease in the amount of that

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temporarily towards his creation subhanaw taala and everyone panics and everything goes, goes circ just because of a small temporary decrease is temporary I say because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us another Hadith and Hola. Hola. Hola. Mohalla Kochalka me Rama for nzlr minha it will have the right Matunga Hadith will be how it Allah humble Hulk won't be her doubtful Omar I genuinely help you hotel for America to sell alcohol and truthfully, I'm holding

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the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam tell us that ALLAH SubhanA created when he created the his creation 100 mercies as if compassion or mercy was is materialized into something that is measurable 100 of them, one of them was sent down to the earth and with that one compassion of God's hand it was of Allah, every mother takes care of her child and every animal will take care of their of their breastfeeding infant. Every act of compassion you see come from that one mercy for either a farm that is lumber raw material. Notice I notice anthem when I shall Aha.

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And then when the day of judgment happens, Allah subhanho takes that mercy that one that was sent down as it to the 99. And then he spreads it upon his creation. So you want to Canva will be filled with the lowest amount that has mercy but it was just for those. That's what pm saw the occurrence of the Day of Judgment is, is a decrease in the amount that Allah subhanaw taala does, purposefully in order for the for the lesson to be learned. And in some narrations there's some lack of authenticity, but in some narrations, it says had IBLEES later Ah,

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you Derek Rahmatullah one, even Shavon. When he sees all the mercy that Allah has spreading, he puts his head up a little bit hoping that hoping that maybe he gets a little bit of it, but it's too late for him.

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He says to finally catch about a boom, I'll never see him Rama. Your Lord has decreed upon himself to always be merciful. That's a decision that he made subhanho wa Taala that he will always be merciful. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam once he saw a woman holding her child and holding them really tight just walking by. So you asked the Sahaba hmm, Heidi he thought he had done well under her feet now. You see this lady ever throwing her child into into a fire?

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Of course not. For Clodagh Allah who are humblebee caminhada he be with a do indeed Allah so Allah has more of compassion for you.

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This lady here has for her child subhanho wa Taala the concept of, of understanding what what it means

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for Allah subhanaw taala to be compassionate towards his creation. She loves it I love for him because the book is a surprise for him because the book football Rob Bukom zoo Metin see, if they refuse to listen to you there and they just believe and you tell them indeed your Lord has a lot of compassion. What are you gonna do about Subramanian calm and moody mean at the same time, his punishment will come to those who oppress and transgress against against others.

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And the question and if you look at the Quran, what's the first word that exists before every soul on the planet almost every sort of besides Toba? Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. It was always any a wonder, why doesn't it start? You know, Bismil to balance it out a little bit, you know, Bismillah al Rahman

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Bismillah, al Qaeda heard of him, just just to balance it out. Because some people have

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they have no, they just don't respond well to to continuously good for you. Good reinforcement, you would think Allah subhanaw taala when he was used to names to describe themselves before every single surah in the book in his book, that there would be some balance to it. But no, both names will speak of nothing but his compassion supine, or it's out of the general compassion for all creation and the specific creative compassion for those who love them. Now you're wondering whether I like it or not, whether I think it should be balanced or not, doesn't make a difference. That's what he chose. subhanho wa taala. If you look at the Al Fatiha Smilla Rahmanir Rahim, Al hamdu,

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lillahi, Rabbil Alameen

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manual for him twice. It's not enough that both names are at the beginning of the story, but it's gonna come twice and sorted. In fact,

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that doesn't tell us something about which direction he's asking us to go as a partner without what he what they're actually trying to explain to us how he deals with a theological who then I don't know what will when Adam alayhis salam for sneezed. And the first thing Allah subhanaw taala told him to do is say, Yeah, I'm pulling hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Opera is due to you for call Allahu Robu Rahim Magara book. And Allah subhanahu answered him and said, May your Lord have mercy upon you, me or Lord, show you compassion.

