Omar Suleiman – A Voice in the Desert #4 – When Mecca Was Established

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Br verbal guidance given to the Prophet during the Islam holy month, including settling in a barren desert and praying for a defined city on the ballot, is discussed. The controversy surrounding the decision to allow an airman to enter Mecca is also addressed. The segment touches on the history of Mecca and its culture, including its importance in praying for a strong desire for the followers of either praised or lost, and the importance of the holy month and its significance in the country.
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Well here it is. saddam says lobby heavily Masada hain Allah says that we granted him is half an Yaqoob. But we all know of course that there is a special sun that would be given to him first and that was his marine and he his Salah. As a Brahim or Islam is in Palestine with Hajj of an estimate Allah gives him the command to settle them in Mecca in this barren desert.

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you'll actually find in urban cafes and in fact Halle Berry that the scholar has mentioned that Ibrahim alayhis salam took her Jalan Ismail on the buraq on the same animal that would one day bring the Prophet slicin from Mecca to Jerusalem. You have Ibrahim alayhis salaam, taking how john is married to this barren desert in Mecca from Palestine. And as he settles them we know that this is very painful for Ibrahim it is Salaam to walk away from how just this incredibly beautiful righteous woman who supported him and who demonstrates such faith and his first son and his only son is married it his Salaam in those moments, and as Ibrahim alayhis salam is walking away from them we

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know that how john asks Ibrahim or Islam, what he's doing, why he's doing this and she comes to the conclusion was it a lot that commanded you to do this one Ibrahim It is time says yes he says that Allah subhana wa tada will not lose sight of us Allah will not let us go to waste we will be protected. So just like Ibrahim said, haspin allow an airman Joaquin. As he was thrown into that fire. Hajj, expressed the same sentiment as she was left with her child in Mecca. So here they are now in Mecca and Ibrahim on Islam makes several drafts for his family in Mecca and from Mecca as a whole. And so you'll find for example, where Ibrahim is some says Ravi Jain had better than Amina

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and where Ibrahim is some says a little bit

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better than Amina sounds very similar, with the exception of ballad the first one refers to Ibrahim is nominee says have better than Amina Oh Allah make this a secure place instead of L ballad is because Mecca still is not defined. It's still a barren desert. The second time where Ibrahim Harrison says a lot which I'll have al Balad Amina, he's praying for a defined city on the ballot. So he's coming to Mecca later on and praying for it in those moments. But let's start with the first door app when it's still just a barren desert Ibrahim it Sam says I'll be in the skin to Maria TB word inquiry. These are in Enderby tickle. moharram Oh my Lord, I have made some of my offspring to

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settle in this barren Valley and debate tickle mahalo near your sacred house. Now. The house has still not been built, but the Brahim it has Salaam knows that this is the location and a loss of hundreds I would later command him to raise the foundations of it. But I've left them here in this barren desert. Why are benhaddou Kamal Sana Oh Allah so that they may establish the prayer. I didn't bring them here for anything but for them to establish the prayer fetch if he that's I mean, unnecessary necesita de la him. And so cause some of the hearts of the people, some of the people not all of the people mean on us. Let's some of the people's hearts affectionately inclined towards

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them. What is a comida, Marathi, La La Jolla, Sharon and provide for them fruits for their sustenance so that they may be grateful to you. So let's start with this part lady. These are a lot this is a barren desert. And there's a benefit to that. What brought who and saw what brought Moosa and Eunice what would then bring Mohammed Saleh and he was selling them. And in the end of times, or Isa is around to this barren Valley, what brings the hearts of the prophets and the hearts of the believers that follow those profits to this valley. This is not a place that has lush gardens or beautiful beaches. This is a barren desert. And why is it this location that Allah chosen Mecca so

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that no one would come to this place except that they're seeking a loss of hands out there is no other reason no offense to the people of Mecca here. No other reason that a person would go to Mecca except for this one I'm except for this sacred place that Allah subhanaw taala has set up so that we may establish our worship of him. Scholars also mentioned he said meanness, not enough some of the people, because if Ibrahim is not would have said, Let all of the hearts of all of the people affectionately inclined towards them, then it would have been too crowded you would have had everyone come towards them. But Ibrahim alayhis salaam once a special type of people to incline

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towards them, so it's not about the quantity of the people. It's about the quality of the people and he's talking about

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About the strong desire for Hajj so it's not to LA him that they would have that strong affection, necessarily out of love for his family, but to love them and settle in their presence due to that love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the hearts of the followers of Ibrahim it has set up, would incline towards that place for all times that they would desire so greatly to be in that place. What is the colombina thumb allottee and I love him he has grown. And then he said And grant them provide for them sustenance so that they may be grateful to you. This is similar to how one Ibrahim is not in the prophets asked for offspring. They don't just ask for offspring for the sake of offspring.

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They asked for offspring so that their offspring can work acts of good and gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. And here when they pray for their offspring, once they have them Ibrahim is now missing provide for them so that they may be grateful to you. So don't just provide for them No, so that it can drive them to a place of sugar, a place of gratitude, where they will act in gratitude, they will work in gratitude, they will do things that are pleasing to you Oh Allah, as they establish their prayer, which is the ultimate manifestation of gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. Finally, when Ibrahim or Islam says here, and in the other day, I'll be Jad had the labella the

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Amina Oh Allah make this a secure place. You see the vegetation is there already. Even though Mecca is a barren Valley even though it doesn't produce fruits or vegetables, there's always fruit and vegetable in Mecca. And now you've even got Hardee's and McDonald's to read but there's always fruits and vegetable in Mecca even though it's a barren desert. Why? Because of either tamina necesito la him because of the amount of traffic in Mecca. Through the dirt out of the Brahim is not there's always going to be fruits and vegetables there. But then when he makes the art for security to make it a secure place. This is something really beautiful because Allah subhana wa tada reminds

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oration, particularly if you're courageous enough to him relative schita, you will save 30 yard with a rock behind, they'll beat a lily Obama home in Jordan Manor home and have a lot of reminds them of the favors that He has given to them. And he reminds them of what he has provided to them of food and vegetation. And he also reminds them of how he has provided them security, some kind of hotel and that was through the drought of Ebola he might he set up on some of the scholars they mentioned here that what this shows you and the message to Qureshi in particular as they're trying to run a profit out from amongst them, and they're persecuting the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam. It's a reminder that all the goodness that you have right now is because of the death of another prophet, the supplication of another prophet, who is the great great grandfather of this prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And if you run this prophet out, then you will run away the goodness that you have as well. So it was the presence of a prophets that brought you this good, the do out of a prophet that brought you this good. And if you persecute a prophet, then you would have to do out of that profit, not in your favor, and instead you would experience bad and so Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that all that you see in Mecca, all that you see in Mecca, is from the do

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out of of all humanity has Salaam when he called upon the last panel data in those moments and so as you're seeing those images, imagine Ibrahim saddling his wife harder, and a son Ismail in that barren desert and saying Allah home and then imagine everything that popped out and sprouted from that until today and until the Day of Judgment

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