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The first thing I did when he said would hear from his Lord, is that there is compassion waiting for him. Let me ask the question Will

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and if that is the case, and Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful then why are there difficulties in life? Why there's such why is there such pain such sorrow and suffering in this world?

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It's based on the long term story. It's the bigger picture where Allah subhanaw taala you will see his his little homage allegedly

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because life here is limited time. It's just a matter how long something goes on for in this life. It's only a limited amount of time.

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He's alive Mr. Pena, what Dido will be experienced and it will be seen in the long run. And once your middle piano Merkerson and eternity begins, that's when Allah subhanaw taala will be experienced and will be seen.

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Sometimes, you go through a difficulty, and you wonder, why am I going through it and you find out your milkier mother because of this difficulty as he said earlier, so to some algebra, the money will hire solver, solver,

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solver to solver to check off

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as the product is explained to us, anything that happens to you was hired as a movement. If it's difficult and you show perseverance is good for you. If it's good and you show graduates good for you, when I'm asleep when it came to you during your life, where Allah subhanaw taala forgive all your sins and elevated your status and you come You're welcome. And some scholars tell us that you people will look at their difficulties that they went through in this dunya and feel that they were bigger blessings than anything else they were given because of how much need forgiveness and how much elevated status they got from from a problem. Sometimes you get to difficulty in life to

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as a wake up call. It comes knocking to make you aware of something that's been going on for a very long time. He says some high notes FMO I didn't know who I didn't hustling for who lft

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come on Madonna who? Madonna I'll hire duniya sama who are yo multi mineral Marine, someone who we

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are they equal someone who have promised a good outcome for them and alpha and someone who gave them as much as they wanted from duniya but then you're milking them or they're going to be punished

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What's the point if he keeps on giving you whatever you want and dunya but then you're milking me and up being held accountable to things you can't answer for, and sins that were never forgiven and unpaid debt

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that will cause you to go in the direction you don't want to go. And what's the point? That's what the I tend to hold on, are trying to explain.

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And that's what we're supposed to understand regarding our lives, that any difficulty comes your way Allah subhanaw taala sends it for reasons there, it's there to so that you will find his ultimate compassion and mercy subhanho wa taala. In the long run, instead of

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instead of enjoying it now and then and then seeing suffering and suffering leader.

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You know, the loss of Paulo Tada describes the prophets allah how to use them. He says Fatima or met him in Allah He Lin Taylor, whom will open default one HollyWell and fragomen how it is with the Mercy of Allah and the compassion of Allah subhanaw taala that you became lenient and easy with the Sahaba and had you not had that compassion and mercy and you and you were difficult than

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they would have left you.

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You would have ended up alone.

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When Allah subhanaw taala wants you to describe the prophets of Allah, Allah you send them. He didn't say that he he is he? No, that's not what Allah subhanaw taala said. He said he is a

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he said he's he's a mercy as if I mean, describe someone to say they're merciful and compassionate. There's one thing but when Allah subhanaw taala described the Prophet how to use them, he called him a mercy, as if he is the ultimate manifestation of what that word means.

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And they are different things. And so if you want to exaggerate the description of someone with something instead of described using

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an adjective to describe them that way, is called them the actual value itself and an Arabic that's a very common thing. So when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was described, he said, well, that also NACA Rahmatullah al Amin you are but in mercy for all living things. We're all for everything, not even living, everything. Everything that exists, you're sent as an act of mercy towards them.

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That leads me to an important

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concept that we need, we need to think about.

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The most sensitive indicator of improvement in faith is the increase of compassion and the heart.

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RP authentic and the most sensitive indicator of improvement of faith is the increase of compassion and mercy in the heart and behavior.

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Now, those of you who are researchers or physicians or know know what the most sensitive means, and if you don't know ask someone in your household to explain sensitivity and specificity is the most sensitive indicator.

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If somehow, you are becoming closer to Allah subhanaw taala, learning more about the deen but the amount of compassion and mercy that you are showing is decreasing than what you're learning. There's something wrong with what you're being taught.

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You're not learning it right. And there's a distance you need to revise what how you're understanding Islam altogether. Because understanding it properly will lead to a significant increase of compassion and mercy. That's how you know that's how you know that you're becoming closer to Allah subhanaw taala the amount of compassion and mercy will start to increase increase in the hearts and it will be it'll be it will reflect upon upon our behaviors. Because that's how the Prophet Leo saw the sun was. He is the highest person in this world. In terms of rankings. He is the closest person that ever lived to Allah subhanho wa Taala and He is the Most Merciful. So if we are

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going to follow in his footsteps and become close to Allah as he did, then that has to increase and if it's not, then there's a problem. I think that's an extremely important concept that we need to think about need to properly and appropriately understand

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and the examples of of it in the Quran that talk about Allah subhanaw taala as a man about any

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woman rahmati hijab Muttahida hola como Layla when the * it is goofy, he will interpret a woman felt Li and it's from his Rama subhanho wa Taala that you have the day and night to live in and to use to to enjoy your life and to get your risk into into existence to live within it and Haleakala can mean and physical as well as elitist que la La Jolla Vina Kuma with data no Rama is from his signs that he created for you spouses and he put between you love and compassion both love is nice

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Did in a marriage but will that compassion is needed more. And compassion is way more important than than it because love the idea it's something's it increases and decreases it fluctuates just a lot of things, but Rama Rama is should always be there. Rama is the let me explain this again because Rama is the bare minimum of values that we carry as Muslims. We never drop under Rama ever. Under no circumstances. There's a Muslim drop under that minimum of Rama compassion. It's always there. You don't have to you can't love your enemy. It's impossible. Love your enemy. deploy our enemies. We love this and if we love them, we wouldn't be fine. But you can have a llama. You could have Rama

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towards them. You may not agree with people you may you may not be able to do I need to work open heartedly with people that completely disagree with you and make your life difficult but you can show them Rama.

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You may fall out of love with someone but you can still show them Rama. You may not like people but you can definitely show them Rama. Rama is always there. Even in war, we are required to show our enemies and there's there is no situation. There is no situation where a Muslim is allowed to behave without drama. Even when there's when you're when you're slaughtering an animal for food when you're whatever you're doing, you're showing.

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You're showing that you're showing compassion, it's the bare minimum nothing you can never drop under it says of high notes on a phone or Ila 30k for your head on the battlefield. You look at the consequences of the compassion and mercy of Allah spot that Allah grants dead urthleaf And he keeps on giving an example something that offered life see them in it look at look at the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada and all of these. Here he says Alia salatu salam ala ahead O'Neal Jana Toby Amelie no one will enter Jannah based on their behavior and their actions and their deeds for Kahlua and Rasool Allah, not even Allah, everything you've done. Paul, Allah Allah He said, no ill

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and yet, Madani Allah who will

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know I will only enter if Allah subhanaw taala showers me and smothers me with His mercy and His compassion, which is what we're looking for. It's the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala we are trying to qualify to receive enough compassion from him Subhana which Allah to be granted access to his agenda?

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Allah subhanaw taala looks at his agenda, the agenda in speaks to the agenda and your committee. Our hammer became an usher luminary birdie, you're my rock. And I grant you and I grant you and I use you to show compassion to whoever I choose from our from my creation. And that's all we're hoping for our deeds do nothing for God. What is your what is my prayer offer God? How does my sadaqa help him? Nothing I do actually affects him subpoena what data? We forget that sometimes nothing we do. Does anything for him. He does not need any of this. It doesn't make him stronger doesn't make him more popular. It doesn't offer it doesn't offer him more Janya Dominion or sovereignty does nothing.

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It does nothing. We're just doing this in hope that we show him enough love in handy

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for what he has shown us that we qualify for a large dose of compassion yomo piano that allows us to enter Jannah That's it.

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That's that's that's its that's the whole story. That's that's, that's the beginning and the end of this of this of this story that we're living. We're just trying to qualify for his Allameh and it's not that hard because he is a ramen or Rahim and he did not fail to remind us every single time we recite the Quran multiple times every prayer you have to recite Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. hamdulillah blah blah, mean, you're reminding us this is not who I am. That's what I'm about. And all you have to do is just stretch your neck for it. Go for it.

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And every difficulty in life is just so that you find more Rami and William are willing with the unknown in either Bill dinner, doing another bill

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will give you some difficulties and duniya so that we don't you don't get punished on the Day of Judgment. So you may find your way back to Allah subhanaw taala wake up call sometime please don't wait until it ALLAH SubhanA sends you a difficult wake up call to find your way back to him Subhana wa Taala it's just you. You want us to show you His mercy subhanaw taala so so prepare yourself. How do you live with this name?

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I think I think I don't need to

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explain it to you but

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show mercy. There's a hadith called Hadith whom Sal Sal will a Walia. Hadith that is chain, the chain of narration for it is done in a specific form. So as a chain of people who narrated it I want

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Go through it this morning. It's too many people get too thirsty. And Michelle will do it in some other setting inshallah. Everyone who goes to Knowledge Seekers is given the Hadith in that way, so I have my own Senate for it. But the point of it is that whenever you narrate when you're going to teach people Hadith, you start with that one. You always start with that one. So it's not only to have a chain of narration, but it has a specific form meaning it has to be done first. That's the first Hadith you teach. That's what the because that's what one of the Tebbe aim did for his students. He taught him that hadith first. And then that's what his student did didn't they kept on

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happening what's the Hadith Allah He Munna Your humble home of ramen, the Merciful in this life will be showing mercy by the Most Merciful himself. The little hand movement in your hand come or your humble come, both narrations are correct men. Show mercy and compassion to those on earth.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:32

And the one in the sky will show you mercy in return, you'll have this summer, so Rama, to everything around us everything that's alive. It's not that hard. Your spirit is filled with Rama. Because it came directly from Allah subhanho wa taala. So already has all the Rama that will ever be needed. It's already in there, you just have to scoop it out. You just have to give it abundantly. Don't be scared, the more you give, the more there will be. He just keeps on self generating that Rama is just always there just increasing amounts. The more that you distributed the more passion compassion and mercy you show everything around you, the more you're going to have. It will not run

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out. I guarantee you show it to everything around you equally

00:26:38 --> 00:26:43

copied in a lot. But in agile in every living thing, there's a word if you show up mercy,

00:26:44 --> 00:26:58

anything, an insect, an animal, a tree, anything so at Mercy and Allah subhanaw taala will reward you for it because that's, that's what this deen is about. And that's how we're supposed to function. Second thing to do is sort of

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strengthen the relationships of kinship with your relatives. Why? Because the name of relatives and the Arabic comes from a Russian. A Russian is the womb, people who have a woman comment. I know it sounds kind of but that's what it means. That's what from an era in the Arabs that's how they came. If I'm related to you, that means somewhere we need someone we have a womb in common. There's a lady who gave birth to two people who are siblings who we descend from that somehow there's a woman comment about him and the womb itself. Its name comes from the same route from Mercy and Allah Subhan Allah says that

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this woman was me Minister me I gave you a name from my name or him Is that not enough for you Allah your leaky Are you not happy with that Allah you will leak and I'll say lemon masala key when

00:27:56 --> 00:28:13

you're not happy that I will only strengthen my relationship with those who strengthen their relationship with you with with relatives and I will cut off those who cut you off. So it is an act of of compassion and mercy. And as these are the perfect days to do it in Ramadan.

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I hope I hope we need I didn't even scratched the surface say there's so much more to talk about regarding this knee but I hope the concepts of of compassionate mercy and the name of Allah Muhammad Ibrahim has become a bit more clear and this was helpful some pakaloa we have dictionary learning that is still a futile COVID to make. Use of Allah was like

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earliest age ranges are from Allah halen Baraka latigo Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah down

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